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e-sports and commentary

A few years ago I smoked a lot of pot and thus found great entertainment in commentated professional gaming. The way commentators direct your attention and point out important things or just give background information on the players, maps, strategies and so on is really captivating and can enhance the experience of the game a lot.

When it comes to games I haven't played myself, a good commentator, giving explanations on game mechanics and meta, can completely shift my view on the action and appreciation of skill involved. This is prominently in speedrunning the case, where the beauty of tricks or glitches often only comes to shine with the knowledge of how to archive them.

What are your favorite e-sports?

For starters I recommend this post-match analysis of a game between Rapha and Cooller in Quake with Rapha himself explaining everything.
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MMOs Today

hey sushirolls, I feel like MMOs have fallen out of style. This makes me sad, since I find them to be cozy, so I wanted to know if anyone else stills plays them.

If anyone wants to create a clan in everquest 2, I just started it… I'm trash but its been a lot of fun so far ;w;
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Game Magic Systems

If you choose the wizard/mage/sorcerer class when available in games, this is the thread for you!
Which games you've played have had the most fun/interesting magic system?
What is your favourite in-game spell you've encountered?
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Have you played crystal chronicles?
Did you like it?
I've only played the DS games and i loved them, their story, gameplay and music were great.
Any more games like this series?
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PS2 Thread

What PS2 games are you sushi rolls playing?

Been playing Armored Core 2. So bad From Software won't do another one. Also some DMC as usual.
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WiiU appreciation Thread

Even if Nintendo got almost everything wrong with this console starting from horrible loading times to censoring content, I still find it extremely comfy - the menu music, the forgotten games, the whole experience still has something other consoles do not have.

What are you playing right now? I'm going through Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. I was mad when they showed that it wasn't gonna be a true SMT x FE back in 2015, but a colourful, cool and comfy adventure in modern Tokyo with an idol show business setting is good too.
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hey sushis, I went to a game tournament last week and it was fun! I didn't do so well, but I loved talking to people about video games and stuff! have you guys gone to tournaments before?
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Comfy Games

Hey sushirolls. What are some of the comfiest games you've ever played?

I recently just finished playing Va-11 Hall-A for the first time. It's not really a game by everybody's standards but it was really comfy and a great experience overall.

I'd totally recommend it to anybody with a rainy night, some tea, and time to waste.
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Anybody watching the E3 down here?
Anything you found funny from it?
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anybody actually exited for nightwolf and sindel? I never really gave a fuck about those characters.
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honestly I just want the first post in this board so,
what are you playing right now sushirolls?

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PS Vita

do any sushis still play (or ever had) ps vita? i just got done playing some horizon zero dawn using the ps4 remote play on vita and its the comfiest handheld i own.
what are you favourite games or vita moments?
have you hacked yours?

let's talk vita!
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Minecraft Lost Cities

I set up a Minecraft Lost Cities modded server to play around with. Take a look. It's a mapgen mod, so the world is an auto-generated abandoned city in all directions. If there is enough interest for me to find donors, I will add some more features and plugin support. Currently it is otherwise vanilla, with 12 player slots.

There are skyscrapers, highways, bridges, tunnels, subways, and other structures. Forever. Treasure boxes and mob spawners are scattered randomly about, making it a very hostile world with infinite exploration value.

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freeware games

hello sushi lets share some cool freeware games.

i'll start

white chamber - a cool point n'click adventure game set in space

ben jordan series- a point n' click adventure where you play a paranormal investigator

irisu syndrome - a cool japanese tetris-like puzzle game with a cool story
english translation patch for the game -> https://www.mediafire.com/file/nlujzb91wjl0bu7/IrisuSyndromeENv2.03.zip
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Pure anarchy, no plugins besides /spawn. Do anything you like, say whatever. build whatever.

IP - dial274.mcpro.io

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are any of you sushis into this game? i just finished it a couple of weeks ago and it was the most weird, charming thing i've ever played. i'm pumped for the sequel

also, i know there's not supposed to be any meaningful story but it's really fun to come up with your own theories
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Sushi Striker

It's so sad that no one is talking about this game. I get the price might scare away the general audience and the fact that action-puzzle games have been tainted by phone games doesn't help either, but this game is seriously a lot of fun! I guess it's cool that the few people who bought this game are also enjoying it as much as
I am, but considering that this is a nintendo game stuck on the switch and the 3ds, and the fact that the price is $50 means this game is probably destined to fail.
If you have a switch and want to play this game, just do what I did! I used those nintendo gold coins you get when you buy stuff from the eshop and knocked the price down to $43.
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CFW for everyone!

Are you ready?
Don't update your systems if an update pops up!
Hack it!
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Racing games

Thread music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atD8coOkWso

I'm really into racing games.
There's something cathartic about constantly improving yourself and shaving milliseconds off of your time, becoming perfect over each iteration over your run.
The physics start feeling just right, you feel the car sliding to corner at a perfect apex on a dime, what a feeling.

Who here likes racing games?

I own a bunch but I identify racing games I play the most into three categories, they're all good for different moods:

Semi-realistic racers:
Rally racing, circuit racing, if it gets too realistic the physics become cumbersome, but it's nice being focused on the weight transfer of the car.
Examples: Sega Rally 2, Dirt Rally, Colin McRae Rally, Gran Turismo.

Mindless tuning racers:
Racing games where you tune cars, constantly upgrading the settings on your car, either by straight grinding for upgrades or actually setting the gears, making sure aero is a perfect balance of stable on straights and stable enough on turns etc.
Tokyo Midnight Xtreme Racer 3, Need For Speed Underground 2, Drag Racer V3 Flash game, Forza Horizon 3

Really fast arcade racers:
Probably my favourite category, race games that go really fast and constantly have you on edge and focused.
Sometimes they have objectives, other times they do not.
The Initial D arcade games, Battle Gear, Outrun 2006: Coast to Coast, Wangan Midnight arcade games, Ballistic, Drift City.

Do you like it when real licensed cars are included in games? I love it.
I especially like seeing certain favourites of mine, the R32 Skylines are always good to see.
Not the GT-R, the GTS-T model, designated ENR32 on the chassis as opposed to BNR32, they are rear wheel drive versions of the GT-R as opposed to all wheel drive, with single turbo engines as opposed to twin turbo, kind of rare to see in games!

Is there a certain kind of feeling you'd like to have? or are there qualities that you feel a perfect racing game for you would possess? Feel free to mention this and I'll try to give you recommendations!
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Monster Hunter co-op

Alright, i'll be the first to ask… anybody playing Monster Hunter World on PS4? anybody don't mind doing co-op even if I don't have a mic?

Image unrelated
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/gsg/ - Grand Strategy General

We don't have an official steam or discord group. If anyone posts in the thread about any "official" or not steam or discord groups, promising MP or not, be sure it's a shitposter group known for organizing raids and shitposting in the thread. They are known for false-flagging.

How fares your empire, /gsg/?

This day in history, January 23:
1556 – The deadliest earthquake in history killed about 830,000 people in Shaanxi Province, China.
1793 – The Russian Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia partitioned the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth for the second time.
1915 – The Chilembwe uprising, regarded as a key moment in the history of Malawi, began as rebels, led by a minister, attacked local plantation owners.
1942 – World War II: Japan began its invasion of the island of New Britain in the Australian Territory of New Guinea.
1968 – USS Pueblo was seized by North Korean forces, who claimed that it had violated their territorial waters while spying.

# Random Country Picker

# News
DH DD 03/12
DH 1.05 Patch 03/12

# Archive (mods only)

# Where to get these games

# Mods

>[V2] - black dragon rollmod


>>[V2] - Historical Project Mod


>[V2] - Alternative Flag Pack V10


>[V2] - Cold War Enhancement Mod


>[V2] - Napoleon's Legacy


>[HoI3] - Flavormod 1.1.2


>[CK2] - After The End


>[CK2] - When the World Stopped Making Sense

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I'm new here and things seem sort of quiet so I thought I'd make a thread anyone could post in pretty easily: old school favourites.

Everyone's got a game they loved from a time gone by, so let's talk about them!

Here's one of my all time favourites to start us off: Crystalis on the NES. It felt so much smoother than any other game I'd played around that time and you were so free to travel around, the magic was interesting and the world was constructed so well.. I almost wish I could forget everything about it so I could experience it all over again as if it were new.

It was sure a good looking game for the system too.
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Minerman 1.10

Hey sushirolls, you up for some minecraft?
sushi rolls over at 8ch/v/ made a server and it's pretty comfy. It's vanilla 1.10 as of yet, but maybe we'll keep the map and upgrade it and install some mods.
The spawn is still WIP, but there's a town called Jewville if you want to build in a safe spot.

Server IP:
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Hello sushies!

I didnt know if I should post this here or >>>/silicon/257 so, I thought I should make this a sushichan project so we can all enjoy it.
I've been working on a game that im building in Ruby on Rails. It is a mix between a TCG and classic JRPG party building and turn based combat. I have most of the rules written but I would like to get some input on what I can put in the game and what you would like to play. I havent worked on the core controller (engine) yet but I have the basic turn lay out and deck construction.
Im working on the card database right now and will move on to the static pages and deck builder next.
I am currently looking at adding in a map for a Clan style ranking system but I think it might be a bit overdone buy now. Im also on a background/story I was using FF for all the play testing but never go around for any overarching plot so anything would be good there.

Let me know what you think and Ill keep updating.
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browser games

Do you play browser games?
> MMO games, usually in real time (even when logged off), played in with your internet browser
and kinda addictive. I personally like strategy and economy games like Ogame a lot. If you spend several hours a day online anyways, these are a nice distraction, creating the illusion of being productive all the time. For example you start an upgrade in the evening and wake up just in time to begin the next one.

The positive aspect about it might be the adaption of a structured waking time, quite useful for slack folks like me.

Often you can find tools online for various simulations, converters or game play enhancements, but of course writing your own handy scripts is neat and with economy heavy games, even offering APIs, it is also inviting.
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Up for an online Match? (Vanguard Princess)

Anyone here a fan of Vanguard princess? If so, I plan on having a few matches using the MTSP Server.

Max Connections: 12
Open Port: 7500
Encrypted IP: 4256017090

Also note, If you plan on joining, It is better that you are Near the EU or Middle East region.

Happy Fightan!
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Aye! Champions of Ash, Ember, and old Humanity! Shall we establish a PvP club for DS3?

Why 3? It's got the best PvP I've seen, I don't have 2, It's also the only one I've finished
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Coding games

Wasn't sure if this should be on /silicon/ but do you susheys know any games where you're required to write code?

I haven't played this but it looks pretty neat
There's also a yt tutorial
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Are you on team Steam, or are you a local copy kind of person?

I'm on both sides of the fence, but I find myself leaning towards the latter lately.

No matter how much money Valve makes, I still feel like they'll go the way of AOL and Myspace one day.

Or perhaps not.. Steam has been around in some form for over 10 years, an eternity in the software world. Users still enjoy frequent sales, access to the latest titles, and the vibrant social networking. Steam makes it easier for people to organize multiplayer games, and lets friends with like minded tastes stay in touch.

And you can't understate the growing popularity of esports, where Counter Strike and DOTA hold prestigious positions, both requiring Steam in order to play.

There are many other features I could go into with VR, automatic updates, good support for GNU/Linux(Gabe Newell uses Debian iirc), ect..

The bottom line: Steam is convenient, easy, and rules the market.

So I'm wondering, what makes it so desirable to leave the Steam client behind? My first argument was that your local games will always be yours so long as you maintain the data. Meaning you just need to avoid having the games deleted, and if your storage drive fails, have backups of your games.

Valve has stated that in the event of Steam going under they would remove the DRM for their games, such as Half Life and Left 4 Dead, but the fate of the rest of your library is really at the hands of the individual publishers. Most employ DRM as of now, but one kept secret about Steam is that there are many DRM-free titles available on the service, they just aren't advertised as such, the same way GOG boasts about their DRM free library. If you have any games that require DOS Box for instance, you can pretty much drag the files out of your Steam folders and use them just as well.

Aside from DRM, and I'm going on a personal tangent here, but sometimes when I play video games, I want to feel completely alone. I don't want my friends trying to chat with me whilst trying to immerse myself in a round of The Long Dark, or reading books in Morrowind(both games available DRM free I might add).

Steam has work a around for this. You can completely disable notifications if you please, change your status to offline(although it's so painfully obvious when you do this, as Steam misstates your log out time + will still update the recently play games on your profile). Lastly, and not to be confused with a status change, there's a complete offline mode available for Steam.

Now there are many bogus rumors about this offline mode, and I'm not going to make any claims as to which are true, and which are false. The two most common ones are that you can't use offline with first signing in, and that you can't play games over the internet while in offline mode. The latter is obvious with games that use your Steam profile in game, but I think if the games uses it's own profile and connection system, it's possible to do so. Again, I'm not entirely sure. The former supposedly has a work around according to my 5 seconds of googling.

Besides the availability of titles, since not every game is cracked or available from an alternative store front, I find going through the trouble of using Steam's offline mode not worth it anymore over just using local copies.

On an extended side note, I've saved a ton of money not dumping into the temptation of sales. But that's a problem with me, not Steam lol.
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Real Time Battle

Do you guys know real time battle ? It's a game were you program robots and make them fight in an arena.


I thought it may interest you.

I'm already building mine since my boss challenge me at a match to DEATH.
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Game Write Ups

Do people still make high quality written reports of their video game playthoughts? I'm looking for stuff like lparchive.org/Sid-Meiers-Alpha-Centauri/
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RTS/RTT Thread

Pull out that comfy commander chair, Sushi Rolls. General discussion on RTS and RTT goes here.

>What are you playing/have been playing?

>Favorite game?

>Favorite Faction?
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Old Source/GoldSrc games

Half-life, natural selection, counter-strike, dod, team fortress, just to name a few!
I feel like these game are super comfy. Along with bunny hopping, there are many reasons why these games are just better than newer games in their series'. TF2 doesn't have concs, making it super slow, and csgo has loads of problems.

Why are older games so much better?
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Dreamcast/ドリームキャスト general

Dreamcast/ドリームキャスト general
Elysian Shadows edition

I am not sure if you guys make Dreamcast generals here since I am new but I didn't find any live so I created one

Few weeks ago I randomly stumbled upon on this YT channel Elysyan shadows.
Eminently I fallen in love with their content and their personalities.
They are making "next gen 2D RPG".Main guy Falco is THAT one techy C programmer who started this project 7 years ago with few friends. Basically they made 3D engine for 2D game.I highly suggest you to watch their YT Adventures In Game Development series.They are successfully founded on Kickstarter and planing to release game in 2017.
Also I was blown away with the fact that there are indie developers still working and publishing games for Dreamcast

BTW I just found ouy that they had huge problems with team so after all this yeras only two guys are working on this Falco and Patryk.I really hope they finish

Here are some usuful links:
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PS4 Pro is faulty

Sony is being shit again.
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the backlog dilemma

How do you deal with your /arcade/ backlog?

Do you keep some time of the day/week/year to find and play things you've always wanted to, or do you act on istinct? I have a shit ton of games waiting in my room (or to be downloaded) but can't find a viable method to just jump in and finish some.
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Kentucky Route Zero

Despite it's lack of gamey-ness, this is shaping up to be one of my favorite video games of all time. It without a doubt disproves people who say video games can't be art, in my eyes at least.

I'd love to discuss it, if any other sushi rolls have played it.
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Upcoming Games

So E3 is over, and in the spirit of looking forward to better times, what games are you feeling optimistic about?

That new Zelda has some potential.