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File: 1533836064809.jpg (398.69 KB, 1920x1081, ps-vita-main[1].jpg)


do any sushis still play (or ever had) ps vita? i just got done playing some horizon zero dawn using the ps4 remote play on vita and its the comfiest handheld i own.
what are you favourite games or vita moments?
have you hacked yours?

let's talk vita!


File: 1533848548801.png (4.53 MB, 1500x1500, 66872275_p0.png)

Bought one, but I haven't played on it much. Mostly just some Wipeout (same story for my PSP). I never think to play on it since I'm at my desk most of the time. I think it is a great handheld tho, and I've been meaning to play on it for a long time. I think the game I'm most looking forward to play is Gravity Rush. The game looks really fun, and the art style looks cozy.

I think the only thing I don't like about this handheld is that the headphone jack is on the bottom. Without an angled connector, headphones is a bit annoying to use.


File: 1533849885196.jpg (26.66 KB, 500x400, 241_551_pv_l2r2l3r3[1].jpg)

Gravity Rush is a great game! I loved using the motion controls to look through the vita screen like a little window into their world, and it makes me a little sad that the sequel never made it to vita.
I don't have the same problem with the headphones but I use the Hori remote play grip which adds a little more room at the bottom


File: 1533850479211.jpg (113.3 KB, 1600x1301, s-l1600.jpg)

Just now ordered an angled 15cm extension cable. Should make it a bit more comfortable to use with headphones, plus it would put a lot less stress on the cable for my headphones since it won't be forced to bend anymore.


File: 1533850628018-0.png (188.82 KB, 540x547, 150994137958.png)

I'm gonna gift it to myself this new year, just to play Persona 4 Golden and to finish Bastion.


I am in love with this D-Pad. It's tactile but low pressure. It rocks but doesn't require me to relocate my thumb. The size and motion are just perfect. I like it more than my saturn pad. The only thing that might beat it could be the neo geo pad, but those are expensive and I don't have one to talk about.
Right now is probably the best time to own one. The library has just about reached its conclusion, with a couple notable ones left to come out (Catherine comes to mind), so you can know for certain what you're getting.
I'm pretty pleased with mine, but I've modified it a lot. I wouldn't be nearly as happy if I couldn't use a micro SD, which took a long time for mod development to get there. It's my go to now for playing most emulated titles.


Great, I hope you enjoy playing, sushi!

As >>603 said, now is a great time to start playing Vita. The console is at it's sort of end of life period and there's games out there for everyone, have fun!

Yeah! I have a GPD Win 2 which became my go-to emulation machine but my Vita is top for vita games and ps4 remote play.


I love the hell out of the Vita, compared to all the 3DS models it just feels so comfortable to use (outside of PS1 games like megaman legends). Games were also a blast, but its just a shame that Sony deliberately went out of their way to kill it. In 2016 even finding a Vita was a struggle, I cant imagine what it's like now.


I got a second hand vita this year when I went to japan so I can finally enjoy Gravity Rush and NFS Most Wanted (I've have the cards for like a year because my uncle couldn't find the system in america). There weren't any brand new models everywhere I checked.
I also got Toukiden Kiwami, Demon Gaze 2 and one of the vocaloid games. I intended to get that new Nippon Ichi game but my money…
Forgot to buy ps store cards, though, so I'll have to hack it or just buy games from the us store


I used to work in a store that sold Vitas, but had absolutely no games for it. Naturally, no Vita was ever sold. The display unit was powered off all the time too, so nobody could try it out.

I love how there are so many sweet games on the Vita. Same with the Wii U. Underdog consoles and handhelds end up with lots of good quality games for some reason.

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