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File: 1483536760334.jpg (361.67 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20170104_151850.jpg)


Are you ready?
Don't update your systems if an update pops up!
Hack it!


I always loved my DS and want a 2DS. Should I trade in my PS3 and games for the 2DS? I don't play my PS3 much at all and only beaten a few games on it. I used to play a ton of DS games back in the day though.


As of right now, you can install custom firmware and play 'backups' on any 3ds/2ds system.
Given that the bootrom was dumped not long ago, and a significant bootrom exploit was discovered, Nintendo will probably EOL the system or try to patch it up (they can't fully) soon.

If you ever wanted to, now is certainly the time to get the system. The platinum age of 3ds hacking began today.


nice. yeah, i'll do that then. trade in value for my stuff would allow me to get a 2ds easily.


File: 1483573786088.jpg (423.75 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20170105_014643.jpg)

Well, my 3ds is now hacked.


2DS a cute


vita hb > 3ds hb


File: 1483619995960.png (78.72 KB, 425x425, 1464069122350.png)

3DS CFW > Vita CFW
Idort master race


That is one flat looking 3ds you got there.

I found a guide for 3ds cfw and went through that horrible process.
Now I have Monster Hunter X and having fun doing slam dunks on monsters with my hammer and aerial style.


It is actually a doorstop in disguise.

I hope you followed 3ds.guide, that was pretty painless in comparison to older methods. No multiple downgrades, no buying exploitable software, no rare-but-possible bricks.


That is the one I followed.

It took a few hours and had me questioning my choice in putting cfw on my 3ds.

Way too many do this but wait then do this and that to do this type of steps.
Compare to say the psp cfw which can be done effortlessly in minutes.

I suppose it doesn't help that the process has you take the back off your 3ds to get the sd card, then load it in your computer through some other sd card device that will mount, then having to type out the mount command manually (because no automount), and then do that all again several douzen times for each next step.


Should I feel lucky for being a windowsfag in this case, since I didn't have to deal with this mounting stuff you're describing?


No, no.
You can automount on linux too. Why couldn't you?
I don't automount though, for how rarely I need to use removable media. And when I do need to, I'd like to control the mountpoint and permissions somehow.


yes you just use the auto flag in fstab


I prefer semi-automation. In this case that means manual mounting.

However my point still stands, as having to keep removing the sd card after one operation and putting the next steps files on it then reinserting to the 3ds is very poorly thought out.

The guide should have given a list of all files needed at the start so that you could run through the douzen or so steps easily.


Don't trade it if its a first gen!


File: 1512429292258.png (4.06 MB, 2369x2500, e53b17f22e001d95ac15c3efc2….png)

The ps3 just had a new software exploit released. You can now install a custom firmware from the newest firmware without a hardware flasher again.
Mere days after the release I already had a console hacked. What games should I get to playing?



Thanks this saved me quite some time!


File: 1523092247933.jpg (77.39 KB, 1280x720, u1IsUK6[1].jpg)

I bought a 3DS a few months ago and wasn't planing on hacking it, but some buddies on irc convinced me otherwise and I regret nothing. Now I use the thing nearly every day.


I need to do the same. I've only messed around with free mcboot and cfw on my PSP.


my OG 3ds broke recently and I've been seriously considering getting a new 2ds (I don't care about the 3d). IF I were to do it, which version should I try to get it on? I thought of getting one from amazon, but I'm scared that it'll come in the latest update


File: 1523325749532.webm (2.22 MB, 1920x1080, YES YES YES YES JOJO.webm)

Same here, pirating gaems through freeshop is great.
>tfw can finally play taiko no tatsujin
*Any* version can be cracked, but in general the easiest is 9.0.0 thru 11.3.0 (all you need to do is play an audio file). See 3ds.hacks.guide for more info


Can you hack a JP 3DS to play NA games?


Once you've CFW'd it, Homebrew Launcher has a direct menu option to launch a region-locked game.


Yeah it's great. Been playing a lot of the fan translated puyo puyo and got a bunch of people I know via irc in on it too.


If I hack it, is there a snes emulator? That's all I really care about when it comes to hacking a console, emulation, especially if it's a snes emulaor.


Yeah, there's BlargSNES and Snes9x, both very functional. Old 3DS and Old 2DS do struggle with enhancement chips tho. Other than that it runs most games fine, and there's also emulators for most retro consoles (stuff like GBC, NES, Mega Drive, etc) and native support for GBA games


If you've got a new model you can also inject your snes roms into the official nintendo snes emulator. They only used it to release a few titles on n3ds, but I hear it runs really well.

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