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File: 1576880949515.jpg (35.07 KB, 620x413, babelfish.jpg)


Sushies into Interactive Fiction? I'm once again looking into it, and I also want to write some.
I like the idea of making a virtual world to explore. I also like it as a medium for worldbuilding. Then there is also it's value as a literary medium. Like a step further from traditional linear storytelling (not to diminish the value of it of course).
Along these lines I ask you, do you have any preferred genre or style of IF?
One specific I'm wondering about is the distinction between a short story with a clear impact and carefully crafted to deliver that impact, or perhaps a long and involved story with several branches on an open world?
There's so much variation here that I'll probably be bringing up more questions in the future. In the mean time feel free to bring out your own ideas, and for those who actually do write, let's get your thoughts on design.
Also, What is your favorite game? Advent? Zork? Hitchhiker's? I'm a big fan of Suspended though I haven't by far made much progress…


Been meaning to get into them for a while, fetched down some recommended ones from IFDB the other day and fixed up the rpi I had laying around so I can play without any computer noise. Almost forgot, thanks for the unintentional reminder.

Only tried Zork, Suveh Nux and some other short one I don't remember the name of so far, it's a very comfy and laid back way to play games. The lack of filler content is refreshing.


I played Shade by Andrew Plotkin a few years back, and then learned that he also wrote a Macintosh game I played as a kid called Systems Twilight. Speaking of which, the modern IF writers have a secret hangout called ifMUD. It's a sandbox MUD that anyone can edit, and if you go on there you might meet the people who made some of your favorite games. I was able to talk to Plotkin on there.

Inspired by ifMUD, I wrote Dennis, a similar experience which is hosted at http://dream.uboachan.net/ if anyone's interested. If you learn the commands you can expand the world, but it doesn't have a ton of features. It does have a ton of content so far though because a lot of people played on there.

I played a few of Plotkin's other games, and those are all pretty great. I played some Zork and didn't finish it, and dabbled in a bunch of others. There was another much older game that I can't find anymore that I really liked and I'm still searching for it, but I'm worried it's not hosted anywhere anymore because Google isn't producing it from keywords that should work. :(


Zork is still really good, and "Pick Up the Phone Booth and Aisle" is hilarious.


I started A Mind Forever Voyaging a few years ago, but I never really finished it. I enjoyed the time I spent on it, and apparently it is really famous for its interesting premise (you are basically a cyborg sent into simulations of the future world to witness the changes made by a proposed set of laws) and its bomb ending.
I think I didnt stick to it because Im not huge into text adventures, so I would absolutely recommend it to someone who likes them.


Actually u are more of a robot IIRC, dunno why the word cyborg came to mind


So, I ended up going on IFMud and asking the residents there, and from my description they knew right away which game I was talking about. The text adventure I lost that I really liked was called "Losing your Grip" by Stephen Granade. Highly recommend. https://ifdb.tads.org/viewgame?id=folz7olvvczasp88


File: 1591896017284.png (45.66 KB, 1822x581, TODD.PNG)

used AI Dungeon to get high in a shower and yell at Todd Howard


File: 1618419843916.jpg (64.85 KB, 600x450, TitleScreen.jpg)

Been having a go at Anchorhead recently, really improves the mood to add a backing soundscape, it's set in a rainy coastal town so this ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppYmntFVY3g ) fit really well. Haven't gotten very far, but what I've seen I like, only gotten stuck a tiny bit, I'm not very proficient at adventure games so most times I try them out I tend to do so. The good atmosphere in this one is keeping me motivated to keep at it without looking at any hints or guides though.


This thread is the first time i heard of the idea, besides a few meh text-based android games. The idea of how they work sounded fun so i checked out >>872 and had a blast lol really nice content
Im curious about what i can find on the genre, gonna try the ones on the thread that sound more surreal


I want to write a text game where you're in charge of fixing a malfunctioning spaceship that is drifting through space. Half of the game would happen in the empty corridors and rooms of a dark and silent ship humming with the sound of machines, finding missing pieces and so on, the other half would take place in a console trying to "debug" what is wrong with the different systems of the ship.
I should probably use inform, though I'd also like to write it in a lisp language.

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