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File: 1565540901568.jpg (100.79 KB, 1280x716, scheda-wii-u-v4-18123-1280.jpg)


Even if Nintendo got almost everything wrong with this console starting from horrible loading times to censoring content, I still find it extremely comfy - the menu music, the forgotten games, the whole experience still has something other consoles do not have.

What are you playing right now? I'm going through Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. I was mad when they showed that it wasn't gonna be a true SMT x FE back in 2015, but a colourful, cool and comfy adventure in modern Tokyo with an idol show business setting is good too.


I never played mine that often, but I love it. So many sweet little games. I think my favourite is Yoshi's Woolly World. Love the music and the style of it. Very relaxing game. For a console that don't have that many games, it does have a lot of good ones.


I really liked the controller, probably my favorite. I still boot mine up occasionally to play Splatoon


How are Splatoon games and community on WiiU now that even 2 has came at the end of its content update life?
I could get a copy for cheap. Had to sell mine because Nintendo games didn't work with my router back then, but now I could play without any effort.


not 750 but there are still a surprising amount of players on splatoon 1. Mostly Japanese players and more hackers than usual but you can still easily find a match.


Still play Splatoon on a daily basis. Also playing Breath of the Wild on Master Mode and obtaining the Platinum medals for the missions on Pikmin 3.

Having lots of fun, but man does it consume time. After getting done with Pikmin I plan to move to Mario Kart and after getting done with Zelda, Fatal Frame is next




File: 1575591164902.jpg (51.16 KB, 800x600, Splatoon 89.jpg)


I can't stop playing Xenoblade Chronicles X, I must've sunk 500~ hours into it across a couple of playthroughs. Creating your own build, grinding on Tyrants to find the perfect piece of equipment to take out a challenging endgame boss, making a hangar of custom skells. Or just goofing off and exploring the world. I love this game so much, it singlehandedly justified my WiiU purchase.


File: 1575760320196.jpg (64.73 KB, 800x450, Xenoblade X scenery.jpg)

Indeed, my favorite open world game (out of those that I've played), there was so much to do and you the exploration was top notch up until you get the Skell and even then you have to wait a while for the flight module. Tried playing recently but nobody does anything online related anymore and there's only so many people playing, such a bummer, there's no way to defeat Telethia or Yggy with just a few trying, but still what a great game.


I wonder if they will ever continue with the story. Considering that Xenoblade Cronicles 2 is a stand alone title it seems like they abandonned Xenoblade X and want to pretend it never happened. I find that very sad, I want to continue the story, I love Xenoblade Chronicles .


We can hope for a Definitive Edition on Switch with added story content like they're doing with the first Wii game. I still have to delve into X, could be my next game after I've finished Persona 5 on PS3. I also want to tackle New Super Mario Bros U, bought it for dirt cheap a couple weeks ago.


File: 1589836719740.jpg (195.71 KB, 470x865, 79c75a4888fdf841a874b74f2f….jpg)

I never had a WiiU, but I really want Splatoon 3.
I love the cute squids


It's funny to think that I've missed every console generation after the gamecube and the wiiU was the only console I was ever interested in buying if I had the money. For some reason, I find it more attractive than the switch even though the switch is a logical progression of the idea. What hurt this console the most was definitely the name.


I think of the Wii U as kind of a home version of the DS. There are some kinds of games that just are much easier to play or only possible with two screens.


mostly use mine for Wii and GC


File: 1592805199913.webm (3.7 MB, 1920x1080, Kaguya-Kaguyakart.webm)

So as promised I finished the platinum medals for Pikmin 3 and the only thing left in BotW is find like 350 or so Koroks and defeating a couple of rock bosses+ Gsushi roll, won't move until the file has 100% but haven't been playing that one lately.

And also installed Mario Kart 8 and have been having fun there, but it pains me to say the Deluxe version for the switch seems the definitive version without a doubt.
Will try Axiom Verge soon, seems interesting.


I've been using my Wii U mostly as an emulation machine.
Lately I've mostly been playing the N64 Zeldas! Ocarina was good, tho the early game was a bit boring, and Majora seems very promising so far!


If you get all the DLCs for MK8 on WiiU you should have the same experience. Or is there additional content?
Maaan I miss the Virtual Console. The New NES/SNES Online is such a step down in terms of content. They must have lost lots of publishing rights with the new generation since all they publish on Switch is minor publishers like Jaleco. WiiU VC had everything, even Turbografx games! Probably with the rise of mini consoles everyone thought it was better to make their own collections/thing and to ditch Nintendo's service.
Online emulator play on Switch is nice though I must admit.


File: 1594104622679.webm (422.89 KB, 1920x1080, Kaguya-Kaguyakart countdo….webm)

Even with all the DLCs there's some big differences between games. Among them is the revamped battle mode, the 200cc time trials, the extra characters such as king boo, inklings, etc. and the comeback of the double item box and also the ability to carry 2 items at the same time. Regarding items there's the feather and the boo which aren't in the WiiU version and there's also the difference in stats between karts and characters, so instead of there being like 8 different "tiers" or so there's like 13 on the switch.

And there's the thing known as firehopping or something like that which seemingly was removed on the switch so even the way to move through stages might have been modified a bit. So yeah, they knew what to add to make it worth it to buy it on the switch.


Did you manage to complete Zelda fellow sushi?
I'm looking for a WWHD copy but they're all over 40€ here. I might really need to mod my console


Sorry sushi, not yet, I got a few Koroks, got tired of looking for them and decided to try Axiom Verge which was fun but I certainly didn't get invested in the story. Got child of light dowloaded somewhere but have yet to get to it.
Ah yeah, with the sudden realization that it sold poorly people starting collecting the games and consoles for the "game collector" badge and coupled with corona the prices went through the roof while they started becoming more scarce. And with them killing the eshops of some regions and removing games nobody would fault you for modyfing the system I guess. In any case hope you can get to play soon!


OP here, I managed to finish Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE at Hard difficulty, really good and satisfying game, you can clearly see it was made by the SMT team in some points and that's a plus! I also managed to finally get a copy of WWHD and I've finished it as well. Making my way through Xenoblade Chronicles X now, this game is so massive it makes me feel wanderlust


File: 1669858547696.jpg (3.7 MB, 4640x2088, IMG_20221130_205333.jpg)

OP here, resuscitating the thread to say that me and other friends celebrated the console's 10th birthday (in Europe) with a cake and party hats. We played some Mario Party 10, Wii Party U, Smash 4 and such.


its so soulful. i really like the controller screen gimmick too tbh…

i wish with the switch that miis were more prevalent, miiverse still existed, everything had nice cozy music and the background wasn't just 1 solid color for minimalism. just like the good old wii u. but i don't think they'll ever go back to that style because making the software for the switch 'soulless' kinda contributes to its success because it's less childish in a way…


>censoring content
when did this happen? i dont remember this at all lmao


It's also been a favorite of mine, I've been doing some theory crafting on it lately, mind if I share?


As a playstation owner i give my honor to the wii menu and opening screen. There is something so unique about the square grid like composition that gives it that console feel unlike any other and i have played a handful myself. I would go as far as even saying i dont think any upcoming consoles can match.


So I'm missing half of my Wii U because my brother accidentally took it with him when he moved away, but I would play it if I still could. The thing I miss the most about it is it's probably one of the last gimmick consoles there will probably ever be (maybe I'm being pessimistic).

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