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File: 1581970120135.jpg (56.69 KB, 600x639, nvc.jpg)


Some stuff happened to me recently, and lately I've found I do not enjoy violent games anymore. I just go to a bad place if I spend too long killing virtual people. This includes the "non-lethal" violence of mercilessly beating the shit out of people, or forcing them to take sleepy-time drugs against their will.

So let's talk about games that are non-violent, or at least have interesting non-violent gameplay options.

Thief 2 immediately comes to mind. Yeah, you can bean people in the head with a truncheon, but that's not at all required to finish the game (I think). Feel free to correct me.

OG Mirror's Edge is also a really good one. I think the art is beautiful, and I really like running the levels over and over and over trying to do things slightly faster than the last time. I guess this is how racing games are in general, though I haven't played many beyond Trackmania Squared.

Funnily enough, I tried to play Asscreed II non-violently: just focusing on the collectibles, touring the cities, learning about all the history and architecture, not killing anybody. Unfortunately, since I didn't already have a post-story save file on hand, the violence required to advance the plot and see new areas kind of burned me out and killed the whole experience.


> If I take a gun and shoot you, that’s criminal.
> If I expose you to some chemicals, which knowingly are going to kill you, what difference is there?
> The difference is, that it takes longer to kill you.

4X games fit the bill.


In what way?


You get to implement policies that kill people instead of killing them directly.


Undertale pacifist is the definition of non-violent, unless you're not to keen on violent enemies either in which case I don't really have anything to recommend



I just don't like the ones that hurl personal insults at me, like calling me a stupid bastard or a piece of shit. Though I expect Undertale to be pretty mild, since there's no voice acting. It's a lot easier for me to see that stuff in a text box rather than having some angry dude yelling at me in a gruff voice while he tries to murder me. It's been in my GOG library for a while. I think I'll try it.

I think that's still violence. Just mundane violence.


File: 1581991157021.jpg (198.1 KB, 960x473, rotmk.jpg)

There are a lot of city or economic sims that are like that, though there's often occasional strategy-level violence but usually not as a central feature or avoidable by mission choice or something. My personal favorite of that is Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom, which is the last game in the series including games like Caesar 3 and Pharaoh, and I think incorporates the best of them all.

Development/building games like Stardew Valley or Factorio (just two good ones I've played) often also have optional enemies to fight as a challenge but that can be turned off/avoided as a path.

If you liked doing pacifist runs of Assassins' Creed and (I assume) Thief, I'd recommend Invisible Inc as a very good stealth-strategy game, which like the others has more and less violent strategies but I even think a mostly peaceful one is the most optional, which can be unusual for that kind of game.

Also many visual novels if you're into them, though I'm not generally, the only one I've really enjoyed so far is Valhalla.


Pacifist runs in the fallout series are pretty fun, if not very replayable. Not sure if this is possible in the newer games though.


I know it's possible to beat New Vegas on a pacifist run by maxing out speech, but I don't know how interesting that really is. Having max speech in Fallout 3 just turned the whole game into the laziest text adventure ever written.


While I would say that the writing in New Vegas is better than the fallout 3 stuff, the gameplay in a purely pacifist run would probably get stale quickly. One of my favorite games is Kentucky Route Zero, but that's also a very text heavy game, even if it is non-violent. Maybe you'd enjoy Euro Truck Simulator, which some people find very relaxing. How would you feel about a game like Papers Please, where most violence you can commit is pretty indirect?


>papers please
Nah, I know what happens to those people I send away.

You're right about the writing in New Vegas. It might be fun to explore the wasteland without participating in any of the violent conflicts.

Did they finish making Kentucky Route Zero or are they still writing it?


Get into racing games. They're great fun and there's a lot of variety, it's not all sims.


File: 1582134821064.jpg (137.55 KB, 1200x1200, 1566350415371.jpg)

I know your struggle Sushi, here's a few recommendations for you
Umihara Kawase Series
Knytt Stories
Lovely Planet
NiGHTS in to Dreams
Cloudbuilt/Super Cloudbuilt
Run or Die

I was never a big fan of over-the-top vidya violence, and only recently tried out FPS games partially because of that. This is funny since I really like fighting games, if more for the craft than for the skull bashing. Most of the games are light on violence, even if they have conflict, but I'm not sure which level of combat you can take, so I assumed stuff like 2D SHMUPs, Beat-'em-Ups, and such were out.


Pacifist New Vegas is surprisingly comfy. Kinda reminds me of my childhood growing up in the country: exploring abandoned crack dens, shooting at cans and setting off fireworks.


Nice thread. I guess I could use som non-violent games. It just gets dull killing people in video games all the time and sometimes I feel bad about it.


File: 1582473047397.png (3.59 MB, 8533x4800, RumColony-Full.png)

The final chapter only just came out very recently after a long wait. If you were waiting for it to be finished before you checked it out, now is the time!


Super Monkey Ball!


File: 1582481285916.jpeg (319.3 KB, 1125x612, obradinn.jpeg)

Return of the Obra Dinn depicts a lot of violence, but you are always a passive observer.

Professor Layton is pretty good too. There are also lots of non-violent tabletop games, especially abstract strategy games.


Do you know if there's any particular reason why it's still listed as "early access" on itch.io? Or is that just an oversight?


File: 1582706384791.png (335.41 KB, 1200x503, subsurface_circular.png)

I am absolutely engrossed in Subsurface Circular at the moment. You play as a police robot that has to solve a series of mysterious disappearances in a big city, despite being trapped on the subway train. Talking to the robots and convincing them to open up is really fun.


True sandbox games, Minecraft creative mode or Garry's Mod.


The Talos Principal is a fun puzzle game that supposes an interesting world and lore, to a rather familiar set of puzzle rules. You don't kill anyone per se, blow up robots on some puzzles I guess.

Quite comfy talking to the computer, just like being on certain image boards, very pessimistic points of view. Lot's of secrets to find as well.


This belongs to both this thread and the comfy games one.

Flower and Journey, both by Thatgamecompany.
Both games are your character's lone pilgrimage through their world and interacting only with it.


Puzzle games:
- Baba is You
- Zachtronics games [TIS-100, Spacechem, Exapunks, probably the others too]
- The Secret of Monkey Island (Sword fighting exists, but the loser is just disarmed not dismembered. Avoid the sequels if you can't stand cruelty in general)

- Fez (my favourite game ever)
- Grow Home
- Monkey Ball (1 and 2 are the best. Avoid Banana Blitz for the wii, it has boss fights)

Other things:
- VA-11 HALL-A
- Minecraft (peaceful mode, it's pretty easy to be vegetarian in it)
- Animal Crossing


They also did Fly, a similar game for ios.
It's beautiful.


Fez owns. Visually beautiful but also thinky puzzly and Rare-ish.


Harvest Moon


Sim City


Viva Pinata. It's a game about attracting living pinatas to your garden with plants, terrain, scenery or other pinatas. The game has some child-friendly violence with predators hunting prey, or smacking an unwanted visitor with a shovel, but they explode into treats when their health is depleted and reform themselves outside your garden perimeter.


Boku no Natsuyasumi


File: 1677343819831-0.png (602.27 KB, 1440x1080, Disaster Report_SLUS-20561….png)

File: 1677343819831-1.png (401.32 KB, 1440x1080, Disaster Report_SLUS-20561….png)

File: 1677343819831-2.png (524.33 KB, 1440x1080, Disaster Report_SLUS-20561….png)

File: 1677343819831-3.png (348.54 KB, 1440x1080, Disaster Report_SLUS-20561….png)

Disaster Report
It's like a survival horror game without the guns or (non-disaster related) horror


Just a heads up, the optimization is terrible. I've given it a go this summer and I've had a dreadful experience, though it still can be fun if you're willing to look past that. :)

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