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File: 1589843212260.jpg (118.5 KB, 851x1200, umbrella.jpg)


Welcome to Sushichan!

Original Samachan.org migration discussion thread at >>>/yakuza/776

This board was made to handle some of the discussion topics that were common on Samachan but not so common on Sushichan. Japanese and Otaku culture as well as Anime-related discussions can go in this board, whether you were originally from Samachan or not. In addition, if you are from Samachan and you're not sure if your topic would fit in one of our other boards, you can post it here. If the moderators think it would be a better fit for another part of the site, it might get moved.

Sushichan Guidelines
* Read the rules! Also take a minute to look around.
* All conversations should be comfy and use polite language.
* Less comfy conversations (within reason) can be had in /hell/.
* NSFW content goes in /lewd/. Keep 3D threads in /lewd/ to a minimum.
* Site meta discussion goes in /yakuza/.
* The /culture/ board is mostly for literature and artwork, despite the name.
* Cute stuff goes in /kawaii/, but it is an SFW board.
* The /arcade/ board has been expanded to include all kinds of games, including tabletop.
* Keep most Japan / Otaku / Anime related topics within this board.


Archived copy of Yuno's goodbye message that was posted on Samachan.org before the 4chan redirect: https://web.archive.org/web/20200517154448/https://samachan.org/

File: 1593456694263.jpg (693.11 KB, 2115x2062, Ichigo.Mashimaro.full.2747….jpg)


Pick the most obscure anime in your top 10. If somebody else in the thread has seen it you lose.

>Ichigo Mashimaro

It's not super obscure, but it's the best I got.
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He has good taste, then. And so do you!
tfw no gf to rec Kaiba to


It's probably kokoro toshoukan
according to mal at least.
I'm surprised no one knows it because it's actually the first slice of life anime IMO, came out the year before azumanga daioh.


Thanks! You too. I would recommend it to anyone here also, it's very cosy. Sorry for making you lose the challenge though!


File: 1596863889022.png (1.03 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot from 2020-08-07….png)

God dang. I just got done watching Kaiba thanks to you.

Chroniko's story in episode 3 was heart-wrenching. How can I feel so sad for a character I only knew for six minutes? The way the show portrays death is unique. I can see hundreds of gruesome deaths in Devilman Crybaby and it's not very affecting, but in Kaiba it's not even obvious they died. Their memories just float off into space and they're lost forever. It's haunting.


File: 1596864829174.jpg (30.4 KB, 253x393, Kemonozume_promotional_art.jpg)

While we're on the topic of Masaaki Yuasa, anyone seen Kemonozume? I wouldn't call it a favorite but it's a good one to mention in the spirit of continuing the game. I watched it ages ago and remember little other than it being extremely bizarre.

File: 1590519187394.jpg (139.64 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Houkago Tei….jpg)


Let's go fishing!
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I mean I knew it was what humans used to pigment their own stuff but I thought it was a human/primate thing. Aren't cephalopods pretty distant from primates?


File: 1596824842192.jpg (241.05 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2020-08-07-19h08m4….jpg)

Natsumi looks like such a goof here, it's hilarious


They are, but melanin is a pretty ubiquitous pigment. Glad you learned something new with fishing girls, sushi roll!


I like her fang


clams steamed in a tomato based sauce, with lots of vermouth and garlic. I over salted it a little but for a first attempt it was really nice.

File: 1590143747692-0.jpg (120.21 KB, 780x1097, x2.jpg)

File: 1590143747692-1.jpg (254.54 KB, 761x1100, x29.jpg)

File: 1590143747692-2.jpg (227.51 KB, 754x1100, x41.jpg)


Talk about what manga you've been reading!

I've been reading an older manga called Yume Tsukai by Ueshiba Riichi. It's about magical shrine maidens with weird powers solving paranormal mysteries and stuff. Fairly standard concept but what makes it good in my opinion is just how crazy and bizarre the stories get, as well as some really fantastic art and a nostalgic sort of comedy. It's sometimes goofy, sometimes quite emotional, and other times borders on Junji Ito-esque horror scenarios. I really like the creepy body horror stuff, and the comedy between the weirdo cast is fun. I especially like the over the top lolicon character.
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File: 1596423153869.jpg (622.22 KB, 1261x1791, 38672v3[1].jpg)


File: 1596504403328.png (290.86 KB, 346x805, muh heart.PNG)

I read all of this that's been scanlated thus far while hanging out in a hotel. Very fun manga, and also I will always always fall in love with genki brown tomboys with short hair.


Whatever happened to the one in Bokuben anyway? I seem to remember she was the only one with even a chance against the two main girls, Sensei was by far the best girl but she has less than a snowball's chance in hell.


Why are you in a hotel?


Gonna try to catch up to some of the manga I fell off from following. Namely the one in the OP because it totally slipped my mind.
I was on a mini-vacation.

File: 1594743525655-0.jpg (164.04 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2020-07-13-17h20m5….jpg)

File: 1594743525655-1.jpg (197.22 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2020-07-13-17h27m4….jpg)

File: 1594743525655-2.jpg (193.18 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2020-07-13-17h08m2….jpg)


Torpedo tits and creative tail use. I like her veil too, very sexy.
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I could think of it as being over-the-top exaggeration if not for the fact that the artist is TOSH who did porn. Plus if you look at what happened when the series got popular, the 'orgasms' became weirder and weirder with less and less fanservice, while near the end when it was tanking hard the fanservice came back. While it pulls double duty it's pretty clear to me that the original intention was for it to be that spicy something that'll draw in the SJ readers to even open up the first chapter.


Have you seen Koufuku Graffiti? It's kinda neat.


This has been on my "to possibly watch" list for a while, since I like Shaft and the "taberu" song ( >>230 ) is cute and comfy, but I really hate eating noises (the video you linked was basically torture for me), which I'm assuming there's a lot of in KG.
Is it still worth watching anyway, or should I just avoid it altogether?


I've watched it but that show basically advertised itself as food porn. It also had better looking food than SnS.


File: 1596595895920.jpg (244.64 KB, 1920x1080, sexy.jpg)


File: 1590463080445.jpg (74.29 KB, 1920x750, 1346485_Japanese_ShowDetai….jpg)


Should I watch serial experiments lain?
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This is a bit off-topic, but it just occurred to me that "The Wired" sounds like "The Wild" and that's probably very intentional.
Am I stupid for not realizing this before?


File: 1596039431032.png (1.11 MB, 1092x1080, 5.png)

of course you should, it's the correct choice!


I think it doesn't really matter since that's a translation and not something the original writers thought about or am I talking out of my ass?


No, they do use the English word "Wired" in the original Japanese.


File: 1596056583139.png (21.04 KB, 1919x1079, 1427646037411.png)

Depends, do you enjoy animated shows? Are you working through classics?
I'd recommend it regardless as it's relatively short and quite the experience. Plus you'll know what all the cool kids are talking about.

File: 1593517402536-0.jpg (2.78 MB, 1920x4212, summer-2020-1.jpg)

File: 1593517402536-1.jpg (2.7 MB, 1920x4705, summer-2020-2.jpg)


What're you already planning on watching? Anything that catches your eye?

Unfortunately the virus has made this season like half the size of what it was meant to be, so probably only fishing and Fruits Basket for me at first and maybe I'll pick up Kanojo and Uzaki-chan. Feels like a super weak season, at least partially because there's so little to choose from.
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File: 1595799520462.jpg (130.19 KB, 1280x720, MPV-[HorribleSubs] Uzaki-c….jpg)

I'm kind of the opposite
Everything about her is pretty nice, but the short hair is the main drawback. Longer hair would make her perfect.


File: 1595819486738-0.jpg (147.74 KB, 737x1098, 6d2b41bbbdd8dcd044ae7dd06c….jpg)

File: 1595819486738-1.jpg (291.93 KB, 736x2441, a14c23f45ac344102063bb0dcb….jpg)

Is Uzaki-chan just more tease-fetish content? Purely by coincidence Takagi and Nagatoro have two of my favorite character designs ever, so this just pisses me of in comparison. I guess the oppai-lovers need their fix too.


I'm with you sushi roll, smug teasing girls should be flat!


File: 1595823379921.webm (1.15 MB, 1280x720, Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!-n….webm)

Out of all the manga with teasing girls Uzaki-chan is the only one I find really annoying from time to time, only beaten by pre-serialization Nagatoro and not even her cute moments and the big delish oppai can make up for it at least for me so I'll have to side with the flatsies this time.


File: 1595865731664.jpg (141.91 KB, 1280x720, MPV-[HorribleSubs] Uzaki-c….jpg)

Well if nothing else Uzaki's senpai also finds her insufferable a lot. Her voice is also kind of, I dunno, ear-wormy? I'm not sure if it's fair to pin that on her character since it's the VA doing the acting, but I think the producers probably know what they're doing and gave her a voice like that on purpose.

Uzaki's basically one of those girls that's cute to look at but if she actually clung to you like she does her senpai you'd get fed up with her really goddamn fast.

File: 1589862138319.webm (7.8 MB, 640x360, Baccano! OP.webm)


As always, post some of your favorites.
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File: 1594795262649.webm (3.98 MB, 900x672, Midori_no_Hibi_-_Mou_Suko….webm)


File: 1594796201108.webm (8.16 MB, 1280x720, Strike the Blood III ED.webm)

I'll get to the fourth season soon™

This is the first time it hit me that this had a small anime adaptation. Also it seems I missed one song from the KOTOKO bible ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Needs more of the cat


File: 1594800040670.webm (5.82 MB, 480x360, Okusama Wa Mahou Shoujo O….webm)


File: 1595829323804.webm (9.68 MB, 633x450, S.E.L OP.webm)


File: 1595829356903.webm (9.48 MB, 600x400, Ah! My Goddess - Creditle….webm)

File: 1589891058695.jpg (139.92 KB, 800x500, mushishi2.jpg)


I started rewatching Mushishi lately, because I haven't seen the OVA or any of the extra seasons, only the first one many many years ago. It's as great as I remember it and I can't wait to get to the stuff I haven't seen.

What have you all been watching lately?
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Hey I watched that not too long ago. Great show, I really loved it. My only complaint really was the plot got a little convoluted in some not very interesting ways regarding the rival gangs. But aside from that it was super cool. I did feel like I needed to watch some moe SoL or something afterwards though lol.


Triangle Staff have felt the same way after completing Texhnolyze, so they did Niea_7 next. You could follow their steps and watch it next.


Niea_7 was made as a light-hearted project after finishing Lain, not Texhnolyze.


Sorry, my bad.


I finally recovered two of my old hard drives loaded with anime
Now I can rewatch some of my older shows yay
More importantly I can actually download new anime if I reorganize shit across all the drives because I'm out of space AGAIN for new seasonal shit

File: 1594743330195.jpg (172.76 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2020-07-13-17h07m0….jpg)


This is gonna be good.


File: 1594743401181-0.jpg (158.43 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2020-07-13-17h12m2….jpg)

File: 1594743401181-1.jpg (178.46 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2020-07-13-17h07m0….jpg)

I didn't care much for the centaur woman but the lamia is a treat.


File: 1594743793115.jpg (141.03 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2020-07-13-17h15m1….jpg)

There is only one thread for this anime and if you are seeing a different thread then you are hallucinating. The OP of this thread would certainly not have made a new thread by mistake.


That IS a gorgeous waist for sure


Torpedo tits are not attractive



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