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Sony is being shit again.


So is this thread. Would you like to elaborate?


The controller is super nice though, dont you think?


I can't say anything about the PS4 or the Pro but the Dualshock 4 feels great. I got it for christmas and it feels so right


I've heard this, but I bought a PS4 Pro on launch day and havan't had any issues with it. I think it might be an issue affecting only a few units that's being blown out of proportion, like the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death back in the day .


I don't like how Sony and MS think it's okay to release a newer version of their consoles that in a sense make their original consoles obsolete. Because this isn't just a smaller version of the same hardware, it's stronger hardware and anyone who doesn't want to upgrade may get punished for it.

If I hadn't jumped to PC after the Wii, this would have pushed me to PC. That said, the controller is nice.


whats the point of a console anymore if its just trying to be a PC
like really what makes them anything different than a wannabe PC
the controller? you can use a dualshock controller or a wiimote on your PC with bluetooth
the hardware? no competition consoles are more locked down and slower in all areas
the only thing they have left going for them is their games
and they threw most of that out when they stopped making their consoles entirely backwards compatible
whats left consists of mostly trash titles that give the player the bare minimum experience required to keep them satisfied
since their expensive licensing limits who can make games for these consoles only the wealthy game corporations can continue producing more shit
plus to make things worse they tried to save on money through cheap manufacturing
and end up producing a product that wont last 5 years before it overheats and the soldering comes undone


Pretty much this on all counts. I always get games during Steam sales and I've recently gotten some Humble Bundles and taking advantage of any free game offers.

I put all of my game purchases through a spreadsheet and compared them to what would have paid full price on the PC and what I would have to pay if I got the same game on console.

Through sales and not having to buy more hardware to play a single game, for just games I've paid less than 20 bucks. Compared to getting the same games on consoles, where if I don't own the console it's on I have to buy it along with the game I learned that I would have paid over a thousand dollars, because I would have to get at least 4 separate consoles, three of them obsolete and not in production anymore. And that's being generous because if I had the money as a teenagers to buy a those consoles when it was launched and get games at full price….

When I saw that, it forever made me a PC dude. MS is releasing a ton of their stuff onto Windows and indie devs are making pretty nice games that are similar to Nintendo games. Japanese devs are releasing more and more games onto Steam at the bare minimum. I'm pretty happy but it's sad the majority of people have fallen for the memes of PC gaming.


>whats the point of a console anymore if its just trying to be a PC
Exclusives, it's going to be many years before those games are able to be emulated on a pc and for now buying a console is the only option to play them.


Playing with people in the same room is the main reason.


My dear Sushi, you can play on a PC on your big television with multiple controllers. Me and my bro do it all the time. There are fighting games for example that allow for local couch multiplayer and I think some companies are trying to fix the lack of split screen FPS action on the PC which is the only real genre of game on the PC that doesn't have any multiplayer that isn't a LAN party.

Unless you are just stating a common statement people will make.


Yeah but normies don't know how to set that kind of shit up.
They just want to plug the magic box in and have everything idiot proof. Same reason people buy macs.

I don't particularly mind it personally, if they want a worse experience in exchange for ease of entry then that's a fair decision.


I see normies all over youtube building PCs and if you show them how cheap it can be to have a computer vs a console, if they have a good understanding of money then they will often reconsider.

And considering how easy Steam and other services are, I'd argue it's more or less poor money management skills.


Yeah but you also see normies all over fucking everywhere buying macs and ipads and all this stupid type of shit.

It's kinda like all the gear no idea but more along the lines of buying the wrong gear for the job because they don't know what they're doing.

But still if they have more money than time or patience then that's their call.


>buying Macs and iPads

Kek, outside of the vidya world I can see someone buying a Mac if they want to have a good environment with decent software support compared to say Linux but didn't want to use Windows but that high price tag turns most people off. It's a big reason why Macs have such low marketshare and iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad aren't really leading anymore because Android has smashed the iPhone and is getting cheaper while MS is shitting all over the iPad line with Windows tablets and convertible laptops. Maybe you live with rich people but I don't see Apple stuff all that often. But that's kinda off-topic.

I don't know Sushi, I'm pretty "normie" as they come but I could actually buy a decent computer and it ended up being a gaming machine and I don't have the luxury of playing games all day but there is no way I would ever invest in another console.

And of course, I wouldn't argue with someone who was dead set on a console but if someone was clearly unhappy with the situation of consoles I would point out how much better PC gaming is on the wallet.


sushi rolls, this isn't wizardchan/r9k.


>Maybe you live with rich people but I don't see Apple stuff all that often.
Saw them on every desk at uni.

I don't mean to use normie as an insulting term if that's what you mean. It's just useful because it kinda defines a vague set of characteristics and we all kinda understand it.


Normies are not all entirely homogeneous. Most people, most normies included, want to save their money, but an infuriatingly large portion are terrified of anything they don't currently understand no matter how easy it actually is, and are extremely willfully ignorant regardless of intelligent they actually are or not.
Consoles and just "plugging in the magic box" appeals to these people, but people will also fall into fanboyism for the medium that leaves the consumer objectively worse off just because of tribalism. They adopt the willful stupidity to justify the pissing match with The Other.
Apples marketing about how their OS is so EASY and computers are so HARD but we make them EASY appeals to that willful ignorance too, which is why even ignoring everything else wrong with apple and their things, I'd not give my money to a company that spreads that toxic mentality. But, there are still plenty of people, normies included, who arent microsoft/dogwangs fanboys, and would tell you how macs arent really that much 'simpler' and that windows isnt really 'hard' and that they dont want to spend a bunch of money just to have a picture of a half eaten fruit on their machine.
>Saw them on every desk at uni.
I really hate this. I know for a fact lots of those people could have spent a lot of that money on fucking food, gas, textbooks, etc, and it really would have helped them, but they saved for/spent their parents paycheck on LE MACBOOK Instead.


At the risk of moving the goalposts but isn't college a bad example because a lot of people are on grants/parent's money/etc?

I only know one guy personally who bought the new MacBook Pro but he is so into Apple's ecosystem that it's no surprise really. I was more confused with why Apple didn't just give the Mac touchscreen features instead of the silly touchbar. Not that it matters, most people aren't buying it except the biggest fans.




I've heard it called windogs a few places, I dont really understand it but it let me do that


Oh, well anyways onto your post.

As far as Apple's marketing, I don't think it's so much they claim to make it easy, using iOS for like three years now has proven to me that it's got its fair share of weird quirks like any OS does.

But Apple does a lot to create a personal attachment through their products, I've noticed. Which would explain why Apple fanboys are so annoyingly loud when Apple is called out. It's kinda amazing really how even as Apple gets more ridiculous people still defend the company's choices.


"It just works" makes me feel, not angry. Just, intense contempt.

well uni is the only time I've ever really been able to observe normies in their natural habitat.
Might be a bad sample but like 75% minimum were mac and console people.

That said, I did say that consoles and macs are for people who would rather pay more for the benefit of not having to learn anything. Somewhat ironic that they're popular at uni but whatever. Can't really test that without people that have the money to choose between the options.

I had a macbook for a while and man finder is just so bad. I couldn't figure out how that tool was meant to be used at all.

I think most apple people just want to buy a computer then not have to worry about it until they get a new one.
Then when you've been on them for long enough you'd probably be a bit intimidated in changing since the other options are a lot more confusing with different manufacturers and such. Apple takes away the burden of choice and just says "buy x and you can do whatever you need to do".

Plus fashion I guess.


File: 1484354680467.png (692.37 KB, 936x626, ipad_pro_apple_pencil_plug….png)

Yea, see, college is nothing like real life. I work with computers quite a lot, and a lot of the computers I work on are never Macs. They tend to be old Compaqs/HPs or Toshibas aka the shit you get from Walmart. And in this group, these people get Windows because it isn't that much harder to use and it comes with the computers. Plus a lot of their software is often Windows only anyhow. Again, people don't buy Macs just like these people aren't getting Alienware or the Surface Book. Too expensive.

The use of consoles especially among older people is likely from the massive PC vs Console difference in terms of games of the past. When people bring up great 90s games, a lot of people mention Quake or Serious Sam along with all those cartoony adventure games OR they mention games like Mario Bros or Final Fantasy. I mean, how many people were playing Quake on their tv back in the 90s like people play CoD on a tv now? Kids nowadays are playing Minecraft which while on consoles, I think the rise of Let's Players has resulted in younger generations of kids getting into PC gaming, kids are also playing more games on a smartphone or tablet. The next generation of gamers seem to favor more multi-function devices like smartphones and PCs over consoles.


Good one, but my iPad is the least fashionable piece of tech I own. No crazy colors, overly minimalistic, the newer iPad Pro looks tacky as shit when you charge that overpriced "Apple Pencil" in the lighting port. Apple is the grandma of tech if you want to talk about nice looking devices. Now something like Asus looks pretty nice despite going for the minimal look.


>and a lot of the computers I work on are never Macs.
Don't apple have their own "genius" pseudo monopoly on maintenance?

With pc gaming having the better controls, hardware and options it's easily taking the more dedicated gamers, and mobile shit is eating up the casual players. Consoles are being ripped in half, their only real future is probably portable consoles. I dare say there's not going to be enough room in the marketplace for sony, microsoft and nintendo soon.

Apple is still fashionable in the same way a corpse sits up by it's own rigor mortis. But it is still sitting.
I'm pretty certain the apple vogue will be replaced within the next half decade. Not sure what will replace it though since there's no dominant force of such magnitude in computing, it's pretty fractured.


True, and a lot of there stuff is soldered and being based on BSD, macOS doesn't have the same issues that Windows often does. But again, the bulk of people I help often cannot afford a Mac in the first place, my main point is that Macs are pretty uncommon, only people who are students, got plenty of money or really scraped and saved have a Mac, everyone else just buys a computer with Windows or builds it and then puts Windows on it.

I agree with your second point but I feel that it's more that people want more functionality from their devices more than "casual vs dedicated". A popular casual game, Just Dance is on the PC and emulators as well as companies trying to push mobile gaming to more hardcore heights with special hardware like controllers and more serious titles makes me feel that devices that only serve one purpose, much like the MP3 Player or iPod before it are getting further pushed out.

I hope that we get tech in awesome/cute colors again. When I had a Lumia it was a pretty nice cyan color, otherwise I'm going to have to spraypaint my next phone or something. Everything is just grey/black/gold and sometimes white.


File: 1604910203338.jpg (44.22 KB, 618x800, 20201115.jpg)

Get thee to PSV.


Playstation Five wil be henceforth known as PSV.

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