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File: 1478044045628-0.png (304.22 KB, 2560x1080, Screenshot from 2016-11-01….png)

File: 1478044045628-1.png (1.38 MB, 1351x900, ff6android.png)

File: 1478044045628-2.gif (10.02 KB, 256x233, dragonballsnes.gif)


Hello sushies!

I didnt know if I should post this here or >>>/silicon/257 so, I thought I should make this a sushichan project so we can all enjoy it.
I've been working on a game that im building in Ruby on Rails. It is a mix between a TCG and classic JRPG party building and turn based combat. I have most of the rules written but I would like to get some input on what I can put in the game and what you would like to play. I havent worked on the core controller (engine) yet but I have the basic turn lay out and deck construction.
Im working on the card database right now and will move on to the static pages and deck builder next.
I am currently looking at adding in a map for a Clan style ranking system but I think it might be a bit overdone buy now. Im also on a background/story I was using FF for all the play testing but never go around for any overarching plot so anything would be good there.

Let me know what you think and Ill keep updating.


File: 1478130879131-0.png (202.58 KB, 2560x1080, Screenshot from 2016-11-02….png)

File: 1478130879131-1.png (418.71 KB, 2560x1080, Screenshot from 2016-11-02….png)

Today I added to new databases for users and decks. Ill be working next on users has_many decks and how the cards are stored and arranged. I also added some cards to spells and items and should have enough to start a beta of the deck mechanics and shuffling.

Im still trying to work out a story of sorts and Im leaning to the idea of a magic vs high tec setting so there is a reason to get involved in a side.


I don't really have anything ti contribute, but this does look really neat and I hope you keep updating this!


this here.
I don't even know much about card games, but when you have something to show be sure to share it sushi roll!


Looks cool sushiroll!


File: 1478612109055.png (336.24 KB, 1280x800, DeepinScreenshot2016110809….png)

Thanks for the feedback sushies!
As I said ill be working on linking the databases later this week. Due to new job and election madness I havent had the mental stamina to do much the last few days.
Im hoping to have a playable beta by the end of the year and after the databases and controllers are built it will just be design work and adding cards. Im looking at opening a forum so that suggestions can be made an implemented on rules and flavor of the game.
As soon as I have a most of the core done I will post all the information for everyone to play.


File: 1478877166460.png (120.63 KB, 335x335, puzzled cyan.png)

>a game that im building in Ruby on Rails
…what? Rails doesn't really strike me as the appropriate framework to use for a browser game, but whatever floats your boat I guess.


Sorry for no updates this week. I have been dealing with having to find a new apartment on top of holiday plans, etc.
No screen shots this week as I haven't done any work except find out that when I push my DB go git it corrupts it and makes unusable.
So I manually do my backups on a USB now for my DB changes and as thats what im working setting the foreign and public keys for the user and deck tables and some other planning for the future features. So Its slow but I hope to have some updates, probably on the view side to take a break from DBA.

Its what I know. I also want to start a profolio for rails and this will take almost everything Rails can do and give me a good look at it and work with some of the new features like ActionCable to get network connections for PvP.
It could be build on Node or PHP and Js but rails gives me 2 less languages to learn while I still have to know what im looking at with SQL, HTML, Sass, CSS, Ruby, and Jquerry/JS. Seeing as how I HATE JS the less I can use it the better I feel.
Also the scaffolding framework has been a huge help.


File: 1494790860643.png (395.56 KB, 2560x1080, DeepinScreenshot2017051415….png)

Long time no posting, Sushies.
Well im back in the grove. Live really got in the way for a few months while I had to move and get a new job but things are back on track. Ill be posting an update on my progress later today as my laptop is still at work and I havent uploaded to git yet.
In the mean time I did find a name and registered a domain and thats a huge step forward as I now have a more solid idea of where im going with this project.

I have changed over to node due to time and server hardware considerations and that github will corrupt any SQLDB that is loaded to the site so Im restarting my card entries but a few mor of the mockups and engine parts are done. Im hoping ill have a small Alpha done in the next month or two as im working over nights now and will have more time to dedicate to this.

be back soon.


sorry for being off topic but what theme is that?


File: 1499915589097-0.png (129.33 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot from 2017-07-12….png)

File: 1499915589097-1.jpg (894.18 KB, 2543x1750, 8818929_p0.jpg)

File: 1499915589097-2.png (2.4 MB, 1420x1115, 19086276_p0.png)

File: 1499915589097-3.jpg (197.26 KB, 1007x596, main_image.jpg)

Its the Deepin distro. Its pretty good. there is more info on it in this thread (Also by me :)>>>/silicon/74).
Also, Just wanted to check in I dont have that much in the way of updated I am changing how I approach this. I have created most of the layouts that I am going to use and adjusted them so they are responsive to all screen sizes once the scripts are enabled. Its slow going due to a lack of drive/inspiration but once this is working properly the rest is mostly static development and back end work which is much more enjoyable.
I have also spent some time working on the themes and writing though it is not a plot heavy project I would like to have a bit of flavor to work with as I add new features that I am planing for later. Im taking a week long vacation next month and hope to have much more done after that and will post updates as I am able to finish them.
ps: Lain is always appropriate programmer art.


File: 1500161316996-0.png (183.29 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot from 2017-07-15….png)

File: 1500161316996-1.png (203.69 KB, 1280x800, reverse enemy position.png)

Im working on finishing the layout template for the combat section of the game and was wondering if rolls had a preference on how it was set out.
I have it right now so the player and enemy field are matched but would it make more sense to flip the play field for the other player? It seems look better to me but I dont know if it would be that big of a deal (And I dont want to take the time to flip everything if its not needed.)
In the final layout (This is just a gimp edit) it would be right side up for reading but the layout would be reversed.

Any thoughts?


Hello, I'm the guy from the /v/ thread. One thing that I wanted to add, after reading your last reply, is that you should be careful with the scope of the game. Your game seems "too big" for a one man project. Considering the fact that you'll need art for each card: do you have a budget for this? Maybe scalling back a little would be better.


File: 1500174360029.png (2.62 MB, 1920x1200, 43216446_p0.png)

Good to see you. im at work now and didnt get here before the thread died. Im going to be working on art/music and anything but the code after the alpha is up and running then ill set up a donation page and maybe a pateron or go fund me for the art. right now im spinding downtime looking through pivix for things that appeal to the feel of what I want the game to be for samples and use in some of the final static pages.
I know a lot of what my limitations are and I can get the bulk of it done by myself with enough time and effort. I knew a few digital artist that can help i worked with a while ago and i would like to take some of the work from the drawrolls if they are willing to donate but, as before Ill be working on that after the alpha is built and there is a game to play.


File: 1576598248662-0.jpg (315.77 KB, 900x900, 50257933.jpg)

File: 1576598248662-1.png (988.32 KB, 999x1330, 58883630_p0.png)

File: 1576598248662-2.jpg (356.08 KB, 1200x858, 45085185_p0.jpg)

Gentlemen, I have returned.
Age brings wisdom but kills motivation. So ill simply start with some updates:
Going ok, I have the main loop and initialization methods currently work but he victory condition check is not working properly and Im not quite sure why. Once this section is done I will be moving it to the rails application that currently has a DB and framework with enough to speed up the testing and creation of objects by quite a lot.


Not much of the rules have changed, Ive settled on 2 players with 3 characters each. Both players take their turn at once and the action stack is decided by the character speed value at the start of the round. Rails new Cable method will make the player connect seamless, so this shouldnt be a problem once the application is in testing.


A (macguffin)is discovered by an imperial empire that has magnetic and bio-energetic properties. Over a 20 year span the macguffin becomes a source of immense power as its properties are expounded upon, tested and refined through several experiments. Some benign, some malicious. Massive improvements in power generation, transport and
other more mysterious advancements were made causing, in essence, a second industrial revolution. Like all revolutions, things change rapidly.
The once pastoral live enjoyed by a majority of the people were now swiftly being swept away and replaced with the new means of production and a new way of living. Under the stress of change and the pull to various utopian ideals of how to use this new power, the empire shattered in to 3 major factions now wrestling for control over the best uses of the limited material.

:names pending:
wants the use the material as a power source both fixed and mobile. They drain the material of its properties to wield suits of powered armor and pneumatic assisted weapons. Generally preferring to use brute force to solve the problems of removing rocks and resistance.


used the material as an enhancement for control of the elements and sometimes pure will. Using the material as jewelry and other artifacts to assist in manipulating this ability. However the aptitude for this appears to be matrilineal and causes the faction to form rigorous hierarchy as well as some physiognomy effect such as Heterochromia.
(still working on fleshing this out)


use the material to access the natural magnetic poles of the planet and lay-lines to travel at excessive speeds. They have become messengers and merchants preferring to use tactics that favor speed and stealth. Often accused of being simple thiefs, they tend to be more individualistic over the other two groups.

Ill post some more updates later today or tomorrow on progress with actual code.


File: 1617277122110.gif (19.75 KB, 201x141, 20210000.gif)

Check out mugen engine for fan-made 2d versus fighting games.


File: 1626948980275.jpg (209.72 KB, 1529x839, atlz.jpg)

SF3 was a mistake.

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