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A few years ago I smoked a lot of pot and thus found great entertainment in commentated professional gaming. The way commentators direct your attention and point out important things or just give background information on the players, maps, strategies and so on is really captivating and can enhance the experience of the game a lot.

When it comes to games I haven't played myself, a good commentator, giving explanations on game mechanics and meta, can completely shift my view on the action and appreciation of skill involved. This is prominently in speedrunning the case, where the beauty of tricks or glitches often only comes to shine with the knowledge of how to archive them.

What are your favorite e-sports?

For starters I recommend this post-match analysis of a game between Rapha and Cooller in Quake with Rapha himself explaining everything.


Esports nowadays is mostly about translating the ongoing action into words. It's so extremely boring and dull. Commentators add literally 0 value to the experience 99% of the time.
I've stopped following esports when it turned into this sensationalist mess.


Games have always been competitive. Even single player games have you competing against the typical fail state, be that running out of time or lives, or reaching a bad ending.
I feel E-Sports is just what they call competitive games when they need to make money off of it. Anything "E-Sports" touches inevitably dies because the focus is not on the market that wants to play, rather the market that will spend the most money. There's plenty of competitive scenes that aren't part of big ring e-sports though, like speedrunning, or the entire Lethal League scene. In the end there's plenty of good stuff to see, and not all e-sports are bad either. Some are just trying to latch onto the title for publicity. It's just turned into a big red flag personally.


These two casts of Starcraft Broodwar brought me back to the game after several years. The caster does a good job of introducing new (SC2) people to this vintage game and also brings the enthusiasm for the act.


second one


Regarding speedruns, I find this Halo 3 run by theblazejp really enjoyable to watch and listen. The strategies are outdated to some extend, but the commentary and visuals are a pleasure.


These fucking videos by fraze are so good. They make you want to play quake with how well he gets his thoughts out. Makes you realize how the game works on a 1v1 level so well.
There are whole playlists for these videos and they are very high quality


Great stuff, suhi! I like how he even rages a bit, when something doesn't go his way, litterally thinking aloud.


cool video. i find it interesting that the one of the best ways to for terran to combat zerg is through a bio build with almost all marines and medics. That's very intruiging from a meta standpoint, thinking of the origins (starship troopers). Humans can hold their own with the worst of bio-plagues!


i was real big into TFC back in the day. anyone got the rent vs shark on openfire ?


EG Momochi vs MCZ Daigo Umehara - Stunfest 2015 Grand Final - CPT 2015


The tf2 competative scene absolutely sucks because the format is fundamentally broken, the scene is dominated by basically just one team and has been forever, and the meta is incredibly stale with very little will to experiment. Nonetheless, I think it can be one of the most thrilling esports with highly pog moments.


b4nny is a genuinely nice guy but yeah. Wish the game was playable in pubs.

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