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File: 1528351676997.jpg (385.28 KB, 1920x1080, EverQuest-2-AA-point-gaine….jpg)


hey sushirolls, I feel like MMOs have fallen out of style. This makes me sad, since I find them to be cozy, so I wanted to know if anyone else stills plays them.

If anyone wants to create a clan in everquest 2, I just started it… I'm trash but its been a lot of fun so far ;w;


File: 1528353315676.png (101.77 KB, 1200x900, chart.png)

EVE Online seems to be doing well still. There is a bit of a decline, but overall, the numbers seems pretty good when compared to what they were when I started playing. The people I started playing with aren't really playing anymore, except for the few guys that log in once in a while to have a chat. Still is a good game for a variety of activities, and I doubt EVE Online will be forgotten any time soon.

Currently 18000 accounts logged in, and that's outside of peak hours. Doing a lot better than a lot of new shooter games like Quake Champions.


cause quake champions is a bad game riddled with issues. eve online seems alot better in that way, relatively.


Yeah but other similar games aren't nearly as popular as QC either. Nu Unreal Tournament is dead and abandoned, reflex has nobody playing it, all the different games based no the Quake and Quake II engines don't really have much of a player base either. Quake Live is doing well enough, but still just about as good as QC in terms of number of players. Can't say EVE Online is without its issues either, tho it doesn't feel like CCP is walking around in circles, or taking two steps back with every step forward.


File: 1528452730325.png (999.13 KB, 1920x1080, friends till the end.png)

do any other rolls play wow on pservers? getting excited for northdale to launch


I basically grew up playing Guild Wars, and it makes me very happy to see it get updates still. I log in every once in a while, usually while I'm drunk, and occasionally find some people I used to play with.

Other than that though, I play WoW whenever a new expansion comes out for a month or two. FFXIV is fantastic, but I just can't find the time to dive in like I used to.


File: 1529228950567.png (1.19 MB, 1000x1515, 58242020_p0.png)

I play SWTOR, but I'm still new. I'd like to play ESO, however my little ThinkPad wouldn't be able to handle it.


>I basically grew up playing Guild Wars, and it makes me very happy to see it get updates still.
No shit, really? That blows my mind almost as much as learning Worms Armageddon was still receiving patches 14 years after release.


File: 1529238423983.webm (125.43 KB, 852x480, hehehehehhehehehhehehhehe….webm)

Any one on osrs? I've played runescape all my life, never properly tho, never really done questing or mini games. Mainly skilling but on my latest account I'm trying to do more.


Yeah! That was my reaction too. They're pretty substantial updates too; better graphics rendering, more efficient CPU usage. Apparently two devs are keeping it alive.


Damn, I remember jumping on the train ride back in 2013 when osrs released. Got to level 50 in like a day, but eventually I just lost the fire to play again. Haven't played at all since then. I guess it's also due to no friends


I play ESO mostly. It is a bit more casual than other MMOs like WoW, which is a good thing for me as I am only able to play for a couple of hours every few days due to work and study stuff.


Little update. I ended up purchasing ESO Morrowind edition since it was only $10 and then find out my laptop doesn't support DX11 features, so I essentially made a donation to Zenimax. Big oof.


File: 1531024500568.png (3.31 MB, 1920x1080, desu.png)

Yes, i feel the same way about MMOs, OP, they can be really comfy to play!
I keep changing what game i play every couple of months somehow, right now though i'm playing pso2 and i think it's pretty fun, not sure if it's because everything still feels kind of new to me yet but still fun


I've been excited for Maplestory 2 ever since I got into the beta. I never realized all the music and house stuff you can do. Being a bunch of musical bums with my friends was probably my highlight of that month.


The MMO genre is dead, WoW killed it. In Blizzard's efforts to usher the genre into a renaissance their success has only inspired soulless clones and otherwise bland games.


File: 1561209788538.jpeg (529.02 KB, 950x531, serveimage.jpeg)

I love playing Wakfu, although it was kinda deserted when i stopped playing 2 years ago. I hope it is faring better now.
Unfortunatelly, MMOs tend to take a lot of time so i had to stop but it might be a very comfy game for many sushi here, feel free to check it out.


Not exactly Wakfu, but I still like playing Dofus from time to time. It's comfy, and isometric TRPG's are my guilty pleasure.


Maplestory still seems fun, though this may just be notstalgia speaking


I always wanted to get into them, but also always were more the loner lurker type so anytime I tried one out I would just solo and not really make any connections.
GW was actually one of the ones I tried for the longest, only really gave up on it because of the visuals changing so hard after searing. One of the things that kept me going was how pretty it was.


File: 1561647778615.jpg (177.51 KB, 850x823, sample_f03a38cbd0eae277526….jpg)

Elsword was a game I was pleasantly surprised with. I played it a few years ago and I remember liking it, I might get back into it.

It's an action-based sidescroller, so it feels more like a 2D fighting game than an MMO, which is a nice change of pace.


File: 1565218565471.png (483.82 KB, 753x1061, Midgorts.png)

I shacked up with the infinity people on a Ragnarok private server named Ragna0.
It's kind of nice. Ragnarok Online's a korean click-to-move MMO. Old as heck. Since the private server mentioned just recently started up out of beta (Somewhere mid-julyish) with an entirely new mob/stat/skill system called Zero, nobody really knows the meta. It might last for a while, maybe. At the moment all that's available are the second jobs and no rebirth.
Maybe other sushirolls can hop in and make a guild. We could all be friends.


I loved Ragnarok's gameplay, but I have no time to invest in games. Good to hear that there is still communnity dedicated to this MMO.


I ended up getting burnt out multiple times throughout the time OSRS has been back. But I keep coming back to it over and over again. I've been playing RuneScape since 2002 on Classic. Jagex has taken so much of my life away from me.

Other than mentioning OSRS, I used to play DOMO (Dream of Mirrors Online), Aura Kingdom, other MMOs that were on Aeria Games, and some other various anime MMOs for a short time.

Aura Kingdom I thought was a beautiful game and by far the one I regret quitting. However, there just wasn't much of a playerbase and lacked a lot to do at the time of me playing it. Plus that's around the time my depression started getting the better of me and I would get start getting burnt out too easy once I played something for too long and couldn't stick with one game. Kind of similar to what happened time and time again with OSRS.


>Jagex has taken so much of my life away from me.

One might say that Sushi is powerless against addiction to a 19 year old children's medieval themed point and click.

I'm still playing a year after posting that webm. This has been my longest stint with the most time spent in game consistently. I've been enjoying it a lot more, got over that mid level slump and I'm starting to hit some later game content. Game has grown so much…


I'm down to play Ragnarok again, although I'm not sure how much time I'll have to actually play. I used to play on iRO back in like…..2004 through 2009.


What's your skills looking like right now?
Also on average about how much GP are you pulling per day?


File: 1569005193187.gif (1.42 MB, 540x302, pte.gif)

Absolute mega cringe moment in WoW Classic.

I got the Assassin's Blade in SFK on my first run, and rolled need because it was better than what I had (as a rogue). Someone asked me to equip it, apparently to show that I really needed it, so I did. I looked it up later and it turns out it's a super, super rare weapon that goes for hundreds of gold because rogues want it for lvl 19 battlegrounds (which aren't implemented yet, but should be eventually). I should have noticed it's a lvl 19 weapon and that I'll outgrow its usefulness very soon, and rolled greed instead. I probably wouldn't have won it, but at least I wouldn't have committed absolute mega cringe.

This is honestly so bad that I'm half-considering quitting the game.


You know what, I just went ahead and did it. I deleted my characters and I'm quitting.


Good for you, games are for losers.


File: 1569380705854.gif (582.2 KB, 360x250, spider5opt.gif)

EQ2 just sort of turned into an odd imitation of World of Warcraft after a while. I hear FFXIV is nice and doing its own thing.


Project Gorgon is the only mmo i play anymore. its alot like everquest


Man I just wish I could affort ArcheAge: Unchained.

I love ArcheAge and AA: unchained will be THE shit.


EVE ONLINE is still up, right?


I've been meaning to play swtor, I had my first pc build randomly keep shutting down a lot in general so I never got around to it. now that I have a thinkpad as well, I should download it.

I didn't know it was mmo though, I thought it was singleplayer


tfw replying to a post made two years ago


Necroposting happens a lot here.

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