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File: 1590302681478.jpg (97.38 KB, 1000x1000, __mizuhashi_parsee_and_pur….jpg)

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Thread for TTRPG discussion and organization.

# What is a TTRPG?
TTRPG, sometimes TRPG, stands for TableTop Role-Playing Game. It includes big names, like D&D, and much less heard of ones, like Song of Swords. The rule systems run from extremely thorough, with rules for things like how many Thai chilli peppers you can eat before getting ill, to so broad as to be nearly nonexistent, with only basic guidelines on how to play. In almost all systems, the key component that sets it apart from video game RPGs is the presence of the Dungeon Master, Game Master, Referee, etc. They help to adjudicate edge cases not covered by rules and create exceptions to the rules in favour of fun, meaning a TRPG has much more freedom of action than a normal RPG.

# Where do I play?
Generally, TTRPGs, especially niche ones without large player bases, are played in-person, but there are also sites and apps that allow you to play over the internet and find groups. The biggest one right now is probably roll20; signing up is free, and as a player, you never need to pay for anything. Other applications include FoundryVTT (paid for by a GM), Maptools (free), AstralVTT (free), and Fantasy Grounds (expensive, but very nice). Some groups even play on Tabletop Simulator, which has the added bonus of letting you play poker or Life before a session starts or if someone flakes.

There's also the potential to show up at a gaming store; if you live in the US, Canada, or Europe, there's plenty of those around too. Gaming stores are in-person, obviously, but they also often boast long-time, highly experienced and confident game masters who are knowledgable at how to best cater to newbies trying to enter the hobby. There are many websites online to help you find game stores near you.

# Where do you get the rulebooks?
You can buy them from places like drivethrurpg, or you can pirate them from https://thetrove.net/. As a new player, you often don't need very many books; both Shadowrun and Pathfinder have relatively complete wikis online with all the setting-agnostic information you need, and Pathfinder even has a setting wiki so there's no reason to buy the books for their content.


File: 1590302714789.jpg (273.92 KB, 1448x2048, 1558348658535.jpg)

# I don't like medieval fantasy settings…
Neither do a lot of other players! Many rule systems are relatively setting agnostic; Pathfinder, for example, has pre-published adventures that take place in WWI Russia, one that lets you play as pirates, and another featuring laser guns. Alternate settings such as Ravenloft and Eberron are compatible with the rules and feature entirely different settings. There are also dedicated systems, such as the fairly popular Shadowrun and Call of Cthulhu, that take place in a Cyberpunk setting.

# I can't into roleplay!
Everyone can roleplay! You don't need to be an amazing actor or even a passable one to roleplay, especially if you join a more experienced group. As time goes on and you become more comfortable with the system and setting, roleplaying comes naturally. Experienced players can also help to coax some roleplaying out of shy or uncertain players. Don't be scared to try!

Many groups don't even use voice or video chat, and many of those that do only use it for out of character or combat chatter.

# If I wanted to play, where should I begin?
D&D 5e has the largest ttrpg community right now, but is often considered too rules-light and rather boring to actually play. This same lightness is what makes it popular, though, and it is very friendly to new players trying to learn how to roleplay; the rules are extremely simple to understand and you can focus on the character more than the rules, although it is restrictive and some concepts are not viable in 5e.

Pathfinder is also very popular, and is based on an older, beloved version of D&D, 3.5e. It is rules heavy and sometimes considered difficult for new players because of the high levels of system mastery demanded for optimal play; however, many groups do not play at a high level. Pathfinder is notable for having somewhere between five times to twenty times the content of D&D 5e, depending on how you count, and extreme amounts of homebrew and third party add-ons. Because there is so much content and so much homebrew, almost any concept is viable in Pathfinder, with the right system knowledge to bring it to life. Pathfinder is not technically free, but nearly the entire game system is licensed under the Open Gaming License, which means it is essentially open source and free-to-use. The entire game rules, sans the organization of the books and setting details like gods, is available here: https://www.d20pfsrd.com/

Shadowrun (5e) is a good choice for anyone looking for something besides bog-standard dragons and liches. It is a game that takes place in a cyberpunk dystopia in 2070 by default, and includes cyberware, car chases, and machine guns. It does not use a level system, which can give it a grittier feel than both D&D and Pathfinder.

Fate is an extremely lightweight system that has the advantage of being legitimately free for those averse to pirating, as it is pay-what-you-want. It is not friendly to new game masters, but its simplicity means that it is easy to learn and teach for players. If you can find a group playing Fate that welcomes new players, it isn't a bad place to start.

Call of Cthulhu is exactly what it sounds like, and is probably the system here that has the least ability to be lifted from its setting. It is the originator of SAN points and has an aesthetic that is very rare outside of CoC. This also means that groups can be harder to find outside of dedicated fansites for the game and setting.


Just going to point out to the admin that the markup codes theoretically possible according to the FAQ don't work and now my posts look dumb instead of cool and formatted


Three single quotes, not two double. I edited it for you.


Oh crap what the heck I guess I'm the dumb one here


>Pathfinder, for example, has pre-published adventures that take place in WWI Russia

Anything simulating the march of the czechoslovak volunteers?


Not in particular, no. There's mechanics to simulate travel hazards, cold weather, etc. and I believe there's an alternate ruleset to represent stress. If you want really gritty down-to-earth stuff, though, Pathfinder is probably not the system because like all iterations of D&D it's very much based on the high fantasy genre.


I'm running D&D for another imageboard currently so I guess I can ask stuff here and hope they don't see it.
We were playing a one shot and without getting into unnecessary details they ended up using a random magic item I rolled for to travel to another plane to escape a bad situation, which I think is really cool even if I didn't plan for it. We ended the session there since it was about the time we normally stop anyway. They said they wanted to travel to the feywilds, which is something I had to look up since I don't really know much about D&D lore like that. Apparently it's some forgotten realms thing, but I'm not running forgotten realms so I don't really have to use that plane as is.
So basically I need to make up a plane that's more or less my world's equivalent to the feywilds (or the next closest thing), and somehow figure out if and how they can get back and how to make that interesting. So does anyone here have any fun ideas on how to have an adventure returning from another plane?


File: 1590424035417.png (470.54 KB, 696x392, ClipboardImage.png)

First thought - chaotic neutral witch that players have to win over to get portal opened.


For plane-travelling, you could always go the Planescape: Torment route. Any one place can be a portal to another plane: a doorway, someone's basement stairs, the space between two buildings, etc… Anything can be the "key" to open it. Humming a specific song, holding a specific item, feeling a specific emotion. it's basically a scavenger hunt, but as a player I think it would be pretty fun


Wow people are actually discussing stuff! I was worried the thread would just kind of fall flat haha
>somehow figure out if and how they can get back and how to make it interesting
A very important question here is actually what level the PCs are at and what the party looks like. If they're low level I would just straight up recommend using mundane hazards like unpredictable weather, areas of reversed gravity, and so on on the path to a fae gate. If they're high level you can make the fae realm very easy to leave, but difficult to control where you end up, so they need to go find someone who knows how to form a stable gate. Hell, Gensokyo is pretty much the Feywild, so just plop Cirno in as an enemy and make Junko the sage.


The problem then is the players can just kill the witch. But there can be other ways to get back, and I think there definitely should be inhabitants here that know how to travel across planes so this is a good idea. The people here would probably be pretty eccentric and interesting and probably high level
This seems cool but could also spiral out of control, if there's more portals to more planes that's more planes I have to figure out. It sounds super cool in theory but a lot of work maybe, although I guess it depends on how you do it. I'm tempted to make a mini hex-crawl style thing with a small area of hexes figured out so there can be hidden portals around in some hexes.
They're level 5, except a multi-class who's 4/4 (this is 2e so it works differently). The thing they used to plane travel was a staff of the magi, which in theory can cast plane travel again but it's out of charges. I did say to them that for simplicity and balance reasons we'll just say that the staff can't be recharged even though it normally can, but they seem to want to try recharging it anyway so maybe they forgot I said that. I'm unsure if I should let them, if they do then it wouldn't be hard for them to return but I'd have to figure out where in the prime material plane they end up in, since I'm not sure if they can just pick a specific location like a teleport spell
Also thinking of the Feywild as like Gensokyo makes me want to use it much more, I'll have to read more about it


Oh wow 2e, for some reason I imagined you were in 5e.
Well if they want to recharge it, I don't see why they can't be allowed. Just say that yes, you can recharge it, but it's not as easy as you think because here in this highly magically charged realm you have to go to this place with these materials and the help of these people to do this ritual which requires so-and-so skills.


File: 1590880963833.png (2.46 MB, 10000x5000, Artboard 1.png)

Finally finished the topology for this huge pain in the ass map
Now I need to figure out a way to add terrain onto this landscape, debating whether I should hide the topology layer for that or somehow have it filtered over.


File: 1591188270246.png (3.2 MB, 2560x1440, 74278376_p0.png)

I wanted to avoid this actually but I'm not really sure there's a way to communicate this reliably otherwise
Remember that the game is on Friday now, "sama"game group.


>I wanted to avoid this actually
How come? I was considering saying something about it if nobody else did.


'cause this is a thread for TTRPGs in general and I didn't want to clutter it with announcements about one specific game.


It's fine. A thread about only RPGs in general would be kind of boring. Posting more about something doesn't hurt anyone.


The last thing I posted in the server holds, unfortunately, so go ahead and start the pirate run, and we can decide next week which direction to go from here.


How many pb for pirates?


20 PB, any race below 15 RP (all standard races)

Background Skills and Elephant in the Room is in effect, no other houserules; 2 traits, 1 campaign trait (see the player's guide).

Standard starting money; note that the gear you buy will be taken from you at the beginning of the game until you get it back, except for one small, easily hidden item such as a single lockpick, a spell component pouch, or a holy symbol.

I'm not banning SoP/SoM but I'm also not encouraging it, so it's up to you. I encourage *not* playing PoW, because from last campaign I've found that people don't always remember what everything does.

Post your sheets and your character art (not the token, the full art) in the thread and I'll work on importing the stats into Foundry.


File: 1602227935781.png (647.01 KB, 692x1024, Tethys2.png)

Speaking of sheets, though
Minato, you're missing 1 skill point (Skilled human racial trait, unless you traded it away) and should know four more spells (you start with spells equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier, which doesn't count the Ray of Frost cantrip that you can always cast). You should have 7 base HP, as you have +1 from your Constitution modifier.

You should also have either one more HP or one more skill point, unless you're going for the Human Wizard-specific favored class bonus, in which case you know five more spells, not four.


File: 1602231394058.png (1.1 MB, 692x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

You also haven't chosen your arcane bond, now that I look at it. It can be either an item or a familiar, although theoretically speaking you're not supposed to start with a familiar and instead get one on board; however, if you have an *aquatic* familiar (e.g. octopus) instead of a normal one, I'd let you start with it. If you want a bonded item, I strongly suggest you start with that as your 'easily hidden item'.


File: 1602242265292-0.jpeg (286.86 KB, 1412x2171, 5dc090d8dab8ee9f1c43b5204….jpeg)

File: 1602242265292-1.png (510.98 KB, 960x1200, 55ade53a51aa42499891c0f7a9….png)

I went with the Caecilia suggestion and made two sheets, one for a Monk and one for a Cleric. Not sure which will better fit into the party. I hope we don't need a face again…




File: 1602259799635.png (171.01 KB, 215x318, birmdan_prime.png)

>I hope we don't need a face again…
Say hello to the party face.




Whoa sudden activity itt


File: 1602315304749.png (556.29 KB, 593x921, ClipboardImage.png)

Using it to organize a pirate game
Speaking of organizing things, here's the activities list.


Fernanda's player, it looks like you've changed your art on your mythweavers sheet? Do you want to upload it here so I can make the token match, or do you want to keep your old token?


So it appears that Foundry's broken right now, the system update fucked everything and the server is also going to be under maintenance tonight (today)
So we're going to have to delay to next week due to serverside issues.


I want to keep my old token, the one in the sheet looks too evil


Alright no problem


Birdroll here. I might be an hour or so late today.



Ay thank


File: 1604031803607.webm (2.6 MB, 720x720, 1600992564536.webm)

Here's the new and improved(?) Vivi


No changes to the schedule so far so if anyone can't make it speak up


Sorry, can't make it this week. Feel free to play without if you want. This is Minato's player.


Would changing the time help?


Nah, I'm not really sure when I will have time to log on for more than a couple minutes. I don't want everyone waiting only for me not to be able to show.


File: 1605062722055.png (1.52 MB, 1000x1414, 1604470080789.png)

Everyone looking good for this week?


Shuko is ready


Fernanda is not looking so hot right now, if i am more than 30 minutes late then i couldn't make it.


I will try to run if that's ok to keep up the pace
There are ways to more or less seamlessly make you miss the planned events today


Well since nobody's here yet and lump couldn't make it anyway I guess there's no game this week
For future reference: this post is when the game is meant to be. DST I assume fucked you guys up.


File: 1605284446167.png (48.23 KB, 329x330, 1498868382889.png)

>DST I assume fucked you guys up


File: 1605284591934.jpg (83.29 KB, 569x587, 1559425148198.jpg)

DST got me too
You assumed correctly


By the way, if any sushifriend would like to join you're welcome to. We're playing Skulls and Shackles in the Pathfinder system.


I hate rats


Sorry, my power was out yesterday.


I forgive you for not showing up but you put sage in the wrong field so I'm afraid you're on the naughty list again :^)


Play game this time okay pls maybe???


I think i am going back to sleep


No game?


File: 1607706440840.png (1.59 MB, 964x1132, 1347603287751.png)

I guess not.


My internet ate shit sorry, literally couldn't even connect to my own email for while. Had to get the internet company on the phone this morning.


Right so
This is Holiday season which means scheduling is a nightmare. I am very busy this weekend. Technically I have time on Christmas but I doubt anyone else does, and the week after that is New Years. So, if possible, can everyone report on their availability on Christmas and new years? I expect no game for 3 weeks, but maybe I'll be wrong.


New Years should be fine, Christmas maybe..? -Minato player


Shuko here
Christmas is a no go cuz I'm gonna be with family but New Years should be alright


File: 1608234550960.jpg (70.49 KB, 1024x724, european_tree_sparrow_008.jpg)

I'm good to go Christmas and New Years.
But more importantly I'll be traveling for several months after January so I won't be able to play anymore, or at least not for a while.


Can't play neither on christmas nor new years.


Right, I can plan around that. Do you know how long it'll be?

That's what I expected. You ok if we go ahead without you for one session?


Sure go for it


3-4 months at least. I don't really know exactly when I'll be back but I'll still be around on sushi now and then.
Is >>1147 still interested?


Is just me, not a new player


Oh I thought it was that one guy


Alright, well you have my contact info and you know when the games are so just give me a heads up when you're coming back.
When are you going? End of January?


Yeah, the last week.


OK, no problem. I can work around that easily. Thanks for the heads up.

Considering we're decent to go on New Years, we'll have a game then, Enjoy your Christmas everyone.


Is the game today? I'm stuck with family.


File: 1609500156289.jpg (843.72 KB, 1654x2500, 63982194_p0.jpg)

Fine then we can't do anything with two people missing I guess
I'll just run longer sessions until birdboi needs to go to make up for it I suppose
Good thing I actually checked the thread


Birdboi, what exactly is your animal companion? I need to add it as a separate PC for you to create.


File: 1610072600119.jpg (30.29 KB, 225x218, 1467593035933.jpg)

We are playing tomorrow, right?


File: 1610091502658.jpg (216.16 KB, 800x1000, stellar-sea-eagle.jpg)

Standard roc from the companion list on the SRD. The feats and stuff are at the bottom of the spell list on my sheet.


Got it, should've checked there first probably.

Assuming nobody bails, yeah.


Internet's being slow but I'll load in eventually just wait a bit if you're early


File: 1610756231732.gif (292.04 KB, 500x400, 1475588054206.gif)

Forgot about DnD today…


File: 1610832034227.jpg (74.54 KB, 630x500, migration.jpg)

So it turns out I'm going to miss these last couple weeks too. Sorry, plans changed on short notice.
See you all in a while, I guess.


Rest in peace
I can still deal with that since we did get far enough, though. Tell me a week or two in advance when you get back and I'll work you in. Also for the rest of you, prepare to go to level 2.


Game today?


There was but nobody showed up for half an hour so I left. Dunno why, only the birdboi said he wasn't coming. Guess people got bored or something.


Isn't the start time at 16:00 GMT? We all showed up at that time. When >>1253 was posted we were in the server.


I was there the whole time. Nobody there and nobody posting?


I don't know what happened, but we were connected and posting in the chat, I'm sure the messages are still in the log. Just some technical difficulty I guess, but we didn't bail on you.


Glitched ig rip


I might be late tomorrow


File: 1611935875718.png (154.06 KB, 429x480, 1610097418269.png)

It's fine
I'm loading in right now but it's taking a while so yeah


uhh Fernanda where is your sheet
It's apparently nonexistent on Mythweavers? What happened?


File: 1612073689152-0.jpg (33.53 KB, 474x335, 20210214.jpg)

File: 1612073689152-1.jpg (27.08 KB, 515x263, 20210207.jpg)

Remember when RPGs were over a table rather than over a internet-connected laptop?


I still run them on a table for other groups, but it's a bit hard to run RPGs on a table when people are oceans apart.
In any case it's a different experience. I wouldn't say better or worse but you run the game differently in both forms.


No because my friends IRL don't have an interest in it ;_;


My stay at the game tomorrow will be short lived.


I'm coming, it's just being slow as usual


I will be out of town on DnD day ;_;



buy your items >:(



Here's the item guide I promised.
There's other guides for 3.5 out there but this should be good enough for most purposes.


Seems like there's unscheduled server maintenance this week?


Oh. I was wondering why I couldn't connect…


Yeah I couldn't start the server either, it'd just boot me back to the main page.


Vivi player here, I can't make it to D&D tomorrow, sorry.


Crud I didn't see that until just now
Ok, a bit unfortunate. Also Vivi, send me your sheet again, either I have the wrong sheet or you haven't updated yours in ages. I'm trying to migrate the content on the sheets onto Foundry so you guys don't need to keep track of five things at once. And remember to buy items, if you haven't yet.



Vivi, you can summon Deep Ones, but not Grioths; the stacking psychic damage on Grioths is only really balanced for NPCs.


Remember DST was yesterday. The game's time doesn't respect DST, please keep that in mind.


This time surely I will not forget
While I'm asking questions, I don't understand Deific Obedience, I can't find the entries for what it actually does for anything except very few gods. Does this mean I can't use the Exalted/Sentinel/Evangelist prestige classes?


Obedience is a trap, it's flavorful as hell but it's total garbage and also the GOOs don't have any Obediences because it was introduced in a splatbook and was immediately forgotten about.


Oh, that's a shame. I was looking at Evangelist because it's pretty much all upside since it advances your normal class features along with the prestige stuff. I'll probably take Selective Channel or Channel Smite then just to help out with our DPS problems.


Will be late tomorrow


5 hours from this post for people who don't know how DST works



Tomorrow too ;_;


How late are you going to be? Last time I gave up after 1.5 hours, if it's going to be 2 hours again it'll be ded game again today.


Should be around 1.15 hour late


ok then I'll start the server an hour later than usual


Today's a long weekend here so there's no game
I'm not even actually home
For some reason I was sure I posted this last week but then I com to make sure it's been acknowledged and it's not here
Ghost in the machine?


Good because i forgot about DnD and stayed up late


I am dying AND i have work tomorrow


Can you not make it?


I still can't make fully this week, but i can be there if we start around 90 minutes earlier


I don't mind waking up earlier for the game


Vivi here, I'll wake up early just in case


I'll start early and we'll just aim to finish book 1 today.


Sorry my actions crashed the server (´・ω・`)


Crashed??? Wtf is happening to the server?


I tried to speak and it crashed. Sorry (´・ω・`).


Not sure, I can't connect either
Try restarting the server maybe?


I've been trying but I can't connect to it myself
Can any of you get on?


>Can any of you get on?
Nope, it just sits and tries to connect forever


Maybe restart your computer/internet? I don't know how the program works tbh


I think the servers are borked
I need to ask the host, for now I guess we can't play rip


It's a holiday today so no game
On the bright side I figured out what kept crashing the servers and managed to keep a test run on for 48 hours so unless life is trolling me there shouldn't be anything bad happening next week






Still having server issues?


nevermind it's up


No game today?


Game status for tomorrow?
Hope everything is going okay with DM-san


Game today yes, last week the thing that happened the week before was still ongoing
I'm really starting to regret a pirate game lol but whatever I can cope
Skulls and Shackles is so poorly written, I never realized how uninspired it was until I actually had to run it


Well if it isn't enjoyable to run or you think it won't be enjoyable to play I don't really care if you take it off the rails or if we did something else, but obviously I don't know how the other players feel. I have fun regardless just playing the game


I don't mind too much, it's fine. I'm already doing what I can, the storyline is just uninspired and it's like Paizo only knows how to stuff combats into a session to force interaction instead of any sort of useful characters.


File: 1621598998389.png (42.34 KB, 287x150, ClipboardImage.png)

I mean hell, look at this shit
If it's not "hehe they kill themselves if you try to capture them" then it's "haha they fight to the death and never surrender"


DnD tomorrow, yes?


Vivi player here, I'll be there


File: 1622668786718.jpg (781.83 KB, 1000x1139, 41982607_p0.jpg)

Sorry, can't make it this week.



File: 1623366021622.png (12.92 KB, 598x166, ClipboardImage.png)

Servers are totally fucked
If you're interested you can attempt to log on at the normal time but if you can't that means the server is constantly crashing and unfixable
Was just on voice with the server admin, the new software update is bugged af
Maybe it will be hotfixed


I'll try to make it, but my internet's pretty shoddy and I might have to leave early.


Any updates on this?
Bummer but I'll show up regardless. Hope we can make something work soon


I reverted to an old version
It will still be buggy and we're likely to lose any chatlogs we've created, but I'll save it and upload it to discord for reference.
It's my birthday this weekend so I didn't have too much time to troubleshoot but from what I can tell it's entirely serverside, nothing to do with my configuration or file integrity.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA my fucking shit ass phone died while I slept and my alarm never went off
I hope you guys were able to get everything working for next time at the very least, really sorry

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