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File: 1608339736840.jpg (97.5 KB, 684x474, pic_unrelated.jpg)


hi sushi! any games that can run in my laptop?

specs: intel celeron, 1.60 ghz, 4GB ram.

thanks for replying!


tt and zsnake are pretty good


maybe you could run mount and blade warband if you keep the settings on low


m&b kinda sucks at low battle sizes


Momodora Reverie Under the Moonlight
Stardew Valley
VA-11 Hall-A
GTA San Andreas
Emulate old games


What kind of games are you looking to play though, because there's plenty of ancient games that are still pretty good. There's also tiny indie games like Val-Ha11-a which I…think should be able to run on that? Problem if there is any is that I assume you're running XP or something.

What's with the computer from 2001 though? How is it even still alive?


File: 1608390857403.png (4.8 MB, 2996x4523, ClipboardImage.png)

Anything off this list will do


File: 1608391307724.png (3.01 MB, 1024x768, 1183dd680b6e653c.png)

Gothic 1 and Gothic 2


File: 1608391422353.jpg (88.84 KB, 400x400, asd.jpg)

Wait, did this thread travel in time? I remember seeing OP's image a long while ago on this board


Battle for Wesnoth is free and runs fine if you're into TBS. Crosscode is great and checking the recommend specs it looks like you should be able to run it, if barely.


Playing SNES and Genesis games is better on a laptop than an actual console.


OP here, thank y'all for replying!



i dunno tbh, i thik that i can play any kind of game (if this craptop meet the requirements)

and about the laptop, dunno, in my country the tech stores can sell to you any kind of piece of junk and they call it "gamer, this laptop was a gift from my mother for my 14th birthday and now i'm 17 :P.

sorry for the (surely) broken english


There's stuff like FreeCiv
You can even just run fuckoff old games in general, plenty of ancient goodies around. Should be able to run AoE 1 and 2 (the CD originals) and such.


Do they sell new games from 2001 too? I'd kind of like to get a hardcopy of Giga Wing 2 at a reasonable price.
It'd be cool if there was some country I could visit where everybody was still playing Quake III and DAOC and PSO on Dreamcast.


Op here, once again :P

>>1185 nah, they only actually sell games for the past and the new gen.

>>1173 yeah, i'm actually playing va11halla pretty neat tbh, about gta sa, dear god, it was my childhood (i know it sounds like a cliche but it's true) u remember the ol' days in my gray ps2 slim :') that game brings me some good memories. And about minecraft, i promise that i tried, and it is unplayable even in the minimum fov and with a 8x8 texture pack.

Unrelated but i'm playing muse dash, it's hella (do you actually keep using that word?) Funny.


Minecraft is suprisingly demanding, especially in later patches.

I used to play that on a Core 2 Duo equipped Macbook around 2010 or so. Even then it ran poorly with a low render distance. My much newer desktop struggles sometimes with minecraft, but it works a lot better than it ever did on my old laptop. I never noticed a difference in performance between 8x, 16x (default), and 32x texture packs on my systems, and optifine or other mods never made much of a difference either.

I agree with the earlier posts. Older games should run well. Old games from GOG should already be patched up so they can run well on newer operating systems, and old retail releases often have community patches or fixes to make them run, but not all games will run well without emulation (or at all). Some requires features that are not available in current CPUs and GPUs.

When I had an old or slow system, I'd mostly play SimCity 4 (limit the game to a single core, it crashes if you don't), The Sims 2 (this game requires fixes on newer hardware and operating systems), source games like vampire the masquerade: bloodlines, dark messiah, halflife 2, and other contemporary games.

Modern source ports of 90s games can run well too. Quake through quakespasm, yamagi quake 2, duke nukem 3d through eduke32, and doom, doom 2, hexen, and heretic through gzdoom (there are other engines like prboom+, but gzdoom supports hexen and heretic too).

Some newer games might run well too. Some of these might be a bit sadistic/hard tho, and they're not all that new. Dustforce, Devil Daggers, Torchlight, Banished, Cultist Simulator, Darkwood. Banished is definitely a great game if you like something more comfy and relaxed.

Some of the more retro looking (new) games have surprisingly high system requirements, so I don't know how well they would run on your system. If I knew exactly which Celeron you had, it would be easier to tell.

Never pay full price for games (now is the perfect time, GOG has a sale right now, and steam will have one starting in a couple of days or so). :)


I found darkwood didn't run too well on my low spec laptop


File: 1608977281766.bmp (2.98 MB, 1365x764, i can straight him out.bmp)

Deus Ex 1

never pay for games, you can find it all on rutracker.org


Oh my God JC
A bomb


Try Baldur's Gate I and II and Neverwinter Nights


Emulate old SNES, DOS and GBA games. Otherwise get some GOG games like Deus Ex and anything else made before 2008.


Look into roguelikes. Many of the older ones don't have graphics so you'll run them fine. Nethack, Sil, Moria, Larn etc. etc.


Try Ib
its my favorite gamr ever




Ib is good, can recommend. Honestly there's a lot of good RPGmaker games you could play. Yume Nikki, Middens, Mad Father, Wadanohara and its sequels, Lisa, etc.
Muse dash is cool. I played the demo/cheap version but I haven't payed up for the full song list yet


Any of the 2hus
Any RPG maker or indie platformer (Undertale, etc.)
Any Japanese visual novel (steins;gate, saya no uta, and the ace attorney series, are all very good VNs that you should check out!)
Minecraft (if you lower the settings and install optifine)
Marathon (classic FPS game!)
Doom classic
And old games if you emulate them. Pretty much anything from and before the Dreamcast should run just fine.

Oh and there's also a few notable open source linux games that should run perfectly fine on old hardware. Super tux kart and Xonotic come to mind.


File: 1618639692597-0.gif (1.39 MB, 708x387, _wukong2.gif)

File: 1618639692597-1.gif (1.46 MB, 708x387, _wukong1.gif)

>low end laptop
Get a game that uses sprites.


Few of the games I liked playing on my low end computer.
Hopefully you can run at least some of these, though you should be able to run all of them, if your cpu is one of the newer celerons.

-Arcamum: of steamworks, magic and obscura
-Fallout 1&2 (tactics is also fine, but I wouldn't put it here on the RPG list)
-Knights of the old republic 1&2
-System shock 2
-Neo Scavenger

-Total war medieval 2 (and Rome)
-Hearts of Iron 2.5 & 3 (3 will run slow)
-men of war
-combat mission (all of the older ones)
-Command and conquer (you can play them free with OpenRA)
-Door Kickers 1&2
-OpenTTD (free and very fun)
-company of heroes (blitzkrieg mod still has an active playerbase)
-Prison architect (will run at least to medium sized prisons)
-Warhammer 40k: dawn of war
-Graviteam tactics: mius front & operation star
-TIS 100 (more of a programming/puzzle solving game, but since this one is the only game of its type I will mention, I'll put it here)

Shooting games:
-Operation flashpoint; cold war crisis
-arma 2 (might be a stretch, but I ran it on similarly bad hardware when it was new)
-swat 4
-counter strike: source
-star wars: battlefront 2
-gzdoom (brutal doom, or project brutality will make it better, also a bunch of new map packs to play)
-shadow warrior
-red orchestra: ostfront 41-45 (great game, has a mod called darkest hour europe, that gets active updates to this day)
-quake 3 & live
-mount and blade
-star wars: republic commando
-max payne 1 & 2
-mafia 1
-day of defeat (both original and source)
-ghost recon
-rainbow six 3


File: 1618740750536.jpg (207.2 KB, 1500x2048, 64706166fd6f168767f1bc6f4b….jpg)

Wow that's a nice list of bideo games. Do you wanna be friends and play games with me?

Oh wait I live on the other side of the world from everyone, なんでもない.


>Do you wanna be friends and play games with me?
Sure, you can add me on steam with this ID: 76561198134864878, time zones may provide a challenge for playing games, but I'll try to.


It's not time zones that's the problem, it's always ping. It's just no fun to play any action-y realtime game (even with friends) when I have 300ms, 400ms ping, sometimes even more.
Even pure co-op games, unless there's very strong client-side compensation, it's still unplayable.

I'm sorry, I was really just venting. When you listed Darkest Hour, i thought of RO2/RS and how there's only really euro servers and maybe a US east coast server that's still even slightly alive - I imagine very similar for DH. When you listed arma/opflash, I thought of my old friends when we tried to play arma 3 together, but it just never worked out. I think of my trouble playing killing floor 2 with my friends, and how much trouble i caused them because of my ping. I think of newer games too, tarkov, and apex, and siege, and that BR COD. I don't care if they're shit games or not, I just want to play with someone. I think of all the games that I'd love to play with friends, but I have no friends to share with.

And it hurts.

I know these are all FPS but they're obviously the ones i have the most trouble with. I'm sorry for whining.


File: 1618815294789.jpg (139.9 KB, 752x1062, ef9389a5d23eb37eae89a8c60a….jpg)

That's a shame :(
Is it really that bad? I play on Chinese/Korean/Australian servers quite often and my ping jumps between 100-150ms, maybe I'm just not competitive enough to notice, or maybe it's worse when connecting from Asia to EU.


File: 1618839497921.png (191.56 KB, 586x876, b7c43e3b8e01a00414c72354f2….png)

Worms is pretty good if you have terrible ping to the other players, due to it being turn-based. Worms Armageddon is still the most active game in the series too, and still receives updates despite being from '99.


>Dwarf fortress
are some that i found on my distros repositories that are nice
Also Daggerfall is free from bethesda's website iirc You can try to play that with Dosbox.


- Half Life 1 and its expansions
- Counter Strike 1.6, Team Fortress Classic, Day of Defeat, Ricochet etc
- Hotline Miami 1 (2 might not work idk)
- Max Payne 1 and 2
- Postal 1 and 2 (1 is free)
- Return to Castle Wolfenstein + Enemy Territory
- GTA 3 / Vice City / San Andreas

Old school shooters like Doom, Wolf3D, Quake, Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior, Blood etc should be fine

OpenArena and AssaultCube are free and should work too


For minecraft, maybe try version 1.7.10 with Optifine, FoamFix, and Fastcraft. 1.7.10 is the oldest patch that'll let you play on minigame servers (or any other server that has implemented backwards compatibility, for that matter) So it might perform well? I remember playing 1.5.2 on a celeron like yours without those performance mods, so 1.7 should be possible. If you want to try later patches, the latest you'll want to go is either 1.14.x or 1.16.x .Either of those with the sodium modloader and jellysquid's performance mods (found on modrinth.com) might work, although it'll probably be unplayable, if I'm being honest. There are more exotic things to do as well, like JVM arguments and editing the actual core assets (because using a texture pack actually makes you lose performance, despite being 8x8) but those usually result in minimal gains, assuming you have enough RAM allocated. Worst comes to worst, you could always run minetest instead. Lainchan had a nice server up, iirc, which you could play on. Sorry for the longpost about minecraft, but it's one of my favorites that I play with friends and it needs a lot of optimization that mojang is unwilling to do.


Dwarf Fortress can run on those specs, but keep all of your world settings on small/low, or you'll never be able to generate a world.


File: 1636106960475.jpg (1.12 MB, 1920x3707, a00000001.jpg)

Any sprite-based game or 3dcg before 1999.


>Any sprite based game…
You would actually be surprised how heavy some 2D games can be.
Blame Unity.


File: 1637237286460.gif (2.59 MB, 484x729, 2023.gif)

Really? That's news to me.

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