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File: 1687504315586.png (1.8 MB, 1707x964, Untitled.png)


Have you learned how to play Mahjong yet?
It is a fulfilling game that trains your mind and forces you to make good decisions or be punished. You can also gamble and win on bad decisions.


File: 1687531014725.png (389.77 KB, 463x539, 1678661874477.png)

I've seen a lot of memes and images about Mahjong, but i don't have any idea of what is this game about. I heard it's addictive. Should I try to play it? (I'm someone who's pretty easy to get addicted to anything, tho).


I used to play a lot on Tenhou, got solidly mediocre at the game. Account's probably been deleted now though and the rank grind to get to real games is terrible.

It's a game of mixed strategy and luck. The type of game where the best player doesn't win every round, or even every game, but over the course of hundreds of rounds better players will have higher scores. Japanese Riichi Mahjong in particular is notable in that winning is not the most important part of the game. The most important part is not discarding someone else's winning tile, because if you do, you pay 100% of the points to the winner, whereas if they self-draw the payment is split among the other 3 players. Or if someone else discards another player's winning tile, you pay nothing.

So a big part of the game is looking at your opponents' visible tiles and discard pool, both to try and determine when they may be in "tenpai" (only need 1 more tile to win) and to determine what tiles they might be waiting for.


I've wanted to, but whenever I look for a mahjong app for mobile all I get is some matching game with mahjong tiles that aren't even actual mahjong tes most of the time but pictures of animals or something.
I really haven't found any. Maybe if I look up 麻將 but my chinese is not that good I won't be able to understand most of it.


try searching for riichi mahjong.


File: 1687836637713-0.png (45.38 KB, 206x200, Untitled.png)

File: 1687836637713-1.png (701.4 KB, 597x746, Untitled2.png)

File: 1687836637713-2.png (596.29 KB, 594x889, Saki_-_Vol.11_Ch.106_-_To_….png)

Never heard of it

MahjongSoul is the big one now.
It has cosmetic gatcha elements though so be careful.


File: 1691301316153-0.jpg (31.08 KB, 474x291, 20230811.jpg)

File: 1691301316153-1.jpg (14.53 KB, 474x296, 20230810.jpg)

Mahjong is multi-player poker using tiles.


im not a degenerate gambler


more like bridge using tiles imho

there's some basic level of strategy that's necessary, but once you have that down it's mostly luck.


Non-Japanese mahjong maybe.
Riichi is incredibly deep with strategy.


File: 1691717575645.jpg (129.39 KB, 808x446, 8k8Oy9u.jpg)

Not really. There's a reason people gamble on Mahjong instead of Go. Same reason why pretty much every media presentation of Mahjong involves some kind of bullshit special powers or being "blessed by the gods" or "having the devil's own luck". Either that or outright cheating.


File: 1691772328345.png (132.8 KB, 588x336, Untitled.png)

The strategy exists it just doesn't sway the result of the game directly; i.e. you still have a chance to win against a far better player, it's just lower. While in Go you will have almost no chance.
Go is comparable to Chess.
Riichi is absolutely comparable to Poker.
Both involve random hands, both are fun to bet on, but both have televised tournaments, professional players, and tons of strategy.
(I don't actually know much about Poker)

When I play mahjong in real life with my friends who only have that "basic level of strategy", I do much better than them on average.
When I play online with my senpais who are Saint rank in mahjong soul, I do much worse than them on average.

>special powers

Yugioh has strategy too, the anime is just more fun if there is superhuman luck.


who is that retard and why is she acting uppity towards retard master


File: 1691804628565.jpg (31.95 KB, 480x360, d8aa40f4081fc47a9642656858….jpg)

yeah it's comparable to poker, but it's got a bit more depth than poker, hence why I'd call it more similar to bridge.

If you're doing "much better than" other players on a long string (like 100+) games, it sounds like they don't really understand the strategy. Most people play too aggressive in standard riichi. Ori is not always intuitive to people, and even if people know they should, they get bored of it and yolo anyways.

Yugioh is another mostly luck game, if you exclude the money aspect of buying the best cards.


Wait is bridge deeper than poker? I haven't played it.
Sorry I thought you were comparing it to something like Go Fish.
Since poker is generally respected and played on televised tournaments and stuff.

Defensive play is a lot more than "basic level of strategy" I think. There's a lot to it!


File: 1691978494080.jpg (1.34 MB, 1920x1277, 5TWAVX4EY5AV7PMT3M62MLR5IY.jpg)

Bridge is like the stereotypical old people card game in the US. It's also played competitively in tournaments. I think it's got a lot of parallels to Mahjong in that way.

Although Bridge is a 2v2 instead of a free-for-all. Basically it's a 13 round game and you bid on a number of rounds you think you can win if your chosen suit is the trump suit. Then you play the game and the bid winner has to try and win that number of rounds; if they succeed they gain points, or if they fail the other team gains points.


The complexity in bridge is in the betting systems. Basically there is a whole metagame where you communicate what you have in your hand to your partner via a predetermined system. Your opponents know it too in the standard style, so it isn't about being sneaky about it or lying. It's very strategic. It is like hearts or spades taken to the logical conclusion when it comes to the actual play.


It's not luck, it's the heart of the cards!


File: 1694743878074.jpg (382.65 KB, 1920x1009, 20230914205603_1.jpg)

Guess I gotta' start waking up at 5:00 AM to find games now…


File: 1695258011061.jpg (302.51 KB, 810x852, TheMeaningOfMahjong.jpg)



File: 1695374548959.webm (1.07 MB, 576x1024, 1bf5f8ff26a43608de1b7bd7e….webm)

You call until they fall


I still don't understand the context of this picture. What's up with the pig.


File: 1695605744887.jpg (423.87 KB, 1300x1560, __cirno_touhou_drawn_by_ma….jpg)

He's got the Second Little Pig, a yakuman hand from last season's NMJL League Play (honitsu in souzu with a pair of haku – the haku represent the pig and the souzu his house of sticks). It was considered a risky hand because if another player was in tenpai with the Big Bad Wolf they could reveal it and steal your win.


File: 1698979331032.jpg (239.24 KB, 1920x1009, 20231102213319_1.jpg)

On one hand, it took 50 gacha attempts to get a new character at an advertised 5% rate. On the other hand, it was all free tickets anyways and this dude is the coolest one in the pool.


>play an entire fucking 4P hanchan without winning a hand
>play a couple 3P tonpussens to finish out the "declare riichi and win" quest
>did not finish the quest
mahjong is bullshit


File: 1700717822705.jpg (217.82 KB, 1920x974, 20231122233241_1.jpg)



File: 1701852889722.png (131.89 KB, 1022x115, ClipboardImage.png)

Mom look I'm just like Akagi


3 player is for losers with only 2 friends!


Joke's on you, I don't have any friends!


File: 1702357395773.jpg (436.65 KB, 1920x1009, 20231211225817_1.jpg)

I used to wonder why the male gacha pool was so empty, but then I see the popularity rankings and understand.


No, but I really need to so I can play all of those ecchi mahjong games that exist.


You have to clear the email line if you want to talk to yourself, sage


File: 1703211334871.jpg (195.03 KB, 1920x1009, 20231217130956_1.jpg)



File: 1705728071503-0.jpg (447.77 KB, 1920x1009, 20240118222935_1.jpg)

File: 1705728071503-1.jpg (406.33 KB, 1920x1009, 20240118222701_1.jpg)

They did a end-of-year-recap thing in riichi city, it was kind of cute. Apparently 4-sou is my most common winning tile.

They're taking some interesting directions with the minigames, last event had some idle game thing I looked at once and decided I had better things to do, but now they've got a Guitar Hero knockoff going.


I want to learn how to play Mahjong. Looks really cool, but I feel I'm not smart enough


No one is, it's ok.


Mahjong is not difficult to learn. Print out a score card for reference and I guarantee you can pick up the basic game within a few rounds.


Thank you friends. Will try to learn it bit by bit

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