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File: 1568469152270.png (279.25 KB, 603x640, image (10).png)


If you choose the wizard/mage/sorcerer class when available in games, this is the thread for you!
Which games you've played have had the most fun/interesting magic system?
What is your favourite in-game spell you've encountered?


Not a game, but the magic system in the web story "Mother of Learning" is really in depth and fun to learn about through the protagonists adventures.


Back when the internet still had a forum-based roleplaying scene, my RP character was a magic gunslinger who fired spells from her guns (she had multiple types of guns for different kinds of spells, i.e. a rifle for precision attacks, and dual pistols for area of effect explosions). The concept has stuck with me ever since.


Morrowind magic was fun to play, every schools had some dope spells, and cheating the system with intelligence potion allowed for amazing enchantments to be created, for invisibility rings to powerful destruction spells or movement enhancements.

Arcanum magic allowed me to finish the game with 0 creature hurt, but I don't like much those systems where you have to already know if a school is worth it or not before investing in it, with the risk to fuck up a build mid game

Nethack and Crawl magic is also fun but I never went to far with that, I suck big time at rogue-like.

Your thread gave me the idea to look for an Interactive Fiction centered, on magic or alchemy, could be nice if well executed.


File: 1568547551693.jpg (478.81 KB, 1800x2500, 1556286576933.jpg)

Magicka is the most fun arcady magic I've played. Weave basic spells together with button combos into more advanced ones, discover which work, and some can even backfire.
Morrowinds magic is dope, a bunch of spells I can't remember having seen anywhere else. Like conjured armor, or having mark+recall / tele to a closest-variant-of-temple instead of just plain old blink/tele to anywhere you want. Just anchors the system into the game world that extra bit.

Arcanum I have a bit of mixed relationship with too. It's one of my favourite games, but as you say some spells aren't really made to fit. Like the final dark necromantics spell, Quench Life, being essentially just the basic Harm but you pay 10x mana for adding a flashy effect. But you just gotta love a game that lets you transmute the final boss into a sheep (even though it was still a very powerful sheep). Also the only game I know with something like Conjure Spirit. Only wish it could have been more fleshed out, cause just adding that possibility makes so many more emergent mechanics possible, and it could have such a huge affect on a game world if a dev just made the effort. Getting chased down by a mob of towns-people because you were found in possession of a locket bound human spirit (which is taboo for obvious reasons) by the local inquisitor when your luggage was went through by customs.

If you already checked maybe you already seen it, but Suveh Nux is an IF where you are a magicians apprentice that gets stuck inside a room and have to get out by way of kinda a magical puzzle. Very short, but fun.


>If you already checked maybe you already seen it, but Suveh Nux is an IF where you are a magicians apprentice that gets stuck inside a room and have to get out by way of kinda a magical puzzle. Very short, but fun.

That's exactly what I was looking for, I knew something like this was around but wasn't interested at the time I started to discover the IF scene. Thanks you

I'm contemplating doing a new Arcanum run, with a very atypical build (I don't which yet) to see how can it changes the way I play. I heard every characters you kill would have its own dialogue for when you use their spirits as a necromancer. Things like this really make it unique to me


Does anyone on here play Aura Kingdom?

I have my main class as a Wizard and my sub-class as a Sorcerer.


>heard every characters you kill would have its own dialogue as spirits
Sadly not, there are 12 (I think) that have unique spirit dialogue. Still very much worth it for those though, adds another layer to those interactions/quests.


Class system in Aura Kingdom is great.
I was a ronin when I used to play.


i finished Suveh Nux yesterday and it was a great experience and a nice way to get into IF again. Last time I played some it was Savoir Faire, where there is an overwhelming amount of places and things to remember. I downloaded a bunch of others, some have really neat ideas :



Not necessarily a magic system by itself but I really love the ff3/5 class system. It was so fun in how flexible it was and how you could mix and match classes to absurd levels. I wish square enix would reuse the system someday.


I have been having a lot of fun with Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker. There is a passive spell called money bags. I taught it to all eight of the demons in my party and now I have like, 30,000 macca. It's bullshit


File: 1575569714085.png (179.69 KB, 750x750, tumblr_p22bdzL8t81veab6zo1….png)

Not sure if it counts, but morphers from Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced.
The whole process of that class is so weird and arcane, which I love. Classes that are magic but feel arcane from the player end of things are my jam. So the process of:
Get a human archer, give them skills until they unlock Hunter.
Grab a Nu mou, slap them in beast master and get 5 abilities.
Now grab some relatively low damage classes or otherwise find ways to minimize enemy HP without killing.
Teach your hunter Poach and go find a monster. You need to damage them until they're incredibly low on HP. Which probably means killing all the enemies but that one monster since it's gonna take a while.
Use Poach, which has a very low chance of working no matter how weak the enemy is.
Now that it's been captured it goes to the monster bank, keep in mind it's level since it determines later abilities (So go high stat monsters, some also go 'extinct' so if you want those you're SOL). Visit the bank and you'll be allowed to play and feed your monster items. They don't join you though.
Instead capturing them gave you a soul for their monster type.
Give the soul to your morpher, it'll learn how to turn into the monster provided you got one in your bank. They gain some stats from the monster and their abilities. Morpher btw only gets monster morphs, no other active abilities so this whole process is a work around to get monsters in your party. Blue mage gets their abilities too so it's not even very good.


File: 1575577826860.jpg (15.51 KB, 250x334, zazen-zen.rinnou-net.jpg)

i've always been into the building characters with psychic energy, when possible. i am a big fan of mewto and i've made some characters in the starcraft universe. funny, i've never actually /played/ a real RPG. i always get so enthralled with making characters and the storytelling side.. and then i dunno. It's raining here right now and it's beautiful.


I thought that Dragon Age had a really boring magic system, as much as I wanted to like that game. Planescape Torment had some interesting spells, there were even a few lore-focused ones like conjure spirit from Arcanum.

I always had a soft spot for the magic system in Runescape, too. Although I kind of spoiled the excitement of it for myself by looking stuff up on the wiki.

In terms of more original systems, as other sushis have mentioned Magicka had a neat system too, although I could never really get the hang of it. I wonder if they were inspired by the Invoker character from DotA.



I think Planescape Torment had the best magic I've ever played, and that's because I include all the random magical creatures, artifacts in the game as part of its "magic system". I really love the shop that sells bullshit magical artifacts, because there're several quests which solely consist of fetching random magical bullshit from that shop and using it to solve whatever bullshit magical problem has occured. And that shit with the wizard what curses that one dude to always smell bad no matter what and what also curses you to have hiccups forever? Very cool magics.


File: 1606904327941.jpg (482.82 KB, 3800x1400, sea1.jpg)

D&D magic system is simple and I like it because of that.


A game I haven't seen mentioned yet is Arx Fatalis. You collect runes throughout the game world that represent different words / abilities and then have to draw them with your cursor to cast the spell. Drawing the runes Aam and Yok (which stand for Create and Fire) let you light up torches or campfires you see throughout the game. You can replace Aam with Nhi (Negate) to douse any lit flames and darken areas to sneak by. My favorite spell in that game is Mass Incinerate. You cast it and all living things (including allies) in a small area start to turn red and then eventually explode. If you cast it on a group of animals they will drop pre-cooked versions of whatever raw food items they normally do (watching a chicken or pig turn into perfectly cooked drumsticks and ribs might be cruel but it's still funny to see).

Morrowind magic system is phenomenal, the spells effects are creative as is the system for making your own spells. Want to make someone weak to an element and then blast them with it? Leap into the air and then fall down gently to cover a lot of ground? AoE health or magicka drain? So many fun combinations it never gets old. (It was nice to see that Oblivion added it with one of the DLC packs, even if it wasn't as game breaking.)

The way you could get around permanent negative effects by creating strong but short timed spells was fun too. There were boots that made you extremely fast but blinded you so you couldn't see a thing. If you cast 100% resistance to magic that lasted 2 seconds and then equipped the boots, you gained the speed buff but negated the blindness even after the resistance wore off.


>You collect runes throughout the game world that represent different words / abilities and then have to draw them with your cursor to cast the spell
Oh hey I had a Nintendo DS game with almost this exact system. You would mix and match runes representing elements or words to create different spell effects. Anyone know what it was called?


Might have been LostMagic?


That's the one! Thanks. I loved this game as a kid.


File: 1627862455942.jpg (244.59 KB, 1280x720, download.jpg)

I'm still in the middle of playing early game Oblivion and just started opening up the Frostcrag Spire which should eventually lead to custom spells, looking forward to it. Been taking a break from Oblivion right now, though.

Fable TLC was really fun, when you're getting to endgame its fun to spawn all the passive spells/ ones that stay on you until they're used.
>Summon lower mob
>Summon ghost swords to protect you
>Turn on shield
>Enchant your bow so it has a glowing aura (multi-shot spell)

There's a pretty large variety of spells in this game
Slow time
Increase your strength with a berserk spell
You can 'teleport' behind enemies like its nothing personnel
And your healing spell when its high can heal literal crowds of people which I always do in the pubs because it makes everyone love you.

I hope they make a of this old system in the new upcoming Fable.



I'm super glad someone else liked this game! I was a bit upset looking it up that it had such poor reviews, but it was a really good game.


I forgot to add my favorite in-game spell. That's tied between Force Push, Heal, and Divine Fury. All three equally fun when dealing with crowds of people or mobs.


File: 1629803866978-0.jpg (218.31 KB, 570x955, u13.jpg)

File: 1629803866978-1.jpg (293.31 KB, 1336x1880, MTG24.jpg)

I like Magic: The Gathering's mana system. Small spells first while you get attempt to accumulate enough mana (via lands) to cast the bigger spells.

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