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Since there was no thread for this topic I decided to do it myself. I'll start.

I've finished The World Ends With You, and I left it fairly cold.
It's partially my fault for playing an undub on a game that has no subtitles for its cutscenes, but even after seeing the ending on youtube, so much feels as if all that happened in the game was pointless. Which sucks because I really liked the game up until the ending.
What is happening with me that I'm not appreciating games as much as I should? Same thing happened to me with Omori, I went in thinking it would be a surreal game with some Mother inspirations but the game was far too tame for me personally. Even after hearing about the topics that the game tackles.

If sushi finished a game and also wants to talk about it he can post here freely.


Being able to appreciate a video game requires that the material is something you can enjoy and that the material is good enough to appreciate. Either condition could be a factor in why you can't get excited for those games.

It might be good to ask what you've played recently and liked that was similar to those games, as well as what it had that those two games lacked.


The last game I played was Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. I had a blast.
The game is honestly pretty tough around the edges. The story is not great as someone that did not play the originals. An unfinished mechanic was left in the game instead of being properly removed. But honestly? None of it detracted from my enjoyment. The battle system is lots of fun and I liked getting attached to my monsters.


File: 1631386468607.png (989.41 KB, 640x908, ClipboardImage.png)

I've finished Devil May Cry, the first game.
It was tough as hell and I did kinda cheat on the last boss fight with items. But then again, it still was a really good experience from start to finish.
My only gripes with it were, the anorexic amount of combos, and the extremely bad cameras. The first one would've given the game much more variety, while the latter right out of the bat makes certain bossfights a pain in the butt, given that the movement of your character depends on the camera's position.
Now I should check out Revengeance, and maybe later I'll come back and check DMC2 and 3.


>maybe later I'll come back and check DMC2
oh no…


I know about the bad fame of DMC2, but still, I gotta play it to appreciate the franchise as a whole


To be fair I don't know that it's as bad as everyone makes it out to be, but I've heard the meme. The only DMC I have experience with is 5 which is a lot of crazy fun


File: 1631553919098.jpg (264.63 KB, 1920x1080, slay-the-spire-key-art-1.jpg)

I dunno if it counts but I won my last run of Slay the Spire so I'll talk about it I guess. It's a really great game, I wish I hadn't put off buying it for so long. The deckbuilding aspect is really fun and it feels great when your plan comes together. My only complaint would be that on higher difficulty modes there definitely emerges a right and wrong way to build your deck and it feels like you get punished for experimenting with the games more unusual synergies. I would complain about RNG as well on high difficulty but apparently there are people out there with very high winrates at the hardest level so I just need to get good.


File: 1632138462451.png (4.42 MB, 1301x1500, ClipboardImage.png)

Finished Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, for the second time after some years.
I decided to play it on Hard, which was a good idea, because compared to DMC1, this game is far too easy. While I complained about lack of combos for the previous game, this one can easily be beaten by button mashing it. Except the last boss, there's no necessity to pay attention to the enemies moveset since the game flashes a bright red light when you have to parry or avoid an attack. This probably can be disabled in options, but the fact that it's in the game by default means that it was designed around this mechanism.
Besides Jetstream Sam, Sundowner and Armstrong, most of the characters aren't fairly memorable except the secretary because she was really hot. Music was cool.
Game's OK, but is not as good as I remember it being. The final boss was really good though, it does balance out the last stretch of the game being a tad frustrating due to enforcing stealth.


File: 1632866928266.jpg (85.68 KB, 1920x1080, PC-Black-Mesa-Xen-SaveGame….jpg)

Black Mesa. Having no experience with any of the half life universe games until recently, I can see why people are waiting for the third installment. Though the middle part of the game dragged on a bit, the overall design and pacing for the game was amazing. I really like the atmosphere in the starting lab, pre-resonance cascade; as well as the world of Xen. The bosses felt fresh and unique, weapons were very satisfying to use, and the world was very alive. I've picked up Halo since ive never played that, and so far Reach feels like some B or C studio release in comparison.


Have you ever played Half Life 2? It's a fantastic game. I did Black Mesa recently as well and, having never played HL1, loved it. but I felt the big puzzle rooms in the latter part of Xen dragged a bit.


Yeah actually. I played HL2 (and EP1 and EP2) first since a friend gifted it to me to stream a playthrough of. I found it interesting, a fun game with some memorable characters (Grigori), and wished I had played it sooner. I picked up Black Mesa about a week later and was blown away by the game. The platforming in the Xen Grunt factory did get a bit tedious, but I feel like it was pretty well done. At no point was I stumped, nor did I feel bored, but spending three hours in the same flesh city trying to climb higher and higher on a tower did wear a bit. The part I was fatigued about was the metro 2033-esque trainride and surroundings. For the first and last thirds of the game you're constantly exploring new areas and worlds of varying palettes and design, and being stuck in a dull grey and orange rocky place just seems rather uninspired in comparison. Even with that said it was the first shooter I've really enjoyed since STALKER Misery/Anomaly.


File: 1632999781149.jpg (349.49 KB, 800x600, 1537206639054.jpg)

I beat Yume Nikki tonight after starting it many times over at least 10 years. Everybody always said to not use a guide, but those people are full of bullshit. I did my time wandering, looked up a guide and I'm glad I was able to see it through to the end because it lead me to uboachan which is how I found this chan. I used to browse /v/ and considered myself quite the game critic but ironically, trying to put games into a box and compare them to one another can be so immature. Yume Nikki had none of the traditional game design elements I find in enjoyable games, yet it is very cool and interesting. Can't really judge it like one would with most other games.

My love for games has come rushing back to me. Even though I am young, women have really lost their luster to me. marijuana and other drugs are straight up bad for health and mind. swallowingredpills all day was making me manic and paranoid. I just wanna play videogames. To those with gaming fatigue, you should try playing something you PHYSICALLY out of your comfort zone. Play Switch on a park bench or friends house. visit your grandparents and set up a genesis in their den. your current setting might be bumming you out. Just like a time and place makes a movie viewing memorable, its the same with games.
Sonic and Knuckles almost qualified for my most recently finished game, but I gameover'd at the last sequence. Beat Super metroid, a new indie metroidvania called PSYCRON, and am going to start metroid Fusion tomorrow all to prep for DREAD coming out. Try a castlevania this halloween season like SotN or AoS. You won't regret it.


File: 1636266907172-0.jpg (92.62 KB, 1440x960, ac20.jpg)

File: 1636266907456-1.gif (10.51 KB, 114x107, 2022.gif)

Completed the arcade story mode for all 17 characters. Had to do Gouki twice for his two different ending.


File: 1636510430372.jpg (396.75 KB, 1034x1512, FDMf2v9XoAwefxU.jpg)

Just 1cc'd Touhou 18. I'm pretty bad at shmups, so a 1cc is rare for me. I had fun!

>>1614 welcome! I found this board a few years ago from Ubuu as well. The thing that is hard for a lot of people to swallow with Yume Nikki is letting go of what YOU want to do and letting the game guide you. Sure, if you want to see the ending you should use a guide, but I always encourage people to play the game blind for the first few hours. Once you get past the urge to scour every corner and the frustration of leaving an area on accident, you can really experience the dreamlike quality of the game. You can't control where your dreams go in real life, you just have to relax, let go, and enjoy the ride. In this way, a lot of people, myself included, can use Yume Nikki for dream practice.


File: 1637251039272.jpg (1.31 MB, 2100x1500, 1607486942418.jpg)

I just finished Black Souls 2.
There are certain key moments that I feel weren't as impactful to me because I did get mildly spoiled of them because of some memes, but I think the overall experience was phenomenal.
It's a beautiful, dark, twisted fantasy, in which everything you believe in is eventually turned upside down and are forced to bear with the tragedy of the actions that happen around you or because of your own hand.
It's a game I've never played before, where sex and love are key subjects in a way I would have never imagined they could be used. It's filled with great characters that will fit into your niche in one way or the other, and you will witness your love for these characters crumble as the world around you does as well.
I love it, I hate I can't talk much about it on the internet because it's only known on certain imageboards, but this is an experience anyone that likes… I don't know if leftfield vidya, but if someone really wants to try out something unique filled with moments that vary from good to great, I think this game really hits the mark

Really strong contender for my game of the year, it's up there.
And if I'm writing poorly is because I didn't sleep last night, mind you.


File: 1641465085323.jpg (61.03 KB, 212x302, wolf.jpg)

It's been a whole year and I still haven't finished Sekiro…

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