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File: 1568469152270.png (279.25 KB, 603x640, image (10).png)


If you choose the wizard/mage/sorcerer class when available in games, this is the thread for you!
Which games you've played have had the most fun/interesting magic system?
What is your favourite in-game spell you've encountered?
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Does anyone on here play Aura Kingdom?

I have my main class as a Wizard and my sub-class as a Sorcerer.


>heard every characters you kill would have its own dialogue as spirits
Sadly not, there are 12 (I think) that have unique spirit dialogue. Still very much worth it for those though, adds another layer to those interactions/quests.


Class system in Aura Kingdom is great.
I was a ronin when I used to play.


i finished Suveh Nux yesterday and it was a great experience and a nice way to get into IF again. Last time I played some it was Savoir Faire, where there is an overwhelming amount of places and things to remember. I downloaded a bunch of others, some have really neat ideas :



Not necessarily a magic system by itself but I really love the ff3/5 class system. It was so fun in how flexible it was and how you could mix and match classes to absurd levels. I wish square enix would reuse the system someday.

File: 1568155147152.jpg (173.63 KB, 1170x936, ffcc-echoes-of-time-wallpa….jpg)


Have you played crystal chronicles?
Did you like it?
I've only played the DS games and i loved them, their story, gameplay and music were great.
Any more games like this series?


I played the one on the Gamecube, I think that was the first, and the one on the Wii.
The gamecube one was fun and sort of simple. I replayed it again recently and I can see that it is meant for multiplayer but even alone it offers a neat little game of trying to manage your movement options and inventory/attack choices. Plus it feels really comfy like you really are just the guy out on a journey for your town, little bits of lore thrown in like you're hearing stories from people around the area before you go in. So alone it's comfortable and relaxing while still being engaging, can't speak for multiplayer.

The wii one I remember less, didn't remember finishing it or really enjoying it too much but I might replay it eventually.


I'd like to when I'll get a ds.


I only played the original on gamecube. Beat the whole game in multiplayer a couple times. I keep really fond memories of it. Maybe gameplay it is a little too simple and repetitive, but the atmosphere and the ost are amazing. If you have the chance to play it with friends you definitely should.

File: 1565068922701.jpg (151.31 KB, 800x1266, 519725-devil-may-cry-plays….jpg)


What PS2 games are you sushi rolls playing?

Been playing Armored Core 2. So bad From Software won't do another one. Also some DMC as usual.
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File: 1566482664306.jpg (29.92 KB, 266x375, Yakuza-sega.jpg)

Really needing to take the time to start up the Yakuza series.


Hey I just started collecting for the PS2! Playing chulip, dark cloud, GTA VC and god of war right now.


Nice choices sushi roll.

Have fun collecting


Ah Yakuza 1. Compared to the rest of the series now it's kind of clunky, but it still has a ton of charm especially with its lackluster english dub. Still a great entry point, especially with how the series continuously builds upon itself in terms of combat and minigames.


File: 1567672929446.jpg (22.72 KB, 315x445, 612zQEPC9wL._SY445_.jpg)

I never had a PS2 growing up, though I do have nice memories of playing that one DBZ fighting game with friends in primary school. I bought FFX because I saw it cheap, one day I'll get around to getting something to play it on.

File: 1565540901568.jpg (100.79 KB, 1280x716, scheda-wii-u-v4-18123-1280.jpg)


Even if Nintendo got almost everything wrong with this console starting from horrible loading times to censoring content, I still find it extremely comfy - the menu music, the forgotten games, the whole experience still has something other consoles do not have.

What are you playing right now? I'm going through Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. I was mad when they showed that it wasn't gonna be a true SMT x FE back in 2015, but a colourful, cool and comfy adventure in modern Tokyo with an idol show business setting is good too.


I never played mine that often, but I love it. So many sweet little games. I think my favourite is Yoshi's Woolly World. Love the music and the style of it. Very relaxing game. For a console that don't have that many games, it does have a lot of good ones.


I really liked the controller, probably my favorite. I still boot mine up occasionally to play Splatoon


How are Splatoon games and community on WiiU now that even 2 has came at the end of its content update life?
I could get a copy for cheap. Had to sell mine because Nintendo games didn't work with my router back then, but now I could play without any effort.


not 750 but there are still a surprising amount of players on splatoon 1. Mostly Japanese players and more hackers than usual but you can still easily find a match.

File: 1504472406080.jpg (1.77 MB, 3270x2444, IMG_20170826_170334.jpg)


hey sushis, I went to a game tournament last week and it was fun! I didn't do so well, but I loved talking to people about video games and stuff! have you guys gone to tournaments before?
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I impulsively took on someone's offer to tag along with his group this coming FFX because of a Koihime side tourney though I've never been to one. Now I'm scrambling to get good at UNIST since I thought I might as well make full use of my visit there. I'll probably get bodied though.


I always wanted to go to a tournament. It sounds so fun!


They really are. It can get pretty overwhelming and the atmosphere definitely takes some getting used to but not in a bad way at all.


There was one an hour away from me back in July and sadly I missed it due to poor advertising and marketing. It was a gaming expo that had a bunch of other games as well as events going on.


Damn that's unfortunate. Something of that scale only an hour away sounds like such a good opportunity. Regardless if the quality of the event is subpar.

File: 1528351676997.jpg (385.28 KB, 1920x1080, EverQuest-2-AA-point-gaine….jpg)


hey sushirolls, I feel like MMOs have fallen out of style. This makes me sad, since I find them to be cozy, so I wanted to know if anyone else stills plays them.

If anyone wants to create a clan in everquest 2, I just started it… I'm trash but its been a lot of fun so far ;w;
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I loved Ragnarok's gameplay, but I have no time to invest in games. Good to hear that there is still communnity dedicated to this MMO.


I ended up getting burnt out multiple times throughout the time OSRS has been back. But I keep coming back to it over and over again. I've been playing RuneScape since 2002 on Classic. Jagex has taken so much of my life away from me.

Other than mentioning OSRS, I used to play DOMO (Dream of Mirrors Online), Aura Kingdom, other MMOs that were on Aeria Games, and some other various anime MMOs for a short time.

Aura Kingdom I thought was a beautiful game and by far the one I regret quitting. However, there just wasn't much of a playerbase and lacked a lot to do at the time of me playing it. Plus that's around the time my depression started getting the better of me and I would get start getting burnt out too easy once I played something for too long and couldn't stick with one game. Kind of similar to what happened time and time again with OSRS.


>Jagex has taken so much of my life away from me.

One might say that Sushi is powerless against addiction to a 19 year old children's medieval themed point and click.

I'm still playing a year after posting that webm. This has been my longest stint with the most time spent in game consistently. I've been enjoying it a lot more, got over that mid level slump and I'm starting to hit some later game content. Game has grown so much…


I'm down to play Ragnarok again, although I'm not sure how much time I'll have to actually play. I used to play on iRO back in like…..2004 through 2009.


What's your skills looking like right now?
Also on average about how much GP are you pulling per day?

File: 1468873905900.gif (124.47 KB, 640x480, Dorothy.gif)


Hey sushirolls. What are some of the comfiest games you've ever played?

I recently just finished playing Va-11 Hall-A for the first time. It's not really a game by everybody's standards but it was really comfy and a great experience overall.

I'd totally recommend it to anybody with a rainy night, some tea, and time to waste.
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File: 1561124463954.png (1.65 MB, 1366x768, FFXI OP Cinematic.png)



I wonder if it is possible to play FFXI single player.



That's dumb, get out.


File: 1564688462665.png (1.79 MB, 2000x2000, come on down to tsukihime.png)

there's something oddly comfy about old visual novels in my opinion.


In the current year (2019) older visual novels with "modern" settings are literaly a window to the past. Characters using flip phones or going to the library to look up stuff make me so nostalgic.

File: 1560097749708.jpg (383.56 KB, 1493x1500, SMACK BITCHES UP.jpg)


Anybody watching the E3 down here?
Anything you found funny from it?


I'll wait and watch what I think seems interesting later. I'll end up missing work if I watch the live streams.

Hoping to see more sweet stuff for next year. Really enjoyed RE2, even tho I was skeptical of the trailer from last year (too gory to be atmospheric).


There was a guy called Matt Booty on the Microsoft presentation, which was mildly funny


File: 1560450200470.jpg (877.43 KB, 3024x4032, D8zUwHNUwAACiCs.jpg)

I did not expect the bethesda presentation to end up this adorable. She saved all of E3 2019.


Keanu Reeves.


Just watching these shows makes me uncomfortable. I can't put a finger on it, but something about this event feels incredibly hypocritical and cringy to me.

File: 1560142795514.jpg (18.83 KB, 500x500, 1530946132527.jpg)


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oc from me


File: 1560143183333.jpg (421.93 KB, 1024x1660, 8249776 - Copy.jpg)

whoops th


File: 1560143757173.jpg (424.93 KB, 1024x1660, 8249776.jpg)


Moved to >>>/hell/2164.

File: 1559702025038.png (11.04 KB, 645x773, 1552751775527.png)


anybody actually exited for nightwolf and sindel? I never really gave a fuck about those characters.
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What? Was it the wojak pic?


not him, but probably. it was quite jarring to see a wojak on here. many people leave places like 4chan or 8chan to escape from these shitty memes


got anything better to post, funny man?


no not really


File: 1560142760347.jpg (658.03 KB, 1240x1748, camping ghost gondolas.jpg)

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