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File: 1485110110833.png (13.32 KB, 736x547, evening.png)


Do people still make high quality written reports of their video game playthoughts? I'm looking for stuff like lparchive.org/Sid-Meiers-Alpha-Centauri/


You realize that's a SA thing right? Like they pretty much invented it and are responsible for ~90% of the screenshot LPs.


I guess the forumfags did something right.


A game which makes for very interesting written reports and for which written reports are relatively common is the Dominions series. There are many written accounts of Dominions 3 and 4 multiplayer games from each player's perspective, as >>311 points out most are from SA. I also love the format and would like to read anything anyone had to link

File: 1465908199408.jpg (31.89 KB, 560x293, elysian-shadows-header.jpg)


Dreamcast/ドリームキャスト general
Elysian Shadows edition

I am not sure if you guys make Dreamcast generals here since I am new but I didn't find any live so I created one

Few weeks ago I randomly stumbled upon on this YT channel Elysyan shadows.
Eminently I fallen in love with their content and their personalities.
They are making "next gen 2D RPG".Main guy Falco is THAT one techy C programmer who started this project 7 years ago with few friends. Basically they made 3D engine for 2D game.I highly suggest you to watch their YT Adventures In Game Development series.They are successfully founded on Kickstarter and planing to release game in 2017.
Also I was blown away with the fact that there are indie developers still working and publishing games for Dreamcast

BTW I just found ouy that they had huge problems with team so after all this yeras only two guys are working on this Falco and Patryk.I really hope they finish
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And that would matter because …?



File: 1485816288796.png (585.42 KB, 850x433, elysianuhohs.png)


"We didn't get the turn out that we thought we'd get so instead of a top 10 we have a top 6"

>start making a dreamcast/ouya rpg over 14 years ago
>somehow manage to raise over 300,000 dollars through kickstarter and ouya funding
>game is already passed a year late, almost everyone quit the project
>nobody cares about it anymore, CEO is openly ridiculed (see: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbQaM-5TjqTjbkbmHhrI9mA)
>can't even get 10 fan submissions

Is this the most pathetic indie game project of all time?


Why are they even trying anymore?


yes, you don't get funded unless you have something to show already.
I'd be ashamed to ask for money with such shit standards for my own work

File: 1479484190991.jpg (112.23 KB, 600x450, Halflife_ingame.jpg)


Half-life, natural selection, counter-strike, dod, team fortress, just to name a few!
I feel like these game are super comfy. Along with bunny hopping, there are many reasons why these games are just better than newer games in their series'. TF2 doesn't have concs, making it super slow, and csgo has loads of problems.

Why are older games so much better?
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I gave Neotokyo a try some time ago, but it didn't really keep me playing. The community is really nice and the soundtrack is great, but it's just a pretty standard team shooter. The only difference is that you have cloaking and various modes of vision. Also the rounds feel too short. It's not that the game is too fast paced, maybe the maps are just too small. One time I didn't even make it to any action, and the opposite team already brought the ghost back to their base. I really like the setting and atmosphere, but as a game, Neotokyo doesn't stand out much.


old source games have skill based movement that actually requires skill and rewards players who take the time to learn the nuances of the movement engine (bunny-hopping, long jumping etc). This raises the skill ceiling and adds another layer of depth. Modern games have simplistic movement mechanics that remove all that skill.


>brought the ghost back to their base
their cap point is supposed to be in YOUR spawn, or at least most of the time(what map were u on?). I do tend to enjoy bigger maps, but 3v3 pugs are pretty fun on the smaller ones like redlight. I do agree that the rounds are really fast, but I'm not bothered by it I guess.


>their cap point is supposed to be in YOUR spawn
oh, that explains why my teammates always got mad at me when I carried the ghost back to our spawn


Forget the games, the *mods* are what was up.
Brainbread, The Specialists, Action HL/Quake, Firearms, Zombie Panic, Jaykin' Bacon, I could go on for hours. Where would we be right now without Carmack?


Pull out that comfy commander chair, Sushi Rolls. General discussion on RTS and RTT goes here.

>What are you playing/have been playing?

>Favorite game?

>Favorite Faction?
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>>Are there any custom map communities still active, or has everyone moved to SCII or the dota 2 engine?
It's RIP I believe.

There's still a relatively active playerbase on ENT and other sites


Played Creeper World 3. Has some interesting flow to it. Highly recommend.


If it counts, I used to play a ton of Tremulous. Hard to choose a favorite faction, they were both so different.


>What are you playing/have been playing?
Oh man, it's been ages since I've played any RTS games. I used to play tons of StarCraft (the original, not SC2) back during middle and high school. I also played some Age of Empires II and Age of Mythology.

>Favorite game?

StarCraft, hands down.

>Favorite Faction?

Protoss, though I was pretty decent with Zerg as well.

Yay, fellow StarCraft players~
I tried playing Supreme Commander a couple of times, but I couldn't really get into it. In all fairness, however, that might be because of the lousy people who introduced me to the game.


>Favorite game?
World in Conlifct.

>Favorite Faction?

Allies in RA 2 and 3.


Sony is being shit again.
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Oh, well anyways onto your post.

As far as Apple's marketing, I don't think it's so much they claim to make it easy, using iOS for like three years now has proven to me that it's got its fair share of weird quirks like any OS does.

But Apple does a lot to create a personal attachment through their products, I've noticed. Which would explain why Apple fanboys are so annoyingly loud when Apple is called out. It's kinda amazing really how even as Apple gets more ridiculous people still defend the company's choices.


"It just works" makes me feel, not angry. Just, intense contempt.

well uni is the only time I've ever really been able to observe normies in their natural habitat.
Might be a bad sample but like 75% minimum were mac and console people.

That said, I did say that consoles and macs are for people who would rather pay more for the benefit of not having to learn anything. Somewhat ironic that they're popular at uni but whatever. Can't really test that without people that have the money to choose between the options.

I had a macbook for a while and man finder is just so bad. I couldn't figure out how that tool was meant to be used at all.

I think most apple people just want to buy a computer then not have to worry about it until they get a new one.
Then when you've been on them for long enough you'd probably be a bit intimidated in changing since the other options are a lot more confusing with different manufacturers and such. Apple takes away the burden of choice and just says "buy x and you can do whatever you need to do".

Plus fashion I guess.


File: 1484354680467.png (692.37 KB, 936x626, ipad_pro_apple_pencil_plug….png)

Yea, see, college is nothing like real life. I work with computers quite a lot, and a lot of the computers I work on are never Macs. They tend to be old Compaqs/HPs or Toshibas aka the shit you get from Walmart. And in this group, these people get Windows because it isn't that much harder to use and it comes with the computers. Plus a lot of their software is often Windows only anyhow. Again, people don't buy Macs just like these people aren't getting Alienware or the Surface Book. Too expensive.

The use of consoles especially among older people is likely from the massive PC vs Console difference in terms of games of the past. When people bring up great 90s games, a lot of people mention Quake or Serious Sam along with all those cartoony adventure games OR they mention games like Mario Bros or Final Fantasy. I mean, how many people were playing Quake on their tv back in the 90s like people play CoD on a tv now? Kids nowadays are playing Minecraft which while on consoles, I think the rise of Let's Players has resulted in younger generations of kids getting into PC gaming, kids are also playing more games on a smartphone or tablet. The next generation of gamers seem to favor more multi-function devices like smartphones and PCs over consoles.


Good one, but my iPad is the least fashionable piece of tech I own. No crazy colors, overly minimalistic, the newer iPad Pro looks tacky as shit when you charge that overpriced "Apple Pencil" in the lighting port. Apple is the grandma of tech if you want to talk about nice looking devices. Now something like Asus looks pretty nice despite going for the minimal look.


>and a lot of the computers I work on are never Macs.
Don't apple have their own "genius" pseudo monopoly on maintenance?

With pc gaming having the better controls, hardware and options it's easily taking the more dedicated gamers, and mobile shit is eating up the casual players. Consoles are being ripped in half, their only real future is probably portable consoles. I dare say there's not going to be enough room in the marketplace for sony, microsoft and nintendo soon.

Apple is still fashionable in the same way a corpse sits up by it's own rigor mortis. But it is still sitting.
I'm pretty certain the apple vogue will be replaced within the next half decade. Not sure what will replace it though since there's no dominant force of such magnitude in computing, it's pretty fractured.


True, and a lot of there stuff is soldered and being based on BSD, macOS doesn't have the same issues that Windows often does. But again, the bulk of people I help often cannot afford a Mac in the first place, my main point is that Macs are pretty uncommon, only people who are students, got plenty of money or really scraped and saved have a Mac, everyone else just buys a computer with Windows or builds it and then puts Windows on it.

I agree with your second point but I feel that it's more that people want more functionality from their devices more than "casual vs dedicated". A popular casual game, Just Dance is on the PC and emulators as well as companies trying to push mobile gaming to more hardcore heights with special hardware like controllers and more serious titles makes me feel that devices that only serve one purpose, much like the MP3 Player or iPod before it are getting further pushed out.

I hope that we get tech in awesome/cute colors again. When I had a Lumia it was a pretty nice cyan color, otherwise I'm going to have to spraypaint my next phone or something. Everything is just grey/black/gold and sometimes white.

File: 1465170599341.jpg (188.07 KB, 1920x1080, csgigittygo.jpg)


honestly I just want the first post in this board so,
what are you playing right now sushirolls?

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Just how long it took to fight enemies, I felt like I was just spamming the same attack over and over on the same kinds of enemies, I found it pretty repetitive.


That is, it didn't feel very demanding in terms of reactions, and the pawn system felt pretty lonely over actual npcs and characters.


The term you're looking for could be "damage sponge"


It sounds like you might be playing one of the bow vocations which can seem weak and spammy but later on you can fire multiple arrows at once and do crazy damage.

Here is one of the bow vocations (which is the best damage dealer by far with melee).
The guy is all decked out for the fight with the secret hidden super real last boss. He is making the fight look easy but if you play the game without prepping like that then that fight is really hard.

And another random video showing some fun skills.

I'm not trying to sell you on this game but it's simply the best sword and sorcery game I have played by far.
Lots of fun to be had in that game sushi.


File: 1484352823809.png (178.78 KB, 678x408, score.png)

I'm pro now. That last battle sure was an epic one.
> goin to tha flagship like I own the place
> smashing that motherfucker some drones and shit right in the face
> cloning my crew to full health
> being all bad ass about it
> getting scraped down to 2 hull points
> enemy super attack incoming
> cloaking like a boss
> watch my drones beating the fuck out of this wreck of a ship
> finishing him off myself with laser fire from hell
> sending out cries of victory
> bragging about it on ma favourite image board

File: 1468873905900.gif (124.47 KB, 640x480, Dorothy.gif)


Hey sushirolls. What are some of the comfiest games you've ever played?

I recently just finished playing Va-11 Hall-A for the first time. It's not really a game by everybody's standards but it was really comfy and a great experience overall.

I'd totally recommend it to anybody with a rainy night, some tea, and time to waste.
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I do find Chrono Trigger to be very comfy. Its plot and gameplay are very representative of what i grew up with.


Games from the French collective Klondike are generally very confy, thought mostly experimental


I cannot stop playing Starbound, It's so addictive. There is always something I feel the need to do before leaving the game, and the "just one hour" become a "whole night" of crafting, wandering on new planets and finding more powerful weapons. I'll be glad to look at other players creations if you created a server.

Hyper Light Drifter was also a game I found very confy. Reminded me of the best Miyazaki movies


Shadow of the Colossus*, Ico*, Banished, Silent Hunter III, Fable series (my fav is the Lost Chapters).



I enjoyed this game, Sushi. Thank you for sharing. Playing this with my brother was a pretty great experience, it was very relaxed and a bit sad, which yea, is kinda the point but I loved how the story was done like Silent Hill games where it's shattered around the world.

And damn, that soundtrack.

I'll share a few games I remembered being pretty comfy. Years ago, I had a week where I would just relax to playing Super Mario Galaxy mostly due to that really calm hub world.


File: 1484336452053.jpg (43.88 KB, 934x1000, fl.jpg)


File: 1483536760334.jpg (361.67 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20170104_151850.jpg)


Are you ready?
Don't update your systems if an update pops up!
Hack it!
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Should I feel lucky for being a windowsfag in this case, since I didn't have to deal with this mounting stuff you're describing?


No, no.
You can automount on linux too. Why couldn't you?
I don't automount though, for how rarely I need to use removable media. And when I do need to, I'd like to control the mountpoint and permissions somehow.


yes you just use the auto flag in fstab


I prefer semi-automation. In this case that means manual mounting.

However my point still stands, as having to keep removing the sd card after one operation and putting the next steps files on it then reinserting to the 3ds is very poorly thought out.

The guide should have given a list of all files needed at the start so that you could run through the douzen or so steps easily.


Don't trade it if its a first gen!

File: 1478044045628-0.png (304.22 KB, 2560x1080, Screenshot from 2016-11-01….png)

File: 1478044045628-1.png (1.38 MB, 1351x900, ff6android.png)

File: 1478044045628-2.gif (10.02 KB, 256x233, dragonballsnes.gif)


Hello sushies!

I didnt know if I should post this here or >>>/silicon/257 so, I thought I should make this a sushichan project so we can all enjoy it.
I've been working on a game that im building in Ruby on Rails. It is a mix between a TCG and classic JRPG party building and turn based combat. I have most of the rules written but I would like to get some input on what I can put in the game and what you would like to play. I havent worked on the core controller (engine) yet but I have the basic turn lay out and deck construction.
Im working on the card database right now and will move on to the static pages and deck builder next.
I am currently looking at adding in a map for a Clan style ranking system but I think it might be a bit overdone buy now. Im also on a background/story I was using FF for all the play testing but never go around for any overarching plot so anything would be good there.

Let me know what you think and Ill keep updating.
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this here.
I don't even know much about card games, but when you have something to show be sure to share it sushi roll!


Looks cool sushiroll!


File: 1478612109055.png (336.24 KB, 1280x800, DeepinScreenshot2016110809….png)

Thanks for the feedback sushies!
As I said ill be working on linking the databases later this week. Due to new job and election madness I havent had the mental stamina to do much the last few days.
Im hoping to have a playable beta by the end of the year and after the databases and controllers are built it will just be design work and adding cards. Im looking at opening a forum so that suggestions can be made an implemented on rules and flavor of the game.
As soon as I have a most of the core done I will post all the information for everyone to play.


File: 1478877166460.png (120.63 KB, 335x335, puzzled cyan.png)

>a game that im building in Ruby on Rails
…what? Rails doesn't really strike me as the appropriate framework to use for a browser game, but whatever floats your boat I guess.


Sorry for no updates this week. I have been dealing with having to find a new apartment on top of holiday plans, etc.
No screen shots this week as I haven't done any work except find out that when I push my DB go git it corrupts it and makes unusable.
So I manually do my backups on a USB now for my DB changes and as thats what im working setting the foreign and public keys for the user and deck tables and some other planning for the future features. So Its slow but I hope to have some updates, probably on the view side to take a break from DBA.

Its what I know. I also want to start a profolio for rails and this will take almost everything Rails can do and give me a good look at it and work with some of the new features like ActionCable to get network connections for PvP.
It could be build on Node or PHP and Js but rails gives me 2 less languages to learn while I still have to know what im looking at with SQL, HTML, Sass, CSS, Ruby, and Jquerry/JS. Seeing as how I HATE JS the less I can use it the better I feel.
Also the scaffolding framework has been a huge help.

File: 1475964698117-0.jpg (254.89 KB, 577x743, crystalis_poster__1__by_ro….jpg)

File: 1475964698117-1.jpg (150.53 KB, 496x452, crystalis-23.jpg)


I'm new here and things seem sort of quiet so I thought I'd make a thread anyone could post in pretty easily: old school favourites.

Everyone's got a game they loved from a time gone by, so let's talk about them!

Here's one of my all time favourites to start us off: Crystalis on the NES. It felt so much smoother than any other game I'd played around that time and you were so free to travel around, the magic was interesting and the world was constructed so well.. I almost wish I could forget everything about it so I could experience it all over again as if it were new.

It was sure a good looking game for the system too.
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File: 1476480836582.png (136.14 KB, 300x207, Turok-dinosaur_hunter_n64_….png)

It's hard not to love dinosaurs in video games…


File: 1477371271622-0.gif (724.43 KB, 500x448, 1222125632123.gif)

File: 1477371271622-1.gif (36.21 KB, 322x241, 122626312321.gif)

My first memory was watching my parents play Contra 3. The game had one of the most interesting enemy, environmental designs out of any game out of the SNES.

Would also have to give Earthbound a mention. I only played it a couple of years ago, but that is one of the few games I would consider "magical".

Then there are some honorable mentions like Flashback, Cybernator, Phalanx. The SNES was one of the best old school consoles.

>double dragon and contra
Good taste. Unfortunately, I have never played the original Battletoads (despite being on my backlog for the longest time), only Battlemaniacs.


animal crossing is the comfiest game of all time. i still put the soundtrack on when im working on code.


File: 1478570965273.jpg (30.11 KB, 400x400, Bosconian_1.jpg)

bosconian is my favorite. my eyes get tired but it never gets old.


Earthbound is truly nice. The battlesystem isn't even good, and so on, but it still holds a special place inside my heart.
I can't even describe what it really is. Maybe it just stimulates my sense of adventure; Especially a type of adventure that is set in the modern world, and is actually fun, wacky, and lighthearted (well, lighthearted most of the time).

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