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File: 1524966457419.png (17.3 KB, 640x400, freeware.png)


hello sushi lets share some cool freeware games.

i'll start

white chamber - a cool point n'click adventure game set in space

ben jordan series- a point n' click adventure where you play a paranormal investigator

irisu syndrome - a cool japanese tetris-like puzzle game with a cool story
english translation patch for the game -> https://www.mediafire.com/file/nlujzb91wjl0bu7/IrisuSyndromeENv2.03.zip
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Thanks for the recommendation. I hadn't heard of OpenRA, it's fun to play this game again after years.




geez, Harry101UK's animation is so good. anyway, yeah, seconding TF2, the game is so solid and despite the lack of updates, there's always fun to be had


This is the thread for free indie games? Try Footsies ~ a versus fighting game distilled to the basics.


I made a game for [s4s]:

File: 1590163618464.png (1.04 MB, 1200x720, bf8d6dc1-d2a2-46f9-96ec-94….png)


I don't know how many of you play this, but I'll set up here for now.

picrel: I thought the limited drops would end with the last update, so I panicked and spammed 3-1 pretty much a couple hours before maintenance. ~10 runs in, I finally got my first non-Chitose AV and my first foreign ship! hoping to get Fletcher or Isokaze next as I'm lacking in anti-air DDs, but that drop probably sucked up my luck for the month.

how's your base going, sushi?
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Damn this is a good picture
I always want to play Kancolle when I see the pictures of the girls but then I actually look at the "gameplay" and all interest just drains out of me.


File: 1591511046360.png (340.94 KB, 609x1000, 1585094841914.png)

I personally liked it because of it, you don't need to pay attention and invest a lot on it (except money, that is a literal investment). I can browse imageboards or play something else while the skirmishes happen or the timers fill out.
The only thing that pisses me off is that, you have to put something akin of 50 dollars to have enough space to collect all the ships


File: 1592167887956.jpg (261.38 KB, 1803x2691, 3ko_michi 1137598132945006….jpg)

>Well pants isn't something you can wear unless you're a woman
That is very close-minded.


File: 1592189378829.png (555.66 KB, 600x862, ClipboardImage.png)

>That is very close-minded.
It's better that way


I prefer its competition, AZURE LANE.

File: 1591221256983-0.png (757.83 KB, 1400x1050, Screenshot from 2020-05-28….png)

File: 1591221256983-1.png (1.12 MB, 1400x1050, Screenshot from 2020-05-28….png)


When I was young, my parents didn't have much money, so while I did play games a lot, they were always somewhat old;for instance, my brother and I played CoD 2 (2005) a lot even when MW2 was the big thing. I also fondly remember playing Super Mario 64 and some stuff on the Wii. Anyways, now it seems like the majority of games (big ones at least) are all just FPSs and battle royales and in general a lot don't seem to have much soul. The Outer Worlds just didn't have that FNV feeling. So I've been playing old games and actually having a lot of fun. Got Morrowind recently, which I remember playing a little around the time Skyrim came out/got big. Also a few months back I played N64 LoZ games on an emulator and I think I'm going to do that again. Any other suggestions for older games I might not really remember (or just comments)? Anything goes, these just seem…better but worse in a wierd way.
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File: 1602394720552-0.jpg (48.46 KB, 650x754, 20201018.jpg)

File: 1602394720552-1.jpg (38.28 KB, 650x380, 20201108.jpg)

I play games in my past that I never finished or just to remember what it was like.


File: 1603097473446-0.jpg (160.53 KB, 860x750, 20200621.jpg)

File: 1603097473446-1.jpg (65.16 KB, 864x750, 1BBC.jpg)

File: 1603097473446-2.jpg (107.39 KB, 959x681, HeirrodVanDyke.jpg)


Seconding Zelda: A Link to the Past.
Super Mario World is a game that keeps me coming back every few years too.

Doom (the original) is great.
Myth (and it's sequels) were a slightly unique RTS game, with no base building.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 is great. The re-release is easier due to combining 1 and 2 into one game, but captures the spirit.
Glider Pro (the mac os game) has a cell phone version and is one of my childhood favorites.


File: 1604911109859-0.jpg (96.19 KB, 900x385, 20201115.jpg)

File: 1604911109859-1.gif (959.09 KB, 1803x800, 20201122.gif)

I completed SF x Tekken just to see every character's ending cinematics.


File: 1606014310192-0.jpg (125.5 KB, 1080x506, 44.jpg)

File: 1606014310193-1.jpg (93.17 KB, 1320x479, 45.jpg)

A diverse and large cast make fighting games fun to play.

File: 1494453775728.png (901.97 KB, 1106x948, ogame.png)


Do you play browser games?
> MMO games, usually in real time (even when logged off), played in with your internet browser
and kinda addictive. I personally like strategy and economy games like Ogame a lot. If you spend several hours a day online anyways, these are a nice distraction, creating the illusion of being productive all the time. For example you start an upgrade in the evening and wake up just in time to begin the next one.

The positive aspect about it might be the adaption of a structured waking time, quite useful for slack folks like me.

Often you can find tools online for various simulations, converters or game play enhancements, but of course writing your own handy scripts is neat and with economy heavy games, even offering APIs, it is also inviting.
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File: 1603299901687.png (995.32 KB, 1024x768, ClipboardImage.png)

Kongregate and Armor Games are going to die, but most will still survive on swfchan. Plus guys at newgrounds seem to be developing something so it's not going to be all lost, just the ones that have a particularly different structure like the one I posted above and multiplayer flash games
Nope, dev got busy with other stuff. Though I've read that it's being remade, I wouldn't put my hopes on it.


File: 1603304848451.jpg (114.56 KB, 686x784, 7c21ba697d4377f0d2a2c1b6d4….jpg)

Yeah, for all the fanart and hype Material Sniper got it was always barely more than a demo. People have been saying UPDATE THIS YEAR for a decade. Still one of the better implementations of keyboard-and-mouse gunplay I've experienced, Flash game or not.
Multiplayer flash games were a special experience, if you know what I mean. I had some good times with some of them but I don't know that it was worth it.


Has anyone played Attack On Titan Tribute Game? I used to have a lot of fun with it, can't get it to work on the original site anymore (http://fenglee.com/game/aog/) but thankfully there are downloads like https://attack-on-titan-tribute-game.en.softonic.com/ . There are loads of mods too which I haven't tried yet. It's a really fun game, you should play it!


I thought this game was gone for good. There's just something about this game, how your movement feels very intentional even if it takes a while to get used to. I really got to play this again.


definitely. there are two that i've been playing recently:

1. TETR.IO - a tetris stacker game with singleplayer modes, multiplayer modes, and ranked 1v1s. i absolutely love the look and feel of the whole game a lot(and the positive feedback in-game), and i quite like the soundtrack too. having the songs from the built-in calm playlist makes me relaxed while playing. this game released just this year and it's made by one person!

2. krunker.io - a shooter game with great movement mechanics that they don't teach you, as well as slightly forgiving aim (i think the hitboxes must be big, or it's lag comp) that makes you able to hit quick shots while moving so fast. there is also a ranked mode, and mod support. idk if this game is for everyone but it really resonates with me. there's basically nothing the devs ever add that i don't like, the game has had a steady stream of updates since i started playing and it's only gotten better.

these games both have official desktop clients too(and krunker has a few custom ones), but they both just open an electron browser and load the game site from there.

File: 1590302681478.jpg (97.38 KB, 1000x1000, __mizuhashi_parsee_and_pur….jpg)


Thread for TTRPG discussion and organization.

# What is a TTRPG?
TTRPG, sometimes TRPG, stands for TableTop Role-Playing Game. It includes big names, like D&D, and much less heard of ones, like Song of Swords. The rule systems run from extremely thorough, with rules for things like how many Thai chilli peppers you can eat before getting ill, to so broad as to be nearly nonexistent, with only basic guidelines on how to play. In almost all systems, the key component that sets it apart from video game RPGs is the presence of the Dungeon Master, Game Master, Referee, etc. They help to adjudicate edge cases not covered by rules and create exceptions to the rules in favour of fun, meaning a TRPG has much more freedom of action than a normal RPG.

# Where do I play?
Generally, TTRPGs, especially niche ones without large player bases, are played in-person, but there are also sites and apps that allow you to play over the internet and find groups. The biggest one right now is probably roll20; signing up is free, and as a player, you never need to pay for anything. Other applications include FoundryVTT (paid for by a GM), Maptools (free), AstralVTT (free), and Fantasy Grounds (expensive, but very nice). Some groups even play on Tabletop Simulator, which has the added bonus of letting you play poker or Life before a session starts or if someone flakes.

There's also the potential to show up at a gaming store; if you live in the US, Canada, or Europe, there's plenty of those around too. Gaming stores are in-person, obviously, but they also often boast long-time, highly experienced and confident game masters who are knowledgable at how to best cater to newbies trying to enter the hobby. There are many websites online to help you find game stores near you.

# Where do you get the rulebooks?
You can buy them from places like drivethrurpg, or you can pirate them from https://thetrove.net/. As a new player, you often don't need very many books; both Shadowrun and Pathfinder have relatively complete wikis online with all the setting-agnostic information you need, and Pathfinder even has a setting wiki so there's no reason to buy the books for their content.
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Well since nobody's here yet and lump couldn't make it anyway I guess there's no game this week
For future reference: this post is when the game is meant to be. DST I assume fucked you guys up.


File: 1605284446167.png (48.23 KB, 329x330, 1498868382889.png)

>DST I assume fucked you guys up


File: 1605284591934.jpg (83.29 KB, 569x587, 1559425148198.jpg)

DST got me too
You assumed correctly


By the way, if any sushifriend would like to join you're welcome to. We're playing Skulls and Shackles in the Pathfinder system.


I hate rats

File: 1468873905900.gif (124.47 KB, 640x480, Dorothy.gif)

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Hey sushirolls. What are some of the comfiest games you've ever played?

I recently just finished playing Va-11 Hall-A for the first time. It's not really a game by everybody's standards but it was really comfy and a great experience overall.

I'd totally recommend it to anybody with a rainy night, some tea, and time to waste.
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Added, thanks sushi I'll do my best
No idea how advanced you were originally but these things are hecking expensive


I was thinking of the prototype. It took me a week to figure this out.


File: 1599760498271.jpg (96.23 KB, 1024x576, doki-doki-profile.jpg)

Doki doki universe. it's a simple 2d scroller were you visit planets and complete quests for the inhabitants by summoning objects. pretty chill, and some times grindy at points. The main selling point is that random quizzes and interactions all psychoanalyze you. Most of the results are bull, but they're fun to read


What the Hell (Metal Version) by Lollia


File: 1605325255403-0.gif (404.48 KB, 300x300, 82041809.gif)

File: 1605325255403-1.gif (1.41 MB, 400x400, 82886976.gif)

File: 1605325255403-2.gif (1.09 MB, 400x400, 82147253.gif)

File: 1605325255403-3.gif (1.52 MB, 400x400, 82270247.gif)

Helltaker's real nice.

File: 1466133691360.jpg (351.67 KB, 1920x1080, spacehulk.jpg)


So E3 is over, and in the spirit of looking forward to better times, what games are you feeling optimistic about?

That new Zelda has some potential.
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File: 1466820013632.jpg (269.13 KB, 1920x1080, dva-screenshot-001.jpg)

Maybe it's because I grew up without access to video games, but I think there are some seriously fantastic games out there. A lot of them are pretty old as well, which makes it very cost affective to enjoy a good game. I have been playing a comfy mix of Quake and Hotline Miami at the moment, and I have to say, I feel like I could play these games over and over.

Interestingly enough, another game that I have taken to playing is Overwatch. It's a pretty bare game in terms of content, and before trying it at a friend's house I had not interest in it whatsoever, but it really shines in playability. Nothing is more fun for me than digging around the internet for strats and ways to handle different situations, and than implementing them in the game as I go. A lot of games will have me play for a bit and than switch to something else when I become bored, but I could (and have) play overwatch for hours and hours.


File: 1475701550605.jpg (123.04 KB, 1280x720, vidya.jpg)

I haven't bought Western games since January 2015 (with the exception of some old games on GOG) and am probably done with them for good unless things dramatically change in the future. Japanese (non-doujin) games have some problems too, but they're minimal by comparison.

But even if new games stopped appearing tomorrow, there'd be still be enough existing ones to last for a lifetime.


This probably isn't so for story driven games, which I Havnt tried in some time, but I've found Im really mostly uninterested in playing games if it isnt with friends, now. Sometimes, not, like with, say, IVAN, but with most games.


tbh it isn't literally all western games
like for example a racing game like trackmania is just a good racing game no samurai platters involved


I'm still playing WARFRAME


Sony is being shit again.
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"It just works" makes me feel, not angry. Just, intense contempt.

well uni is the only time I've ever really been able to observe normies in their natural habitat.
Might be a bad sample but like 75% minimum were mac and console people.

That said, I did say that consoles and macs are for people who would rather pay more for the benefit of not having to learn anything. Somewhat ironic that they're popular at uni but whatever. Can't really test that without people that have the money to choose between the options.

I had a macbook for a while and man finder is just so bad. I couldn't figure out how that tool was meant to be used at all.

I think most apple people just want to buy a computer then not have to worry about it until they get a new one.
Then when you've been on them for long enough you'd probably be a bit intimidated in changing since the other options are a lot more confusing with different manufacturers and such. Apple takes away the burden of choice and just says "buy x and you can do whatever you need to do".

Plus fashion I guess.


File: 1484354680467.png (692.37 KB, 936x626, ipad_pro_apple_pencil_plug….png)

Yea, see, college is nothing like real life. I work with computers quite a lot, and a lot of the computers I work on are never Macs. They tend to be old Compaqs/HPs or Toshibas aka the shit you get from Walmart. And in this group, these people get Windows because it isn't that much harder to use and it comes with the computers. Plus a lot of their software is often Windows only anyhow. Again, people don't buy Macs just like these people aren't getting Alienware or the Surface Book. Too expensive.

The use of consoles especially among older people is likely from the massive PC vs Console difference in terms of games of the past. When people bring up great 90s games, a lot of people mention Quake or Serious Sam along with all those cartoony adventure games OR they mention games like Mario Bros or Final Fantasy. I mean, how many people were playing Quake on their tv back in the 90s like people play CoD on a tv now? Kids nowadays are playing Minecraft which while on consoles, I think the rise of Let's Players has resulted in younger generations of kids getting into PC gaming, kids are also playing more games on a smartphone or tablet. The next generation of gamers seem to favor more multi-function devices like smartphones and PCs over consoles.


Good one, but my iPad is the least fashionable piece of tech I own. No crazy colors, overly minimalistic, the newer iPad Pro looks tacky as shit when you charge that overpriced "Apple Pencil" in the lighting port. Apple is the grandma of tech if you want to talk about nice looking devices. Now something like Asus looks pretty nice despite going for the minimal look.


>and a lot of the computers I work on are never Macs.
Don't apple have their own "genius" pseudo monopoly on maintenance?

With pc gaming having the better controls, hardware and options it's easily taking the more dedicated gamers, and mobile shit is eating up the casual players. Consoles are being ripped in half, their only real future is probably portable consoles. I dare say there's not going to be enough room in the marketplace for sony, microsoft and nintendo soon.

Apple is still fashionable in the same way a corpse sits up by it's own rigor mortis. But it is still sitting.
I'm pretty certain the apple vogue will be replaced within the next half decade. Not sure what will replace it though since there's no dominant force of such magnitude in computing, it's pretty fractured.


True, and a lot of there stuff is soldered and being based on BSD, macOS doesn't have the same issues that Windows often does. But again, the bulk of people I help often cannot afford a Mac in the first place, my main point is that Macs are pretty uncommon, only people who are students, got plenty of money or really scraped and saved have a Mac, everyone else just buys a computer with Windows or builds it and then puts Windows on it.

I agree with your second point but I feel that it's more that people want more functionality from their devices more than "casual vs dedicated". A popular casual game, Just Dance is on the PC and emulators as well as companies trying to push mobile gaming to more hardcore heights with special hardware like controllers and more serious titles makes me feel that devices that only serve one purpose, much like the MP3 Player or iPod before it are getting further pushed out.

I hope that we get tech in awesome/cute colors again. When I had a Lumia it was a pretty nice cyan color, otherwise I'm going to have to spraypaint my next phone or something. Everything is just grey/black/gold and sometimes white.


File: 1604910203338.jpg (44.22 KB, 618x800, 20201115.jpg)

Get thee to PSV.

File: 1465170599341.jpg (188.07 KB, 1920x1080, csgigittygo.jpg)

 No.1[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

honestly I just want the first post in this board so,
what are you playing right now sushirolls?

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Isn't that one a porn game?


File: 1603463312253.png (1.58 MB, 1200x676, ClipboardImage.png)

It's actually fairly well done and has a good feel to it, the porn is just something to flavor the story and atmosphere. It's there but it's not the main purpose.


W-well it's still a porn game, Kamidori's well done too…
Why are you looking at me like that…


I can't seem to find anything on this game you're talking about, could you link me it or something?


File: 1497372716773.gif (189.69 KB, 1152x838, rtb.gif)


Do you guys know real time battle ? It's a game were you program robots and make them fight in an arena.


I thought it may interest you.

I'm already building mine since my boss challenge me at a match to DEATH.


Buelbe argot ;_;
How come this thread was necrobumped with no replies? A Mystery!


Whoa I didn't even notice the post date, scary stuff!

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