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File: 1496654337808.jpg (380.11 KB, 900x1295, 68978bd83058f06ae93727ed64….jpg)


Aye! Champions of Ash, Ember, and old Humanity! Shall we establish a PvP club for DS3?

Why 3? It's got the best PvP I've seen, I don't have 2, It's also the only one I've finished


I'd be down for some fun fight clubs


File: 1496670122700.png (306.34 KB, 1024x1112, 1364893839075.png)

Having played all the souls games apart from Bloodborne with a PvP focus I think DaS2 has the best PvP in the series, with my only gripe being that the usual PvP hotspots are pretty dull. I might have sunk more hours into DaS1 PvP, but that's only because I loved being a Forest Hunter and because it was my first souls game.

That said, I haven't played DaS3 since completing my first playtrough. Maybe they have improved on the PvP. My main problem with it was the fact that fights seemed to devolve into R1 spam too easily, and tended to drag on due to estus being pretty hard to punish. Invasions also weren't much fun especially since souls dropped at the place you died at. Also never could get any Watchdogs of Farron invasions, which was a huge disappointed as I was looking forward to reliving those carefree Forest Hunter days.


My Problem seems to be the exact opposite, I have had multiple farron watchdogs invade at once, as well as being auto summoned, also, I usually do duels only, no estus to punish.

On an unrelated note, we should establish a password.


File: 1496680817245.png (188.12 KB, 500x1000, 1365711407693.png)

Interesting. I've been thinking of trying the DLCs soon anyways, so I'll definitely have to check the watchdogs again. Also took a peek at what the DLC offers and there seems to be a new covenant which might or might not be a good fit for me. Haven't read much about it.


Ashes of Ariandale is pretty good the first time around, but on the second go-around, it's not worth it, research first, and look for the items you want, the only fight you need to do is actually optional to dlc completion, but you need it for PvP. Ringed City on the other hand, is more substantive imo, but some enemies can be a god damn pain, but liked it better than ariandale.


Spears of the Church I've heard was alright, it has lackluster covenant rewards and you have a high chance of gank parties, but it's fun being a boss


File: 1496735236726.gif (1.14 MB, 160x182, especia.gif)

>tfw fight clubs with rolls


When ever, dude. password is 'sushichan', I guess.


change of plans, 'sushichan' is too long, suggest a new password, anyone?


File: 1496749517625.jpg (167.33 KB, 600x849, absorbed in thought.jpg)



File: 1496750032761.gif (2.8 MB, 500x273, Morgana_determined.gif)

Well alright then, 'comfy' is the password. see you in the ring!


comfy is always the answer


op here, just wanna let you know, like a stupid baka face, i neglected to mention that I was on PS4, I couldset up a PC character, but just know you won't run into me for a while if I do. My character on ps4 is 'Ashlay'


We should use the IRC to communicate more immediately. Let's use the room #darkrolls


On freenode?


Yeah!! It's open


I can't find it.


It might appear as if you can't find it, but I think it's rather that there is only you and I trying to join, and we are in different timezones….


I'll keep it open then. If any of you join the channel you can say something there or message _dks on #sushigirl.


Everyone's moving to ELDEN RING.

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