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File: 1609004242116.gif (391.59 KB, 400x400, happy_holidays_exclamation….gif)


I did this 9 years ago on a long dead imageboard and I want to do it again. For Christmas, I'm giving away some games on steam to you lovely people. Leave your steam ID here and I'll message you. Nothing too pricey so that I can give to as many people as possible, around ~7$ or lower with some wiggle room. I don't need anything in return, so enjoy!


Ooh, nice! Too bad I don't use steam, but here's a bump so more people notice.


File: 1609026582199.jpg (583.55 KB, 1333x1000, hatsune miku kagamine rin.….jpg)

Thanks for the presents, Sushisanta. My steamid is in the email field, I hope the holiday season treats you well.


I'm not finding any account with that name. If you go to the add friends page of steam it gives a friend code you can send.


File: 1609370909106.jpg (221.06 KB, 850x1192, sf_3.jpg)

Happy NYE! I don't want any games though, just saying hello.


OP here, offers still up until steam sale ends (Jan 5)


Steam ID in the email field. :)


hope it finally goes through, ID in the e-mail field


Man I want to accept your offer but I was young when I made my steam account and I'm embarrassed of the name, thank you anyway though sushi roll this is really nice!


File: 1609702013138.gif (2.45 MB, 640x422, 1595497627367.gif)

I just realized most of the games on my list are still over 7 bucks, so feel free to skip me.
steam id is in the email field and my avatar is the tree with an eye
thanks sushi roll!


sent friend requests

if you go to the "add a friend" page there's a code you can paste instead of your user id. either way I wont laugh at your username, promise ;)


AHHHH I woke up too late to respond and now the sale is over! I'm sorry sushi roll, I let you down


File: 1609871595546.jpg (158.13 KB, 934x855, happy_christmas_2004.jpg)

And that's it for now! I hope everyone enjoys their games and have a nice new year. I might do this again next time there's a sale.


File: 1613327087525.png (760.06 KB, 1280x1434, Ushizaki.Urumi.full.258527….png)

There's a short steam sale going on now so thought I might bring this back. Same deal as before, sale ends tomorrow.


File: 1613432225774.png (90.86 KB, 177x264, Momo.png)

Thanks for the Momo sushi!

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