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File: 1485278748486.jpg (122.25 KB, 1300x1300, 1467565037281.jpg)

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Do you have a neat web community or chat group you'd like to invite people to? Maybe want to drop your messaging handle and strike up some conversations? Do it here.

Chat/community/personal ads are no longer allowed on the rest of the site, except maybe on /hell/.

Important Note: This doesn't mean that you can't talk about communities or chat groups. You could, for example, have a thread where you ask people about web communities they visit. You just can't open your thread with an advertisement.

One post per service please! Duplicate ads may be deleted. This especially includes discord links. To make a permanent discord link, click on instant invite, go to advanced settings, and change the expire time to never. Dead links suck. If your discord link expires, your post will be deleted and you may receive a short warning ban.
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I made an imageboard! You can find it at https://rainychan.net. I am very proud of it.

File: 1610643909083.jpg (1010.58 KB, 2048x1537, unknown.jpg)


Last thread, >>9530, seems to have hit bump limit so I'm making an even newer one.

General discussion thread. How your day is going, anything interesting that happened recently or just to say hi, whatever!


I made beer bread today, it's quick and easy and tastes really good. Highly recommended if you have an hour or two and you're hungry.


File: 1610726084545.jpg (180.23 KB, 500x803, __original_drawn_by_hirasa….jpg)

I binge read a book to learn the explanation behind the mysterious happenings, everyone stuck in a time loop and if they escape monsters attack them, only for it to end without explaining anything. It has no sequel and the entire stories theme was "We have no clue what will happen, but hope will let us keep going till we find out". I just feel empty


File: 1610729971534.png (93.88 KB, 414x248, 1543781037552.png)

i'm hoping to finish up all my outstanding work tickets today so I can have an easy monday - wish me luck

File: 1610574415318.jpg (34.48 KB, 640x512, caturday_post_cats.jpg)


Post cats! Cute cats, funny cats, pretty cats. All cats are welcome.
>it isn't saturday
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File: 1610626926677-0.png (860.18 KB, 738x821, 1507891465713.png)

File: 1610626926677-1.gif (390.83 KB, 500x400, ancient.gif)

File: 1610626926677-2.gif (1014.67 KB, 300x310, boss.gif)

File: 1610626926677-3.jpg (98.35 KB, 720x960, catceilling.jpg)


File: 1610627004150-0.jpg (40.56 KB, 500x375, gato1.jpg)

File: 1610627004150-1.jpg (259.75 KB, 765x1024, gato2.jpg)

File: 1610627004150-2.jpg (117.14 KB, 1080x1082, gato3.jpg)

File: 1610627004150-3.gif (2 MB, 270x435, gato andando.gif)


File: 1610636392980.jpg (80.62 KB, 800x973, gateau.jpg)

I like the word gato because it sounds like gateau which is cake in french. Fitting as they're both sweet.


File: 1610660154883-0.gif (436.97 KB, 500x375, 1525700424055.gif)

File: 1610660154883-1.gif (74.36 KB, 471x268, 1525675756388.gif)

File: 1610660154883-2.jpg (33.69 KB, 750x750, cat-doll.jpg)



File: 1610714435458-0.jpg (61.49 KB, 695x647, gato cachaça.jpg)

File: 1610714435458-1.jpg (266.71 KB, 1200x1134, gato com raiva.jpg)

File: 1610714435458-2.png (201.63 KB, 334x372, gato-heh.png)

File: 1610714435458-3.jpg (36.64 KB, 670x670, Gato-laptop.jpg)

Ironically cats can't taste sweetness.

File: 1570972188631.jpg (149.1 KB, 1080x1080, 71492193_2555115167882542_….jpg)


What are physical features you pay the most attention to?
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File: 1604971385422.png (361.53 KB, 523x592, 6ab63eb8ac32857b1d36cf2ce9….png)

I admire your dedication sushi rollymous


Uhh it's just a type I have? It's not like there's a chinese poster around with a super hot tall ice cold chinese genius older sister.




File: 1605338411022.jpg (118.36 KB, 566x642, 1604470955920.jpg)

What the fuck he's returned for my sister's chastity


not what i pay the most attention to, but i like it when guys have big legs. also like it when they wear certain dress shoes

File: 1559030242926.png (19.57 KB, 896x504, youtube-logo.png)


hello sushis let have a thread where we post youtube videos we find funny
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This is incredible


I did (not) mean to blow your mind


if you guys didn't see this brilliant parody yet, behold.


You've probably already seen it but cmon


File: 1602860584094.png (997.1 KB, 1000x1234, __kagamihara_nadeshiko_inu….png)


I think the imageboards are full of people who'd want to talk to each other based on similar interests, but can't make contact due to sushi rollymous nature of these places. So, how about a contact thread here? I don't think it's against the rules.

>Age and location

>Favourite media (anime, games, music etc.)
>Other hobbies/interests
>How long have you been on Sushi? How did you find this place?
This information might be helpful for the refugees of other (possibly dead) boards to make contact with each other.
>What are you looking for?
>What topics do you wish to avoid?
Sushi is slow, you should probably expect your post to stay here for years. If you're cautious, you should probably use throwaway accounts.
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It would be nice still giving it a try, i very rarely get to talk online with people who share the same language funny enough, but i understand sushi no worries.


Just looking for some people to play games. If you play Mahjong, Splatoon, Go, Chess, Xonotic or Tetris and want someone to play with, send a email. Not interested in voice chat. You can speak if you want but the most I can give you is plain text.





Osea, hello.
Está bien, I'll procrastinate setting up a discord account for a few days and then you may hear from me.


Post some solid gold oldies.
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Audio from Sciario
Video from Moonshine Animations


FYI there's a big archive of annotations at https://archive.org/details/youtubeannotations and invidious instances use it to restore them.


>Aug 14, 2020
Wrong thread, friend. good video though


I still laugh a ton watching this one.


Bonus: Agamemnon and tasty Legolambnon https://youtu.be/Kxp8qPEwSXM

File: 1599278990479.png (11.47 KB, 1920x1080, Untitled.png)


I'm bored sushis. How do I become not bored?
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reject entertainment embrace boredom



File: 1610170103006-0.jpg (396.51 KB, 1045x1315, a1.jpg)

File: 1610170103006-1.jpg (465.95 KB, 1393x1010, a2.jpg)

Cook with fire. Flame on!


Forget the cooking, just light things on fire. Great fun for all ages!


send me an invite

File: 1578135026004.jpg (30.96 KB, 739x415, bridge.jpg)


Do you live in a city?

Do you not live in a city?

How is that going for you?

Maybe you do live in a city, but you'd rather not?
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It's comfy enough I guess. Probably less so than other cities. It was worth it until corona hit, but now the main perk of being in the city is lost. That being the ability to meet people in environments where I can choose to leave and 'reroll' by going next week, where different people will come. I hate having to deal with people I dislike on a regular basis because they happen to hang out in the same places. Before the virus I could just leave and go somewhere else, or go back another time. Nowadays, it's not an option and my social life has suffered for it.


File: 1610340216081.png (116.8 KB, 267x400, 24363936162.png)

I live in 2 cities
When i'm on vacations i come to my hometown, is a boring place and there's no much that i can do around here.
Bc dumb reasons i decide to study far from my house in a city near to the ocean, is a very comfy city but the feeling of loneliness is big.


I like living near a big city, but because I'm such a hermit and loner, there's not much to do around there. I just like the idea of the city. When I go, I just end up walking around for a couple hours and come back home disappointed.

I'd like to frequent cozy coffee shops and the like, but it's just a bit awkward alone, not to mention way less satisfying.


I live in a smallish suburban American town. It's quiet, it's peaceful, and the cost of living is cheap enough for me to save up money.

But god, is it boring. There's nothing to do here, unless your idea of fun is to go eat at $CHAIN_RESTAURANT or take a walk in the park (read: series of baseball/soccer fields for the kids) or something. It's hard to make friends, too, because all the people I could envision myself being friends with all left for the big cities by the time they were out of college.


Do you wanna go on frendates with me to your city?
We can explore the city together and go to cozy cafes together so you won't be alone! but I'd only order ice cream or a milkshake or something else that's mostly sugar that they might have available because I'm no good with coffee…

File: 1605927489271.jpg (64.83 KB, 500x490, 2c3f4057f89f3f4e0f86a58e0c….jpg)

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Last thread, >>8841, seems to have hit bump limit so I'm making an even newer one.

Every time you visit https://sushigirl.us leave a reply in this thread. How your day is going, anything interesting that happened recently or just to say hi, whatever!
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That's a beautiful picture.
There's lots of things you can do, perhals make some hot chocolate and snug yourself up to play videagaem or read a bok.
Farewell Lily, may your soul rest in eternal bliss.


Farewell Lily. Rest in peace.


Sorry for your loss. Hope you're feeling alright and that Lily is at peace.


She sure was beautiful. See you space kitty, hope we can meet in the next life.



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