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File: 1485278748486.jpg (122.25 KB, 1300x1300, 1467565037281.jpg)

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Do you have a neat web community or chat group you'd like to invite people to? Maybe want to drop your messaging handle and strike up some conversations? Do it here.

Chat/community/personal ads are no longer allowed on the rest of the site, except maybe on /hell/.

Important Note: This doesn't mean that you can't talk about communities or chat groups. You could, for example, have a thread where you ask people about web communities they visit. You just can't open your thread with an advertisement.

One post per service please! Duplicate ads may be deleted. This especially includes discord links. To make a permanent discord link, click on instant invite, go to advanced settings, and change the expire time to never. Dead links suck. If your discord link expires, your post will be deleted and you may receive a short warning ban.
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File: 1718029627147.png (28.76 KB, 966x368, Untitled_2.png)


The wizard's discord server has made it's invite public recently.

(community is not affiliated with wizchan imageboard staff though many members are frequent users)

This community is based around the 30 year old virgin meme. Meaning most users lean slightly on the older side and are becoming comfortable with their virgin status in life.

Please only consider joining if you are in agreement with all rules.

Some notes,

1. We try to minimise blatant misogyny, complaining, toxic and doomish attitudes, focusing more on taking it easy and trying to get through the ride of life
2. Regular voice chats, video games and media streams in a laid back environment
3. As an example, and depending on the tone and intent of your message, things such as complaining that you were stood up by your tinder date are not tolerated
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File: 1570927043826.png (1.86 MB, 1660x1000, 1510329756423.png)


This chan is very nice

Not all content is nice, but the chan is nice
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File: 1634203474935.gif (825.22 KB, 637x496, 1545365293765.gif)

post more often, roll! do it for me!


File: 1634240600515.png (1.84 MB, 1600x1200, 1614633705073.png)

>but I'm scared to post often so I don't come off as obnoxious
I post here almost every day, sushi, and I've never thought about something like that. While I appreciate the sentiment, I get the impression that there are a lot of people here who are too caught up on being comfy or not being obnoxious to the point where it discourages them from posting. But in reality, you're in the clear 99% of the time so long as you do common sense things like keeping politics in /hell/.
Posting on sushichan shouldn't be stressful.


File: 1717411701460-0.jpg (35.75 KB, 374x567, 20240603.jpg)

File: 1717411701460-1.jpg (69.83 KB, 499x768, 20240606.jpg)

Idling slowly is preferred here.


You see agent 101, I’ve come up with my most diabolical plan yet! Saying nice things to strangers!!

Muhahahhahahahahahahahaahhahahahahaha >:D


File: 1718272766380-0.jpg (465 KB, 1300x2500, 20240609.jpg)

File: 1718272766380-1.jpg (32.25 KB, 425x748, 20240610.jpg)

Indeed it is.

File: 1713260233776.jpg (1.19 MB, 805x1200, 117487005_p2.jpg)


Shouldn't it be "Kaitenzushi"?
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File: 1717626638396.jpg (67.95 KB, 1280x720, GPT0TG-XwAAE8Rl.jpg)



File: 1717768508874.webm (892.54 KB, 366x366, 202405.webm)

You have Frieren's sense of time ?


File: 1717800529350.jpg (144.16 KB, 934x1527, by twitter user HoshII_121….jpg)

It's been a while, sushiladies and sushigentlemen. Updated my webpage. My progress log for Hsushi roll is finally up to date.

I opened my webpage three and a half years ago and at that point I already had plenty of exercises under my belt. Only two and a half years later did I begin writing the progress log and by then I had already completed the first volume. The longer I took to get it up to date, the wider the gap became. So I decided to put new exercises on hold, which became a convenient excuse to procrastinate. And now here we are. Out of excuses. Considering the exercises that lie ahead, the progress log may be getting its final updates soon, but who knows how it will go. Staying positive is important (it's the only way I can even come here after committing but failing to keep a japanese diary… That and not giving up on all these delusions after it's already been so long), so I'll work hard enough that it gets plenty more updates. Exercise #60 will always be the goal.

Summer promises to be heated, but I'll try to keep my cool and focus on progress for once.


File: 1718228928507.jpg (1.46 MB, 1493x1378, GP2KCiRawAE6nEK.jpg)

I have decided to take one hour of my busy schedule every day to post on sushigirl dot us.

And it's not just gonna be random imgs or making /lewd/ good for once.

I'm gonna be a contributor!
…Starting tomorrow.


File: 1718266542359.jpg (241.92 KB, 1024x880, 1718094161145973m.jpg)

Neat, looking forward to your contributions.

File: 1693892299797.jpg (111.18 KB, 750x1000, nomad_pepe.jpg)


4chan is boring, 8chan…well who really knows about that. Smaller indy-chans seem to come and go. I think comfy chan is still online, but julay world and my favorite; late city is gone.

I am a nomad, I roam the digital wasteland, from chan to chan.
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Not the Original Poster - I've denifitely been coming to imageboards less and less after enrolling in a university. What have been an hourly participation in the discussions have turned to the habitual drop-in once a month - if not less frequent. Still though, what I like about imageboards is that there is a refreshing change in the mode of discussion. I can definitely talk about all the unhinged stuff you'd normally see on the bad board on the bad imageboard with my friends, or the good and blissful things that are definitely rare in the chanospehre but still exist. I can speak my mind and my thoughts here freely in a way that is simply not possible in spoken language - imageboards are void of inherent and sometimes even habitual self-regulation of speech that degrades the meaning of things I want to express. This is not necessarily restricted to politics, I also mean things of sentimental value and sometimes even personal thoughts. As soon as you put something in words, you lose some of that meaning. Speak of it, you lose even further - you're need to express your thoughts restricted to social norms and commonly accepted etiquette in that specific context. Body language, intonation and facial expressions is often not adequate to make up for that.



I think that image boards, like all forms of social media, operate as an artificial simulacrum - a supplement for real life social interaction. So I think once you have a robust social network there's not a real need for online social life and that osimulacrum becomes a complement to that social network or becomes redundant. The lack of third spaces IRL is probably one of the reasons so many have turned to online social networks as a substitute. But there's already too much negativity and misguided nostalgia in this thread so I'd rather not continue on that. "Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism leads to power". I think that the appeal of these virtual social networks is that they can compelement and extend existing physical social networks, and that in the absence of physical social networks they can offer a supplement that can potentially blossom into a physical one as well. We have a thread actually where sushis connect and meet up in person! I think that only really applies to social media websites with a positive atmosphere though, so even with virtual social networks you should be careful to choose your friends wisely.

I like the comfy culture of sushigirl and I like supporting and being a part of the positivity because I know it is helping other people. Also because I know that everyone in here has a unique and interesting life, and I like being involved in the tangle of people's lives. That's my reason to come here on occasion.


Choose three things and do them all well!


Why three?

File: 1621966639565.gif (13.12 KB, 79x95, toheart_clean_it_up.gif)


What do you sushis sound like?

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File: 1701865484342.jpg (10.45 KB, 242x251, bb2.jpg)


Yes, I know because every single one is actually just me.


Sacred Deux (Oh my god)!


File: 1717610031774.jpg (158.8 KB, 714x1000, 81UiD1iDzNL._AC_UF1000,100….jpg)

Namu Amida Butsu (Oh my Buddha)!


this is what i sound like. i have a southern accent


File: 1545991112843.jpg (99.38 KB, 1080x1080, chess.jpg)

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I recently saw this video

I realized that I never learned how to play chess. Nobody in my family plays it anymore so I never bothered to learn. But after reading so many amazing stories about this game I really felt urge to learn it and get decent at it.
Couple of days ago I started playing regularly on lichess; I'm still really bad but it has been lots of fun so far.

Do you have any interesting stories about chess? Any tips for beginner like me?
Lets have a thread about comfiest game ever.
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File: 1708935307479-0.gif (4.61 KB, 268x268, 20240001.gif)

File: 1708935307479-1.jpg (50.47 KB, 474x266, 20240225.jpg)

File: 1708935307479-2.jpg (942.52 KB, 3505x1809, 20240226.jpg)

File: 1708935307479-3.gif (233.77 KB, 800x600, 20240000.gif)


File: 1712575551267-0.gif (4.3 KB, 268x268, 20240000.gif)

File: 1712575551267-1.jpg (359.63 KB, 1894x1238, 20240404.jpg)

File: 1712575551267-2.jpg (85.03 KB, 850x478, 20240407.jpg)

File: 1712575551267-3.jpg (182.44 KB, 850x1275, 20240408.jpg)


File: 1713867911587-0.gif (4.86 KB, 268x268, 20240000.gif)

File: 1713867911587-1.gif (279.92 KB, 364x149, 2025.gif)

File: 1713867911587-2.jpg (55.72 KB, 500x625, 2025.jpg)

File: 1713867911587-3.jpg (441.39 KB, 1266x1789, 20240422.jpg)


File: 1716851338454-0.gif (4.35 KB, 268x268, 20240001.gif)

File: 1716851338454-1.gif (129.82 KB, 220x147, 20240000.gif)

File: 1716851338454-2.jpg (66.35 KB, 849x476, 20240526.jpg)

File: 1716851338454-3.jpg (75.8 KB, 700x675, 20240527.jpg)

White to play
A Summerscale vs P Roberts


File: 1718002903201-0.gif (4.44 KB, 268x268, 20240600.gif)

File: 1718002903201-1.jpg (65.81 KB, 850x582, 20240609.jpg)

File: 1576414522188-0.jpg (2 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_3608.JPG)

File: 1576414522188-1.jpg (1.82 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_3639.JPG)


Let's have a thread about pictures you personally took.

Here are some plants I found around where I live.
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File: 1715553030645.jpg (2.45 MB, 1500x2000, IMG_20240204_172649334.jpg)


File: 1715710706114-0.jpg (193.46 KB, 1280x964, IMG_20240513_105801_510.jpg)

File: 1715710706114-1.jpg (236.69 KB, 1280x960, IMG_20240513_105757_355.jpg)


File: 1717272498106.png (2.83 MB, 1009x1345, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1717272722224.jpg (1.08 MB, 2980x4004, worms.jpg)


File: 1717983272031.jpg (750.76 KB, 1796x1380, Graffiti.jpg)

This graffiti has been on a bridge for years now; I like to think the city chooses not to remove it because it's kind of funny.

File: 1677255813532.jpeg (79.66 KB, 1600x900, B2D0A02B-24DA-494F-97E1-5….jpeg)


What’s the story on your first love sushi?
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Hey! Sorry for not responding sooner, I got busy with life stuff. That 's one of the joys of slow boards though, they're at a comfy pace that doesn't replace life.

Agape can be mystical, it can be experienced in isolation or in community. I was just highlighting that love can be more than infatuation, a deep concern for the well-being of others and their betterment, an unconditional love - that's agape. I like to point to higher forms and get to the core of stuff. My emphasis was on the importance of relationship and community, and an encouragement to go out and seek it because even a little bit (like a circle of 2 friends) can change our life.

I'm not really trying to equate it to a spiritual experience. Maybe the way I phrased it came off that way, in which case I apologize. It is true that expecting friendships and relationships to be something they are not will lead to disappointment, but I'm not about that either. I've seen what it's like to be in nature, and I'm imploring you to go and see it for yourself instead of passing the chance while you're still alive to experience it. Life are people are beautiful if flawed, but it's worth it to go out and see it and experience it - it's a blessing.

I know there are things in our life that aren't in our control, but there are things that are in our control. We shouldn't limit ourselves with statements and beliefs about our inabilities and about where we are in life right now, and we shouldn't get lost chasing feelings and ideals that can be fickle. But we should be willing to pursue friendships and do what we can to grow in ourselves and realize our potential. Enjoy a feeling when it comes, like sunshine on a sunny day - and pursue relationships where they can be found, like hunting for a shiny gem. No one is "incapable", people are just at different points in their life. If you can lift 15lb that's worth celebrating, if you can lifht 150lb that's worth celebrating. I know that many people online are terrified of forming friendships and relationships because they are traumatized by bad experiences in their past and perhaps believe that its beyond their reach.

Comfyness is a bit subjective. I implore you to be the best version of yourself because I know that it makes life better. There's discomfort to going to the gym at first but in the long run you're healther and happiePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


> I know that many people online are terrified of forming friendships and relationships because they are traumatized by bad experiences in their past and perhaps believe that its beyond their reach.
But I know that everyone is capable of change, and that everyone can heal. It's better to have tried than to wonder about what life would have been like if you had.



> I disagree
To clarify I don't mean that everything sucks because it's "stained by sin" - certainly not that we're "soaked" in it. I mean that reality isn't at its best like a cracked mirror or a dilapidated house, and that sin is the influence that is "what does it". That's a theological belief though, so you're free to differ on that. I'm not here to force anyone to subscribe to my theology. I'm just here to encourage people to life a full life and to transform because I empathize with where they're at (because I used to be there).

> Genuine love involves pain and suffering. Its bittersweet and it hurts. Without that we can't grow. Chaining yourself up to avoid the hurt that comes with human interaction is stunting yourself through lack of courage to face the world. God didn't put that heart in your chest so you'd never use it. Fear of pain is probably why so many people lock themselves away and we're validated by a culture that says its okay to run away from hurt or that weakness is a bad thing.

You got it! We're all born to grow, we can't life our lives in the same state forever. Life can hurt sometimes, being vulnerable is scary, but it's all worth it. I've never met a person on their death bed who regretted spending time with their family, friends, lovers, etc. Living a life of isolation as a conscious being is like living a flightless life as a bird.

They're certainly limiting themselves like I used to. Feels like watching a goose that tries to justify why it doesn't want to fly, perhaps because they're afraid they may fall.


Yo. It's 21st of May already and yeah, sorry, haven't checked the thread since my reply myself. I've been "busy" as well. Well I hope you had a good start to the summer, you know "progressed" in life by loving and and experiencing those special moments with your loved ones and community. I'm sure you have experienced more love and happiness in that time than suffering, right?

Maybe the problem for me isn't that happiness is illusionary or whatever, but rather that it's unpredictable and volatile. You cannot guarantee that the outcome of your actions, no matter how virtuous they may be, will be positive for you (and others as well actually). There's always an element of fate and as we know fate can be rather cruel.

Yeah, no, some people are truly "incapable" of some achieving certain things. Using your example of weight lifting, yeah you can celebrate lifing 15lb but you are still incapable of lifting heavier objects. This is a problem because in life we must meet certain standards to experience the "finer things". I will transfer this example to another context to illustrate my point, lets say friendships. Maybe an individual is capable of making "half a friend" by engaging in pleasant small talk or by successful completing other preliminary bonding rituals. That's nice, commendable but ultimately still leaves them friendless as they are unable to progress to the next stages of emotional bonding. Well for this you'll probably say, "they just have to keep trying, every instance of small talk progresses them as a person, if they keep trying they will win" Well the problem is this is not realistic sometimes. Using the example of the weak weight lifter, it's entirely possible that he may never be able to progress past lifting 15lb - maybe he has a genetic condition that keeps him weak. With love and relationships it is the same. I'm not going to get into the examples but there are genetic and hereditary traits which make individuals unable to bond with others, this is the reality.

But yeah, to address the more personal issues some of you may have with me (I'm looking at the guy who said my god is death, and the guy who says I'm artificially "limiting" myself as a self protective mechanism)
It's not true. I am actually a pretty optimistic guy in real life. But I know that in this reality we are bound by fate and limits. Some ofPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I haven't checked this thread in a long time also. Too busy with trying to kick my NEET ways.

>Human beings are universally soaked in sin, by proxy of living in a fallen reality. But if you don't want to think about it in a religious sense, it's clear to see how human nature is flawed and selfish from a natural point of view also.

I do want to think of it in a religious sense but I do not agree with the idea of us all being soaked in sin or Christian teachings on the Fall. We are flawed creates, only God is perfect, but that doesn't mean we are born of sin or that we are inherently sinful. We're just flawed and error prone.

>Whatever form of love is most detached from sex is most spiritual, and whatever is attached to sex is the least.

Disagree. I can see why love without sex can be really beautiful but I don't think sex and spirituality should be completely detached. Love and sexual desire are different but they can overlap and that's not a bad thing. Probably the worst thing about modern society is that we expect love and sex to be joint together which puts a lot of pressure on people to feel bad about their darker sexual urges and also creates this idea that your worthless or unlovable if you can't get laid both are harmful for our mental health.

Separating sexual desire from spiritual desire creates a dualism between soul and body that priviledges the immaterial world over the physical one. The result of that can be a harmful denial of the body and physical reality and material pleasures. I'd say God generating the world is itself a (metaphorically) sexual act and love and desire runs through the universe and makes everything move. All our desires are in a way the soul's unconscious desire to reunite with God and that's also at the bottom of our sexual impulses too. It can have horrifying results because our desires can be pretty base and very cruel and selfish so we have to manage those things.

>I'd argue the majority of mystics who reached out for deeper forms of love throughout history were celibate.

Maybe but some like Ibn Arabi were hardly celibate at all and even abandoned celibacy and some like the Buddha abandoned their wives. There were many mystics who while remaining celibate used sexual motifs to expPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1607649567206.jpg (1.01 MB, 848x1200, 20186464_p0.jpg)




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File: 1707214440672.jpg (155.86 KB, 850x1258, 20240212.jpg)



File: 1717789861853.webm (5.84 MB, 640x480, climb.webm)




Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



File: 1628475730282.jpg (717.04 KB, 2560x1440, 1568521939314.jpg)


heihei sushis :3
i want to start a diary and been thinking of what it helps u with as there must be less obvious things u only find out after doing it (semi-)longterm, maybe u'll recognize things others mention which didn't occur to u conciously before and it might inspire others to do the same, i for one can't think of any downsides, as even cringing at ur current self in the future should be worth it to see urself growing

to start off myself, as someone who never wrote their own diary, i think it'll help me get a clearer view of what's important to me, remember things standing out and to live the day more conciously without things sliding by all the time ^-^ (this paragraph is a lil double-y, i almost forgot to write it and shoved it in ^^")

i don't need tips on what/how to write, as i think it'll come naturally and i'll notice what's important to me over time and the beginning will probably be a little clunky, but feel free to write tips, i'm sure there r sushis appreciating it and maybe it'll ease someones first hurdles
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for when you can't decide if you want an open sandwich or regular sandwich.


Dear Diary,

It rained today and never really stopped. Also the buses came late today twice in a consecutive days.

I hate the wet…


you’re doing fine just stop saying “u” instead of “you” it‘s very irritating.


File: 1717768611692.webm (1.96 MB, 1280x720, 202407.webm)

Terrible week at work; issues and problems all the time. Argh.


Today when parking my car I managed to drive 5 cm into an unmarked driveway with 50cm tall grass. What I did not expect after returning from work was the owner running towards me calling me a stupid useless roll while waving an axe around because he was chopping wood to start a fire.

Ended up driving away. It's never a good idea to engage in violence with bare hands against somebody with an axe.

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