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File: 1485278748486.jpg (122.25 KB, 1300x1300, 1467565037281.jpg)

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Do you have a neat web community or chat group you'd like to invite people to? Maybe want to drop your messaging handle and strike up some conversations? Do it here.

Chat/community/personal ads are no longer allowed on the rest of the site, except maybe on /hell/.

Important Note: This doesn't mean that you can't talk about communities or chat groups. You could, for example, have a thread where you ask people about web communities they visit. You just can't open your thread with an advertisement.

One post per service please! Duplicate ads may be deleted. This especially includes discord links. To make a permanent discord link, click on instant invite, go to advanced settings, and change the expire time to never. Dead links suck. If your discord link expires, your post will be deleted and you may receive a short warning ban.
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>Relishing the good parts of our youth without wallowing in nostalgia is a difficult balancing act.
Agreed and empathized. Xennials and a good chunk of early gen Y have hit their +30's now. I get the feeling that a lot of us invested time online because we struggled to fit in irl. Now that online culture has not only evaporated, it's also merged with the "irl" we didn't fit in with. On top of that a lot of what we used to consider niche is now very mainstream and profitable– personal example: moeshit plastered on cars in my neighborhood. The internet will continue to change, z and alpha may feel as displaced in larger numbers when their platforms die and wonder why they wasted so much time on, idk, twitter and tiktok the same way we feel about our forums and websites.

Appreciate the past and let go, friends. It's nice to have sushi rollymous places like this to check in on, see a post like one of yours and think "hey, that's cool / i vibe with that." Make this period in your life something to be nostalgic for later, worth remembering, not behind a screen feeling irritated. This is the best sentiment I can offer, sorry that it's pretty "touch some grass" but it's been (mostly) working for me.

File: 1641701844799-0.gif (189.98 KB, 1190x1684, 2022.gif)

File: 1641701844799-1.jpg (75.17 KB, 680x400, 20220109.jpg)

File: 1641701844799-2.jpg (655.77 KB, 2000x3600, 20220116.jpg)


Year of the Twin
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File: 1652956390238-0.jpg (1.33 MB, 3289x2192, 1mtg.jpg)

File: 1652956390238-1.jpg (189.27 KB, 750x1075, coff1.jpg)



File: 1653043314934-0.jpg (184.8 KB, 808x1046, u17.jpg)

File: 1653043314959-1.jpg (52.26 KB, 612x1000, u18.jpg)



File: 1653225955419-0.jpg (102.21 KB, 1200x399, 20220605.jpg)

File: 1653225955419-1.jpg (300.51 KB, 1200x399, 20229999TANK.jpg)



File: 1653555126195-0.jpg (272.57 KB, 1440x960, u20.jpg)

File: 1653555126195-1.jpg (118.82 KB, 1440x900, u22.jpg)



File: 1653720370573-0.jpg (145.14 KB, 1000x630, 20220529.jpg)

File: 1653720370573-1.jpg (71.48 KB, 600x750, 20220605.jpg)


File: 1653379745335.jpg (73.55 KB, 564x564, 0f615519711586f2241955d7a0….jpg)


is there a "ask the opposite gender stuff" thread? i have a question :(
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idk based on what i know its like extra pee that leaks out when ya think ur good and you have a little wet spot


well when you go pee sometimes it doesn't all wanna come out and you have to do some, uh, extra work to get the last few drops. So it's not uncommon that a drop or two ends up in your pants, yeah.


The way you stated this makes it sound as though it were out of fashion and it is suddenly "in" again.


File: 1653704372985.jpg (221.79 KB, 768x768, 1631240548002.jpg)

question for girls
How do you define someone who is like a creep? I feel like this after talking to a girl from college, getting her phone number, and me wanting to continue the conversation through message apps but she didn't reply anything back to me
I just want some contact but my nature may be very creepy.


When I was in college I would give my number without wanting to because it felt rude not to. I also was a late bloomer who didn't realize it meant a guy was potentially interested in me. Either or both could be the same with yours. If she's not responding back, I'd say to cease messaging.

Things get creepy when someone is constantly contacting, demanding attention and flirting when im not reciprocating.

File: 1602860584094.png (997.1 KB, 1000x1234, __kagamihara_nadeshiko_inu….png)


I think the imageboards are full of people who'd want to talk to each other based on similar interests, but can't make contact due to sushi rollymous nature of these places. So, how about a contact thread here? I don't think it's against the rules.

>Age and location

>Favourite media (anime, games, music etc.)
>Other hobbies/interests
>How long have you been on Sushi? How did you find this place?
This information might be helpful for the refugees of other (possibly dead) boards to make contact with each other.
>What are you looking for?
>What topics do you wish to avoid?
Sushi is slow, you should probably expect your post to stay here for years. If you're cautious, you should probably use throwaway accounts.
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File: 1653243236208.jpg (753.75 KB, 1920x1080, 633bb16fd12d50bb553e61a09a….jpg)

Male 30 USA

Used to watch anime a lot. Don't so much anymore, but every once in a while I'll watch old stuff, and I've still got a pretty big affinity for the community.

I play RPGs, Strategy, and Engineering games when I have time. I really like tactics rpgs.

I listen to jazz/fusion, progressive, techno/trance, classical, and dungeon synth, among others. Depends on my mood. I horde music.

I do computers, networking stuff, and automation. I data horde, though I'm rather new to it. I like to read about and talk philosophy. I play piano and bass guitar.

I've been on sushi off and on for a while. I don't remember how I found my way here now. Probably just digging through alt-chans absentmindedly.

I'm interested in talking with people who share interests, and finding communities about those interests. Not much else.

XMPP: radicaldreamer[at]404.city


File: 1653492293939.png (988.48 KB, 1928x1729, kwee.png)

18F living in the netherlands!

big weeb but depression made me watch much less anime and read less manga so i havent been keeping up with that title ;w;

i try to draw but rarely finish anything and i hate my art, often just dump hundreds of hours of work

found sushi in a discord server that i got from 4chan, it seems most people in that server got introduced to it here

im not sure what im looking for, just wanted to join the fun thread cause i like rambling about myself…

voicecalls/selfies/videocalls/multiplayer/voice messages, sorry, bad anxiety so please dont ask for those

honestly im just an edgy/quirky blob that makes everything depressing so im not really fun

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>sketch attached by me, thoughts?
Really good art, and cute! You are talented, and Klee is super adorable.


Just letting you know in case it's not intentional (maybe you got request bombed and it is), you have your account set to not accept friend requests so peeps can't add you


ah sorry, its back on!

File: 1652023913714.png (87.92 KB, 269x259, derina.png)


what gives you comfort when ur down :)
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Oh and also, this is something I only do when I already am comfy to increase comfy levels further, but someone else may find it usable to de-uncomf:
Go on safebooru and search for some tag of comfy attribute, like for example, "blanket", "teacup", or whatever else I associate with good pleasant times.


Sometimes I clean shit, other times I just doze off to some ambient music or vent in my diary.txt


Juno? >;3 nyaa is that you, be honest?


File: 1653491663565.jpg (74.71 KB, 684x912, IMG_20220520_210725.jpg)

my cat, steffie. i love her


I like to move around.
I like going outside.
I like the sun on skin.
I am a snake in blood.

File: 1645464133939.png (436.18 KB, 685x960, 270339648_3209617855928339….png)


Where are you on here, and what's your experience being there like?

Orchid, 5, A for me.
I've had people break off relationships with me because of my lack of sexual interest, but I hope maybe one day I can find someone who doesn't mind.
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pink 4A, my partner had a way stronger libido than me at first but i started feeling more sexual attraction as time went on so we basically flipped


File: 1651909951704.jpg (174.35 KB, 1200x675, 1551327336010.jpg)

male, pink 0a.

well hello there




Red 0A

I've never dated/been in a romantic relationship before. If I do get in a romantic relationship, I plan on saving myself for marriage.


Red 3A and still very confused about what I am. Never been in a relationship yet, waiting for marriage.

105; DROP TABLE *; – hope the data mining was worth it op ;^)

File: 1653212483774.jpg (48.3 KB, 933x966, image1-1.jpg)


hello, I just stumbled here, and y'all seem really nice, what's this place ?
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that is very ominous thank you, I feel welcomed.


It’s whatever you want it to be, really! Just make sure you lurk and post comfily.

I hope everyone has a nice day!


Oh, if you read it like that, lol.
Didn't mean ALL that you see, more what you see of here. I.e, it is comfy people trying to have a nice peaceful time, and it is seen, we don't see lots of people trying to hurt eachother, hence it isn't that kind of place.


Welcome to our laidback sushi bar! Courtesy is our rule and comfy is our game. A chiller chan you will not find. Relax and enjoy the vibes.


then I will chill here without restraint my Lord.

File: 1569838448105.gif (480.9 KB, 540x810, 1506457971809.gif)

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Do you have any plans for today sushis?
Or if you're reading this later: Did you have a good day?

I'm pretty excited for today. Going to finish work on a project and add some new plants to my greenhouse while I still can.
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File: 1651816877548.gif (3.66 MB, 800x800, VarC3A1zsceruza.gif)

I found it on another imageboard. I was able to find an old thread from 2016 which looks to be its origin after a bit of searching!


File: 1651836810766.jpg (1.53 MB, 2086x1838, 20220506_073300.jpg)

"The problem I have with this is that the step where it becomes the double sinusoid bump shape is assuming the result. It's not visually convincing enough."
Ha, the first comment was exactly what I tripped over and wanted to confirm, lol.
Thanks roll fren. The thing I had trouble with tho was noticing that the unrolling corrisponded to the sin function, when I first saw the gif it wasn't obvious that should be true, and if it wasn't, the density of dx in the final integration would be wrong, right?
I was a little worried I was going to get made fun of for all the handwaving I did in my exploration of why unrolling should be sin(x), so it's kinda a complement to hear it looks smart. TY… But! "Smart" is how fast a person could go if they try, "effort" is how fast they actually go, and "knowledge" is the places they go and the things they see. I hope you aren't feeling bad about yourself… Just because you haven't seen something I have, doesn't mean you aren't smart or that you haven't picked up some really cool pieces of knowledge!


Updated my webpage. Adding new stuff on more than one page feels fresh.


File: 1653317578449.png (139.64 KB, 962x915, 1644904044522.png)

I managed to build my Portfolio, took me all the night to make sure it looks good for my standards but now it has a fairly decent design that doesn't look bad in any resolution except impossible ones.
Feels good man.


My back hurts like hell, shouldn't have spent the whole day in bed :/

File: 1545991112843.jpg (99.38 KB, 1080x1080, chess.jpg)


I recently saw this video

I realized that I never learned how to play chess. Nobody in my family plays it anymore so I never bothered to learn. But after reading so many amazing stories about this game I really felt urge to learn it and get decent at it.
Couple of days ago I started playing regularly on lichess; I'm still really bad but it has been lots of fun so far.

Do you have any interesting stories about chess? Any tips for beginner like me?
Lets have a thread about comfiest game ever.
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File: 1652187890123-0.gif (4.76 KB, 268x268, ztank.gif)

File: 1652187890123-1.jpg (54.29 KB, 824x563, 1mtg.jpg)

File: 1652187890123-2.gif (21.84 KB, 63x98, zCh.gif)

White to play
Maiorov vs R Bagirov


File: 1652701915790-0.gif (4.98 KB, 268x268, zchess1.gif)

File: 1652701915827-1.jpg (27.9 KB, 474x316, coff1.jpg)

File: 1652701915827-2.jpg (58.26 KB, 1017x929, u22.jpg)

Black to play
R Safar vs I Agrest


File: 1652793539118-0.gif (4.98 KB, 268x268, zchess1.gif)

File: 1652793539119-1.webm (188.97 KB, 1920x1000, echun_duel.webm)

File: 1652793539119-2.webm (329.56 KB, 640x360, fei16.webm)

White to play
S R Wolf vs Lokvenc


File: 1653312740070-0.gif (4.35 KB, 268x268, zchess1.gif)

File: 1653312740071-1.gif (1.13 MB, 800x600, zchess2.gif)

File: 1653312740071-2.jpg (340.54 KB, 1891x1744, u17.jpg)

White to play
Showalter vs Pillsbury


File: 1653385474166-0.gif (4.86 KB, 268x268, zchess1.gif)

File: 1653385474190-1.gif (842.36 KB, 200x113, zchess2.gif)

File: 1653385474190-2.jpg (357.84 KB, 3000x2483, 1mtg.jpg)

White to play
G Garcia vs B Zuckerman

File: 1598020622973.jpg (42.82 KB, 563x565, 54e21a7b76285f54ea12e6f494….jpg)


How do you sushi rolls go to sleep fast or at a reasonable rate? I've been trying to get a better sleep schedule, but a problem I've run into is that it can take me 1-2 hours to go to sleep. I know it sounds insane, but I can't fall asleep at a normal rate.

I've sleeping 20 minutes after getting off electronics. It helps, but it isn't enough. Any tips?
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I don't actually feel like falling, it's usually more like I'm walking down stairs and miss a step and my leg jerks really hard.


I used to have this sort of problem too, I found that reading for an hour or two (A book not your phone) worked pretty well. Also agree with the other posts about getting up and doing something rather than tossing and turning


How much is a good night's sleep worth?


I didn't know it was called that. Yeah, it happened several times.



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