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File: 1469903008759.png (407.03 KB, 530x318, route_120_second_bridge.png)


What's your perfect weather - time of the day combination? I mean, that moment in which you just want to go out and take a stroll around even if you haven't got anything to do; just to enjoy the moment and embrace true comfyness for a couple of minutes.

I personally love that hour or two after a strong downpour when the air is still a bit cold, the clouds are speeding fast filtering the sun and the sidewalk is still wet with some puddles. I love to get my earphones and wandering around, by foot or by bike.
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It's been real sunny where I live recently. My favourite things is the pastel blue colour of the sky, and how the local parks are filled with families with young children.
Dusk in general is a great time, for all seasons. Sometimes I fell like waiting all day just to get the mood lighting right.


File: 1494283074447.png (980.3 KB, 1277x719, Untitled.png)

Now that I think about it, I have very fond feelings for most weathers, as long as I can get into the right mindset.
I guess that's pretty lucky, to be able to like them all. Although they can just as easily make me sad back.

I think I'm probably just really easy to influence, media is usually what gives me wistful feelings for weather/time even though I've never had any particularly strong interest before, say, a certain scene.

I really love dusk, even if the above negates that.
Something about it calms my soul.
Especially strong oranges or pastel pinks


When its midday but a thunderstorm is coming so the sky turns fully dark as if it was 8pm.

Just beautiful.


Also after the storms when the sky turns orange/purple and it reflects in the windows of every building of the city.

A sight to behold.


File: 1501468764105.jpg (563.48 KB, 2048x1362, 1498705356081.jpg)

Evenings where there's not a single cloud in the sky, and everything's is a tinge of pink, orange and blue.

File: 1500244229188.png (1.97 KB, 72x72, admin3.png)


ok so what each board is for? I can't find it in the faq


lounge - general laid-back discussion
arcade - games
kawaii - cute things
kitchen - food and drinks
tunes - music
silicon - electronics and technology
yakuza - meta-board
hell - random stuff and shit posting
lewd - porn

What exactly is culture? I find it hard to give a satisfactory description of the term in few words.


art related things that aren't music.


I don't think that clearly defines "culture". We could talk internet board cultures, japanese keitai culture, drugs culture or whatever involves a group of people engaging in structured activities and call it culture. It doesn't have to be "art". Art can contribute to someone's culture but I think that culture as a concept goes way beyond literature and classical music or books.


Maybe. I just came with that definition by the kind of threads that used to be on the culture board on the old sushi. You can check it here https://archive.sushigirl.us/culture/.

clarification: I said "no music" just because we already have /tunes/ for that.


Top of each board (also in the link tooltip) has a brief description. Anything in specific that you can't figure out?

While culture can be many things, /culture/ is mostly for written and visual art (books, photos, etc). You might be able to get away with some other stuff, but /lounge/ has usually been where other "culture" stuff goes.

File: 1500567774007.jpg (112.29 KB, 918x1505, C07IXcpUkAAb6MF.jpg large.jpg)


Mine was pretty chill. Lately I've been snacking too much – I'm getting a bit of a belly.
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I drink a little too much and a friend had to drove me back home. It was an interesting day, full of sharp images but faint memories. Cheers.


same as most days now, had my afternoon tea already and right now im working on the book im writing. i plan on reading a bit in the evening and having some sleepy time tea before bed


File: 1500664229091.jpg (63.7 KB, 610x960, 13707761.jpg)

i'm on vacation in my parents house, i've started going to the gym and i really liked it! yesterday i've run for 10 minutes straight, its been a while since i run that much
things are pretty loud around here (in my parents house), i'm used to live alone so i can't quite relax with so many people around and so much noise. i wish i was programming and reading more, since thats what i've planned for this time, but its nice to take some time and do nothing (still, i hope i do something useful in the next 2 weeks)


I went to the beach with a qt and smooched on a driftwood log the other day.
Still trying to get myself going, eating a big bowl of granola and I think I'm going to make some bread.
I'm helping out at a local town festival tomorrow morning.


File: 1500666188844.jpg (180.02 KB, 1024x768, alone-at-the-station.jpg)

Spent the afternoon on trains or waiting for trains. I read my National Geographic to pass some of the time. Then, on the last train in my chain of journeys, something strange happened. Three days earlier, I had seen a teenage girl with her dad get on the same train as me at my local station. She had light brown hair, tied back into a bun, and wore glasses with fairly thick rims. Riding the train towards my home station today, I watched as someone sat down on the seats diagonally opposite mine, not three metres away. It was her, I was sure! The same girl who took the same two routes into and out of the city - this city of 8 million people - who decided upon the exact same carriage as me, on the same days and at the same times as I did.

I did not say hello. What could I have said? It was a funny coincidence nevertheless, and that was my day.

File: 1500148449451.jpg (381.43 KB, 1600x1200, 1499070489604.jpg)


If you do, how do you rolls stay fit? im currently doing 5x5 strongman and trying to bulk out of 5'9" 120lbs. i use a home gym because i dont like going out much. how bout you sushiroll?


I'm trying to get fit at the moment. Out for 50mins cardio 5-6 mornings a week plus throwing is some weights and boxing as well. Also changed up my diet and trying to keep to sub 1900 calories. It's going ok, I'm not really concerned with weight to much and am just using clothing as a guide and I know I'm losing some weight - I just wish I had more self discipline. This morning I was super tried and decided not to go out for exercise and I feel really guilty.


>stay fit
for me it just boils down to get moving. I try to stretch daily, skip rope, and so on. I usually do some calisthenics without really exerting myself too much.
For many, "staying fit" seems to mean building muscle mass, though myself I don't quite see the appeal in that. Then again, I'm hungry skelly. So I excercise for agility and flexibility instead.


File: 1500243480627.jpg (24.4 KB, 300x300, U even lift cus I lift the….jpg)

I know you probably don't need to hear this, but you really probably ought to get a gym membership. It might not matter too much when you're starting out and the weights are small, but if you get heavy and there are problems with your form that you didn't notice they can really mess you up.
The other day I failed on the bench and someone came and helped me unload the bar. It was embarrassing as hell, but I asked and he was able to give me some tips (particularly on the squat) that were actually pretty useful. The most useful thing about that experience though was knowing that people are watching you lets be honest we all watch people and pretend we don't. That might sound off-putting but actually it means that you are much safer - people wont bring you up on small things, but if you are about to hurt yourself people will definitely step in.
Swallow your pride sushi roll.

File: 1494029383355.jpg (246.24 KB, 1512x1024, Toshio_Saeki-Akai_Hako_1.jpg)


Do you keep a diary?
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I kept a diary my first year of uni. I think it's handy to just let all your darkest thoughts out where no one can see them and then think if you really believe them. Almost always I found that I didn't but I couldn't have done that if didn't confront them first.


You should acquire a dictaphone. Seems like just what you need.


That page looks like some trendy hipster stuff. Upon more navigation, it really is some hipster stuff. Meh, the bullet journal was invented by a designer guy.
But I really liked it, it's like org-mode on paper. Who'd say. It's similar to what I've been doing only with a framework. I guess I'll try that or adapt it to my needs.
Thanks for that


Yeah, just based on the page I immediately hated bullet journal, but I want better methods of organizing myself, so I read some about it, and it has some good developments over what I've already been doing. I guess I should have included a "vain airbnb hipster veneer" warning.


from what i understand psychologists think they are very metaphorical versions of how your subconscious is interpreting your life. and the dreams is how the subconscious tries to communicate with the conscious.

File: 1489157613661.jpg (44.51 KB, 507x519, image.jpg)


This is nice board
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Bretty gud, sushirolls always deliver


File: 1497589099647.gif (136 KB, 400x362, aestheticpikachu.gif)

What I nice thread! Have a nice pokemon!


File: 1497589811945.jpg (113.83 KB, 300x300, Chet_Baker_&_Strings.jpg)

Do any of you sushi rolls like jazz? I for one think it's very comfy. Post jazz songs, artists, and albums you like or think are comfy!
I have been listening to a lot of Chet Baker, and specifically pic related.


File: 1497603849005.jpg (81.51 KB, 600x538, R-209952-1327907935.jpeg.jpg)


File: 1497678426033.jpeg (58.9 KB, 700x614, HappyHappyJoyJoy.jpeg)

Meant to post this as a separate thread, I was wondering where it went. Been looking for it for a day.

File: 1495680787007.jpg (104.22 KB, 500x667, 32847294872984.jpg)


Trying to figure out what I can do to better my life during my free time and try to get out and socialize but there's literally no where to hang out and meet new people at where I live besides a few redneck bars. I don't drink and I don't feel comfortable being around those types of people. Does anyone have any tips for someone who lives in small town america that wants to get out of the house and enjoy life?

Also by the way, I don't have a car either.
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have you considered going /out/?


Have you considered moving to somewhere else, sushi?
Socializing becomes natural when you are out of your comfy zone.


You are pretty stuck with out a car. That's how I made a lot of my friends through messing about with cars. I joined a sort of group of people who just met up the only thing linking them was modified cars other than that it was just to hang about in car parks and make noise. I'd work on getting a car if I was you. Check papers for charity events and stuff like that. In the UK we have something called the round table group you could see if there is anything like that in your area, or start one. Maybe it's on you to make the fun things in the area.


I’m going to try and look at this from a pragmatic perspective, so hopefully this doesn’t come across as cold or anything!

If you have a job, start saving money. Try to get a couple thousand dollars(if possible) saved and look for jobs in other, more highly populated cities. Look for apartments or houses that would fit your budget, and use the money you’ve saved up to pay for the initial living costs before your job starts. From there, try to find organizations or clubs that might interest you and it’ll be easy to make friends.

If you don’t have a job, try to look for organizations or clubs in your area. Even if they might not be ideal, you’ll still meet people to hang out with and might learn a thing or two about something you didn’t know before.

Above all else, though, I recommend improving yourself in one way or another. I’m not implying you’re a bad person dear sushi, but I’ve found that throughout times I’ve dedicated myself to making my life better, people seem to naturally come in. Exercise outside or at a gym, get a job if you don’t have one, or get more involved with that job and get to know your coworkers outside of it.


>but I’ve found that throughout times I’ve dedicated myself to making my life better, people seem to naturally come in

I know that feel. I think a lot of people naturally gravitate towards others that have their shit together and are actually happy, whenever I've had my life sorted I always find a lot more people approaching me than normal. Feels pretty good.

File: 1493259196566.jpg (27.72 KB, 576x448, tmp_21541-IMG_20170427_035….jpg)


Tell me about the places you live in sushis. I live in a small city with a lot of public servants, it's an odd feeling to be in a very urban area but still always be running into people you know. Hoping to go innawoods nearby soon, the weather gets really cold this time of year.
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File: 1496537928033.jpg (181.88 KB, 960x719, sosnowchik osu boone picke….jpg)

I live in Stillwater, Oklahoma USA. It's a nice college town, totally deserted over the summer and on spring break, surrounded by ranches and oil refineries. Tornado season always gets interesting, but the sunsets can't be beat. Plus the people are much friendlier than on the east coast where I used to live. The director of the school's marching band took this photo.


File: 1497575729506.jpg (692.34 KB, 2560x1920, leafland.jpg)

I live on an island on the west coast of leaf country. It's a comfy place where it rains a lot, and most urban areas are close to a forest, so the scenery is always really pretty.
The town I live in is a decent size; not the biggest here, but we're just big enough to warrant a few smol shopping malls and plenty of mom and pop businesses.
During the summer drives down island are so pretty because of all the farms and untouched beauty.


hello, fellow leaf islander! I'm surprised to meet another BC sushiroll, there's two of us on irc, come hang out some time!


File: 1497581037127.jpg (429.47 KB, 2090x1200, b472ce0793ef351bc06cbac2f3….jpg)

How do I get in? I'd love to talk to some other leaf rolls


idk if you've ever used irc, but you need a client like this:

Our channel is #sushigirl

File: 1477345754574.jpg (510.03 KB, 600x1000, 1442113579922.jpg)


what do you guys think is the comfiest beverage. for me personally its a cup of good italian roast black coffee. however, i also think a good dark stout is comfy too. post comfy beverages.
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a bit off-topic but I would love to travel to northern Turkey.


File: 1495675034038.jpg (1.22 MB, 1748x1181, 28008533.jpg)

Hot milk and honey. I love drinking that in winter. I feel like all the tension in my body disappears when I drink that.


Italians over-roast their beans


It used to be that I didn't actually have a favorite beverage, but this winter I went to Germany for my semester abroad, and I had Milchkaffee. There is something about the frothy warm milk mixed with strong coffee that makes it so cozy. I guess it should be easy to reproduce at home, but so far I haven't achieved the same degree of coziness. Maybe it's just that life is more tense at home. I hope I can go back soon and have some more.

Hm, I think I might have some soon. I always see a salep seller on one of my city's main streets, but I've never tried it so far.

File: 1494196878267.jpg (60.99 KB, 564x561, 104a4c9b67c8d8ff0092f54077….jpg)


I have a boyfriend for the first time ever!

all i can think about when im not with him is how much i want to be cuddling together

my entire life is 24/7 comfy right now :)

how long do you think i should wait before introducing him to my parents? We've been seeing each other for 3.5 weeks now.
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File: 1494579589047.png (32.32 KB, 151x112, Angry_Arche.png)

I am not a fan of deleting threads but shitposting should NOT be allowed. This meanyface here >>2051 should be banned
This is /hell/ anyway, tho. Is this a thread for /superhell/?
This is bad because I kinda wanted to talk about love with other rolls, but it seems now this would be even more inappropriate.
At least we got a few memes


Woah there, you might scare the rolls with a weaker spirit! Just take it easy all of you.


I agree that this thread should be moved to /superhell/
We are all about comfy. You can disagree without attacking or insulting, but we do not really hold up the flag of fre spech, we hold the flag of supercomfy.
Also, we don't just try to shield ourselves behind our felings, but we don't either downright try to insult or attack others.


I don't think this thread is inherently bad, but a couple people made it creepy. I'll punt this over to /hell/ and see what happens to it.


Moved to >>>/hell/671.

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