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File: 1579142625708.jpeg (89.91 KB, 1920x1200, 3B74D390-4946-4B18-8C3C-1….jpeg)


こんにちわ sushi rolls, can I name post for a bit?
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File: 1619448049114.gif (5.15 MB, 540x292, tumblr_e6ad6e88a812743e425….gif)

love this little fella


File: 1620433557276-0.jpg (73.32 KB, 792x686, Xcoff1.jpg)

File: 1620433557276-1.jpg (109.65 KB, 1007x654, 20210516.jpg)


Hey, OP here, I've been alright
Almost forgot I made this thread, I've been reading a nice VN lately called uuultra c.


File: 1645089765410-0.jpg (127 KB, 1430x2048, awave.jpg)

File: 1645089765410-1.jpg (74.86 KB, 1264x1157, aCnC.jpg)

Sassy; just how I like my ninja.


Let's play a game…

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does anyone know any particularly comfy youtubers or podcasts?

i'm always looking for something comfy or interesting to listen to in my spare time, and listening to people talk helps me relax a lot.

one podcast i'm a fan of is the wisenheimers podcast which was two animators from newgrounds talking about stupid shit. it ended a while a go, but managed to be pretty funny and chill while it lasted.

i also some lets players like vinesauce, jontron era game grumps and another guy called manlybadasshero who mostly does horror game lp's, but i havent found anything as comfy as i would prefer.
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Has anyone watched Mega64? I'm just realizing a lot of stuff that became memes come from them. Where would be the best place to start?


Maybe their “games in real life” skits? They’ve been around so long, even pre-youtube, the catalogue is almost endless.


I <3 cars




After watching so many moto-vlogers harass people on phones and hit wing mirrors I was delighted to discover FortNines content for a better side of bikers.

Genuinely fun and informative while being well balanced and produced. Truly, have these guys to thank for me riding today I'd reckon.

File: 1647205933058.webm (1.42 MB, 480x480, walkbeachcat.webm)


cate bread


File: 1647205956641.webm (476.33 KB, 382x356, kisse.webm)


File: 1647220316252.jpg (198.92 KB, 852x845, E1hxiwFXoAQsnS4.jpg)

File: 1588732731904.jpeg (24.12 KB, 640x360, iu.jpeg)


Recommend me something sushi rolls. Doesn't even have to be media. You could tell me to learn to skateboard or something. I'm just really bored
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File: 1607119712353-0.jpg (120.74 KB, 995x658, 20200229.jpg)

File: 1607119712353-1.jpg (175.19 KB, 1272x1059, 20200324.jpg)

Head-shot. Man, some people can draw so well…


> 13
very lucky, keep going


File: 1629115287275-0.jpg (34.17 KB, 630x420, 20210829.jpg)

File: 1629115287275-1.jpg (73.33 KB, 650x366, 20210905.jpg)

I can draw jet-planes ok.


Build a light-sabre that's basically a mini flame-thrower.


File: 1646047699655-0.jpg (895.21 KB, 1920x1280, 20220227.jpg)

File: 1646047699672-1.jpg (83.46 KB, 960x960, board01.jpg)

File: 1646047699672-2.jpg (168.39 KB, 1080x1080, board02.jpg)

Make croissants

File: 1582286350715.jpg (112.81 KB, 800x600, b0fe73d9c0a1434525a9551988….jpg)


yes,it's true.
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File: 1608329751951.jpg (565.43 KB, 2941x2058, 20201223.jpg)

Images you can smell. Mmm… caramelized sugar.


Your wife likes potpourri first time posting? does she still like it the second time?


File: 1608361674927-0.jpg (433.5 KB, 1067x1600, xanna-steinbauer-lovisa-po….jpg)

File: 1608361674927-1.jpg (407.19 KB, 1067x1600, xigor-kieryluk-403329-impe….jpg)

Sugar, sugar…


File: 1608452965330-0.jpg (370.23 KB, 1068x1600, 1BBC.jpg)

File: 1608452965330-1.jpg (211.75 KB, 1033x834, 99Probs.jpg)

Breakfast that you can taste


File: 1645937189911-0.jpg (51.58 KB, 741x469, block80.jpg)

File: 1645937189921-1.jpg (46.65 KB, 1080x1350, board01.jpg)

File: 1645937189921-2.jpg (57.76 KB, 1080x1350, board02.jpg)

That's scented dried flower petals, right?

File: 1595150183013.png (447.94 KB, 2000x1824, Template.png)

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We should do one of these!
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File: 1621980192825.jpg (880.75 KB, 2000x1824, 80098978.jpg)

I feel like this might not go over well. Oh well.


Great choice of movie and book, both are very nostalgic to me
Please forgive me but your choice of porn paired with your choice of Pokemon really made me laugh


File: 1622085303327.jpg (2.97 MB, 2000x1824, favorites.jpg)


pretty good list, i love litwick and the melodica, but emma goldman wasn't a politician as much as i wish she was


File: 1645247392556-0.jpg (208.21 KB, 1000x1041, aKing.jpg)

File: 1645247392556-1.jpg (206.21 KB, 1000x1184, akungfu.jpg)

Can't go wrong with satay (south-east asian style meat-on-a-stick)

File: 1622926058457.webm (4.37 MB, 960x720, paper_craft_electric_fan.webm)

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Last thread >>10258 reached bump limit so I'm making an even newer-er one!

General discussion thread. Talk about how your day is going, anything interesting that happened recently, what's on your or just to say hi!
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File: 1636662302689-0.jpg (74.39 KB, 649x866, 236mtg.jpg)

File: 1636662302689-1.jpg (171.44 KB, 850x1092, 238mtg.jpg)

So tired but then again it could be the sudden coldsnap making me hibernate.

Gotta move more…


File: 1638048957927-0.jpg (57.13 KB, 380x540, 202112XXX.jpg)

File: 1638048957931-1.jpg (96.75 KB, 710x1004, 20211212.jpg)

Indeed. Clean up your desktop!


File: 1639245807461.jpg (225.19 KB, 755x630, cc438574b801e0c074b17f783b….jpg)

This is >>11552. I was originally going to leave imageboards again in August, but decided to delay until today both to get into imageboards again and because I normally start my long imageboard breaks in December. But now I'm going to make my final attempt to leave imageboards for three years. If this one doesn't work, then I guess it wasn't meant to be.
I'm doing this because I have many bad habits that have ruined my life, and they are all fundamentally intertwined with my computer addiction. The last ten years have disappeared into a black hole of screen-induced lethargy, and I have had problems with my wrists as well from years of poor ergonomics. The only times I've ever made progress in the right direction was when I dropped imageboards completely, but this was always nothing more than the first step on a long road. I've spent the last year thinking about and preparing ways to live less with my computer, and I'm going to put everything into practice now.
Normally, I'm more a lurker, but in the last six months I challenged myself to explore other imageboards and to post more often. I posted every day here in September and even started some threads, which I haven't done in ages. I've had a lot of fun with everyone, and I think I am leaving with a new appreciation for imageboards.
I wasn't sure where to put this post, but I didn't want it in a thread that would show up on /kaitensushi/. It doesn't matter if anyone reads this; I just wanted to leave one last sign that I was here, because three years is a long time and anything could happen. I'll see you sushi girls in three years and I wish you all the best.


File: 1645089596982-0.jpg (74.88 KB, 1264x1157, aCnC.jpg)

File: 1645089596982-1.jpg (124.95 KB, 1430x2048, awave.jpg)

Doing a course of ninjutsu


File: 1652342971602-0.jpg (152.64 KB, 1000x542, 20220508.jpg)

File: 1652342971603-1.jpg (146.46 KB, 1080x720, 20220515.jpg)

Is summer here yet?
Still feels cold.


How do you stay productive when doing creative tasks that you haven't done before?
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File: 1622634716274-0.jpg (278.8 KB, 1900x961, 20210530.jpg)

File: 1622634716274-1.gif (128.71 KB, 291x196, 20210000.gif)

Think and it will be DONE.


File: 1641730251549-0.jpg (88.2 KB, 1000x828, 20220109.jpg)

File: 1641730251550-1.jpg (123.29 KB, 1000x563, 20220116.jpg)

Force of Will


File: 1642660783304-0.jpg (58.22 KB, 440x675, 20220206.jpg)

File: 1642660783340-1.jpg (87.55 KB, 1270x1187, 20220130.jpg)

Just DO it


If I'm doing a creative task, I probably find it interesting to do. This motivates me to get it done and learn more about it.


File: 1645088960740-0.jpg (54.01 KB, 1024x427, aCnC.jpg)

File: 1645088960740-1.jpg (686.93 KB, 854x820, akungfu.jpg)

That's the spirit!

File: 1639546554434.png (122.27 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20211214-191127.png)


Heyyo sushi's :)
Haven't been on an image board I'm awhile, used to frequent lainchan but it seems to have gotten a bit boring from what I remember sushi definitely seems alot more lively and fun. Haven't got much to do with my life as of recent after my girlfriend dumped me (accusing me of beating her, but that never happened…) So I'm a bit bored these days and since I live out in the middle of nowhere there's absolutely nothing to do… I used to smoke the devil's lettuce to get through my day and calm my thoughts but I don't know anyone to buy it from. So I guess I'll revert back to my old ways of being an internet nerd. lol. Anything interesting happening in your lives, sushi's?


File: 1639593641876.png (615.8 KB, 1003x1416, 71612824_p0.png)

>Anything interesting happening in your lives, sushi's?

Excellence, betrayal, inner turmoil but resolute determination.


Hi. I used to go to the lainchan in the past (well to be honest I still lurk there a bit), but now it doesn't have much to interest me either. Sushichan is nice.
I am sorry to hear of your issues with the lady. Since you're in the middle of nowhere, you ay want to take walks outside, look at the plants, and the landscape. It's a lot better than just smoking herbs to reach that calm state.


File: 1640586413473.jpeg (170.17 KB, 512x512, download (48).jpeg)


I second that. Makes my heart cold in a way I didnt know was possible. But even my hate and anger about it only drives me towards


No guarantee ill reach it though


Teaching myself cooking

File: 1474633602527.png (10.87 KB, 240x240, drink.png)

 No.800[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

What are you having to drink, fellow rolls?

I went out for dinner tonight and had a few different drinks: a cocktail called Chuck Norris which was bourbon, ginger and lemon; two different drinks in a jar; one spiced rum, pineapple, lime and ginger ale, and the other bourbon, orange, cinnamon and ginger ale. Finished off with some sake. Delicious times all round.
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File: 1637041184660-0.jpg (64.02 KB, 640x800, 20211121.jpg)

File: 1637041184660-1.jpg (64.01 KB, 708x652, 20211128.jpg)

*munch* *sip*


Lately, I've been drinking a lot of Ostfriesentee, a type of black tea popular in East Frisia, with milk and sugar.


File: 1638433788035.jpg (61.22 KB, 1080x1080, DB_VanillaBourbon_750_Webs….jpg)

I got a bottle of this recently on recommendation from the guy at the store since my usual rye whiskey was out. It's pretty good! The vanilla makes it smell really nice but it's not too sweet or too overpowering in terms of the actual taste. It makes a tasty Manhattan too! I think the vanilla is really good there.


File: 1641387168307-0.png (783.31 KB, 800x3314, 24443805_800.png)

File: 1641387168307-1.png (614.05 KB, 800x2572, 36394_800.png)

Got some whisky to introduce the new year with some sipping. Loch Lomond Peated and Macleods Islay. I'm not very good at picking out notes and such, but they're both quite good and right up my alley. Happy I got lucky since I haven't had either before.
The Lomond has some dried apricot notes maybe along with the peat for some interesting interplay, quite approachable and yummy, while the Macleods is more smoke focused, maybe some shoreline? Reminded me of Ileach except good, found that one to have some kind of weird gritty muddy quality to the taste I didn't enjoy.


File: 1643162114011-0.jpg (105.89 KB, 1080x729, 20220130.jpg)

File: 1643162114011-1.jpg (86.78 KB, 1080x854, 20220206.jpg)

Time for tea-break

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