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File: 1588789206561.jpg (387.76 KB, 1000x1000, 1580945333871.jpg)


Skating, parkour, graffiti, urbex etc. There's nothing like the feeling of the wind as you fly towards the pavement.

To someone who recognises this thread: I'm sorry I was rude when you said you couldn't join my dream, it was meant as a joke response to someone else but I forgot how to make a side thread ;_;
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File: 1607646213599.jpg (35.78 KB, 1024x575, combat butler.jpg)

simpler plot: A recent unpopular law was passed that bans maids/butlers globally. With no other marketable skills these maids/butlers have to take to the street and participate in underground/street sports to earn a living. They wear their old work uniforms as a badge of honor (getting hilarous situations like mma butlers, skateboarding maids, and so forth) and eventually other street people start wearing these uniforms too because of how popular maid/butlers have gotten. Eventually the government officials that passed these laws decides to reverse them, and life goes back to (kind of) normal. The end :)



File: 1607656539768.jpg (4.8 MB, 2480x3508, a4ce3ad47df51fff5e07004a3e….jpg)

Speaking of mma any sushis into fighting or had a period of fighting a lot?

Wasn't breakdancing literally invented by and mostly practised by very poor people? If you've had lessons you'd probably be at a big advantage if you started practising again, just find some ground and copy stuff off the internet.


Yeah. Practice makes perfect as they say, I don't really have an excuse to not pick it up again, you're right.

> any sushis into fighting

I love it. I'm confined to practicing techniques for topical reasons, but I hope to join a gym someday or find some willing victims sparring buddies and test my mettle.


My friends and I used to beat each other with sticks when we were kids. Good, clean fun.


File: 1608329638915.jpg (86.55 KB, 823x984, 20201227.jpg)

Sounds like a complicated setting just to have maids do bicycle-archery.

File: 1543277699271.png (448.84 KB, 807x708, u.png)


Stop being so negative.
We live in the greatest age known to man.
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File: 1606681955266.png (166.8 KB, 500x630, nihilist vs existentialist.png)

>A pessimistic view protects me from all the evil in world and all the pain I could experience
This is just a form of self-deception. Negativity doesn't protect you from anything, and incentivizes laziness and underachievement by making excuses for why you shouldn't even try. Accepting pain and moving on is important, but what you're advocating for is a kind of conformism that hand-waves life away with pessimistic attitudes towards the whole ordeal. You gave up on improvement and pursued useless platitudes like altruism because it was easier than giving a damn and trying to get somewhere instead of meandering through life like you have. The only boon to your doublethink was the apparent confidence you achieved once you realized that you don't have to care what others think about you, but you could have come to the same conclusion as an optimistic realist as well.

Stop deluding yourself and pick up growth mindset with a realistic optimistic outlook on life and meaning. Because truth is a reality, not an ideal. Because your perceptions aren't the abstract reduction of chemicals within an electromagnetic lattice. Because life has more meaning when you can enjoy both its highs and its lows, rather than a detached static of experiences painted by a veneer of absurdity and hidden behind a facade of nihilism. Because studies prove it has a strong direct correlation to productivity and happiness. Embrace life and see the value in the mundane, or be nothing.


Why do we need heroes?


I stopped reading part 8 a while ago so I could wait till its all finished. Please, is his just a meme? Or is this an actual conversation?


File: 1608162081532.png (197.78 KB, 500x655, everything-that-we-know-an….png)


Its a meme as demonstrated by >>9907

Avoiding spoilers, what adds an extra layer to it is that the top character gives up at the first sign of resistance - he has no internal drive because he is so pessimistic. Meanwhile the character on the bottom is intensely driven and in typical anime protag fashion will keep going even if they're missing an arm and a leg (literally). So it adds that little cherry on top to my point in the existentialism/pessimism rant.

Nothing can stop you when you see all walls as something to climb. Pessimism sees every pebble as a mountain by contrast. Ergo: realistic optimism is the only path forward if you want to live a good life. You control your own destiny.

no image, couldn't find anything to fit this feel.

File: 1566695322357.png (155.96 KB, 1400x1800, 134rtewi.png)


my brother left it open on his computer, anyone care to tell me what a guy who rides around in a custom motorcycle jacket with his name on the back is doing on such a girly forum??

posting something random from his pictures folder, idk what it is but i guess we'll find out together lol
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People wear different masks dingus.


File: 1566738245370.png (1.03 MB, 900x1074, war_veteran.png)

The character in your picture is called Tewi. She is a bunny, that wants to go to the moon, where all the real moon bunnies fight a war thats meaning has long been lost in the never ending violence and hatred.

Take good care of your brother! Maybe one day, he will go to war and never come back, because he never realized how the war had already reached his home and is slowly consuming all the things he loves.


File: 1566766357954.jpg (83.2 KB, 850x661, __drawn_by_sumiyao_amam__s….jpg)

tfw no big sister that teases you for your taste in anime girls


File: 1566841422487.jpg (73.76 KB, 616x613, itamae-tobacco-free-zone.jpg)

>did you guys turn my little bro into a lesbian??
Yes. Yes we did. You gonna do anything about it, punK???


Tis a site for sushi-girls.

File: 1536639011707.gif (1.62 MB, 960x720, vfv9au2.gif)


I really like cowboy bebop's aesthetic.
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File: 1537732031267.jpg (313.09 KB, 1280x1110, tumblr_o8l7qcnwyd1qiplzlo1….jpg)


File: 1537734997885.png (181.23 KB, 421x248, sunshine.png)

You have been fooled,pranked,bested,clowned,defeated,humilliated,shame,jokes,comedy,lost,dumbed,exposed and upset by geniuses,clowns,intelligence,rock stars,artisans,savants,comedians,kings,holy men,minstrels and celing fans.


File: 1538493613328.png (101.07 KB, 1920x1080, 93fcSxe.png)

me too, sushi
the last time i watched it i was too young and dumb to understand any of it. gonna rewatch it soon though


That fan looks cool.


File: 1598020622973.jpg (42.82 KB, 563x565, 54e21a7b76285f54ea12e6f494….jpg)


How do you sushi rolls go to sleep fast or at a reasonable rate? I've been trying to get a better sleep schedule, but a problem I've run into is that it can take me 1-2 hours to go to sleep. I know it sounds insane, but I can't fall asleep at a normal rate.

I've sleeping 20 minutes after getting off electronics. It helps, but it isn't enough. Any tips?
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File: 1607373768753.png (31.43 KB, 710x192, compiler_complaint.png)

>people don't tend to talk about them.
I've never heard that term for them before, but I've heard plenty of people talking about a "falling feeling" jerking them awake.


I don't actually feel like falling, it's usually more like I'm walking down stairs and miss a step and my leg jerks really hard.


I used to have this sort of problem too, I found that reading for an hour or two (A book not your phone) worked pretty well. Also agree with the other posts about getting up and doing something rather than tossing and turning


How much is a good night's sleep worth?


I didn't know it was called that. Yeah, it happened several times.

File: 1549147217174.gif (36.66 KB, 270x270, Yoosung_Sticker_05.gif)


Howdy! How has your day been?
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Im doing really well actually. I've started seeing a girl recently and she makes me very happy. My studies are going well, I thought this year at university would be rough but I couldn't be more wrong.


File: 1607342652361-0.jpg (116.98 KB, 639x969, w3.jpg)

File: 1607342652361-1.jpg (62.67 KB, 432x658, 20201227.jpg)



File: 1607743498593.jpg (79.1 KB, 600x600, 20201227.jpg)

lazy saturday…


Good. I crave for a day when I can just sit and study. It's really hard to make any progress when I can study for periods of at most 20 minutes at a time.


I was distracted this whole year..

File: 1588732731904.jpeg (24.12 KB, 640x360, iu.jpeg)


Recommend me something sushi rolls. Doesn't even have to be media. You could tell me to learn to skateboard or something. I'm just really bored
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Recommend this. You'll suck at first but being able to look at how you've improved is an incomparable feeling



Install GNU/Linux
Sort your files
Mod your PC
watch https://anidb.net/anime/4067
Listen to some music try (Chrono Trigger OST)and fall asleep


File: 1607119712353-0.jpg (120.74 KB, 995x658, 20200229.jpg)

File: 1607119712353-1.jpg (175.19 KB, 1272x1059, 20200324.jpg)

Head-shot. Man, some people can draw so well…


> 13
very lucky, keep going

File: 1582924984261.gif (2.5 MB, 540x304, tumblr_pgac12oF4d1xc5ua3o1….gif)


been feeling depressed lately, gonna sit in my roomu today just listening to music and drinking coffee and wait for it all to pass.
oh well, life goes on i guess
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Make sure you get plenty of sleep too, sushi. Sleep deprivation can cause a depressed mood.

Without proper sleep, I lose interest in everything I love and go mad with "nothing" to do.

Get well soon! Hopefully you don't end up w/ bronchitis all month like me.


yeah, I guess you're right. I've been staying up really late lately because I've been talking to a girl that Lives in Japan, and the time difference is killer.


To add to what the other sushi said, make sure you're also getting enough vitamins. People tend to develop slight vitamin D deficiencies over the winter months due to getting less sunlight, which can cause depression in some people. Low vitamin D also weakens the immune system, which is greatly affected by mood as well, meaning you could be getting sick more often than you should be.

Get well soon, sushi!


thank you ^_^


File: 1607774722554-0.jpg (62.49 KB, 974x680, 20201228.jpg)

File: 1607774722554-1.jpg (90.31 KB, 452x566, 20201227.jpg)

I'm tired… of being felt behind.

File: 1572459708373.png (2.85 MB, 2048x1523, run sonic run.png)


Most of this board is about the pleasure to be found in the everyday, so I thought we could have something a little different; whats the most exciting thing you've done recently?
I went gliding today with an instructor and did some acrobatics. Shit was cash.
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File: 1576232243459.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 123.08 KB, 1366x768, Cy0WtzvUUAE17hd.jpeg)

The last time I hung out with what little friends I have (which isn't too often), I gave them surprise gifts.


File: 1576258430325.jpg (236.53 KB, 1280x828, 1486998210575.jpg)

It's probably not very exciting for other people, but I've almost finished preparing my garden!
A few months back I cleaned out my family's decrepit old greenhouse and filled it with plants. Now that it's all verdant I don't really have the space in it to grow what I want to. So I dug out an old tiller and am trying to learn how to make an in ground garden.
It's been hard, I'm physically weak so controlling the tiller was rough. And then trying to rake out all the grass, rocks, and small bits of trash that got lost in the dirt has been a multi-day project. But my first section of daikon has sprouted, my tomatoes in the greenhouse are thriving, and I even made the time to set up a table and chairs out there under a tree so I can rest. Planning to put decorative plants around it, hopefully they'll attract bees.


The most exciting things that happened to me are rather bad, like I almost wrecked my car twice in the past weeks. The first time I dodged another car and barely made it out of the rain grove before hitting the next tree. The second time a bunch of deers crossed my trajectory, so I had to perform emergency braking, but hit one of them anyway.


i got into a car crash a month ago. nobody got hurt, but still, not fun times. winter is tough, stay safe out there, sushi.


Good on you. May your garden be verdant.

File: 1544448818844.jpg (246.26 KB, 1024x576, Cooked_dangmyeon.jpg)


>Billie's legs are noodles. The ends of her hair are poison needles. Her tongue is a bristly sponge, and her eyes are bags of bleach.

This doesn't evoke any emotion when I read it. Is this because the writer is bad or is it because I didn't put enough effort into feeling it?
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I kinda get it. My interpretation is that Billie is a nasty woman. But the legs being noodles doesn't fit and the eyes being bags of bleach just doesn't make sense. Are they puffy but not brightly colored? Does it mean she smokes a lot of cigarettes?


>Descriptive writing
Reminds me of a passage from Terry Prattchet's Discworld #2 book The Light Fantastic:
"The point is that descriptive writing is very rarely entireliy accurate and during the reign of Olaf
Quimby II is Patrician of Ankh some legislation was passed in a determined attempt to put a stop
to this sort of thing and introduce some honesty into reporting. Thus, if a legend said of a
notable hero that 'all men spoke of his prowess' any bard who valued his life would add hastily
'except for a couple of people in his home village who thought he was a liar, and quite a lot of
other people who had never really heard of him.' Poetic simile was strictly limited to statements
like 'his mighty steed was as fleet as the wind n a fairly calm day, say about Force Three,' and
any loose talk about a beloved having a face that launched a thousand ships would have to be
backed by evidence that the object of desire did indeed look like a bottle of champagne. "


Don't be afraid to let your reader's imagination and/or autism spectrum disorder do the work for you! You can get way more flavor out of mere voice than you can imagery so why not let the reader have some fun with the details? There's only so many things that you can compare weak legs to but there's all kinds of different people who could try to describe the same thing:

>Billie's shit is fucked all the fuck to hell and she should probably see a doctor regarding said fuckedness at sometime within the near future.

>Billie is looking like a 200lb. bag of oof and she's walking like one, too.

>Literally everything about Billie is currently either gross, pathetic or all of the above. It's hysterical.

Treat your story like a conversation. How people respond to you affects how they respond to what you have to say. Your personality is just another tool of communication and it takes an engaging narrator to relay an engaging narrative.


File: 1607599153167.jpg (2.12 MB, 3600x2400, 20201227.jpg)

Time for scorched earth..


Large words usually have more specific connotations than smaller ones. They demand and create specific contexts to be used. "Big" and "large" almost always work, but "gargantuan" means something specific, and sometimes you don't want specific. In fact, unless you specifically want specificity, you probably don't need it.

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