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🎉 Happy New Year! 🎉

File: 1583212338011.jpg (404.9 KB, 931x1842, fc96c78d5ead95fc9dd628bd4f….jpg)


This thread is mainly for music, but any other forms of media are welcome for discussion and discovery/
Personally I've been listening to Kill The Architect which I appreciate for its underground roots, lyrical composition and general style that Cage always had.
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Black Hole Sun on piano


I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas - Postmodern Jukebox Cover ft. Lauren Tyler Scott



Tuka - January 1st


I am mesmerized by this music video

File: 1555672534693.png (153.39 KB, 500x384, ClipboardImage.png)


How do you deal with pathological liars? Have you ever encountered any?

I've been lying pathologically for most of my childhood, and stopping doing so was the best change I've made in my life. I believe it passed to me from my mother, who to this day lies a lot.

However recently I've encountered a person who lies very much. It's a girl, we've got normal friendly relationships, neither of us is romantically interested or anything like that. However, for the little time we talk, I can see that she lies quite a lot.
Those lies are mostly about achievements or something similar. I don't care about them, it's just an indicator for me to not get surprised next time when she gives a different answer when we touch this topic. Something like that.

But I wonder how people deal with those. Do you call them out? Do you try to avoid the person or do you continue to communicate normally?


>How do you deal with pathological liars?
If I don't really have to spend much time around them I just ignore them or tell them they're full of shit.

If I'm stuck with them like people I work with I just avoid talking to them.


Had this one kid in school who was one. Mostly just made fun of him, tho he was a friend; banter I guess. Said his Father was a millionaire , he said he bought him self a Jag at age 14 for when he was 17, things of that nature, along the lines of materialism. Mostly he liked being the center of attention (maybe why he didn't mind the jokes), when a good friend of mine was in trouble with the law, he was spreading and talking about it to people who really didn't need to know. I was not keen on him post that.

Depends on how you know, and interact with the person. If you can't joke about it then that person is better being cut off.


I encourage it, in a way. I don't call them on their bullshit, but I let them tell me their ridiculous stories and tell them I believe them. I try to make them say the most ridiculous shit possible because I know they will embarrass themselves real bad at some point. I don't need to be the one making it happen.


I've only met one true pathological liar, and it was a girl from school. We were kids, so nothing of importance was ever discussed. She would just make stories up constantly. I never had a problem with it, and I would listen to the bullshit she had to say, but I wouldn't ever consider being friends with someone like that.


Put a lasso of truth on them.

File: 1598548903806.jpeg (249.49 KB, 960x657, sleep2.jpeg)


Do you usually have dreams? What usually happens in your dreams? Are you a lucid dreamer? feel free to share dreams you've recently experienced and have other sushi rolls psychoanalyze you
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I dream of Jeannie


File: 1607628723613.jpeg (23.61 KB, 554x554, images (9).jpeg)

I usually go thru phases focusing on dreams and then not dreaming at all, on those phases i got some lucid dreams over the years, but mostly during teenage years so I mostly used it for sex. I have been trying to do some techniques for astral projection such as inducing sleep paralysis and stuff, started three days ago and what I got so far has been more livid dreams and more easily rememberable.

Most dreams appear some ex on them and that's what makes them easier to remember, i usually just want to talk a bit properly to them. Last one 1st ex gf was busy with something and weren't talking much, oddly i noticed during it that it was way easier to do acrobatics in the dream, so i just kept spinning around in the air trying to talk to her. Today's dream 3rd ex was at my building so i jumped out of the window to talk to her, but her liutenant general father called out to her and she had to leave, then my friends were having burgers with cocaine and some cocaine fell on my burger and i ate it anyway. Some guys started chasing us and beating me up, but i was just peacefully bored waiting it to end.


File: 1607947371915.jpg (287.95 KB, 1450x1000, 20201220.jpg)

Slept & dreamt of warmth.


File: 1608106506431-0.jpg (67.93 KB, 900x750, 20201223.jpg)

File: 1608106506431-1.gif (303.83 KB, 200x103, 20210000.gif)

Nigtmares envelop me.


File: 1609162635776.png (996.93 KB, 1040x424, crying slav in a poppy fie….png)

I dreamt that an animu girl loved me and confessed to me in a long road trip
I wake up with tears in my eyes, while I was also sobbing while hugging her in the dream, with tears running through my face. I told her "Fuck you, you can't do this to me". She also looked like she appeared in a previous dream so she seemed familiar for some reason
Now if only I could draw her, but I can't.

File: 1598202782042.jpg (5.34 MB, 4160x3120, tomato.jpg)


The tomatoes are ripe along with many others! with more on the way!
What are you growing sushi?
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File: 1604404489556-0.jpg (168.82 KB, 1080x1080, 20201108.jpg)

File: 1604404489556-1.jpg (227.73 KB, 1080x1080, 20201115.jpg)

Check them


You'll be happy to know that if your climate zone is nice enough you can grow your tomatoe plant through the winter if you so please!


Those are gorgeous veggies sushi.


Those little bagged plants will be cacao trees?


This looks like an insect.

File: 1544400629969.png (678.13 KB, 618x898, d5nllzv-3caed5fa-ec11-4cff….png)


What are your plans for the upcoming holidays?
Also post your comfiest Christmas pictures.
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Very late Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope everyone's had a good holiday, in light of world events. Let's hope next year is better.


Santa has once again declined to bring me a cute, petite, tomboyish gf for christmas. But aside from that it was a good year, all things considered.


I can be your cute, petite, tomboyish gf (boy) for christmas, if you want…


I wished for the same. Didn't get it either.


I'll be honest, I wish I was gay enough to consider your request.

File: 1574605132800.png (206.75 KB, 602x538, 1567960845216.png)


is compassion contrasted by strength?
I'm too soft and that makes me feel weak
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Don’t air dirty laundry in public please


This. Strength is needed to transform compassion into something that has an impact on the real world. When I was younger I was *only* stoft. Which led to me being vulnerable and the target of abuse aswell as giving advice and being compassionate on a basic level that ultimately wasn't more than just sweet words and nothing more. Now I'm stronger and less soft but my compassion has reached a level where it can actually benefit my peers and help them in a meaningful way.


Can you give a concrete example of this? Not that I doubt you, I'm just having a hard time picturing what this looks like.


Yeah sure. It's like when you say to someone that everything will be okay, then you slap them on the ass really hard and call them "beautiful".


File: 1608746673773.jpg (941.85 KB, 2222x1792, __tsukino_usagi_and_sailor….jpg)

What >>9998 says.
No but in all seriousness: It's being able to pat a partner on the back when things go awry, reaffirm that everything will be alright and then help them resolve the problem at hand and maybe even tell them where they fucked up, if that's the case. A situation I can think of is when my gf got a letter from her health insurance demanding 35.000€ because she forgot to hand in the papers that document her income. Just being compassionate doesn't help in that situation. She was panicking and crying so I had to calm her down etc. But once that was done, I had to help her take care of the thing at hand in a constructive manner e.g. calling the insurance company, collecting paperwork, writing an E-Mail - all that jazz.
Like I said above: It is also about being strong enough to also criticize your peers. Compassion does not always mean making people feel good. Sometimes it's the most compassionate thing to point out mistakes and wrongdoings even if it hurts them.
Well I used to be a person that always had surface level head-pat things to say, when things got bad but I eventually figured out that I'm great at solving problems so I stuck to that. I also learned that critcising friends is important if you want a friendship to last.

File: 1542875035448.gif (168.82 KB, 500x280, NCgD.gif)


My friend invited me to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family (because I live far away from my family), but I have really bad social anxiety and I'd rather not go. What should I do? The only other alternative is to stay at my apartment and spend it by myself.
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File: 1543151234356.jpg (98.35 KB, 720x960, catceilling.jpg)

>They asked if I don't swear for religious reasons even though I've literally never heard of that idea before
I've met people that do that, it's funny when they really want to curse but feel they can't.

>I said nothing to indicate that I'm buddhist.

They probably didn't think you were buddhist either, just said something awkward trying to keep the conversation going.

>how I spend my time programming and learning about reverse engineering, malware analysis, and information security.

Would reverse engeneering be a good topic for conversations?
A lot of different professions, hobbies, activities deal with it so i expect it to be more paupable than the other 3 options as they need a lot more specific explanation and myth deconstruction.

>But anyway, how was YOUR thanksgiving?

We don't have thanks giving here so i spent it studying.


File: 1607512728638-0.jpg (302.07 KB, 685x1170, v1.jpg)

File: 1607512728638-1.jpg (202 KB, 650x1160, v2.jpg)

File: 1607512728638-2.jpg (113.38 KB, 950x1100, v3.jpg)

File: 1607512728638-3.jpg (256.42 KB, 970x1075, v4.jpg)

Just sit back and enjoy Xmas!


I spent Thanksgiving alone drinking beer and playing video games. It was much better than usual.

I also grew up nonreligious and the extent to which religious people think and talk about religion always boggles my mind, just since I hardly ever think about religion at all, and only in an anthropological sense if I do. Discussing theology and religious spirituality seems as normal as talking about yesterday's football game to them.

It's good you have stuff like programming to talk about. My main hobby is also my profession, and it's a landmine of a field that everybody has a political opinion on so all I can fall back on is stuff like video games and anime which doesn't do well with every crowd.

Also, what draws you to a church? I thought about trying one out just to see what it's like for a while but never went through with it.


File: 1608637044054-0.jpg (272.59 KB, 1800x1500, miso-coconut-ramen-7674.jpg)

File: 1608637044054-1.jpg (311.31 KB, 800x468, rz.jpg)

Xmas Lockdown
Yeah…… not


File: 1608718589766.jpg (553.29 KB, 636x1000, hero mirko.jpg)

And a happy NYE'20

File: 1594163127104.jpg (109.89 KB, 850x835, __exusiai_arknights_drawn_….jpg)


Thought this would be fun. You're only allowed to post on this thread during your birthday
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File: 1605041588538.jpg (108.92 KB, 691x953, american-police.jpg)

*arrests you*


File: 1605936103254.gif (1.75 MB, 400x279, 512.gif)

a few birthdays into my 30s now…
damn its depressing


It's not my birthday, sorry, I just wanted to comment.

I'm a few birthdays short of my 30s now. It's rapidly approaching at a rate of one year per year and i'm terrified of being too old for certain things that I want to do but haven't done. I'd like to blame this anxiety on a culture that fetishizes youth, but perhaps I need to find my own strength to persevere.

I don't want to fall into that same pit of despair and self-loathing that I feel I only just clawed my way clear of. I'd been stuck there for 15 years, I don't wanna go back.

I hope you had a nice birthday anyway. Maybe you got to do something nice with a friend.


Today is my birthday! I bought a bunch of snacks yesterday to prepare for today. Now they are all mine! muhahaha!


Enjoy them but go easy on the consumption. OK?

File: 1567066285548.jpg (213.07 KB, 1920x750, 1363545_Japanese_ShowDetai….jpg)


Holy shit, finishing this show felt like losing my best friend. Watching the whole thing in a single day was the biggest mistake of my life, why do I keep forming emotional connections to fictional characters?
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I wanted to watch this. This worked as a reminder, thank you OP.


>That is what happens when swagger around as if you are invincible. He had no reason to be away from his gang for so long neither to take so many risky actions.
Yeah but he was cool.

>To me her motiviations where never elaborated enough. It felt like more background information was necessary on why she was so adamant on pursuing Michiko and why she decided to help her in the end.

I think them never giving a direct explanation as to why she hates Michiko was intentional, as for helping her she obviously did it because she still has a soft spot for her.


>I think them never giving a direct explanation as to why she hates Michiko was intentional, as for helping her she obviously did it because she still has a soft spot for her.
I agree with everything but i still don't like the way they executed it. I think she should've been more cool -as cool as her appearence and manerism-, instead of someone who always loses


>I think she should've been more cool -as cool as her appearence and manerism-, instead of someone who always loses

I like it just the way it is. It'd be lame is he was one of those chacters that always wins vecause they look cool, it's just trying too hard then.


File: 1608699134981.webm (3.4 MB, 432x768, APC.webm)

Cos you're an emotional human?

File: 1545991112843.jpg (99.38 KB, 1080x1080, chess.jpg)


I recently saw this video

I realized that I never learned how to play chess. Nobody in my family plays it anymore so I never bothered to learn. But after reading so many amazing stories about this game I really felt urge to learn it and get decent at it.
Couple of days ago I started playing regularly on lichess; I'm still really bad but it has been lots of fun so far.

Do you have any interesting stories about chess? Any tips for beginner like me?
Lets have a thread about comfiest game ever.
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File: 1608022480872.gif (5.29 KB, 284x284, zLED.gif)

White to play
E Gulden vs Andrei Macovei


File: 1608636953125.gif (5.31 KB, 284x284, zLED.gif)

White to play
R Kempinski vs R Slobodjan


File: 1608643192553.gif (5.46 KB, 284x284, zLED.gif)

Black to play
Tibet Kagan Ozgur vs John Marvin Miciano


Rxg2. Rf1+
Rg1. Bf3#


Rxh7+ Kxh7 Rh4+ Nh6 Rxh6#

Rxg7 Bxg7 Qxd6
Tried Qh5 Kg7 but I don't think that's a mating line. Rxg7 works because it threatens mate so bishop must take g7 and you can take a queen and pawn for a rook

I think you got it

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