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How do you stay productive when doing creative tasks that you haven't done before?


Pomodoro Technique
Time Blocking
Day Journaling
Habit Tracking
Feynman Technique
Subject Interleaving
Regular Exercise
Mind-enhancing Drugs
Rubber Ducking
Taking a break


>Pomodoro Technique
>Regular Exercise
>Rubber Ducking
These have all made me a lot more productive with relatively little effort. Getting a proper 8 hours of sleep every night also helps a lot.

For creative work, I've found that going to art exhibitions, reading magical realist fiction, and keeping a dream journal all help me think more laterally and less linearly.

Caffeine is a big trade-off in my experience: it makes me more productive when doing menial work, but makes me a lot less creative.



I've found that you typically have creative work that creates menial work. First, you create the plan. Then, you do the work to finish the plan. Figuring out when you are good at each helps you remove stress by avoiding feeling guilty that you aren't doing creativity well when you should be focusing on menial work and vice versa.

I have also seen that creative work motivates menial work. Too much menial work makes you feel sad and like you have lost track of why you are doing it in the first place. Doing too much creative work upfront might cause you to get stuck at 90% until you can find a way to be creative again.

Of course, when you get stuck in a negative thought spiral, all work suffers. Creative work helps you feel your way out of it in my experience.

File: 1495575119299.png (44.85 KB, 392x350, contruction_worker_more_re….png)


Do you enjoy your job? And if you don't explain to me why.
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Service agent for enterprise (car rental company)- I have a love hate relationship with it. One hand, it pays good (12USD/hr) and I like driving the cars around and meeting people. But, cleaning them is not that ideal.Our bay is cold; and cars get pretty messy, like minivans are pretty dope (if you ever have a chance to rent a dodge caravan and take it on the highway, do it!) but after vacuuming them and washing them (power washer, brush, and squeegie) on average that takes 40 minutes. Would I do a different job? yeah. Do I want to? not really


Software jobs are so easy and they pay you so much. I'm glad I followed my heart.


A session of the Original Star Wars Battlefront II was not going well. I get a lot more done nowadays and manage my time more wisely.


What kind of software job do you have? I keep hearing wildly different stories, where some jobs work you to the bone and make you do unpaid overtime structurally, and other jobs pay you easy money to automate your own job from home.



When I say easy, I mean that I don't have to do blue-collar work. Most of my time is spent with politics or doing typing on a computer.

File: 1542405868674.png (253.28 KB, 544x400, Twin Peaks [2x13] Checkmat….png)


>cool, windy day
>walk to a library
>pass a homeless couple on a bench
>municipal police drives by slowly
>lady in the car waves to the couple
>they wave back and so do I
>she notices me and smiles
>think about coming winter and the pair
>see them hugging when walking back
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buddy you're acting like they get tons of money in handouts, which is not the case

and not all homeless people are drug addicts, and even so, people who have mental illness and/or substance abuse problems are people who need help instead of being demonized for having problems they can't overcome on their own


any money is money, sushi roll
i'm not here to argue with you and i had no ill intentions

all i'm saying is that some people could use help managing their funds, that is all. of course not all homeless people are drug addicts!
i too said they needed help so i'm not sure what your problem is exactly


winter is hard for the homeless. But less known is how tough a hot summer can be. Without aircon or easy access to shaded indoors areas or portable water many homeless get dehydrated, heatstroke or even die in the summers. Rememeber that most rough sleepers suffer from mental health conditions or drug addiction too. In winter you can add more insulation indefinitely, but it is very hard to cool down in the intense heat.


Very much this. It is way harder to shelter from the heat than the cold.


Not all homeless are drug addicts, but a large portion of homeless people are either drug addicts or mentally ill.

When my buddy was homeless it was because he was a thieving opiate addict and alcoholic. Giving him a buck would just go to alcohol or drugs.

Giving him $1000 got him out of town to a place where he is a much more stable alcoholic, and stays away from opiates.

Large cash transfers are effective in a way that many small payments aren't. They do require less planning.


does anyone know any particularly comfy youtubers or podcasts?

i'm always looking for something comfy or interesting to listen to in my spare time, and listening to people talk helps me relax a lot.

one podcast i'm a fan of is the wisenheimers podcast which was two animators from newgrounds talking about stupid shit. it ended a while a go, but managed to be pretty funny and chill while it lasted.

i also some lets players like vinesauce, jontron era game grumps and another guy called manlybadasshero who mostly does horror game lp's, but i havent found anything as comfy as i would prefer.
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File: 1540856352160.png (643.81 KB, 1432x698, 37a0ce34-95c2-4b1f-8340-6c….png)

here's a neat little oblivion roleplay LP. the guy gets real in-depth with his character (there are entire episodes dedicated to journal entries from said character). there's a lot of surprisingly comfy moments too, like when he's watching the sun set over the countryside or weaving through the city's alleys late at night.


it's super nerdy, but it's kinda revived my love for nerdy things in general (fantasy books, writing, roleplaying, dnd, all that stuff)


Jason Dornstar's channel on shoe shining is pretty relaxed.


I quite like Dr. Jackson Crawford's channel. He's a specialist in Old Norse who makes videos, often filmed in scenic locations in Wyoming (I think), where he talks about Norse language and mythology. Also he's a cowboy with a nice baritone voice and a very relaxed presentation style.

Basically, he's everything I want out of a Youtuber.


you would need to be serious cuckold to enjoy this


Stop being jealous, and learn to see happy people as role models.

File: 1542246475431.jpg (211.43 KB, 960x960, 20264842_1959448390959479_….jpg)


Should I do it lads? It's been a lifelong interest, but I don't want to become a high school teacher.

Also I won't have any student debt. And I don't really care about money as long as I have enough to live.
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File: 1542543819563.jpg (77.62 KB, 550x550, Tarkovsky-Polaroid-14-550x….jpg)

You are just a little friendly lady with excuses. You think people are not rewarded for their hard work? Yeah, better cry about that someone with connections got a job, but it is your fault for picking low demand field. Even if there are many job offers employer don't have to hire somebody who can't present himself at a job interview. Grades might not show your interest in a subject, but they certainly show employer how well you performed at school, but like you said - there is more to getting a job: one's social skills, reputation etc. That is the system and you have to adjust to it. I don't say that nepotism is not a problem, but your victim mentality is laughable.


File: 1542548643748.png (3.69 KB, 602x648, g32j4igo0.png)

I would advice against it, even though I have no clue what people would do in philosophy classes besides loads of literature study, history and discussion.

Philosophy has always been a great interest of myself too and some books I've read really helped me out, changed the way I look at the world or were a good aid for pondering all day long. However the process of developing or even understanding a philosophical system / idea is incredibly taxing on the brain imo, while the result is usually much underappreciated.

I remember a quote by some clever guy, who said about his colleague that he didn't have enough fantasy for mathematics, so he chose to do philosophy instead. Why not give math a shot? At least you are less likely to end up as an overqualified taxi driver.


I really don't think it's wise to ask people in places like this for advice OP. You're sushi rollymous, we know nothing of you. We can not offer tailored advice therefore we're just spewing our worldviews with the presumption some may stick.

The whole "do what you love" is a understandable sentiment but people need to realise that in the modern world falling into the precariat is extremely easy. The environment you exist in moulds you, that's why people naturally segregate themselves based on wealth, stability, ethnicity, culture and race. People will pay far more for those things than they will for property.

People skills and connections are not worthless, to act as though it's an injustice that they are valued over grades in some areas is narrow minded.


>You are just a little friendly lady with excuses
Not even going to read the rest of your reply. You started off uncomfy, and makes me think you totally missed the point I was trying to make. Fuck it. This bullshit is not why I came here.

Who said it was an injustice? It's just the way things are. Academic performance isn't everything. People who horribly failed school proved that. I do not say academic performance does not matter at all, but there are many more aspects of you as a person that also counts. Having no interest in the field, just barely passing, and you might still get the better job in the end due to your connections and charisma.


Don't do it.
You will be required to read things you aren't interested in and write essays and such about them, while you will want read and work on other stuff, but have no time for.
If you don't care about a degree, then just be a NEET or get a part-time job for a few years, and study philosophy in your time.
Want to have a students life? Then just live around a campus or so. Pretend you are a student.
It isn't even pretending, since you are a student, just not belonging to the University.
You can even visit lectures you are interested in.
Being required to do stuff you don't want to learn about is just a stupid use of time, and kills motivation.

File: 1533919741380.jpg (237.03 KB, 496x702, bfz01thumb.jpg)


As some of you remember this >>2822 thread.
The zine is finally out, you can download it at https://blackfogzine.org/
Hope you have a good time :3
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I didn't expect to enjoy every entry this much. Glad that this exists!


great job guys!!


File: 1541269397437.png (2.71 KB, 92x90, 2018-11-03 19_20_20-Scribu….png)

Just as a reminder, and something I already wrote somewhere else

draw comics my dudes
At this point I have 0 comic submissions, and for the zine to have some readable content, we need comics! This is an avant-garde zine, you don't have to be fuckin Urasawa to submit your stuff. Even if you have little experience in drawing (like me) you can scribble something witty.

And the more we get the faster #2 will be released


Submissions so far, without counting my own stuff. (I)- Important. (2018.11.16):
(I)comics - few "mentioned" that are in making, but 0 100% confirmed or submitted. Looking for more
comic strips - 0
(I) Illustrations etc. - 2 authors submitted, 2 more announced. Still looking for more
(I) Photos - 1 author submitted. Looking for more
(I) Poems/haiku - 2 authors, several poems. Got enough, submissions closed.
(I) Short stories/written stuff - 1 author, 2 submissions. Still looking for at least 1 more author.
others - not sure

So the zine #2 is approx 6/14 done. But as you can see, we have 0 comics so far.

It got I feel to the point where people just expect others to contribute, and so in the end, no one contributes. If you make glitch art, illustrations or ascii, whatever, and I know some of you do, don't be shy.


I'll try to spread the word to some folks I know. I love your publication's style, and I'll try to whip something up myself later, just don't give up. You're doing a great job. :)

File: 1539240070809.jpg (202.16 KB, 1366x2048, 69f4816d5706799563a89a4c20….jpg)


I fell in love, sushi. It is Phil Collins' daughter.
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File: 1541065228481-0.jpg (1.27 MB, 3075x2050, 25366428feb4eef.jpg)

File: 1541065228481-1.jpg (1.23 MB, 3075x2050, 253664065362c00.jpg)


File: 1541877805525.jpg (155.24 KB, 640x512, img_4.jpg)

I hate looking at images of pretty girls because it reminds me that i am an ugly troll. Sucks hard tbh.


File: 1541926721287-0.jpg (227.13 KB, 1065x1600, 3a81534f4a48743bdca749d717….jpg)

File: 1541926721287-1.jpg (360.72 KB, 1331x2000, 378321294ac6c84f7c97d1d620….jpg)

File: 1541926721287-2.jpg (266.14 KB, 1331x2000, 378321294ac6c84f7c97d1d620….jpg)

I do not know who you call an ugly troll, you cute.


File: 1542246221255.png (83.22 KB, 300x225, gf.png)

I like shapiro's sister. She has ebin khazar milkers.


damn, she's so cute but her voice sucks

File: 1533348037080.jpg (52.96 KB, 400x299, 1533347650181.jpg)


Name one thing you're currently happy about

> moving to a cool city in two weeks
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File: 1540855642325.gif (1.45 MB, 500x469, too pure.gif)

Last weekend I met a nice person who has really similar musical tastes to me. We spent over an hour chatting about pseudo hipster indie music and how Phil Elverum is a precious cinnamon roll. They're not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship (another thing I'm happy about is that I had the nerve to ask them), but to be honest I don't mind just being friends because talking to them about music just felt so natural. The prospect of a new friend is nice.

let's hope I don't catch feels


File: 1540893205377.jpg (115.39 KB, 800x800, reisen_happy.jpg)

I'm happy about >>4430
Give it your best sushi roll!


File: 1540912348036.gif (2.59 MB, 1000x630, fd57e84eb4939942df6cd93a78….gif)

Glad you found a new friend! Many wishes of good fortune on you, sushi.


File: 1541715887145.jpeg (22.39 KB, 390x554, Belk.jpeg)

I just bought some long leg boxer briefs, they feel really comfy and I look really cute in them.


I'm happy about >>4430 's image because Ui is the cutest and I love her more than I could ever love a 3d woman and she's my wife in fact

File: 1541638590529.jpg (47.79 KB, 550x367, skyline-from-the-planetari….jpg)


Who /chicago/ here?


File: 1541661448228.jpg (77.08 KB, 654x702, ghettoboi_443.jpg)

Yoooo AH B goNN POp CHu whITe-a$$ cRRacka
chuu no Ah got MOtHErFuckinn $trap AWnn me … Chiraq Iz MAHHHHH CRiBBBB


File: 1541884579677.jpg (171.87 KB, 1024x815, wells-and-lake-sts-crossin….jpg)

What's it like in Chicago?

Do you ride the 'El' at all? Do you even call it that?


It's okay. Not as bad as people think it is, that's for sure.

Downtown is only a small portion of Chicago. Very expensive and touristy. You'd be surprised at how low-rise most of "real" Chicago actually is. I've taken the L before but I usually call it by the line you take, e.g. the green line.

File: 1539817482003.jpg (527.77 KB, 1215x731, friends-anime-anime-club-2….jpg)


Sometimes, people on image boards talk about not having many friends, but in order to make friends, you have to be a friend.

What are some tips you have for being a good friend for other people?

I'll start: being a good listener and also offering emotional support are foundational for any sort of relationship. Being a good listener means not just queuing up the next thing you're going to say, but actively listening to what someone says, and then asking them about it in more detail, or summarizing it with a sentence that lets the other person know you were listening to what they said. And emotional support can be when your friend is doing well or poorly. If they tell you about their new promotion or graduation or something, you need to congratulate them on doing a good job. It helps if you show you care about what they care about in their life. And on the other hand, if someone mentions negative things going on in their life, you need to be supportive. And sometimes, people just want to vent, not have a discussion about how to solve the issues.

Sometimes, you think about what you can get out of a friendship (from the other person). But it's also important to consider what you can offer as a friend to someone else.
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File: 1541501089379.gif (1.76 MB, 320x240, greeting.gif)

Seeing picture in OP, I wondered how important physical contact is for a friendship. I'm not talking about sexual stuff. Back in the days, when I had friends, there where people I could back-slap, throw over the shoulder, you know jest around like that and other people, who had this invisible barrier around them, so that even a handshake felt like a sacrilege.


>" should it feel like something more than studying for a test you have to pass but you otherwise don't care about? I've tried doing this friendship stuff but it always feels mechanical.
you have to genuinely care about the other person or else it won't work


It all depends on the person. I was molested when I was younger so I don't like physical contact of any sort now. But some people are really touchy feely, maybe because they had a more healthy upbringing, or perhaps because they don't understand boundaries quite as well.


here's a tip from an overly empathetic person on how to not be a bad friend:
if i ask how you're doing, you may rant, but do not spam me with pity-inducing messages to which i cannot respond, and if i respond do talk back to me instead of spamming me with me with more 1-way messages



Sounds like you're saying this because of a specific encounter (or friend) of yours.

When someone asks me how I'm doing, I always say I'm good, no matter what. It's more of a greeting than a question, isn't it? At least in America. You're not supposed to tell people about the negativity in your life.

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