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File: 1659645713328.jpg (8.18 MB, 5152x3864, image.jpg)


Today's sunset was very pretty. The fiery oranges melt into the milky smooth white which leads the way for the light blue cheering up lonely wanderers in the darkness ahead.

These summer nights outside always give me calm yet uncomfy thoughts about me and my purpose in this world. Since they are uncomfy I shall not talk about them so use your imagination! Do you have any comfy memories and thoughts that summer nights bring out for you instead?

There are some dreams that my mind lunges for but are too out of reach for reality. One of them is to just get a vacation from living, get somewhere where nobody knows me and just camp there in a tent. Read a bunch of books, cook small meals and aimlessly wander in the small half-empty villages and towns at night. Are there any comfy dreams you are actively trying to turn into reality?

Since you are here, this is a public reminder for members of the Cult Of Good Sleep to check their clocks, maybe it's YOUR time to join with the dark!

Good night sushirolls.

PS: photo related but not fresh


I used to love drinking and walking around all night letting my mind wander. With school and work schedules I haven't been able to do it much these past few years. A lot of the time I was really depressed, but looking back I really miss it.

Dreams I'm turning real now? I'm gonna be a person who can spent his good hours of focus each day on developing new computer interfaces. And drinking! Its gonna be awesome. Maybe I'll also get a soft squishy qt gf to snuggle, but I'm not as committed to that.

And… it definitely is time for me to have some nice sleep. Thank you sleepy covenant!


File: 1659725841620.jpg (297.89 KB, 4000x2250, image.jpg)

The weather was a bit mean today. It was steaming hot the whole day but now it's just clouds and electric shocks. Is it only me or do these clouds always make quite funny shapes?

There are times when you just cannot get a dream no matter how hard you try, maybe it's the weather, maybe it is actually something else. But that is still completely okay, do not give up!

That sounds very sweet! Thanks for your input. I can only support your efforts towards the better future.

I am not a fan of going out drunk. After all, it's their decision to stay inside and enjoy their own peace and I do not wish to disturb that decision of theirs. Yet I know that to be very comfy, especially in such a nice bath of colours.

Have you ever tried using scented candles before going to sleep? You might want to try doing so once, it can change the world for you!

Good night sushirolls.


Good night

File: 1467317331168.webm (7.27 MB, 640x480, san-francisco-roygbiv.webm)

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This was one of my favourite threads on the old sushichan. Post comfortable audiovisual experiences utilising the WebMatroska container format.

The audio is: Boards of Canada - roygbiv
The video is of San Francisco in 1905.
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Can time heal if it's the cause of my wounds?


File: 1649047875115.webm (3.36 MB, 400x329, an umbrella from you, my ….webm)


Ob's stürmt oder schneit,
Ob die Sonne uns lacht,
Der Tag glühend heiß,
Oder eiskalt die Nacht,
Bestaubt sind die Gesichter,
Doch froh ist unser Sinn,
Ist unser Sinn;
Es braust unser Panzer,
Im Sturmwind dahin
Ob's stürmt oder schneit,
Ob die Sonne uns lacht,
Der Tag glühend heiß,
Oder eiskalt die Nacht,
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File: 1660050861827.webm (9.53 MB, 640x360, Mami's Theme - Credens Ju….webm)

Mami's extended theme. Can't find on youtube anymore in decent quality as it keeps on getting taken down due to copyright (although there is a crusty version still on YT).

Hunted down the original YT link and poking around on the wayback machine found that the Japanese guy who uploaded it originally also uploaded it to Nico Nico Douga and that version wasn't taken down at all -

Created a vp9/opus webm for it from the NND video as it's an awesome version of the theme and it should be preserved. Video quality suffers a bit to get it below 10MB but prioritized audio bitrate as that what matters and think the audio is pretty decent.

Thank you for reading my blog

I love old marching songs like O du schoner Westerwald and Polyushka Polye, been watching through Girls Und Panzer and it's really reinforced my interest in them.

File: 1578135026004.jpg (30.96 KB, 739x415, bridge.jpg)


Do you live in a city?

Do you not live in a city?

How is that going for you?

Maybe you do live in a city, but you'd rather not?
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Maybe it's because I'm young and unsettled, but I find it hard to understand how someone could be so selfish as to take a second home while some people struggle to hang on to one.

That said, in some rural places in my country (UK), holiday home-owners support the local economy with their hunger for well-lit gastropubs and expensive cafés in town. And those establishments create jobs. So there are benefits.


File: 1615781156877.png (1.42 MB, 1467x726, 1571200976473.png)

I live in a city with around 1M people. It is considered a small city where I live, but I see it as a big city considering where I came from.

For most cases I agree. Sometimes you live through hell in your workplace but receive so much money you try to buy back your sanity through these holiday houses. It is also somewhat common that many families of relatives will jointly buy one to save some money by taking vacation in different days.


Because that question is like asking how people can be so selfish as to eat meat when so many people can't even afford grain. You not buying a mansion doesn't mean homeless people will be able to afford it.


This new city seems nice…


These guy's videos are really good. I didn't knew the canada and the murrica had such fucked up neighbourhoods.

File: 1594163127104.jpg (109.89 KB, 850x835, __exusiai_arknights_drawn_….jpg)


Thought this would be fun. You're only allowed to post on this thread during your birthday
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"It's My (Birthday) Party & I'll Cry If Want To"


File: 1658448907043.jpg (51.2 KB, 480x480, 1546645389692.jpg)

It's my birthday again, 20 now. Happy day of birth to me.


File: 1658538871037-0.jpg (360.74 KB, 1024x1650, ab.jpg)

File: 1658538871037-1.jpg (403.07 KB, 1271x1915, ac.jpg)


Three years for me. That went by pretty quick. I'm 22 years old now. Happy birthday to me!


File: 1659529040679.jpg (648.5 KB, 1280x1871, tumblr_nk4svufWGA1rl8894o1….jpg)

it's my birthday today and I'd be lying if I said I was happy about it.
I think maybe I'll do something special, just for myself.
Maybe things will feel nicer then.

File: 1605994984600.gif (51.15 KB, 500x393, 1465847069045.gif)


I'm going to be moving out to an apartment soon. I'll be living on my own for the first time. What are some tips and things I should do to get ready?
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Lots of good advice in this thread.
I would say it's good to have a first aid kit on hand so you don't have to go out to the store in case you cut yourself.
A flashlight or two for if the power goes out.
Also, packs of wet wipes are great for wiping down pretty much anything that's dusty or dirty.


File: 1606509567590.jpg (973.23 KB, 3072x4096, 20201127_042837604.jpg)

I moved from a not so big but very modern city to the countryside some years ago to do medicine college. In the end I didn't like it, but there were some important developments on my life and learning to live by my own in a house with strangers was valuable, but holy fuck what annoying deceptive people, it gets worse that at the countryside people think they have to take care of your life. It got lonely that everybody valuable was far away and controlling strangers were near, but the freedom was good, with time i learned to not care about the countryside silly social customs.
Living on your own is good to understand your own agency over your life. It's always good to take hobbies that will help you decorate your place and fill it with things that make you happy. I made the mistake of living on a plain white no personality undecorated room for 3 years, because I had to manage money tightly. Nowadays I live with this agency i learned there, but at rooms family lend me while I don't finish my college course.


File: 1610092042603-0.jpg (115.72 KB, 1258x868, 20210108.jpg)

File: 1610092042603-1.jpg (229.22 KB, 1501x1067, 20210107.jpg)

File: 1610092042603-2.jpg (115.72 KB, 1258x868, 20210108.jpg)

Spruce up the apartment.


Don't sweat the small stuff


Don't get one too high up; stairs are hard on the knees.

File: 1566695322357.png (155.96 KB, 1400x1800, 134rtewi.png)


my brother left it open on his computer, anyone care to tell me what a guy who rides around in a custom motorcycle jacket with his name on the back is doing on such a girly forum??

posting something random from his pictures folder, idk what it is but i guess we'll find out together lol
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File: 1566766357954.jpg (83.2 KB, 850x661, __drawn_by_sumiyao_amam__s….jpg)

tfw no big sister that teases you for your taste in anime girls


File: 1566841422487.jpg (73.76 KB, 616x613, itamae-tobacco-free-zone.jpg)

>did you guys turn my little bro into a lesbian??
Yes. Yes we did. You gonna do anything about it, punK???


Tis a site for sushi-girls.


File: 1659436368580-0.gif (1.5 MB, 480x480, 2022.gif)

File: 1659436368580-1.jpg (73.33 KB, 854x480, 20220807.jpg)



Wholesome thread

File: 1563716508887.jpeg (132.38 KB, 1440x810, vQl4ZIDPKn8bFCYqqqcM9S317….jpeg)


Hibike! Euphonium is beautiful and S02E05 is best thing I experienced in my whole adventure with anime.
I can not find adequate words to describe the cruelty KyoAni encountered.
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File: 1564433788001.jpg (23.89 KB, 640x480, Girlillusionaryworld10.jpg)

same here

The whole incident made me reflect on the things I value and took for granted. The impact KyouAni had on anime internet culture is undeniably a big deal.

All the sweet images of K-on girls or Lucky Star reaction icons suddenly have a sting to them.

people fucking died in fire

It feels like a second 9/11 on a personal level.


I just rewatched the first season for the second time, and I'm still floored. I love this it so much.


Nobody really seems to know. There could be light at the end of the tunnel, but there’s nothing we can do other than speculate at this point.
It’s even sadder than it was, stuff like Lucky Star and K-ON was so distant but now it’s somewhat tragic along with that.




God knows… The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 【涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱】

File: 1590495095689.jpg (147.76 KB, 700x392, euphonium2_04-1.jpg)


I am 20 years old and I never told my mom that I loved her.

Today is Mother's Day and I finally did it. Cheers, sushi!
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My mum once got gave me a card on Valentine's day. It was quite shameful.


ara ara and so on


she's trying to tell you something sushi roll


Email or text her.


Do it; do it now.

File: 1652023913714.png (87.92 KB, 269x259, derina.png)


what gives you comfort when ur down :)
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File: 1653491663565.jpg (74.71 KB, 684x912, IMG_20220520_210725.jpg)

my cat, steffie. i love her


I like to move around.
I like going outside.
I like the sun on skin.
I am a snake in blood.


File: 1653908645252.jpg (9.27 KB, 184x184, 37409175c299901175b6db78de….jpg)

im very sorry for my instability


Tea and reading instantly come to mind.
Sushichan I suppose. When things are rough, and they normally are, it's a calming atmosphere here.
Sometimes just opening anime in MPV and half-watching it while I program does a lot for me.
I like to meditate for a few minutes sometimes and then use the focus I get out of it to daydream about living in a cabin in the snow. I started doing this a couple of years ago for some reason, building up a little peaceful area in my mind has been nice.

How could I forget soup, there's nothing more comforting in the world than hot lentil soup on a cold day to me

Infectiously comfy cat


1 minute

File: 1659251809586.png (3.52 MB, 2644x2386, ClipboardImage.png)


Gimme the smile


File: 1659260342620.jpg (53.31 KB, 636x480, 1419490899618.jpg)

Does this count


YES. Gimme more to awake me from depression and nihilistic disposition


File: 1659268102489-0.jpg (182.17 KB, 699x610, 1430414111763.jpg)

File: 1659268102489-1.jpg (44.17 KB, 625x469, 1432000419478.jpg)

File: 1659268102489-2.gif (1014.01 KB, 360x203, 1432397289084.gif)

File: 1659268102489-3.jpg (50.64 KB, 560x405, 1472399885893.jpg)

Have some more dogs they're all dogs don't ask any questions.

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