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File: 1494592107785.jpg (433.7 KB, 1599x919, Please keep it friendly!.jpg)



I've been meaning to do a language thread, but I thought it would be more interesting if it includes comfy-posting about different parts of the world.
Feel free to share the -best- resources to learn your language or others that you may be aware of!

I know its hard to not get political but please try to keep it civil, or at most do some friendly banter.

I'm from a country that used to belong to the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata, my main language is Español, and some tidbits of guaraní/portuguese.

However I'm interested in japanese[0] and russian, and of course, I would like to improve my english.

[0]- https://djtguide.neocities.org/

Have fun.
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> any recommendations
> chinese opera
> chinese anime
> chinese memes
> chinese youtube
> chinese music
> lots of practice trying to think in chinese
the stuff you already do basically.

> What made you choose Chinese?

A lot of people in my area speak it, I heard it was a difficult language (i love a challenge), and it would teach me to think in a completely different way from English (soft Whorfianism). I also think it would be cool to speak it. I am also fascinated by languages in general (human language, machine language, programming language, and the many many different linguistics of expressing thought and transferring information through communicative media like sound, movement, gestures, pressing key sequences on a keyboard, and many other media). I could go on forever about information and language theories because they fascinate me so much but I digress.

> 哈哈哈

made me laugh
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Anything in particular though? Specific shows or artists or anything you like?
>teach me to think in a completely different way
Yeah that's been one of the big reason I wanted to learn another language, didn't know the term "Whorfianism" for it though.

From what I understand:
> “多少“ is used to ask for a phone number in some instances I've seen. Is it used in other contexts as well to ask about quantities, or is there another way to ask that?
Yeah 多少 is a question word for asking any number. If anything I think phone numbers are the weird situation, usually it's "how many". There's also 几 (ji3) which is used in a similar way, but it's only for small numbers, 1-9. (but you can use 多少 for small numbers too) 几 needs a measure word the same way a number does.
For instance, "how many fish do you have" would be 你有几个鱼?, assuming I don't think you have 10+ fish.
You would answer it by just replacing the question word: 我有三个鱼。
You can technically put a ​measure word on 多少 as well but usually they don't.
You have how many fish? I have 33 (measure word) fish!
>How do you string together numbers in Chinese? Like how would you say 765 456 1324 in mandarin? 七六五四五六一三二四?
If you're just reciting a phone number like that, yeah. The only odd thing is you can say yao instead of yi for 一, but that's just an optional thing people do to make their numbers clear (try saying 一七一一一七, it's easier with "yao"). Usually they wouldn't type characters for that though, that's a little like us typing out "three six five four etc.", they use arabic numbers too.
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>accounting degree
Drop that, doing IT but I'm not sure which major yet.


> anything in particular though
I barely understand it but 《铡美案》is perhaps one of my favourite operas so far. As for anime, my unsolicited opinion is that japanese anime is generally more interesting and diverse, maybe that's because I like horror and mystery more which don't seem to be as well addressed in Chinese anime. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places though…
That said, I'm a sucker for "daily life of immortal king" and "the king's avatar."

> didn't know the term "Whorfianism" for it though.

Philisophy of Language is interesting. You'll run into hard Whorfianism a lot when you read Orwell's "1984" and "Faranheight 451." Trotsky also talks a bit about it, language parsing, theory more generally if I recall.

> 多少 and 几

So 个 is some kind of particle which relates to the quantification or "amountness" of some subject? (what is 个 anyways? I see it everywhere).
几 and 多少 are like "a few" and "some" then? They're synonymous, but one sounds better in different contexts? Is Chinese like english where you have to rely on feedback and intuition (along with "rules" that are really more like guidelines) to understand how to say things in a way that "sounds right" in the current speech context (like poetic vs formal vs informal vs etc speech)?
On that topic, are there unsettled battles of grammar formalisms like the dreaded oxford comma in english?

> three six five four

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Appreciate it, I'll try those.
Ah yeah, that's a huge thing.
There's a billion of these "measure words", 个 (ge) is the generic one, so if you're not sure which measure word to use, use 个.
I've seen other explanations but the one that make sense to me is this:
In English, we have words like "paper" where you can't usually say "3 papers", you have to measure it somehow and say "3 pieces of paper". Chinese has no plural words so you have to do this for literally everything. You would say something like "3 fruits of apple" instead of "3 apples". The word you add is called a measure word, so you'd say "3 个 apple".
Same for if there's not a specific number. "how many apples" becomes "how many 个 apples".
What gets confusing is that you sometimes need to do this if there's only one. If you say "I want an apple", you don't need a 个, you can just say "I want apple". But if you say "that apple" you do need to say "that 个 apple". Lots of times, you technically can use a measure word "I am 1 个 doctor", but it's obvious you're not two doctors so you just say "I am doctor".
If I ever come up with a really simple explanation for when you do or do not use measure words, I'll let you know, but as far as I know it's not very simple. But definitely use them with plurals, and reference words like that/this/which/etc.

There are a billion measure words depending on what you're talking about, flat things like maps and tables use 张, 位 is a polite measure word for people, etc. I don't know many because I honestly don't know many nouns.

File: 1551188339793.jpg (305.71 KB, 1624x1888, gaming_cooler.jpg)


Hello frens.
I want to add a new imageboard to my repertoire. Why should I stay on this board instead of the dozens and dozens of other semi-dead boards out there? I am not even really sure if imageboards are worth it at all right now, since all of them seem to be dying.
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LOL yes that's the one!!!


I don't like the insinuaiton that an imageboard must have instantaneous responses to every post and threads that die within a week in order to be "alive."

Sushichan is culturally richer than diet twitters like 4chan or reddit, it's fun to post here, and you don't have to dedicate more than 30 minutes every couple of days which means you can spend the rest of your day doing something productive or enjoyable instead of having the entire day expended interacting in a rage-inducing skinner box of misery and negativity like you would on 4chan, reddit, twitter, or any other "alive" forum. The slow pace is lax, its comfy - that's why you should consider the so-called "semi-dead" boards over the "living" ones. It's better for your soul.

If you don't like the slow pace and friendly atmosphere though, then you should consider sticking to a faster one like the aforementioned.


>Lainchan is all about politics where it used to be about hackerstuff so I just go in and shitpost these days.
That's not completely true. There's some politics on delta and the more humanities focused boards but it's not flame-war tier. I only really post on lambda though so take my take with a grain of kosher salt.

Political discussions might be inevitable online given the all-or-nothing political culture that America has propoagated online. In spite of that however: if you disregard the need to be polarized and always disagree on every issue (to be red-or-blue without any purple), try to understand the opposition as though they were your own opinions, to not treat every political dillemma like a moral one, to support your claims, to argue with intellectual honesty, to not spill the soykaf and to be nice to each other, then political discussions online are actually very decent and informative. /pol/ should not be the model of what online political discussions look like. Please don't shitpost on lainchan sushi roll, that ruins board quality (you shouldn't do it here either for that matter). Please keep shitposting on boards like 4shit, thank you very much.


I've see a post like this on every slow board I use.

"Lurk moar" is a staple of IB+TB culture which is only honoured in the breach. It undestandable that the expectation for lurking is diminished: big sites run on cycles of memes that repackage their archetypal ideas/behavior into novel forms. If participation is shallow enough that you only need to memorize a few memes and how they evolve[1], frankly one doesn't need to lurk at all. Such sites encourage "participation is growth" mentalities.

I wish there was a better guide that helped people transition to the slow internet. Lurking especially. From "How long should I lurk to acquire board culture?" to "What should I pay attention to while lurking?", I've never seen a good (general) guide to netiquette on slow boards. Not that anybody CAN really regulate new rolls/sushi rolls. It feels as though we've just kind of resigned ourselves to Eternal September 2.0

[1] I.e. "v*rgin" begat "bluepilled" begat "cringe" begat "soyjak" begat "average fan"… ad infinum.

File: 1617582469995.jpg (48.43 KB, 640x480, 1143628468900.jpg)


Is this board pro-Cracky or anti-Cracky?
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File: 1617627286887-0.jpg (168.29 KB, 593x498, _h5180.jpg)

File: 1617627286887-1.jpg (314.24 KB, 768x1024, 1141061366403.jpg~.jpg)

File: 1617627286887-2.jpg (331.15 KB, 1024x768, 1141562297783.jpg~.jpg)

File: 1617627286887-3.jpg (153.99 KB, 480x640, 1142203661290.jpg)

catharsis forever


Shit thread, low quality, zero effort.


File: 1617631629447-0.jpg (141.58 KB, 435x447, 114.jpg)

File: 1617631629447-1.jpg (117.14 KB, 480x640, 31.jpg)

File: 1617631629447-2.jpg (44.86 KB, 512x384, 104.jpg)

File: 1617631629447-3.jpg (80.46 KB, 640x480, 1144172902450.jpg)

wrong, she is cute and sweet


File: 1617631794987-0.jpg (180.33 KB, 629x480, 2.jpg)

File: 1617631794987-1.jpg (160.71 KB, 640x480, 1144172674684.jpg)

File: 1617631794987-2.jpg (174.94 KB, 641x472, 1158844011666.jpg)


Moved to >>>/hell/3358.

File: 1563716508887.jpeg (132.38 KB, 1440x810, vQl4ZIDPKn8bFCYqqqcM9S317….jpeg)


Hibike! Euphonium is beautiful and S02E05 is best thing I experienced in my whole adventure with anime.
I can not find adequate words to describe the cruelty KyoAni encountered.


it does feel like the end of innocence in a way, like it's heralding a new era. makes me wonder what the 2020s have in store.


File: 1564433788001.jpg (23.89 KB, 640x480, Girlillusionaryworld10.jpg)

same here

The whole incident made me reflect on the things I value and took for granted. The impact KyouAni had on anime internet culture is undeniably a big deal.

All the sweet images of K-on girls or Lucky Star reaction icons suddenly have a sting to them.

people fucking died in fire

It feels like a second 9/11 on a personal level.


I just rewatched the first season for the second time, and I'm still floored. I love this it so much.


Nobody really seems to know. There could be light at the end of the tunnel, but there’s nothing we can do other than speculate at this point.
It’s even sadder than it was, stuff like Lucky Star and K-ON was so distant but now it’s somewhat tragic along with that.



File: 1605994984600.gif (51.15 KB, 500x393, 1465847069045.gif)


I'm going to be moving out to an apartment soon. I'll be living on my own for the first time. What are some tips and things I should do to get ready?
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moved out my parents' place last year into my own apartment with my girlfriend
a few things that have helped tremendously over the last year being here:

>buy an electric kettle if you don't have one for when you're short on time and want oatmeal, ramen, tea, instant coffee, cocoa, etc. without having to wait for a pot to boil or prefer using boiled water over microwave for certain food.

>if you have a thrift store/goodwill in town, check their furniture section. sometimes, goodwills especially, thrift stores get "corporate donations" from stores like target that include brand-new or like-new furniture (such as lamps, shelves, chairs) that were either under surplus or acceptable quality returns.

>use storage organizers like mad. if your bed frame is tall enough, under-bed bags (the non-vacuum ones) are cheap and can fit comforters, extra blankets, pillows, and more. buy racks for your cupboards to separate dishes or food and get more usable space. "furinno" brand on amazon is a good resource for decent budget shelves and other furniture if you don't mind the cheap looks.

>if you have an on-site laundry room and it requires quarters but there's no change machine on the premises, look for a couple reliable places to exchange for them as soon as possible. there may be times where you need to wash some clothes/towels at 11pm when most places are closed and you lack enough change to do a load or don't know of any alternative places when your usual place is closed/out of order.


Lots of good advice in this thread.
I would say it's good to have a first aid kit on hand so you don't have to go out to the store in case you cut yourself.
A flashlight or two for if the power goes out.
Also, packs of wet wipes are great for wiping down pretty much anything that's dusty or dirty.


File: 1606509567590.jpg (973.23 KB, 3072x4096, 20201127_042837604.jpg)

I moved from a not so big but very modern city to the countryside some years ago to do medicine college. In the end I didn't like it, but there were some important developments on my life and learning to live by my own in a house with strangers was valuable, but holy fuck what annoying deceptive people, it gets worse that at the countryside people think they have to take care of your life. It got lonely that everybody valuable was far away and controlling strangers were near, but the freedom was good, with time i learned to not care about the countryside silly social customs.
Living on your own is good to understand your own agency over your life. It's always good to take hobbies that will help you decorate your place and fill it with things that make you happy. I made the mistake of living on a plain white no personality undecorated room for 3 years, because I had to manage money tightly. Nowadays I live with this agency i learned there, but at rooms family lend me while I don't finish my college course.


File: 1610092042603-0.jpg (115.72 KB, 1258x868, 20210108.jpg)

File: 1610092042603-1.jpg (229.22 KB, 1501x1067, 20210107.jpg)

File: 1610092042603-2.jpg (115.72 KB, 1258x868, 20210108.jpg)

Spruce up the apartment.


Don't sweat the small stuff

File: 1578135026004.jpg (30.96 KB, 739x415, bridge.jpg)


Do you live in a city?

Do you not live in a city?

How is that going for you?

Maybe you do live in a city, but you'd rather not?
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>gentrification capital of the world
NYC? Do share your stories, sushi.


My town is getting expensive; too many city folk coming here to get a holiday house…


Maybe it's because I'm young and unsettled, but I find it hard to understand how someone could be so selfish as to take a second home while some people struggle to hang on to one.

That said, in some rural places in my country (UK), holiday home-owners support the local economy with their hunger for well-lit gastropubs and expensive cafés in town. And those establishments create jobs. So there are benefits.


File: 1615781156877.png (1.42 MB, 1467x726, 1571200976473.png)

I live in a city with around 1M people. It is considered a small city where I live, but I see it as a big city considering where I came from.

For most cases I agree. Sometimes you live through hell in your workplace but receive so much money you try to buy back your sanity through these holiday houses. It is also somewhat common that many families of relatives will jointly buy one to save some money by taking vacation in different days.


Because that question is like asking how people can be so selfish as to eat meat when so many people can't even afford grain. You not buying a mansion doesn't mean homeless people will be able to afford it.

File: 1615011593870.jpg (121.34 KB, 736x1104, 81ba2d3ffe4e992573d6c9beed….jpg)


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File: 1615052092625.png (433.95 KB, 636x480, EsGwIcnW4AAmbMK.png)

It's not dead its quiet and comfy


It's quiet comfy board. It should stay that way.


File: 1615306610773.jpg (110.83 KB, 850x850, 1602400720106.jpg)



yes, it is very dead. you better leave and never come back OP.


Moved to >>>/hell/3308.

File: 1615232899498.png (51.65 KB, 255x255, 1613796160024-0.png)




File: 1615238063703.png (267.35 KB, 512x512, 1613796160024-1.png)

Ah, here you are


AI is terrifying


A giant enemy crab?

File: 1574605132800.png (206.75 KB, 602x538, 1567960845216.png)


is compassion contrasted by strength?
I'm too soft and that makes me feel weak
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File: 1608746673773.jpg (941.85 KB, 2222x1792, __tsukino_usagi_and_sailor….jpg)

What >>9998 says.
No but in all seriousness: It's being able to pat a partner on the back when things go awry, reaffirm that everything will be alright and then help them resolve the problem at hand and maybe even tell them where they fucked up, if that's the case. A situation I can think of is when my gf got a letter from her health insurance demanding 35.000€ because she forgot to hand in the papers that document her income. Just being compassionate doesn't help in that situation. She was panicking and crying so I had to calm her down etc. But once that was done, I had to help her take care of the thing at hand in a constructive manner e.g. calling the insurance company, collecting paperwork, writing an E-Mail - all that jazz.
Like I said above: It is also about being strong enough to also criticize your peers. Compassion does not always mean making people feel good. Sometimes it's the most compassionate thing to point out mistakes and wrongdoings even if it hurts them.
Well I used to be a person that always had surface level head-pat things to say, when things got bad but I eventually figured out that I'm great at solving problems so I stuck to that. I also learned that critcising friends is important if you want a friendship to last.


I lift to give stronger hugs.


Western culture has a weird aversion to compassion that I've never understood. Being nice to people doesn't make you weak, it makes you nice. Compassion is what makes us human. It should be celebrated.


I'm just tired of it not being reciprocated. Maybe the next world will be a kinder one.


File: 1613644866212.jpg (395.36 KB, 2500x1400, 20210221.jpg)


File: 1590495095689.jpg (147.76 KB, 700x392, euphonium2_04-1.jpg)


I am 20 years old and I never told my mom that I loved her.

Today is Mother's Day and I finally did it. Cheers, sushi!
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File: 1613273915853.jpg (92.12 KB, 1920x1280, Ghost-Dog.jpg)

This thread got mysteriously bumped by nothing on my mom's birthday. Spooky stuff.

This reminded me that I never actually got around to calling her today, but she's almost definitely asleep by now.


My mum once got gave me a card on Valentine's day. It was quite shameful.


ara ara and so on


she's trying to tell you something sushi roll


Email or text her.

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