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File: 1676344917864.jpg (53.73 KB, 225x300, 18873.jpg)


Pretty comfy, but why does it exist?
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I have an innate distrust of anyone who actively avoids word filters


File: 1676427311868.jpg (9.17 KB, 299x168, download.jpg)


That's a girl?!


I did it because op wouldn't understand if I typed sushi rolls but on hindsight it would've been better


Why do you exist huh?

File: 1555672534693.png (153.39 KB, 500x384, ClipboardImage.png)


How do you deal with pathological liars? Have you ever encountered any?

I've been lying pathologically for most of my childhood, and stopping doing so was the best change I've made in my life. I believe it passed to me from my mother, who to this day lies a lot.

However recently I've encountered a person who lies very much. It's a girl, we've got normal friendly relationships, neither of us is romantically interested or anything like that. However, for the little time we talk, I can see that she lies quite a lot.
Those lies are mostly about achievements or something similar. I don't care about them, it's just an indicator for me to not get surprised next time when she gives a different answer when we touch this topic. Something like that.

But I wonder how people deal with those. Do you call them out? Do you try to avoid the person or do you continue to communicate normally?
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I've only met one true pathological liar, and it was a girl from school. We were kids, so nothing of importance was ever discussed. She would just make stories up constantly. I never had a problem with it, and I would listen to the bullshit she had to say, but I wouldn't ever consider being friends with someone like that.


Put a lasso of truth on them.


File: 1636859391470.jpg (531.61 KB, 3035x2000, 20211128.jpg)



I've dealt with my mom lying like that for most of my life, and tbh, I never really learned how to deal with it. She constantly rewrites our family history and invents stories. I normally roll with it, but sometimes I wind up at a disadvantage when I'm talking to someone she met before me and I don't know what lies she's told them.


What is a pathological liar for you?

File: 1610748911772.png (104.19 KB, 876x876, chart2.png)


I did the favourites thread and wanted more charts to fill out so here we are. Made this one, I know there are others floating around but they seem to be made by dating sites for people who laze around all day by the computer. That's not you, right?
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File: 1619623029384.png (349.63 KB, 876x876, hive thing.png)

please listen to CONFUSED! by kid cudi while looking on this image, I swear it will make a lot more sense that way


File: 1620234666326.png (830.99 KB, 876x876, AB2953FF-5711-47F0-97CC-BA….png)




This is entertaining


File: 1676034665158.png (217.96 KB, 876x876, Untitled.png)

figure i'd do this again just to see the differences now

File: 1616320709338.png (62.91 KB, 500x263, hehh.png)


bet you won't post comfy here
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Eva x Jack Black


File: 1675609847062.jpg (64.5 KB, 805x618, mahjong-cat.jpg)


File: 1675622417546-0.jpg (254.45 KB, 1848x1080, Black Jack OVA E04 - 00:32….jpg)

File: 1675622417546-1.jpg (371.67 KB, 1772x2029, 2884660__safe_artist-colon….jpg)

>Jack Black



Shoryuken Doesn't Come Out [EngSub]

File: 1609196160746-0.jpg (69.75 KB, 624x404, 20201230.jpg)

File: 1609196160746-1.jpg (37.13 KB, 457x492, 20201231.jpg)


Here's to 2021; hope it's better instead of more of the same.
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File: 1641085785684-0.jpg (180.55 KB, 715x1000, DtsMPFlUUAUeeyb.jpg)

File: 1641085785684-1.jpg (212.88 KB, 715x1000, DtsMQKaU0AAA7FT.jpg)

File: 1641085785684-2.jpg (204.81 KB, 715x1000, DtsMRL1VYAELt_G.jpg)

File: 1641085785684-3.jpg (216.54 KB, 715x1000, DtsMTSwVAAAhIlG..jpg)

Nice, I was almost sure there was a new Year's thread made last year but I couldn't find it anywhere. It's the second time I say it, but happy new Year.


File: 1641457704510-0.jpg (210.49 KB, 811x1200, 2100.jpg)

File: 1641457704510-1.jpg (372.5 KB, 1500x2220, 20220102.jpg)



File: 1672648363413.jpg (202.38 KB, 850x1167, a0 (2).jpg)

Happy New Year of the Rabbit 2023!


Happy new year and good luck getting WAP.


File: 1674472087355-0.jpg (93.83 KB, 744x1052, 2023.jpg)

File: 1674472087355-1.jpg (78.41 KB, 769x1000, a99 (2).jpg)

Vietnamese year of the Cat

File: 1494592107785.jpg (433.7 KB, 1599x919, Please keep it friendly!.jpg)



I've been meaning to do a language thread, but I thought it would be more interesting if it includes comfy-posting about different parts of the world.
Feel free to share the -best- resources to learn your language or others that you may be aware of!

I know its hard to not get political but please try to keep it civil, or at most do some friendly banter.

I'm from a country that used to belong to the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata, my main language is Español, and some tidbits of guaraní/portuguese.

However I'm interested in japanese[0] and russian, and of course, I would like to improve my english.

[0]- https://djtguide.neocities.org/

Have fun.
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> anything in particular though
I barely understand it but 《铡美案》is perhaps one of my favourite operas so far. As for anime, my unsolicited opinion is that japanese anime is generally more interesting and diverse, maybe that's because I like horror and mystery more which don't seem to be as well addressed in Chinese anime. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places though…
That said, I'm a sucker for "daily life of immortal king" and "the king's avatar."

> didn't know the term "Whorfianism" for it though.

Philisophy of Language is interesting. You'll run into hard Whorfianism a lot when you read Orwell's "1984" and "Faranheight 451." Trotsky also talks a bit about it, language parsing, theory more generally if I recall.

> 多少 and 几

So 个 is some kind of particle which relates to the quantification or "amountness" of some subject? (what is 个 anyways? I see it everywhere).
几 and 多少 are like "a few" and "some" then? They're synonymous, but one sounds better in different contexts? Is Chinese like english where you have to rely on feedback and intuition (along with "rules" that are really more like guidelines) to understand how to say things in a way that "sounds right" in the current speech context (like poetic vs formal vs informal vs etc speech)?
On that topic, are there unsettled battles of grammar formalisms like the dreaded oxford comma in english?

> three six five four

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Appreciate it, I'll try those.
Ah yeah, that's a huge thing.
There's a billion of these "measure words", 个 (ge) is the generic one, so if you're not sure which measure word to use, use 个.
I've seen other explanations but the one that make sense to me is this:
In English, we have words like "paper" where you can't usually say "3 papers", you have to measure it somehow and say "3 pieces of paper". Chinese has no plural words so you have to do this for literally everything. You would say something like "3 fruits of apple" instead of "3 apples". The word you add is called a measure word, so you'd say "3 个 apple".
Same for if there's not a specific number. "how many apples" becomes "how many 个 apples".
What gets confusing is that you sometimes need to do this if there's only one. If you say "I want an apple", you don't need a 个, you can just say "I want apple". But if you say "that apple" you do need to say "that 个 apple". Lots of times, you technically can use a measure word "I am 1 个 doctor", but it's obvious you're not two doctors so you just say "I am doctor".
If I ever come up with a really simple explanation for when you do or do not use measure words, I'll let you know, but as far as I know it's not very simple. But definitely use them with plurals, and reference words like that/this/which/etc.

There are a billion measure words depending on what you're talking about, flat things like maps and tables use 张, 位 is a polite measure word for people, etc. I don't know many because I honestly don't know many nouns.


File: 1673602550840.jpg (194.85 KB, 1885x1203, a0 (2).jpg)

Lunar Year of the Rabbit says "Study mandarin"




Grüß Gott!

I'm from Swabia, a state in southern Germany.

I speak German and English (and can still read a bit of French but it's getting worse ever year).

I'm interested in Japanese and Finnish (but little time to learn).

File: 1673017651722.png (1.23 MB, 983x723, 1665092670989865.png)


I have hopes for a good future in the horizon, what about you?


File: 1673076942412.png (10.96 KB, 346x339, 1672698008630469.png)

only thing keeping me going is that i don't know what will happen everyday, i've experienced so much that just came out of the blue, like job opportunities or things to do with love, smaller things like a friend wanting to pick me up and hang out that day.
i struggle with suicidal ideation daily and when i feel horrible for a moment i just think that it could probably be different in an hour. maybe the person i love will call, maybe i get some good news, literally anything could happen. my dad brought home my beloved cat with no warning on a regular afternoon two years ago. so much happens that you're not prepared for and you can look at that in a nihilistic way or you can think about the good possibilities everyday.
i'm not at a stage in life where i can get much excited about the distant future, but the small things like the next day, the next week even, that's what keeps me going at my worst


File: 1673147601986.jpg (259.95 KB, 960x640, otter-7427340_960_720.jpg)

The knowledge that I can be better.

I look back five years, and I see how much more awful of a person I was. I look back ten years, and far worse. Then I look at who I am now, and… I'm still not the person I want to be. But I have changed for the better. In those ten years, life has not gotten any better, and in fact it has become a thousand times worse. But even under the pressure of life, I got closer to the person I want to be.

Life isn't going to get better. The world isn't going to get better, my health isn't going to get better, my job isn't going to get better, and nothing will change. But if I stay conscious and keep striving to be the best me that I can be, then I will improve. It will be slow, and it will take a long time, probably my entire life. But every day lived as a better person is a day worth living in my opinion.

I could care less about what happens around me or to me. If I'm the person I want to be, then I'm alright.


File: 1673260199612.jpg (57.09 KB, 339x471, 1671671532776492.jpg)

Picrel keeps me going everyday

Someday I will find my own fauna who will love me for who I am

File: 1601916984765.png (276.87 KB, 2216x1274, 159834505327.png)


How many of you are lonely?

I get the impression that a lot of people now a days are lonely, with this pandemic only making it worse. Not only that, people have difficulty reaching out to others because they fear rejection. People that could be good friends will never be simply because they're too shy. I myself really only have one friend I talk to regularly. Besides that I'm alone with my thoughts most of the time.
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File: 1672920092083.jpg (60.47 KB, 625x625, dr boomhattan.jpg)

Disboard is a platform where you can search for discord servers.
Servers would have a tags that would involve the themes of it and you can then join them.
I tried them once a while ago and it didn't go that bad, but I don't really want to try them again now because there's a lot of kids so to speak


File: 1672939608984.jpg (151.46 KB, 622x760, 1660392915707794.jpg)

I think I may just have to live alone.
I don't think there is anyone that would be happy with me. There was someone once and I screwed up, and I don't think I have patience to try dating ever again.
Eh, guess it's just me in this world


I know how you feel roll, it'll be okay and do ur best not to give up hope
Also I really like that image so thank you and best wishes


File: 1673074134301.jpg (94.93 KB, 1400x900, __nanachi_made_in_abyss_dr….jpg)

In the same boat here, I really have a hard time dealing with normal people in social settings, it's like they live in a completely different world.


File: 1673077744505.gif (447.19 KB, 270x200, renge dance.gif)

I've been trying to get out to the real world and find people, but the issue is that I also feel the most comfortable with people that tend to lurk imageboards the most.
I am attractive to some extent, and I had girls be fairly into me, but it's just that it doesn't seem to work out, I act avoidant or distant the moment they start showing interest in me and that screws everything up, I don't know why really. I won't find a sushiwife outside, I should just accept that fact.
But another part of me wants to fight the impossible odds really

File: 1641701844799-0.gif (189.98 KB, 1190x1684, 2022.gif)

File: 1641701844799-1.jpg (75.17 KB, 680x400, 20220109.jpg)

File: 1641701844799-2.jpg (655.77 KB, 2000x3600, 20220116.jpg)


Year of the Twin
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File: 1655887572842-0.jpg (12.26 KB, 255x221, coff1.jpg)

File: 1655887572842-1.jpg (9.39 KB, 255x221, u19.jpg)

File: 1655887572842-2.gif (15.36 KB, 112x117, zchess1.gif)

File: 1655887572842-3.gif (10.41 KB, 250x191, zchess2.gif)



File: 1656122910004-0.gif (26.53 KB, 242x188, zchess1.gif)

File: 1656122910004-1.gif (14.82 KB, 120x130, zchess2.gif)

623 day


File: 1656215894187-0.jpg (55.52 KB, 383x680, coff1.jpg)

File: 1656215894187-1.jpg (164.72 KB, 610x862, u19.jpg)



File: 1656588920387-0.jpg (124.12 KB, 776x1370, BB01.jpg)

File: 1656588920409-1.jpg (61.25 KB, 1000x677, BB02.jpg)



File: 1672647990552-0.jpg (75.62 KB, 1200x1100, a0 (2).jpg)

File: 1672647990552-1.jpg (65.88 KB, 1200x881, a0 (3).jpg)

Wakeup to 2023.01.02

File: 1544400629969.png (678.13 KB, 618x898, d5nllzv-3caed5fa-ec11-4cff….png)


What are your plans for the upcoming holidays?
Also post your comfiest Christmas pictures.
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File: 1671953199155-0.gif (93.55 KB, 250x250, 20221001.gif)

File: 1671953199155-1.jpg (312.34 KB, 800x1000, z2021.jpg)

File: 1671953199155-2.jpg (69.88 KB, 1138x618, z2020.jpg)

Merry Xmas 2022, ye all.


Rest ye feet


Not killing myself


What a coincidence, I'm also planning on not killing you


File: 1672472716179.jpg (3.02 MB, 1922x3621, 1632717697442.jpg)

Heh, we could spend the night together dressed up as little girls and pretending everything is great.
Suicidal shit aside, not for the holidays but for next year I plan to completely reinvent myself. I noticed that being s sad sushi has lead to me choosing really bad decisions, and after facing the music, I no longer want to be this person that just gets stepped on.
I'll find my way 🎵
Myy own wayyy 🎶🎶🎶

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