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Happy Holidays!

File: 1545022378347.png (372.53 KB, 1280x940, tumblr_mbijhiEmyp1rwxj6zo1….png)


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File: 1606037290974.webm (7.82 MB, 960x540, Concrete Road (ZI8KagHHQn….webm)

Have some Concrete Road




When Sptember ends…


Anime OP


Gawr Gura sings "Bad Habits"

File: 1541999271669.jpg (90.09 KB, 634x846, 2E3AF20200000578-3309168-T….jpg)


Don't know if this kind of topic belongs here. But does anyone else feel utterly repulsed by social media and the climate of virtual interactions especially on platforms where sushi rollymity is an option. Though whether or not sushi rollymous is turned on doesn't make much of a difference in the poor quality content produced. It's an endless repetition of temporary pointless trends and people bandwagoning another's point of view instead of establishing their own. I'm dead tired of the fanatic obsession focused on sex and politics over and over. I don't fucking care. I feel immobilized and unable to interact with most people my age, I don't see the purpose anymore of trying to be social especially in this unfiltered cesspool of vapid thoughts. I gave up on imageboards, lasted a streak reaching a full year. Came back occasionally to small boards to see what's up but I can see the toxicity slowly leaking in.
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File: 1638610802816-0.jpg (153.71 KB, 1200x628, 20211205.jpg)

File: 1638610802816-1.jpg (32.5 KB, 800x575, 20211212.jpg)



Some thoughts… people do have worldviews, and those worldviews can be categorized, can be more or less correct than other worldviews. This categorization might be called politics. Or identity politics, though that may include things that are even harder to change then worldview.
Having a correct worldview is important, but telling people their worldview is wrong and yours is correct, or otherwise worldview rallying for worldview combat is uncomfy.
I feel like at this sushi stand the focus should be on understanding other worldviews, more than pushing ones own. Or better then that, talking about mundane everyday life.
And sorry to contradict my own advice so promptly, but I gotta defend centrism. "Active dude" comes to me and says 'Hey "some guy" has been doing [unforgivable act] you gotta help us punish them! We can't have people doing [unforgivable act]!' And I am filled with uncertainty about whether [unforgivable act] is really unforgivable, which I cannot voice due to fear of being attacked. I am filled with anger at "some guy" in so far as I think [unforgivable act] really is unforgivable. I am filled with fear of being used as a pawn, maybe "some guy" hasn't done anything unforgivable at all, I only have "active dude"s word, after all, and its it's probably second or even third hand… it's definitely an unpleasant position to be in. Wanting to take action but not sure what action to take. Both sides shout "obviously just do the right thing: what we say to do."
Centrism is admitting you don't know and are too enslaved by your job to be able to spend enough time to find out. Its defeatist, but if you're defeated it's better not to live in a fiction where you are not, I don't see a better path to victory doing that.
Now to try and follow my advice a little. I like these eggs rolls have been posting. I tried making boiled eggs for my lunch last week and the shells stuck to the egg, does anyone have good tips to prevent that? I think I'll try ice bath after boiling this week.


File: 1638782795343-0.jpg (30.49 KB, 723x591, 20211212.jpg)

File: 1638782795376-1.jpg (89.26 KB, 1057x1042, 20211219.jpg)

You want some cawfee?



File: 1638790151152.jpg (64.6 KB, 770x702, 1483485853245.jpg)

The fact that their mouths are so well animated when they say it cracks me up

File: 1589929687582.jpg (292.34 KB, 1024x768, cool-cats-028.jpg)


What helps you relax or calm down?

Over the years I've noticed that no matter how distressed or anxious I am as soon as I just sit down under the Sun for a while and listen to some instrumental music consciously I get calm enough to think clearly or even take a nap. And removing shoes is a must to reach peak comfiness for me.

What about you sushis?
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Heroin & hentai
But no really coffee-cocoa makes my evenings really soft and fluffy, at my comfy-station. You take one packet of instant hot chocolate, and one packet of instant cappucino, then you take a double size as usual cup and mix then, then pour on hot water.
It's super delish and satisfying, and gives your evening a bit of an extra twinkle as you do the last stuff of the day before sleep.


I normally just bottle myself up until I have a vacation to release it all.


this actually sounds quite comfy. I will start trying this once the weather cools down.


File: 1634244560236.jpg (1.41 MB, 4373x2917, washing-dishes.jpg)

Washing the dishes calms my mind, especially when I do it late in the evening and try to not make too much noise.


Pressurised Water Washing

File: 1625256047107.jpg (344.6 KB, 1029x1500, sleepyfriend.jpg)


Figured why not make it not OT, by makin it the OnT.

This is the official start of the Cult of Good Sleep (informally: CoG Sleepsies (members are unofficially described as "cogs"->"ofSleep"))

Important data of note, this is not a malign cult.
All cult content is optional.
No cultist is ever entitled to force another into any action (regardless of if any "title" difference that may arise).
A cult main guidline, is to never become something that you may be ashamed to admit that you are apart of. It should never be an admittance, to admit you are with "them cogs".

The main object of adoration within the cult is the time of good sooth sleep, and its main way of abiding with that adoration, is to research and collect ways of maintaining an ease of entering good comfy sleep, in an as wide as possible range of environments to do so in, as to maintain a knowledge of a way to sleep in any possible location you may ever spend time long enough for a small nap.

Researched ways of sleepy gate entrance, should never be withheld from the community, because we are all sleeping on eachothers backs, and without the research before us, we would never have made it to the one we currently are at. And if you don't believe that, you shouldn't have to ride at your priors sleepy shoulders, should you? Then you don't need to pilfer community research without giving back your benefit from theirs.

We are currently 1 (me) members deep in sleep, with 1 member pending final acceptance. (we are not actually counting, and we are not ever tracking any one (or any) member//cultist, I was just having fun with typing, so I didn't want to stop, sorry, your fellowcal shizushi has tingly fingers)

Also swampweed always helps with bad dreams, but you have to chase them away during the day ones.
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Remembering it better now, think I can explain actually.
It was like it took me along for a dream that came from it, not me. Kinda like the difference between how you feel when you play a game yourself, or if you watch somebody else play it. Like that, but for dreams.

Sadly my dream retention is shit, so I don't remember much detail, mostly just the mood and that strange feeling of being shown things, being lead places to witness.


Do you watch a lot of let's plays or streamers? What we see over the day influences our dreams a great deal. In the early days of television people often dreamed in greyscale [citation needed, read it in a book about dreaming i think].


Not really no, and it was only that one time I've ever felt that way in a dream. And the entrance into dream was completely different, in that I've never been with it at the beginning of a dream before, otherwise the times I do experience dream recall I remember the last piece from what happened before I awoke, and then might be able to fish out more dream-memory by going backwards from there.

This one was the other way, remembered the beginning of the dream more easily, while it got more cloudy further in. I guess as in, the dream memory anchor was placed at the opposite end of what I otherwise always experience.


File: 1638176045146-0.jpg (175.08 KB, 1500x1159, 20211205.jpg)

File: 1638176045146-1.jpg (37.01 KB, 468x417, 20211212.jpg)

File: 1638176045146-2.jpg (28.2 KB, 474x444, 20211219.jpg)

Bed is for sleep only; don't browse dumpor.com & nitter.domain.glass on your smartphone while in bed.


I've been hearing loud bangs and stuff lately as i try to fall asleep and also when I'm laying in bed after waking up. I've been having very broken sleep for a while now and this definitely doesn't help.

File: 1555672534693.png (153.39 KB, 500x384, ClipboardImage.png)


How do you deal with pathological liars? Have you ever encountered any?

I've been lying pathologically for most of my childhood, and stopping doing so was the best change I've made in my life. I believe it passed to me from my mother, who to this day lies a lot.

However recently I've encountered a person who lies very much. It's a girl, we've got normal friendly relationships, neither of us is romantically interested or anything like that. However, for the little time we talk, I can see that she lies quite a lot.
Those lies are mostly about achievements or something similar. I don't care about them, it's just an indicator for me to not get surprised next time when she gives a different answer when we touch this topic. Something like that.

But I wonder how people deal with those. Do you call them out? Do you try to avoid the person or do you continue to communicate normally?
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I encourage it, in a way. I don't call them on their bullshit, but I let them tell me their ridiculous stories and tell them I believe them. I try to make them say the most ridiculous shit possible because I know they will embarrass themselves real bad at some point. I don't need to be the one making it happen.


I've only met one true pathological liar, and it was a girl from school. We were kids, so nothing of importance was ever discussed. She would just make stories up constantly. I never had a problem with it, and I would listen to the bullshit she had to say, but I wouldn't ever consider being friends with someone like that.


Put a lasso of truth on them.


File: 1636859391470.jpg (531.61 KB, 3035x2000, 20211128.jpg)



I've dealt with my mom lying like that for most of my life, and tbh, I never really learned how to deal with it. She constantly rewrites our family history and invents stories. I normally roll with it, but sometimes I wind up at a disadvantage when I'm talking to someone she met before me and I don't know what lies she's told them.

File: 1635196809342.png (2.29 MB, 1600x1200, 10b543b974d1a563ae44029f1c….png)


Hey, let's have a Fall thread!
Do you like Autumn? Is there anything you like to do this time of year?

Autumn is my favourite season but it always feels like you can blink and miss the whole thing if you're not careful.
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File: 1636115647257.jpg (252.58 KB, 2317x1200, a00000001.jpg)

Autumn Fall means Winter is Coming


File: 1637299910634-0.jpg (864.69 KB, 1920x1920, 20211212.jpg)

File: 1637299910652-1.jpg (874.51 KB, 2753x4096, 20211219.jpg)

Autumn is here

That's a nice one by Dmitry Prozorov;


>Do you like Autumn?

I used to, back when I lived in my hometown. I could go for strolls through the forest and look at the leaves changing color.

Since moving, autumn consists of gray, foggy days. I don't think I've seen the sun once in the last two week. It's depressing.


Where I live autumn is called winter


We got snow the other day
Sad to see my favorite season going away

File: 1591035220253-0.png (8.82 MB, 3286x2468, nebula.png)

File: 1591035220253-1.jpg (31.07 KB, 420x703, microcosmic-god.jpg)


Hi sushis. Hope you're all doing well.
I think most people are finding new ways to be creative in these uncertain times, and I think it would be cool if we used this thread to share some of the things we've been working on!

That being said, I'm currently brainstorming some sort of novella based around humans who have ascended to the level of cosmic gods (kinda inspired by The Microcosmic God), and what it would be like to be dehumanised by such awesome power. It's also a chance for me to play around with some flowery language and sci-fi-esque grand descriptions of unfilmable concepts, my favourite of which being a game which these gods play. Here are the quotes:

"They still play games. But not at all like they used to. These people move entire species around like draughts, collapse an empire like taking a bishop, all with the regard for life tantamount the respect humans once had for a six of clubs."

"The Game is at once simulation game, chess board, blackjack and match of Go. It is equal parts dance of territory as debate of philosophy. They are making decisions trillions of times per minute, making plans and laying traps decades into the future. The ants on the ground believe it to be them making the decisions, but it is in fact us."

What are you working on, sushi?
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I though about ways to interact with my contacts in a productive manner and came up with a project combining the interests of my friends and me with the goal of a short animated music video.

Have you read "The Glass Bead Game"? The citation you posted reminded me instantly of the descriptions in this book.


File: 1617494847754-0.gif (933.85 KB, 500x281, 20210000.gif)

File: 1617494847754-1.jpg (175.83 KB, 1080x1350, 1DnD.jpg)

Writing fight scenes like RA Salvatore.


Oh noes, another murder.


File: 1635592006738-0.jpg (101.07 KB, 832x1375, 20211031.jpg)

File: 1635592006738-1.jpg (53.2 KB, 800x600, 20211107.jpg)

Be creative in fashion


Right now now I have a few concepts I'm writing in scrivener. Longest is currently 11,000 words, still so unfinished it makes zero sense, and the smallest is 400 words. Since they're all short stories I have no big plot to describe, but the main plot through out the stories is people describing changes to their body and mind, usually caused by sci-fi body mods or lovecraft horror. The main theme is how they relate to the world with a different body, how when their mind is being transformed their writing style and thought processes changes before they notice, and how repressed emotional problems are expressed through body horror. I have no lines to post since they're all rough drafts and some of them are more therapeutic than good, mostly the ones that deal the very last theme. Most of the works I write about are also related to my academic interest, body studies, so another big theme is how people view bodies.

>That being said, I'm currently brainstorming some sort of novella based around humans who have ascended to the level of cosmic gods (kinda inspired by The Microcosmic God), and what it would be like to be dehumanised by such awesome power.

I've wanted to do something somewhat similar were the character is an alien who's planet is invaded by humans who are competitively over powered compared to them. the story will either be about innate difference, less gravity allowing humans to leap more, humans having thumbs, humans being taller than the aliens, or the humans being genetically modified or in space suits with the 'they were human all along' twist being at the end.

File: 1599278990479.png (11.47 KB, 1920x1080, Untitled.png)


I'm bored sushis. How do I become not bored?
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File: 1630924800342.png (50.6 KB, 781x599, 1630052148219.png)

it wasn't always this way


Deviantart is such a strange website. Its one of the few old internet sites still around, albeit its changed a lot. You can still find drawings that were posted in 2003 and earlier. It feels like desecrating a grave.


File: 1636443743783-0.jpg (149.65 KB, 850x651, 20211128.jpg)

File: 1636443743804-1.jpg (170.5 KB, 850x638, 20211121.jpg)

What do you mean? DA is still active…


File: 1636957223324.jpg (449.9 KB, 2880x2880, 1626311851417.jpg)

when I was in university (about a decade ago now), there was this girl I liked. one night after some deep conversation she confided in me that she liked to draw but she kept it a secret because she expressed all of her deeper, more hidden emotions in her drawings and she didn't want people she knew superficially to see them. Right before I left for a study abroad program she shared her deviantart username with me so I could see her work. She had been very secretive about it until that point but she was academically very talented so naturally I was very curious to see what she was capable of.

What I found was some depressingly bland pictures of sad looking gothic lolitas. The art wasn't terrible, but it wasn't good either, just kind of in an uncanny valley middle where the facial anatomy and coloring and everything was just slightly off to be uncomfortable. Especially the faces, there was just something offputting about the faces, like they were just too chunky and generic.
I never asked about her art again.I wonder if she knew it was bad and that's why she never told anyone about it.

It's all still there in plain sight on deviantart though. I think her last update was in 2014.


Some people just like to draw for the sake of drawing. There's something to be said for art that isn't "good" but you really pour your heart and soul into. I probably wouldn't tell anyone either, though.

File: 1636125972234.jpg (52 KB, 827x1039, 1 (2).jpg)


Are you worried about experiencing imminent food shortages and famine? I cannot escape the feeling that I will die from starvation within the next few years. I live in a Prosperous European Nation. Please convince me otherwise.
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File: 1636135487916.jpg (72.05 KB, 553x720, a96cc01f812e622a9fd6982100….jpg)

Depends where you live really, some countries are fairly self sufficient, particularly island nations like new zealand or the UK. It's more likely that you just won't have access to the same quality of food, probably have less meat available and things like that. That being said, growing your own food is generally a good idea. If you want to be seriously paranoid, the best move for a prepper is the get your hands on like 4 or 5 sheep, put all of your stuff in a wagon, and become a nomadic shepherd. You can get about 50% of your daily calories from sheep's milk products if you graze them well on empty lots and patches of grass and stuff, and forage the rest. Sheep are particularly practical because you can harvest their wool, not only to make things for yourself but also for trading/selling. This is actually a much better move than just stocking up on canned goods because it'll last you forever, as long as you keep breeding your sheep. We're probably not going to have severe food shortages, but we will definitely all be brought down a peg, probably to the level of a 3rd world country. It's simply the natural reasult of living in a collapsing empire. Now's a good time to learn to forage, grow some potatoes (picrelated), buy solar pannels and learn some practical skills fixing things which need fixing. Or you could always move to a more prosperous country. China won't be as kind to refugees as we have been, so the sooner the better before the mass migration starts.


File: 1636139581566.jpg (64.99 KB, 1242x1228, 134.jpg)


I am deeply thankful for your response.
I am an awful communicator. I often upset others when I speak. I am also a House-Locked NEET. On this basis, I believe I have an insufficient aptitude for Nomadism.
Do You have any advice on learning to forage? I have downloaded [Food for Free - Richard Mabey]. I will begin reading it tonight and practicing tomorrow. If you have any objections to my plan, please share them with me.
I have measured my garden [344 sq ft]. I will use as much as it for gardening as my [Family] and [Desires] will permit. The image you shared was very inspiring. Thank You.

It seems our thoughts are motivated by very different {time-scale[s]}. I worry about famine within the next [1-3 Years]. You seem to consider the next [Few Decades]. Is my {Time Scale} assessment accurate?
With regards to my time-scale, should I stock up on Canned Goods? I don't plan for them to last forever, only to supplement my diet over the next few years.

With regards to your time-scale, should I aim to leave my country [UK]. Where should I move?
How long will it take for my country to deteriorate to [Third World Status]?


I would really recomend against foraging without an experienced forager to guide you at first unless you are extremely confident. The number one rule of foraging is if you're not absolutely 100% sure what it is, do not eat it. Nature can and will kill you if you eat the wrong thing. I too am a house locked NEET, so I've also been thinking about how nomadism would be tricky. Maybe fishing is a good plan b, although there's complications since fish were more plentiful in the past than they are now.
For a hikki like myself, I think an indoor hydroponics setup might be good too but they're kind of expensive it seems. I will do further research.
> I worry about famine within the next [1-3 Years]. You seem to consider the next [Few Decades]. Is my {Time Scale} assessment accurate?
Honestly it's hard to say, but I do think it's unlikely that there will be famine that soon. Maybe you know something that I don't, but the UK grows a lot of its own basic foods and should be able to sustain itself taking into account the efficiency of modern farming techniques, barring some extreme act of god tradgedy.
>With regards to my time-scale, should I stock up on Canned Goods? I don't plan for them to last forever, only to supplement my diet over the next few years.
It might be a good idea, but I wouldn't waste too much money on it.
With regards to your last two questions, I would say no one knows for sure, it depends on a lot of complicated factors which are hard to predict. I would reassure you that people in the 3rd world realy don't have it that bad as you may think. There are statistics about for example average wages, but in a country where most people are subsitance farmers, wages don't really give an accurate picture of their quality of life. A lot of issues in poorer places come from lack of infrastructure, but we already have that and even if it deteriorates, it's not going to vanish overnight, we can still make use of it. Northern europe also has lots of fertile land, comfortable weather conditions, not many severe natural disasters, these are all geographical factors which lead to it being the most "developed" in the first place, and they're not going to go away because of economic circumstances. Basically, life will be harder, but in the end you will probably be fine. Mass fPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1636183080913.jpg (66.34 KB, 1000x1000, FCESB1wXsAE-DZt.jpg)

Preparing for natural disasters is good but your fears are unfounded. The UK did fine during wartime rationing prior to the widespread use of glyphosphate and chemical fertilizers. Famine especially in a country with the lowest food prices in yurop is unlikely. Better off to stockpile a few months of food and be financially secure.

Starting a productive farm will be a substantial time investment: sowing, checking the weather, watching for pests and disease, harvesting, canning, etc.


File: 1636412075061.png (110.28 KB, 325x229, 1628684529329.png)

I hear we all have one inside ourselves…

File: 1596956181491.png (665.28 KB, 860x977, 78-781613_transparent-anim….png)


it's my birthday sushis,
sorry to bother, honestly I don't really have anything to do today other than work in the morning.. oh well.
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File: 1611314729963.jpg (373.34 KB, 1500x2010, 20210000.jpg)

Enjoy your birthday cake!


Is this a korean
She looks korean


Probably photo-shopped…




File: 1636266578059.jpg (115.72 KB, 1050x867, abday_cake.jpg)


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