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Happy Holidays!

File: 1660840317092-0.jpeg (85.59 KB, 1200x1200, A6540640-A3DB-4300-9FDB-D….jpeg)

File: 1660840317092-1.png (118.41 KB, 369x374, B0D9DF10-CB07-4ECB-B676-F9….png)

File: 1660840317092-2.jpeg (670 KB, 1458x2048, 700C563E-286A-4093-BBB3-2….jpeg)


I'm trying to find this one japanese artist who made these really trippy/psychedelic animation. The person had a whole youtube full of these animations, the style was either 3d or hand drawn sketchbook looking things. It was all anime girls too. And very colorful. It was a really obscure channel a person sent me once so its hard to find and i don't have their dms anymore.

i think their username had something potato or dog in their name but i could be wrong

they also had a website where they sold dvds of their animations for really cheap

i think some of their animations had touhou characters too. But it was mostly original characters i think.

There was also a deviantart page too where the person posted their drawings. i think they had a cyborg character they drew often.

i hope you guys know what or who im talking about, i'll appreciate the help!

pics are things that remind me of the artist a little, like a similar vibe


It might be this? Either way its worth checking out, its quite cute!



Thank you so much! I was looking for this for a while.


pigmhall is legendary

Imouto Curry is probably my favourite.


I always liked bos. It's a little more chill than his usual stuff but has a nice feel. And windmills.

File: 1645464133939.png (436.18 KB, 685x960, 270339648_3209617855928339….png)


Where are you on here, and what's your experience being there like?

Orchid, 5, A for me.
I've had people break off relationships with me because of my lack of sexual interest, but I hope maybe one day I can find someone who doesn't mind.
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File: 1659159190789.png (543.26 KB, 750x792, ClipboardImage.png)

Pink, 3, C.
I think I might lean more towards Orchid or Grey, but several of my partners in the past have gotten bored of me for that reason. So now I'm kind of just trying to get laid. I think what I want most in a relationship is to be able to touch my partner (e.g. kissing, hugging, sleeping together, not necessarily sex), and sex is an easy way to get those things. So I'm alright with just hooking up to get those things, since I don't think my chances of being in a long-term relationship again are very good at this point. Each relationship I have is shorter than the last, my last one lasted a week. So I just don't even feel like trying anymore, I just need to get laid so I can touch a human being.


Crimson 0. I'm not asexual, but I don't wanna have sex. It's not something I'm into. I will never get a relationship nor bother for sex. I kind of wish I were charcoal. It sounds divine.


File: 1660656078191.jpg (53.28 KB, 553x553, 1659752528077800.jpg)

I don't interact with people in the flesh and blood world so 2/3rds of the chart is meaningless to me. As for orientation it would be easy to say I'm bisexual but that is not exactly true. Almost all of my fantasies and the pornography I consume are fetishistic in nature, and I would say everything gay is just a fetish for me, an extra layer of taboo to excite me.

I just happened to be reading a little bit of Philosophy in the Bedroom by Marquis de Sade and I immediately related to the characters. It feels good to know I am not completely alone in my sexual proclivities. Occasionally, I will meet someone online with a similar disposition to mine, but this is rare even when I go looking around in fetish communities. I really wish I had a libertine wife but it will never happen and it eats away at me from the inside.


coal/grey 2 B

I had romantic feelings in the past. Sometimes I can't tell if it is romance or just friendship. If there is no sexual component, how do you even distinguish them?


No relationship experience to contribute.

File: 1578135026004.jpg (30.96 KB, 739x415, bridge.jpg)


Do you live in a city?

Do you not live in a city?

How is that going for you?

Maybe you do live in a city, but you'd rather not?
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Maybe it's because I'm young and unsettled, but I find it hard to understand how someone could be so selfish as to take a second home while some people struggle to hang on to one.

That said, in some rural places in my country (UK), holiday home-owners support the local economy with their hunger for well-lit gastropubs and expensive cafés in town. And those establishments create jobs. So there are benefits.


File: 1615781156877.png (1.42 MB, 1467x726, 1571200976473.png)

I live in a city with around 1M people. It is considered a small city where I live, but I see it as a big city considering where I came from.

For most cases I agree. Sometimes you live through hell in your workplace but receive so much money you try to buy back your sanity through these holiday houses. It is also somewhat common that many families of relatives will jointly buy one to save some money by taking vacation in different days.


Because that question is like asking how people can be so selfish as to eat meat when so many people can't even afford grain. You not buying a mansion doesn't mean homeless people will be able to afford it.


This new city seems nice…


These guy's videos are really good. I didn't knew the canada and the murrica had such fucked up neighbourhoods.

File: 1605994984600.gif (51.15 KB, 500x393, 1465847069045.gif)


I'm going to be moving out to an apartment soon. I'll be living on my own for the first time. What are some tips and things I should do to get ready?
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Lots of good advice in this thread.
I would say it's good to have a first aid kit on hand so you don't have to go out to the store in case you cut yourself.
A flashlight or two for if the power goes out.
Also, packs of wet wipes are great for wiping down pretty much anything that's dusty or dirty.


File: 1606509567590.jpg (973.23 KB, 3072x4096, 20201127_042837604.jpg)

I moved from a not so big but very modern city to the countryside some years ago to do medicine college. In the end I didn't like it, but there were some important developments on my life and learning to live by my own in a house with strangers was valuable, but holy fuck what annoying deceptive people, it gets worse that at the countryside people think they have to take care of your life. It got lonely that everybody valuable was far away and controlling strangers were near, but the freedom was good, with time i learned to not care about the countryside silly social customs.
Living on your own is good to understand your own agency over your life. It's always good to take hobbies that will help you decorate your place and fill it with things that make you happy. I made the mistake of living on a plain white no personality undecorated room for 3 years, because I had to manage money tightly. Nowadays I live with this agency i learned there, but at rooms family lend me while I don't finish my college course.


File: 1610092042603-0.jpg (115.72 KB, 1258x868, 20210108.jpg)

File: 1610092042603-1.jpg (229.22 KB, 1501x1067, 20210107.jpg)

File: 1610092042603-2.jpg (115.72 KB, 1258x868, 20210108.jpg)

Spruce up the apartment.


Don't sweat the small stuff


Don't get one too high up; stairs are hard on the knees.

File: 1563716508887.jpeg (132.38 KB, 1440x810, vQl4ZIDPKn8bFCYqqqcM9S317….jpeg)


Hibike! Euphonium is beautiful and S02E05 is best thing I experienced in my whole adventure with anime.
I can not find adequate words to describe the cruelty KyoAni encountered.
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File: 1564433788001.jpg (23.89 KB, 640x480, Girlillusionaryworld10.jpg)

same here

The whole incident made me reflect on the things I value and took for granted. The impact KyouAni had on anime internet culture is undeniably a big deal.

All the sweet images of K-on girls or Lucky Star reaction icons suddenly have a sting to them.

people fucking died in fire

It feels like a second 9/11 on a personal level.


I just rewatched the first season for the second time, and I'm still floored. I love this it so much.


Nobody really seems to know. There could be light at the end of the tunnel, but there’s nothing we can do other than speculate at this point.
It’s even sadder than it was, stuff like Lucky Star and K-ON was so distant but now it’s somewhat tragic along with that.




God knows… The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 【涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱】

File: 1598202782042.jpg (5.34 MB, 4160x3120, tomato.jpg)


The tomatoes are ripe along with many others! with more on the way!
What are you growing sushi?
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Sunflowers are doing well…


File: 1659092426246-0.jpg (204.4 KB, 640x480, back of greenhouse.jpg)

File: 1659092426246-1.jpg (93.08 KB, 360x480, peas and beans in cylinder….jpg)

Hell yeah. I'd like to try grow large sunflowers at some point for the seeds but there's nowhere really good to put them for us. We can get strong winds over summer and everywhere sheltered I usually have taken up by plants I value more like determinate tomatoes and peppers.

Currently winter here in the southern hemisphere, pretty far south so can get some frosts. Our family set up a small greenhouse last spring or so though which I have a fair bit growing in - from the first pic going clockwise from bottom left have -
~ a couple trays of old spinach plants which have been going since late summer (and some oxalis mixed in which is the red colour - a weed but still edible)
~ minutina (looks like grass)
~ lamb's lettuce
~ red variety of mizuna in the middle
~ few ~30L pots in top right containing broccoli with perpetual/regular spinach surrounding
~ some garlic chives in the 2 square green pots (planted these in autumn which don't think is the right time, but they're surviving and seem to be slow growing anyway so will see how they go)
~ beans/peas in the pots with the mesh (there's about 8 or so of those pots in total but most aren't shown in the pics)
With the beans/peas grew them using that style of mesh last year OK, although the pot circumference was larger (30L pot vs 15L pot). They'll probably get all tangled up in the middle eventually as just have the plants in a circle around the outside of the pot, but I'll just see how they end up being with pests/harvesting in early spring.

Apologies for potato quality of pics, currently travelling around so these pics are just what my mum sent me recently by txt message so they're super compressed.

I assume you would be based in the subtropics? There's a lot of stuff like tamarillos and watermelons that would be cool to grow which aren't really feasible down here due to the climate.


This stuff is so cool. I desperately want to learn more about gardening and farming and maybe start my own aquaponics system someday, but don't know where to start.


File: 1659261151035.jpg (133.19 KB, 637x853, 1451206327173.jpg)

Basic leafy greens like lettuce and spinach are super easy to grow, along with tomatoes, strawberries and a number of other things. I would just give it a shot, look up basic how to grow guide online about 1 or 2 different plants you like and would actually eat, try grow them, watch what happens and learn from it.

When you first start out you'll make a bunch of mistakes and there will be issues (e.g. planting at the wrong time of year, pests getting out of control, plants not laid out sensibly e.g. containers too small, plants too dense, etc.) but the more you do it the better you'll understand how whatever plant grows and the challenges associated with your local environment.

Once you've got a hang of 1 or 2 plants you can try other things, or you could initially try growing things e.g. over spring-summer (like peppers and tomatoes) and then later on when the climate is no longer appropriate grow something different e.g. over autumn-winter (like broccoli, cabbage).


File: 1659261530773.jpg (99.84 KB, 640x640, 1475040192089.jpg)

There's a lot of good channels on youtube as well for this type of stuff, that's where most of my knowledge comes from (I've only been actively growing things for 3-4 years really).

Channels like Epic Gardening, Self Sufficient Me, Huw Richards, TheKiwiGrower are all really good. Mostly just watch them for entertainment but I end up learning a fair bit regardless.

File: 1589185910831.jpg (18.93 KB, 480x480, 1587860597454.jpg)


Uh oh. I have a Japanese test in a few hours. Wish me luck sushis
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Lapland Winter (no Russians allowed)


File: 1642619442209.jpg (66.15 KB, 480x593, boris.jpg)

Did you at least remember how to write the kanji for seppuku?


Queen of Quality Season



Isekai Ojisan 異世界おじさん


File: 1658843350077.jpg (480.43 KB, 2731x4096, FYgrPV6acAAaig2.jpg)

At didn't think much of that OP when I first heard it but now it really grew on me

File: 1655873019100.jpg (271.45 KB, 850x833, lainfan.jpg)


hi everyone, im new to the whole imageboard thing. i figured i should post something since this place is very nice and comfy. how is everyone? :)
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I'm sitting on my bed drinking tea and listening to vid related. Viva la comfy!


File: 1656183265808.jpg (22.58 KB, 340x191, kamikaze.jpg)

op here again, i just like to speand my summer weekends by relaxing and listening to music. cooking things is also enjoyable for me, although i dont do it as often as i need to since im pretty lazy :/


oh man i love aphex twin!! viva la comfy haha :)


i like it a lot, at first i didn't know how to navigate it for some reason, but after lurking for a while in various imgboards, i found it pretty enjoyable :P


File: 1658832099400-0.jpg (701.49 KB, 5018x3229, Ab.jpg)

File: 1658832099400-1.jpg (214.83 KB, 2738x1825, ac.jpg)

Enjoy your stay

File: 1642796397635.jpeg (15.2 KB, 360x265, squid.jpeg)


hi im new
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File: 1647167486015.jpg (455.01 KB, 1423x2048, yurucamp_shuumatsu_ryoko.jpg)

> It feels like a completely different world.
I wonder, what might be your usual places where you engage in social exchange?

The nice thing with slow imageboards is, that you can go back in time by reading older threads. I recently found some of my old posts from 2012 or so on uboachan.

Posting here is a bit more secular, than on 4ch or some chatroom.
> I still feel very embarassed.
Me too. I have a bad habit of writing long posts and deleting them just before I hit the send button, even in a place that is as non-judgemental as sushichan.


File: 1657111271957.png (389.87 KB, 490x776, Screenshot 2022-06-22 0729….png)


hi new! how are you ?


>>13427 pic
What a sweet collision of stories.
I hope they become friends.


I only lurk and never post oh wait darn it


Don't rick-roll me

File: 1645547643858.png (230.61 KB, 500x353, ClipboardImage.png)


How are you doing today sushi?
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I'm bored and the heat is giving me a brutal headache ;_;


File: 1656297510040.jpg (215.1 KB, 3264x2448, RDT_20220118_0937071220908….jpg)


my car won't start, my therapist says I should be put in a psych ward. and I'm fucking desperately lonely, but I only want my ex back.


Went out for brunch and shopping in the morning
Watching TV all afternoon


Trying some baking

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