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File: 1533708825874.jpg (88.54 KB, 678x904, 20180807_231212.jpg)


I made noodles :)
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yeah, im makin shin ramyun tomorrow and plan to add fried minced meat, green onion and egg


Good job sushi! I really think that for people out on there own, picking up a couple of spices can improve quality of life imensely. Especially of your on a budget. Eating the exact same thing every day is fine if it's your favorite, but if it's just the cheapest thing You could put together it gets boring really quick. Here are some of my favorites:

-Salt (though ramen really doesn't need any more sodium, it's good for other stuff)
-black pepper
-crushed red pepper or chili flakes/powder
-onion powder
-garlic powder
-cinnamon and nutmeg (not so sure about on ramen, though I've never tried)

Spice is a really great way to get a lot of flavor out of a bland dish. And eating boring food is really bad for your sanity, especially frequently.


>Spice is a really great way to get a lot of flavor out of a bland dish. And eating boring food is really bad for your sanity, especially frequently.

Guess that explains why the spice trade was such a huge thing which built empires historically. I never really understood why something so useless was so valuable but I suppose it makes sense.



Thanks sushis


Moved to >>>/kitchen/454.

File: 1515842887133.jpg (46.52 KB, 600x800, light.jpg)


Im doing a small field research, how many of you do something comic/manga related, drawing wise. If so, tell me, is it digital or you draw on paper?
Black and white or colour?
Only comics or also art?
What topics interest you?
If you had occasion, would you do an avant-garde obscure comics/arts(glitch art included), photography, ascii art/game mockups for a zine?
If so, what's your experience so far? How long do you draw, do you actually have any accomplishments, are popular? or you're an unknown?

Would you read a zine made by amateurs that focuses on avant-garde comics and art?
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lmao, spoiler i guess but this exact comic was submit to the zine
I will ask around there still, thanks for help


File: 1533325924810.gif (1.63 MB, 350x326, 1530318439390.gif)

Heh, small world.


File: 1533505099575.gif (1009.62 KB, 500x375, orange dance.gif)

Get pumped


Oops, I meant 2018年8月


I don't know how you mixed that up

File: 1471702333652.webm (1.96 MB, 1000x664, 1467700842398.webm)


Post your best gondola's here sushis.
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File: 1530115406631-0.png (99.36 KB, 640x533, SGfiRxwN6Ez7BDDK4eGXpc_EdL….png)

File: 1530115406631-1.png (59.68 KB, 800x560, gondola watching Urusei Ya….png)

File: 1530115406631-2.png (1.38 MB, 1676x2527, reimu hugging gondola.png)


It didn't have one when I posted it. Maybe it was getting too much traffic and the owner shut it down.


File: 1533509032926.jpg (138.22 KB, 1011x790, stalingrad gondola.jpg)

This is a very fine and brave gondola


Thanks for this


>not naming it colondola.jpg

File: 1531273138834.png (1.53 MB, 2232x3096, 1234205898417.png)


Just here to post the greatest werewolf Liru.


File: 1532484728410-0.jpg (147.73 KB, 1280x720, 440.jpg)

File: 1532484728410-1.gif (1.7 MB, 350x340, 1466301338666.gif)

File: 1532484728410-2.gif (1.42 MB, 500x281, 1470228346753.gif)

File: 1530989203256.png (371.82 KB, 1600x914, elders.png)


Do you meditate sushi roll?
What kind of wisdom have you gained?
If you don't, would you like some advice?
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I wasn't just accusing him because it's a zip, firefox clocked it as containing malware. Sorry if that's wrong, but I can't just take your word for it.




It's the domain it's uploaded to, you should upload it to something less sketchy, you can even upload PDF right to this board!


File: 1532095724955.epub (5.62 MB, The-Mind-Illuminated-A-Co….epub)

Found on libgen (gen.lib.rus.ec)


File: 1532133914731.jpeg (186.57 KB, 750x742, 1521003963523.jpeg)

Does anyone here have experiance with meditation inside dreams?


I'd like to do more, but o e thing I used to do while lucid dreaming was to go in fields and alter either gravity or my relative strength, then jump and do flipstens of feet I to the air. It took a lot of concentration to see the world spin as my perspective spun.

File: 1532362462845.png (6.88 KB, 225x225, 1531760803299.png)


People aren't sweating or barely sweating.Feeling hot and sick?The soaps are the cause.The nerve and skin damage.People aren't tanning.People are dying.


i'm sweating like a hog today actually


Keep this in >>>/hell/ thanks.

File: 1471573115763.jpg (814.79 KB, 1000x1333, 1467424985885.jpg)


How about we get a Self Development thread going?
I know some sushies beside me are taking on the quest, and it would be nice if we could have a place to share our progress and achievements.
What are you doing to make your life or yourself better? What skills are you working on, what goals are you going after?

I have been working out, morning and evening. I've come to a point where my routines take about 40 minutes each and I end up tired as fuck for the next couple hours. Anyone here has some advice on what I could eat to increase my energy levels so I don't feel beaten after all that stuff I do? Thanks!
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I've been counting calories and have gone down at least one pants size as a result. I looked at myself in the mirror today and for once I didn't see an overweight guy, I saw an average guy.

I'm not starting a workout routine just yet, I need to get a better feel for my finances before I pile on another monthly expense, but for now, I am pleased with my progress. I am so close to not feeling disgusted by my own existence.

My lessons in Scottish Gaelic are also going well. Learning Gaelic might just be the most difficult project I've ever attempted but it's really starting to come together, finally. This will my third language and probably the last I ever learn. Slàinte mhath.


>another monthly expense
You don't need a gym to work out! As long as you have 2x1 metres of floor space free, you can do all sorts of calisthenics without spending a penny. Push-ups, sit-ups, squats, etc. You probably need a gym to become a giant, vascular ball of muscle, but I don't think that's a good aim and it isn't yours. Floor exercises can definitely keep you in good shape, though. Also running.


Space isn't the issue so much as roommates. I've worked out around pets and kids before, I don't want to have to do that again lol


My goals are…
>lose 70lbs
By cutting carbs and reducing portions but adding more protein and veggies.
>find a hobby I like
I feel like it'd reduce stress but when I try, not being good at it makes me more stressed.
>become more confident
Before I start work I want to learn to be able to stand up for myself and speak up.
>learn a new language
I'm really into travelling with my bf and learning new languages makes it easier.
>take care of my skin
Start a regular skincare routine in order to get rid of my acne and dry skin.
>get over my fear of flying
I don't really have a plan for that. You just have to fly a lot and get over it really.
>add things to my GitHub
Since I'm job searching, I should really be adding to it.
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I'm punching away at my net-addiction.

I ended up using add-ons to block search engines, in addition to blocking sites that devour my time like 4chan and Youtube. It's the easiest thing in the world to get a new browser if you're really addicted to a site, and I wanted to keep that from happening.

File: 1524694601506.png (293.38 KB, 667x559, 1520618712265.png)


How do I gain the encouragement to study? Every single time I get even the slightest bit of encouragement, it'll only last like… one week. After that, it requires me to see my grades plummet to the ground to gain back my will to study. I hate being this much of a lazy bastard, but I can't stop it no mater how hard I try. I know when I'm procrastinating, but while I'm doing it I just give the typical "oh well" answer. I usually procrastinate either watching anime or browsing the web. At first this only happened to me with tests. Like I was able to do homework but I could never bring myself to study, but now I can't do either. I'm slowly breaking my chances to succeed at life and I very damn well know it. My parents don't tell it to me directly but I know for a fact they're disappointed in me. I'm certain that a lot of you guys are also studying. How do you do it? How do you manage to not procrastinate?
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1. Remove all temptations (maybe stop using the internet - depends on your schoolwork maybe use filters to block things like youtube & streaming sites).
2. Logically break up all the work you need to do into small little pieces then create a giant checklist.
3. Remove all addictions & time wasting activities from your life (fapping, social media, etc.)
4. Go for an intense run or pray 5 decades of the holy rosary whenever you feel the urge to indulge.
(Just try it, it really works.) http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/rosary.pdf


>2. Logically break up all the work you need to do into small little pieces then create a giant checklist.
so much this. breaking up tasks and goal setting is so important.

this includes giving time to rest and get active.


Thanks for the tips


I like to sit and study as if its a meditation where theres nothing to achieve or to rush, just 2 hours each day dedicated solely to reading or solving exercises (25~45 minutes each session with 5 minutes rest between sessions).


unfortunately the best way to get motivation to study is to study and see results from it

when i started i had to pretty much take away anything that could distract me and schedule blocks of time to do it

after it starts feeling good it gets easier

File: 1516008210639.jpg (109.52 KB, 800x774, Blank_2aed3c_5999693.jpg)


Hello sushi, do you own a car?

I just bought Audi A4 B5 1.6 and it is mad fun.
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I would love to have a vr4. I loved my 02 Galant before getting the Blazers, that thing was a blast.


No. I'm too poor to own a vehicle and my motor skills are so bad I'll probably never pass my driver's test. I've only been trying for a decade now.


File: 1528404932547.png (797.61 KB, 1001x431, ClipboardImage.png)

several months later and I've just bought this
can't wait to go on fun driving adventures with her



What car is that?


File: 1529003151301.jpg (45.54 KB, 640x442, 1512298910093.jpg)

It's an AW11 MR2 (the first generation)

File: 1526266088579.png (306.87 KB, 715x382, waitwaitwaitwaitwait.png)


>be in school
>class about to end
>shooting the shit with some friends
>girl I know from this class and history folds a tiny origami boat and gives it to me
>same girl sometimes compliments me for being smart
>joke around with her, don't think anything of it at the time
>later that day realize she might have meant it as a token of love
Am I looking too hard into this or am I just autistic?
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What's this thing with japanese girls throwing themselves face down in the snow?
Also I really really want to put my crotch on that skirt


It's funny. I think thats all there is to it.


Yeah, I've asked out a handful of girls.
First one was in kindergarten, she was my girlfriend for a couple days or something. It felt more like a friendship, though. She broke up with me on the bus and I cried. I was 5, eat me.
In first grade, left a love letter on a girl's desk, got ripped on hard for that. I don't even remember why I did it, or what her name was.
Next time was freshman year of high school. I was the token weird guy, she was the token weird girl, our friends really had to encourage us because we were both so stuck in our own heads all of the time, even though we liked each other. She was my girlfriend for about 3 weeks, got two dates outta that and kissed her on the cheek. I shook her dad's hand, too, which really stuck with me for some reason. That was around the time I started getting into ne'er do well shit such as prostitutes, but she was a good girl. She couldn't handle how edgy I was being, and I was rather lukewarm to her despite how much I enjoyed hanging out with her. I shoulda known that something was wrong with me right then and there.
Last time was last year, met a interesting woman at a company training thing, asked her out to dinner while we were on our lunch break. She ended up cancelling on me, I actually felt relieved.
That's gonna be the last one, though. Turns out I'm gay. Thanks for reading.


File: 1527976444841.png (524.64 KB, 988x1536, hugbug.png)

Bugs Need Hugs

mostly been with boys or more aggressive girls, but did once and it turned into a date at the side of a lake handing out food to homeless peeps and singing all day. was really nice, but then she sort of tried to kill herself and it was over really quickly. anyways, though, i think a good approach is to start a conversation, see if it can get going at a decent pace, and after a while, when you're maybe about to leave, drop in a "hey, so let's do a thing" just completely straight-faced and earnestly and in the flow of the conversation. doesn't even have to explicitely be a "date". if the person is someone you'll just get along with as friends, that can come out naturally. if the other person is interested in more, though, it will naturally become a "date" situation


When I was in grade 6, I took a liking to this girl in my orchestra class and I ended up buying her stuff on this orchestra trip. That didn't work out but another girl on the trip comforted me afterwards and I ended up becoming life long friends with her. Other than that eventful time I've just been asking out girls pretty regularly on dating apps. Most of the time it doesn't go well but as of this past month I've found someone I really like.

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