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File: 1480606574540.jpg (80.67 KB, 500x281, Attack the Gas Station.jpg)


Just saw Attack the Gas Station the other day and really liked it. What east Asian movies have you sushi rolls seen recently?
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>Hero (2002)
Very pretty movie(lots of color) but lacking in story. Although it has this really memorable fight scene at the beginning.


Saw it in the biggest movie theater around. As a kid we had a laff at the old man running around and making motorbike noises in the room with hanging flags, but it was overall a nice experience (the army of chukonu scene blew my mind), and might be on of the reasons I'm so keen on watching or ready things with colorful graphics and careful work on lights


File: 1481147434063.jpg (223.53 KB, 910x1350, drug-war-movie-poster.jpg)

I saw this movie on a whim one night years ago with about 4 or 5 other people in the theater. This was really slept on which is a shame it's a really great Chinese crime thriller, and the ending shootout is one of the best I've ever seen in any film.



File: 1481163712064.jpeg (90.33 KB, 272x384, Wood_Job!_poster.jpeg)

Pic related was surprisingly enjoyable, it's about a NEET city bit moving to the countryside to become a lumberjack. Rather ban being really cliché, it has a lot of genuinely funny and comfy moments. It doesn't take itself too seriously, (especially in the ending), but it's definitely a lot of fun. It made me want to visit the Japanese countryside myself, the basic but pure lifestyle is really endearing.


never knew it was part of a trilogy, what are the other films?

File: 1503080268559.jpg (105.83 KB, 950x630, 2-starry-sky.jpg)


Do you gaze at the stars sushi?
I used to do it but I get a lot of light pollution recently so there isn't much to see.
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There's not 'too' much light pollution where I work, and because I do evenings there I get a decent view of the stars each night.


File: 1523254321996.jpg (73.01 KB, 1280x720, amagi_brilliant_park-01-se….jpg)

I used to a lot as a kid at my childhood home. But everywhere I've lived since has had way too much light pollution as well. So I know what you're going through.


File: 1523316991914.jpg (2.31 MB, 3404x2276, Mega Milk.jpg)

I've always liked looking at the stars, even though most days I can count them on two hands. My surroundings have made a complete fool of me, in that until recently I never realised that that's not what the sky is meant to look like. I do appreciate the stars I get to see, but there are people who get to see thousands of them every night. I've seen pictures of the night sky without light pollution, but I always assumed they were stylised, or that they had just superimposed a deep space photo behind the landscape to make it look prettier. Right now out my window there are no stars at all, just the eerie glow of burning neon rising from the earth.


File: 1523323567714.png (347.78 KB, 719x452, kjkasl875.png)

I would just love to be able to see stars as in pic related. I've never even come close in my entire life at seeing a full sky of stars.


File: 1523326235689.png (410.25 KB, 500x700, wew .png)

>live too close to the city too see the stars
>live too far to see the skyline

File: 1519755312544.jpg (37.61 KB, 786x600, Iroh Workout.jpg)


What do you rolls do to keep a healthy body and mind?
I find that one of the best ways to do both consistently is training yourself in martial arts. An good starting point for learning shaolin kung fu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9f8zb_QKZEo .

One of the ways I train mentally is by doing regular meditation. If you are new to meditaion and don't know what style to pick, start with Zazen - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LL2XUTeoUsM (turn on captions). Some other techniques that I like are detailed here: https://tricycle.org/magazine/tibetan-buddhist-meditation/ .
I think it's important to learn to feel what the chinese call qi. That does not mean you have to become religious or convince yourself that it is anything more than a phychological phenominon, but the reason I think it's important is that it can be used to reach a meditative state even when going about your daily activities. I'm not an expert, but I think a good method is to sit or lie in a position that allows you to breath with your stomach (make sure to remove constraints like belts), close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths with your stomach. As you breath in, imagine energy slowly rising from the base of your spine to the top of your scalp, and as you slowly breath out imagine that energy sinking from your scalp back down to the base of your spine.


Forgot to mention, in keeping a healthy mind it is also important to keep it active rather than just meditating all the time. Set up a routine of studying, mental arithmetic, playing music and whatever else.


Physically: I hit the gym twice a week. It's annoying but helps to keep me at a reasonable weight.

Mentally: Talking with people on irc is my main source of human contact since I'm mostly alone and work and have no friends. I'd probably go nuts without it. The gym thing also helps mentally. I went full Hikimori for a while and that really screwed with my head. Thought my figs were coming to life and trying to kill me in my sleep. Getting some fresh air really helped with that.

File: 1522076988616.jpg (198.75 KB, 1280x850, drink-3208144_1280.jpg)


Which do you prefer to drink on a relaxing day, coffee or tea? How do you like your coffee/tea prepared? If you prefer neither, what drink did you enjoy today?

Prefer tea myself, I use coffee to wake up and tea to wind down.
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Tea all the way. Green ,earl grey, lemon and ginger, chamomile, mountain. I love hot tea on a cold night. Coffee I can enjoy in great moderation.


I love both, and when i'm not drinking black tea i'm drinking coffee.


I drink both. I prefer coffee in the morning, but sometimes I drink it during the evening. I like it with a little bit of sugar and no sweeteners. I drink tea everyday when I get home. I add no sweeteners to it because i think it gets rid of all the flavor of the tea plus it just tastes nicer without sugar.


File: 1522281125634.jpg (48.98 KB, 420x684, alicia and tea.jpg)

I like both but I need them are cold.


The only sweetener I put in tea is rock sugar, and only on rare occasion. Mellows out the bitterness of most floral teas, but sometimes I like it bitter.

File: 1521615385053.jpg (52.41 KB, 499x499, 1519009802316.jpg)


>check rules
>"take it easy"
>"smoke weed"
>"keep it cozy"

Sounds like a guy who would S E E T H at frogposts.
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File: 1521986972343.jpg (49.6 KB, 451x600, STZWnDE.jpg)

that picture you posted is very cute! could you perhaps post more cute shotas?


I would have to agree with this


Never thought of it that way, but now that you say it…


Glad you enjoyed it, sushibuds


File: 1522316323441.jpg (223.27 KB, 1013x691, homo2.jpg)

I only have a bit more older bois

File: 1520236781325-0.jpeg (8.26 KB, 251x201, images (1).jpeg)

File: 1520236781325-1.jpeg (10.3 KB, 225x225, images (2).jpeg)

File: 1520236781325-2.jpg (111.55 KB, 1024x1024, 131121-Star-Sonobe-00019.jpg)


Hey sushi, how are you all doing?

I recently got myself a gig at the Nikkei Center where I study Japanese to teach a modular origami workshop (pics related, it's what I do!) and it is my first teaching job.

The environment is going to be super chill and I actually am going to serve tea while we work. I am really pumped.

This will be my first experience in a teaching job, so do you guys have any advice/stories/techniques?
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Jews did it desu.


Not sure if it's too late to get this thread back on track but that sounds like a really cool job! The only kind-of-comparable thing I have experience with is handling children (assuming you'll have those in your group too?) at craft nights at the library I used to work at. One big thing I learned there (that probably applies to adults too with origami) is to be prepared for some students to get frustrated when thy hit a roadblock, and be ready to work with them to get past the problem in a way that helps them do it on their own in the future instead of getting stressed. Keeping things light and encouraging can help out a lot in those situations, which might all be common sense, but I found it helped to remember that they weren't really mad at me or anything.



Thank you!
Apparently the class will be 20 something people. I'm a little intimidated because even if they are adults (or at least teenagers) they are probably coming to the class with zero experience, so I am teaching them from absolute zero. As in, here is how you fold in half, here is how you make a waterbomb base, etc.
My biggest worry is how to handle when certain people get confused while others understand super fast. Should I direct everyone's attention to the front and explain the thing again? I feel like judt concentrating in one or two people might make the rest of the class get distracted.


I unfortunately don't have a great answer to that, but I found that I had to feel it out. If things were going smoothly overall I could stop and explain for a bit, but if there had already been a lot of lecturing or people looked bored I would try to either go over and help the confused person catch up while others were doing the next step, or ask someone nearby who was doing well to help them (as long as that didn't seem condescending at the time and the other person looked like they could manage it without also falling behind).

I'm not a trained instructor by any means though! My main job wasn't working with people, I just helped out whenever we had our event nights. That said, if all else fails/a student is having trouble with every step, maybe you could help them at some intermission, if there's anything like that? Or at the end of class if you both have time.


Quick learners don't need/want as much attention, and some of them will help fellow students without being asked to. Don't ignore them, but don't worry about them. Hell, some of these people will be skipping ahead.

Happy for you, OP.

File: 1509483490835.jpg (365.19 KB, 1920x1080, 1504727062254.jpg)


Im currently feeling more and more depressed then usually and really feel the missing sunlight making me feel worse everyday.
Do you also struggle with this? And if you do: Are you doing something against it?

(i am sorry for posting such non-comfy thing.. hope it is okay…)
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I live in Alaska so i feel you nori ….


It just started being really cold here. Every morning the cold kicks me up, it's better than coffee.


File: 1519136660500-0.jpg (4.25 MB, 2814x4012, 1.jpg)

File: 1519136660500-1.jpg (582.82 KB, 1709x2373, 2.jpg)

Life hasn't been going too well for me lately, but spring is a reminder that things will (hopefully) get better. I get up early every day, and recently the sun has been painting the sky pretty colors. It's a nice change from the darkness that's been prevalent for the past few months.


File: 1519789343106.jpg (2.06 MB, 3900x1775, 1517439165645.jpg)

hey you winter depression sushi rolls want to switch places with me in the south? Florida is a drag, there is no snow or anything anywhere and it gets 80 degrees and hotter most days and i hate it. I just want a comfy winter


Fuck that, it was like, 50°F out here in Michigan yesterday. I was sweating my ass off.

File: 1519012336047.png (842.46 KB, 1700x1700, kelly.png)


Greetings from https://mewch.net
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File: 1520377999599.png (18 KB, 160x166, benis.png)


I've been there and it's nice and all but why do you feel the need to advertise it on so many different boards I have seen
As a former user of 4chan I can assuredly say having lots of people on a board is worthless when they have nothing good to say. Better to have silence than white noise.


True, mewch is still pretty great. Right now it's at a perfect speed of posts imo.


i swear that 50% of their users come from 8chan when mewch launched a shilling campaign, taking advantage of Crapmonkey's incompetence (the 8ch server got fucked up). Despite that, the strategy seems to have worked - place seems ok.

File: 1517611020829.gif (3.24 MB, 427x237, inputContent_1517437861501.gif)


Sushis! I was on my first date yesterday! It was the girl I was talking to on the Internet for a year. We never met before but our houses are really close.
She is shut-in, but one of the prettiest girl I have ever seen.

About the date…
I was working on my car so I was over one hour late, she is vegetarian but I took her to burger place to watch Friends.
It was News on TV and she didnt want to eat their Vege Burger so we left.
I took her to a cafe where we ordered dessert and drinks.
She wasnt much of a talker so I grabbed some women's magazine and we made fun of it.
When we were done we went to the car and we went for a long ride. She proposed we go to a small lake with a beach in our area. We smoked cigs and I think we had really good time there.
We went for another ride, unfortunately my radio was malfunctioning. We werent talking that much, not that much as on the Internet, so silence annoyed me. She seemed fine.
When she was leaving I did not wanted to stress her (or to be rejected) so I just kissed her on a cheek and hugged.
She said she had a good time and we are going to the movies next friday.

So yeah, I did and said many stupid things but it is going to be better. I have to learn this social stuff.
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How can i meet shut in, also autistic singles in my area?


Craigslist, but don't put your face up there. Lot of weird people on that site, this works both for and against you.


Sounds scary tbh. But it could be a start due to the kind of woman I look for isn't on tinder


Check your local library, too. I see a lot of social reject females at my library for some stupid reason. Some of them were alright looking.


That's a good idea ill have to try it some time! I am there frequently as it is but i will start walking around instead of just going to the fantasy section.

File: 1516093673309-0.jpg (192.62 KB, 868x1236, DARLING-in-the-FRANKXX-Vis….jpg)

File: 1516093673309-1.jpg (48.48 KB, 431x550, mitsuboshi-colors-kv.png.jpg)

File: 1516093673309-2.jpg (88.34 KB, 640x470, violet.jpg)


New comfy season, new comfy shows, new comfy sushi rolls.
What are you looking forward to?
What have you picked up?
What do you think so far?
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tbh, I thought it was kinda lackluster. The animation was great as expected of trigger, but generally it was a pretty average show.


I feel people had really high expectations of it because the two OVAs were so stellar. The show was entertaining but I feel that continuing the series as OVAs would have been a better choice. If they did that they would have more time to pick a good story instead of having a handful of lackluster stories in between every really good episode. Triggers animation ability is there but I feel they just need the right show to bring their studio to the next level.


>they just need the right show to bring their studio to the next level.
I agree
I don't think darling in the franxx is gonna be that show unfortunately


>I don't think darling in the franxx is gonna be that show unfortunately
I think the same thing, the show seems to draw too much from past works along with the generic aspects stop it from establishing its own voice. I'm not saying it is a bad show but its nothing revolutionary. Its only like 4 eps in at this point so who knows maybe trigger will surprise us.


File: 1517650276636.gif (880.67 KB, 426x240, cutelittlecavendish.gif)

To be fair, the only problem with the series is perhaps a poor management of the story.
If you look at the staff, with how episodic the show was in mind, and compare it with the simple OVAs, you can see how the task of going from movies to a big series must have been overwhelming for the director and writer.
It's not like Michiru Shimada (who did most screenplays and series composition) doesn't have enough experience, but I wonder how good of an original writer she is. The second movie (which she wrote) was much weaker than the first.
Plus, juggling this episodic mess with a director, who before only focused on bombastic endings and simple one-episode fairs, must have been hard.
It was an experiment to see if Yoh Yoshinari can direct a long series. Unfortunately, the big story was fumbled a bit and felt like an unpolished last-minute thought, though it had such a great potential (and a lot of it was still great).

But that's just me assuming. I wish that an actual good journalist would dissect this.

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