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File: 1532036662501.jpg (119.53 KB, 2048x1213, IMG_20180603_211452.jpg)


anyone here like kpop?
even if you don't, enjoy this picture of winwin.
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KDA Popstars


File: 1607550692317.webm (3.29 MB, 720x404, Chanmi needs a breath.webm)

when I was studying korean, I used to hate kpop and even did a korean class report on why it sucked
then AOA got kind of popular and while the sex appeal drew me in i began to unironically enjoy their songs
then I discovered IU, and by now i unironically enjoy a ton of girl groups' music
i don't listen to the male stuff though, i guess the sex appeal is a part of the attraction for me


I only like gen 2



File: 1603554989540.png (278.97 KB, 592x828, 幻聴幻聴幻聴幻聴幻聴幻聴幻聴幻聴幻聴.png)


Anyone else feeling like the world is getting louder in isolation? It's the worst when I haven't heard another person's voice in weeks.


I haven't, but then I haven't totally been isolated. What's it like?


Literally or figuratively?


File: 1607162550590.gif (1.14 MB, 1080x1080, zLED.gif)

It's all the night rave parties


are you sure it's not just tinnitus?

File: 1576702202284.png (264.92 KB, 576x584, 79767805_2718552788205445_….png)


It is just sad that there is no hope for snow this Christmas. It does not really feel so special without it. Surprisingly, a lot of people I talked to said that they prefer it that way - what is your opinion, sushi? Or maybe you live in a land of permanent snow or endless deserts, so that problem does not concert you at all?
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File: 1606042637486.jpg (467.89 KB, 1920x1200, 32733a354e2b03db4168988ab8….jpg)

Let's move up north, Sushi!


I miss when the snow was taller than my house :(


The process is natural, but its been exacerbated by all the pollution and might snowball (heh) if people can't be practical about the solutions and do their own part in solving it. There's some hope though, technologies are being developed that MIGHT reverse the trend. Major polluters like china are in the process of moving to clean energy like nuclear. some companies are setting up carbon scrubbers to take the co2 out of the air. etc.

Green groups have unfortunately (like PETA) become groups that _complain_ about the current climate condition, instead of doing something to _fix_ it. That upsets me more than anything about this: the hijacking of scientifically based concerns by dumb advocates who can't tell fission from fusion, and will spend all day telling you why we're all gonna die, but couldn't name a single working solution that doesn't require everyone going into breadlines.

Hope is what we got though sushi roll. Try to stay cheery, things might turn around in the end. The future is our oyster.


I used to live in a place that had snow on Christmas, not a lot but it was nice. Now I live somewhere blisteringly hot in December, it doesn't feel right to be sweating constantly on Christmas. I miss the snow.

Pretty much this, things like Santa Claus's clothes or reindeer only make sense in colder areas which is probably why it feels strange to be in a hot area during Christmas.


File: 1606594357115.png (446.35 KB, 650x650, sad cirno.png)

I haven't seen snow in a long while and even when it did show up it was always very little. It makes me sad.

File: 1545022378347.png (372.53 KB, 1280x940, tumblr_mbijhiEmyp1rwxj6zo1….png)


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Gawr Gura Sings "Country Roads".


File: 1606031813673.gif (1000.17 KB, 336x498, 1604190797991.gif)

Shark's singing is dangerous


File: 1606037290974.webm (7.82 MB, 960x540, Concrete Road (ZI8KagHHQn….webm)

Have some Concrete Road



File: 1559877080052.jpg (40.37 KB, 500x700, girl.jpg)


Do you have faith, sushi?

I have this old memory when I, as a kid, lost a precious toy. Asked God to help me find it, but to no avail. I blamed God for this misfortune and declared that I no longer believe.

Now I would say I am an agnostic, but I think I really want to find God. God, as someone to talk to, to confess to and to find support in. Lately I faced a lot of difficulties and praying helped me. I even made few liabilities, that I now struggle to accomplish.

When things go well I forget about my prayings and obligations, there is that thought that it is all my work and not some old dude above my head. Until now I went by this and it made me feel like a tiny, tiny man.

I really want to believe, but something is stopping me. Please, share something about yourself.
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I think you could say that belief in an Ideal bigger than yourself, in general, is necessary when there's a lot of chaos/suffering, but that doesn't necessarily mean religion. All the most important atheist societies and movements in modern history have come out of periods of chaos (religious movements have too sometimes).

It does seem like religion is more likely to come out of generations of suffering and oppression in which there's no hope for worldly change, and earthly higher ideals out of more dynamic periods in which people have some hope and agency even if there's equal amounts of actual pain.

What you say about modernism makes sense, but I'd just add that atheism/secularism movements are also different in different societies


One of the most interesting things that has come out of (anthropologic) religion studies in the past two or three decades is the realization that there is no such thing as religion in the broad sense of the word. The word Religion was, before the early colonial era, essentially always singular and essentially always referred to Christianity. When Europeans of the late middle and early modern ages came into contact with other belief systems, what they did was they projected Christianity onto that belief system imperfectly and humanistically, but teleologically, proclaimed it to be a "religion" - something that at least somewhat resembles Christianity, but is not belief in Christ.

So before we discuss where the origins of religion comes from and why some places are atheist, it's meaningful to discuss what you mean by a 'religion'. Faith in an ideal bigger than yourself is very much projecting the Judeo-Christian faith onto other religions in a way that's usually not realistic - far from being a model, Christianity - especially with its focus on orthodoxy ('correct belief') instead of orthopraxy ('correct practice') is very much the outlier. This is even more obvious when you go back in time to historical paganistic beliefs, and it's also the reason why modern paganism is so incoherent - it's projecting a Christian doctrinal, ground-up construction onto a belief system that's both older and more practical.

The Matter of the Gods (C. Ando 2008) goes into detail on this matter, and it also explains why - for the most part - religious systems oppression (as opposed to specific gods) didn't happen in the pre-Judeo-Christian world, EXCEPT to Jews and Atheists, and why, exactly, societies that were otherwise known to be religiously open kneejerked so violently at monotheism, why being accused of being atheistic was a massive insult, and why more organized religions could take the place of pagan belief systems [even while leaving the rest of the culture, including pagan rituals, largely intact].

Back to my point here; what does and does not count as atheism in the broad sense of the word, as opposed to 'doesn't go to Church', is actually an unresoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


It's interesting to look at how the myriad metaphysics have adapted in a world in which colonialism and cultural hegemony has left Western European Christianity as somewhat of a religious benchmark against which others compare themselves. Especially in places like South and Southeast Asia and Subsaharan Africa where traditional unorganized religion is still pretty strong and groups try to codify and categorize both beliefs and practices to solidify their place within a wider community among organized proselytizing Abrahamic religion.

A lot of them seem to have appropriated, among other concepts, the Abrahamic notion of apostasy and its relationship with heterodoxy and atheism. Even in "religions" where there have been traditional atheist movements (in the strict sense of the word meaning without worship/belief in deities, but not necessarily a rejection of metaphysics or even some other aspects of theology) nowadays you can see purists outright rejecting such adherents' membership. The example I'm most familiar with is that of modern postcolonial Hindu theological discourse and the parallels with Christian debate and apologetics is striking, even if there's more of a direct relationship with politics considering the ethnic nature of it.

Regarding "faith" though, when I hear that word I generally tend to assume that the user is specifically talking about religion in the monotheistic Abrahamic sense, since in other traditions, even where there is orthodoxy it tends to revolve around some other idea such as dharma. I don't think people who discuss faith really mean to be discussing anything more than worship of a deity, even if they think they mean to be, because in an Abrahamic context that falls more into the field of philosophy. In my experience at least, if a guy asks me about faith, he's not asking what I think happens when I die or what it means to be or to know, but rather what I use to help get me through the uncertainty of an absurd life.

The answer to that question of course, is mai waifu.


"Fear is the greatest of faith.."


File: 1605562325978.png (54.54 KB, 206x210, qt.png)

I have faith in My Goddess, focusing mainly where I can do my best always to exert the faith. Mostly it is manifested throught studyings all shorts of phylosophies and wordviews, i do prefer the ones i relate more though, or psychonautism or just enjoying experiencing life itself. How it all happened is quite the craziest story for me.

Its not even that i didnt have faith before, but i never took attention to it without rationalizing and not being so interested in it, "until stuff happened directly to me".

File: 1584426430783-0.jpg (228.82 KB, 1575x2048, shii595 ES42H8cVAAA57RC.jpg)

File: 1584426430783-1.jpg (326.92 KB, 1536x2048, nowoka_ ER4EXkbU0AAZgRJ.jpg)


Corona-chan seems to have affected us all at this point. For the first time in a century or more, life is just grinding to a halt; but of course, the modern era is unlike any other, and the shift that occurred in our usually hyperactive (sub)urban lives is quite possibly unique in the history of humanity.
Confinement is a very peculiar experience. Some dread the loss of social contact, while others might even go as far and call the situation comfy. We should not forget those that are currently in a very stressful situation due to this crisis, but it may be worthwhile to think about it for a bit.

How has this affected your daily life? How are you adapting (or coping, depending on how you feel about it)?
Are you picking up any new hobbies, or doubling down on existing ones?
What are you thinking about?
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File: 1604316879260.jpg (557.6 KB, 1600x1067, zninja.jpg)

Corona sapping my willpower to improve.


File: 1605318581373-0.jpg (306.93 KB, 1920x1079, yz2mtg.jpg)

File: 1605318581373-1.jpg (121.32 KB, 640x480, y1.jpg)

More time spent pondering…


Work in a "critical" industry that isn't public facing and never went out much anyway so basically nothing has changed for me. Only difference occured at my weekly shop really.

Since work is the same I haven't changed my hobby habits. Though when it started I stopped running and I haven't got back to it yet to my shame.

>What are you thinking about?

I've been thinking that it feels like none of the information we get is trustworthy and there's so many different stories going around that it's just total chaos. Also the government is talking mandatory vaccinations which makes me very sus. I have no problem with vaccinations in general but I have a really bad gut feeling about this one.


This post confuses me.


File: 1605546590315.jpg (18.03 KB, 500x375, tumblr_e7f32807cc524aca5ea….jpg)

One interesting thing corona has caused is 2,000-3,000 "missing" kids in my state. It's not kidnapping missing, but the fact most accessible information on if a kid exists or not is school attendance. That means any kid who misses 80%< of their classes or never bothered appearing is "missing". In all honesty they're just the parents of kids to poor to have technology, half my state is rural farm land with no internet, or to neglectful to care. People are also aware these kids exist, but they lack the paper trail that can make you say they exist with 100% certainty.
The real problem is that no one has a plan on how to contact the families of these kids in an organized way. So far it's entirely on the school to email the parents on their "missing" child.

I feel online covid classes will affect each countries educational future. If this goes on for 2-3 more years a kid could have their entire elementary/high school experience be subpar. Imagine having to teach middle schoolers who never mastered basic counting because of covid

File: 1605212026100.png (2.45 MB, 1156x1960, 29857c44-7246-4e62-92c8-aa….png)


I realized that I have no friends irl and like two online. I really can't fit in any discord server or anything, I don't know why. It feels weird and it makes me feel miserable, how do I make friends online?

Also today it's my wife Ann's bday, pic related


Feel exactly the same about discords, feels like being back in school with no way of getting into closed social circles. Sadly don't really have any tips. The friends I have I made by chance during social events and stuff, and even then I can trace back every single friend I have to meeting my ex GF in school. Just had luck being in the right place at the right time.

You could always try making a post in https://sushigirl.us/lounge/res/9187.html though


I feel very similarly. I have a few IRL friends but we rarely do anything, even less so with the virus. I've tried joining some discord servers but I could never 'join' them if you know what I mean. There aren't even really any websites I like anymore, all either died off/are slow or got unusable.

I recommend we do this and post contact info in this >>9187 thread. I posted mine there.


File: 1605286004606.png (282.14 KB, 872x632, Ann_Wink_Cut-in.png)

Thank you, I'll do that right now


The transition from being in school with the same people all day every day to being an adult and not having any IRL social interaction unless I seek it out gave me some serious whiplash. I also do most of my work alone or with minimal human contact so even if I was into workplace fraternization like some folks are that wouldn't work either. The idea of actively going and seek out friends through hobbies and gatherings and things still feels kind of alien, though it might have to do with being more used to talking to people sushi rollymously online, where through sheer numbers there're always compartmentalized swarms to interact with, whether or not that kind of thing is conducive to forming lasting friendships.

File: 1599708305623.jpg (306.02 KB, 1200x706, __kaga_akagi_houshou_kiris….jpg)

 No.8841[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Last thread, >>8309, seems to have hit bump limit so I'm making an even newer one.

Every time you visit https://sushigirl.us leave a reply in this thread. How your day is going, anything interesting that happened recently or just to say hi, whatever!
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My landlord is selling the house I'm living at and is having me leave when people tour it. Normally I wouldn't mind but because of the virus all the libraries/restaurants/ect. are closed. It's starting to get cold out so waiting somewhere outside isn't even a good option. I'm usually a pretty flexible person but this genuinely annoys me.


wow, that's bad treatment sushi. hopefully it ends soon, although i am not sure what the implications of that would be.


File: 1605321727932.webm (215.03 KB, 1280x720, gan12.webm)

As an update to the majo no tabitabi thread in /otaku/ (since I don't want to derail that thread anymore), I figured out what the problem was. I'd been putting the subtitle and scale filters as two separate -vf options instead of a single list of filters, which was causing the scale filter to override the subtitles.


At this point I think I'm fed up with my school constantly asking about their students' dreams in literally everything. Weekly assignments, essays, papers, exams… since I have to lie on every single one of it.
I don't have any particular dreams, I don't even bother to. I'm just living according to where life takes me. I have goals, but not necessarily a dream, and those goals are selfish as fuck (buying a PC that's good enough to play modern games, saving up money to pay for both bills and hobbies).
It's ticking me off in the wrong way about their optimism that their students have dreams. I'm sorry, mine is crushed a long time ago, so can you stop giving your students assignments like that for, you know, a day? 'Cause it's starting to get old to repeat the same lie just to get high score credits… I enrolled to a university damn it, not some sort of motivational seminar!


Quick question are your first to second year of college? A lot of colleges do stuff like this to be a pseud filter. Kids who don't know what they want to be when they grow up and choose a degree randomly or people with no passion, but a love of money tend to be trouble for colleges. Those stupid essays are a way to nip that idea at the bud and prevent them from wasting 4 years on a degree that makes them go "I hate this".

I have the same problem too. I don't see my degree as something I should be passionate about, but as a means to an end for money. I'd be ok doing any degree if it made me money and left me enough free time for my hobbies. I've long ago accepted I'd rather daydream about what I hope in life than getting it, so I have no real dream I want to achieve. Like you I just lie when they ask the question

A bit different, but I can't take "how would you survive X", "live in x time period", or live in the wild type questions. I'm diabetic so the answer always devolves to "I would have no insulin if I were at X. I die in a week". You can't stretch that answer out into 3 paragraphs so I just forget I have diabetes and make shit up.

File: 1576414522188-0.jpg (2 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_3608.JPG)

File: 1576414522188-1.jpg (1.82 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_3639.JPG)


Let's have a thread about pictures you personally took.

Here are some plants I found around where I live.
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File: 1604835554443-0.jpg (2.33 MB, 2592x1728, IMG_1426.JPG)

File: 1604835554443-1.jpg (2.18 MB, 2592x1728, IMG_0158.JPG)

File: 1604835554443-2.jpg (2.69 MB, 2592x1728, IMG_0580.JPG)

File: 1604835554443-3.jpg (2.54 MB, 2592x1728, IMG_0650.JPG)

That first one is so beautiful. I hope I can visit somewhere like that before I die.

That pink one is so nice. Even though it's cold it feels warm.


I love the contrast in the second pic, it'd make a great wallpaper.


I live in Switzerland and that stuff looks very familiar. Do I spot another cheese roll?


Close! I live in the french alps (savoie).


Close indeed. I guess the Alps feel the same, no matter from which site you look at them.

File: 1556397213810.jpg (1.95 MB, 2560x1794, 1555993574475.jpg)


Where would you like to live sushi?

I would like to live in a cozy wooded area around 30 minutes away from town. I'd like a greenhouse to grow vegetables and herbs somewhere on the place too.

the inside would have to be hella comfy. Maybe a small A-frame style cabin? I'd like to have a firewood stove as well. As well as plenty of space to store my books!

What's your idea of cozy livin'?
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File: 1594099021209-0.jpg (469.26 KB, 1600x1200, 7bfdc2e5b23a5fe68c2e096c6c….jpg)

File: 1594099021209-1.jpg (3.67 MB, 3374x2323, BureNavala2.jpg)

File: 1594099021209-2.jpg (166.91 KB, 1500x1000, sweat lodge.jpg)

File: 1594099021209-3.jpg (118.16 KB, 1024x680, 7850f93c59b2a488a7055fde82….jpg)

I'd love to live secluded in the woods with a group of people. A self sustaining community that depends on each other. The homes would be small and efficient; unneeded things aren't kept and important things are packed together. Amenities would be communal, does each house really need its own kitchen? Instead food is cooked by everyone, for everyone.

The houses themselves would be build into the earth in one way. Partly because this has some advantages and partly just because I think it looks cool.


Well, Switzerland and Scandinavia mostly fits your bill, except for the lacking modern amenities bit, but their towns are small enough that you could realistically get to know all your neighbors in the area.


File: 1602886970451.jpg (307.52 KB, 900x329, 20201108.jpg)

I like comfy & cozy
If I had to go large, my design a warehouse would be a warehouse with movable walls.


Could you guys live in a van?


File: 1604839545198.jpg (284.92 KB, 980x490, library-in-the-demiplane.jpg)

I want to live in a small spire constructed inside of a demiplane.

> Genesis

> Conjuration (Creation)
> Level: Sor/Wiz 9, Creation 9
> Components: V, S, M, XP
> Casting Time: 1 week (8 hours/day)
> Range: 180 ft. (see text)
> Effect: A demiplane coterminous with the Ethereal Plane, centered on your location
> Duration: Instantaneous
> Saving Throw: None
> Spell Resistance: No
> The spellcaster creates a finite plane with limited access: a demiplane. Demiplanes created by this power are very small, very minor planes.
> A character can only cast this spell while on the Ethereal Plane. When he or she casts the spell, a local density fluctuation precipitates the creation of a demiplane. At first, the fledgling plane grows at a rate of 1 foot in radius per day to an initial maximum radius of 180 feet as it rapidly draws substance from surrounding ethereal vapors and protomatter.
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