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File: 1466453749161.png (1.7 MB, 2560x1440, screen-shot-2013-03-11-at-….png)


Lets have a nice thread about precision walking.

It's popular in japan: they work so hard on this. You've probably seen this first one



File: 1466885709986.gif (1.38 MB, 300x169, 1425717643142.gif)

I don't know much for walking but this synchronized dance by World Order is good.


File: 1466880466034.jpg (41.71 KB, 630x326, sensory_deprivation_tank_b….jpg)


let me tell you about floation tanks also kn own as sensory deprevation tanks all it is is a box that blocks out all light and sound. its filled with water and a ton of salt, the water is heated to be the temperature of your skin

you lay in it and after a couple minutes you melt into the water and can no longer feel your skin, so all of your senses are nullified

you feel like you are floating in space
your body really isnt used to this lack of so you almost immediately start hallucinating it's basically a pyschadelic experience iwth no drugs.

most people freak out and cant stay calm for the first several sessions, once you learn how to calm down and give in is when you can have the real experiences and explore your mind


Is it like pic related of is it full with water all the way to the top, with some way to let you breathe?
That seems like something fun do to. I'm not sure if I would be able to keep sane, but it would be fun, anyway.

File: 1466734056776.gif (2.36 MB, 636x464, thewarudo.gif)




But then the wormhole from the Oekaki thread opened in /hell/ instead! :ooo

(This kind of game is better suited for /hell/ which is basically our random board and also where Dio ultimately belongs.)

Moved to >>>/hell/172.

File: 1466580565521.jpg (220.73 KB, 1280x960, 1465872360507.jpg)


just a question, does anyone happen to have the old css themes from Sushi before it crashed? I'm just making a collection and would like to complete what I don't have.


They may be in my site backups but I haven't found them yet.

In the future this kind of question is better asked in /yakuza/, the site meta board.

File: 1466459255039.jpg (109.4 KB, 700x299, blanket-bundled-cute-dog-p….jpg)


comfy quotes thread!


When I get up in the morning I go straight back to bed again. I feel best in the evening, the moment I dowse the candle, pull the eiderdown over my head. I raise myself up once more, look about the room with an indescribable peace of mind, and then it's goodnight, down under the eiderdown.

- Soren Kierkegaard


File: 1466539400440.gif (394.17 KB, 426x416, chake it eajy.gif)

Take it easy! - A newborn yukkuri.


Kierkegaard is my main man. I love everything of his I've read


File: 1466606159786.png (423.19 KB, 675x675, 1431168332789.png)

>when every yukkuri thread ever turns into torture pictures after 5 posts
I wish people would just keep it cute, it's so sad to see them get messed up.

File: 1465002900282.png (148.28 KB, 373x548, :3.png)


1 get, on I think the whole site.

How did you spend the down time, little sushi's?
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any tapes in general, or do you prefer certain genres?


I'm just collecting stuff from childhood for now. Anything from Titanic to Veggie Tales lol.

I would like to find some old anime shows, but I'm at the mercy of my local thrift stores. The closest thing I've found is the 2000 Digimon movie and many Pokemon tapes.


File: 1466190722832.jpg (502.26 KB, 650x875, 1411938609259-cute.jpg)

I didn't do a whole lot. I started playing team fortress 2 competitively which is something I've wanted to do for a long time and I'm super excited about though


>Anything from Titanic to Veggie Tales
Neat! You might have some luck online finding old anime, but you also might not be able to find any appropriate prices. Sounds like an interesting hobby for sure though!


Nice! I gave up my Team Fortress dreams a couple years ago, but I wish you the best.

Yeah I've searched ebay for some stuff, but the prices are pretty high. The fun thing about common tapes is they're usually never more than a $1.

File: 1465510096861.png (31.57 KB, 500x575, tumblr_o4s15gXF0m1qb9odio1….png)


I just wanted to post some stuff I've been thinking about chans. There's no special point I'm arguing.

As far as I am concerned 8ch has been taken over and destroyed. I was just looking at some screenshots of some older 8ch stuff today: that whole story about the bank robber, people having fun with copypaste before racequeen, all the fan art about nomads travelling from 4chan and rebuilding. It was nice to remember back and think about what a good run we had. I feel like none of the new alt-alt chans have any hope of being close to what 8ch was and that's a shame.
More than that thought I'm starting to feel like the imageboard medium is a dead end. I asked myself what do you even get, today, out of an imageboard that you don't on reddit or something else. They're heavily censored these days, I find that the mods on these create-your-own-board sites really abuse their positions and remove far more than they should.
Maybe it's wrong to focus so much on the free speech aspect, the main purpose of chans is to free people by removing the assocation of their post from their identity. That is the key. What do we gain from that? Frustratingly a great deal of noise and incessant meme posts is one of the results. It's too easy to drag down the level of discussion.
The cultures are often based on paranoia and distrust to the point that spending too much time on a chan can leave you unable to interact and integrate with non-chan people. Not to ignore the enojable side of it: all kinds of chaos, fun. a place to learn about extremes thaht you would never normally see (gore, fetishes, horror stories, …). but I see the creation of OC drying up. Memes used to churn around pretty regularly, but now how long as pepe the frog been going? Also the weird meta-awareness and understanding of memes and propogation has created a weird new irony to everything. The innocent playfulness has been lost.
What would you like to see in the future? How can be change the medium itself to enable better more creative communities to form?

Some interesting articles on chan culture (got any more to share?)
- http://kazerad.tumblr.com/post/96020280368/faceless-together
- http://thebaffler.com/salvos/new-man-4chan-nagle
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I completely agree with you. Now, having read everything previously stated in this thread, as well as just experiencing things myself for as many years as I have. I must admit, it's just getting exhausting and confusing to the point where I almost don't want to think about it anymore.

There was a time I believe, where chans felt comfy and fun and shit flourished. Now I feel like every big chan is a complete piece of shit in every way and is depressingly shitty, while all of the small chans feel like they're missing something really important and I can't put my finger on it.






But SJWs shilling on the site isn't against the rules? That's not political? Fuck off.

"Bogeyman" (or a variant) is an absolute dead giveaway. SJW shills always use that word and always insist that SJWs don't really exist, which by now is as believable as claiming Trump doesn't exist.

Anyway I can see that this site is a lost cause so I will not be coming back. Have fun with your SJW circle jerk.


I refer you again to my reply, earlier.
Not everyone who pretends theres no problem with SJW is one of them. Loads, in fact, are not really, unless you're a /pol/ack afraid of any outsiders who'd call anyone who associates with or aligns themselves with people who are one themselves regardless of what they're actually willing to do, say, and believe, or anyone who just is a leftist of any kind ever.
Plenty of SJWs will, of course, also pretend there is no problem, because pretending there isn't a problem when it undermines their narrative is one of their specialties. See pretending there are no problems with backwards Islamic orthodoxy or popular Islamic extremism.
Pretending there is no problem where there is one is bad, but its done for differing reasons by different people. Some people just dont want to have to feel like they're orienting themselves in opposition to what they've been taught is the "good guys." People averse to conflict in this manner are incapable of actually being SJWs, because that would involve being very proactive about being a loud, aggressive, imposing asshole.
I'm probably just some shill from tumblr, or one of anitas COINTEL agents or something though. With us or against us, with us or with them and so against us.


Moved to >>>/hell/14 for not being comfy.

File: 1465586485206.jpg (340.26 KB, 780x1102, 1465424521-1.jpg)


i didn't know this was a sushigirl intro.

the front page music is always so nice

cant post mp4 so http://16chan.nl/b/thread/2786




wordfilter test, please pay no mind

File: 1465150913165.gif (1.55 KB, 24x24, squishy.gif)


I miss him guys ;_;
Can we have a fallen admin appreciation thread?
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>now SUSHI I can get into


File: 1465477942198.png (66.07 KB, 183x222, 1463192137679.png)

He will come back


b-but hes not ded anon.




File: 1506543182936.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.92 KB, 288x284, 1504709630425.jpg)


File: 1465267847660.png (6.66 KB, 440x170, Capture.PNG)



Thanks, fixed.


Moved to >>>/yakuza/12.

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