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File: 1588789206561.jpg (387.76 KB, 1000x1000, 1580945333871.jpg)


Skating, parkour, graffiti, urbex etc. There's nothing like the feeling of the wind as you fly towards the pavement.

To someone who recognises this thread: I'm sorry I was rude when you said you couldn't join my dream, it was meant as a joke response to someone else but I forgot how to make a side thread ;_;
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I have never liked the way Yom colors legwear. They feel unwashed rather than worn.

>If he could think of a good story, that is.
Subplot 1. - Maid in a mansion needs to go out run her errands. Due to plot reasons, the chaffer can't get the car to work and/or public transportation is compromised, so the maid takes off her heels, puts on her old sneakers, dusts off her skateboard and glides through the back streets of the city.

Subplot 2. - Attractive mature maid tutors the rebellious botchan of the manor. He fancies himself a pro skateboarder but he sucks at it. The maid gives subtle but sharp input on his skills and he improves his moves. At the end of every segment, when the maid catches herself alone, she executes flawlessly whatever maneuver her botchan was trying to do.

Subplot 3. - An elegant perfect maid who carries herself with dignity and conducts her tasks with rigor stumbles upon a skateboard. She has never rode one in her life but having had years of practice at maid school conditioning her balance and posture with some ballet on the side, she easily maneuvers herself on top of the skateboard. Completely oblivious to the world of extreme sports and skateboarding, the maid figures out various ways to make her new tool useful in her daily life, to the amusement of her elderly mistress.

Uniting thread:
the Xtreme tournament takes place at the end of the season. As time approaches, maid 1 enters the competition.

Botchan is too young to participate so he watches with maid 2 by his side, who entered the competition on a whim. Hi-jinks ensue as she tries to keep her skateboarder persona and her professional maid life separate but tit grows difficult as her performances catch the admiration of her botchan. In the climax, with no time to change, she reveals her identity and takes to the skate park in her maid outfit.
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File: 1590012727649.jpg (338.12 KB, 750x1000, EWmvhXHVcAEDAXb.jpg)

I have never thought about it being unwashed. Are there any other good artists who draw tights?

Wow, that plot was nice. Loved the plot twist!
Picture not related, I just wanted to post it.


File: 1593486298240.jpg (755.85 KB, 1944x2592, oldcrow.jpg)

This is a topic I have never really seen talked about on *chan sites, which seems odd to me.
I personally enjoy the art of graffiti as well as the act, small time at least. It's a good combination of urbex and (sometimes) skating. Nothing beats rolling through the city catching tags and exploring places you wouldn't otherwise explore. Just like skating, you will never look at seemingly mundane parts of your city the same ever again.


Someone fund this anime at once.
No jokes, I really enjoyed that, it would make a great story!


I figured out how to heelflip today, that was pretty cool.

Have you taken any photos of your stuff? My village has a little bit of graffiti but it's stuff that went up years ago. There's one character who shows up faded (he's been there for years) in a couple of hidden spots, one time I saw him fresh on a train and it felt really good.

File: 1553467568167.jpg (31.21 KB, 640x639, 51c846e0300a115cd54839416b….jpg)

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what's your experience with love? falling in it, falling out of it, one-sided or mutual.

currently i'm crushing very, very hard on what might be the most unreadable person on earth. i fell in love (i guess) when they asked the professor if they could step out of class and stumbled over whether to say "can i" or "may i". they went with the latter (and said please) and dropped their phone on the way out.

crushing this hard is like throwing my heart and brain in a blender and pulverizing them at the highest speed, but the blender short-circuits and the whole thing just combusts and explodes. i've always been a hopeless romantic, so this is a real weird mix of unsurprising and absolutely terrifying. i've never been so frustrated and so joyful in my life.

how about you, sushis?
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Don't get fooled by angles and filters. It's fine to enjoy but don't think they are any realer than anime girls.


There's a lot of that for sure. But even ignoring looks, there's a lot of interesting personalities about. Not to mention that looking good on camera is an impressive skill in itself.


File: 1593037810115.gif (208.37 KB, 354x534, 1475793028452.gif)

Left a message for someone I fell out of contact with. Here's hoping they respond.


Hey me too
Except they already turned me down but still wanted to be friends. I don't know if they'll even reply or if this is even a good idea, but I've never even had a female friend before so if I can at least do that it would progress.


It's been a while, but did they respond?

File: 1559030242926.png (19.57 KB, 896x504, youtube-logo.png)


hello sushis let have a thread where we post youtube videos we find funny
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This will forever be one of my favourite videos on youtube, not to mention a good analogy for derealization.




Australian slang is so good

File: 1556397213810.jpg (1.95 MB, 2560x1794, 1555993574475.jpg)


Where would you like to live sushi?

I would like to live in a cozy wooded area around 30 minutes away from town. I'd like a greenhouse to grow vegetables and herbs somewhere on the place too.

the inside would have to be hella comfy. Maybe a small A-frame style cabin? I'd like to have a firewood stove as well. As well as plenty of space to store my books!

What's your idea of cozy livin'?
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>4 is awkward.
>Too little space.
I live in the equivalent of 4 or 5 right now. It is horribly cramped, and i have barely any room for anything. Just getting into my desk chair is a bit of a challenge since there is hardly any floor space next to my desk, and getting into my closets is a bit fiddly too.



File: 1566170977393-0.jpg (181.76 KB, 1024x768, lindasanden.jpg)

File: 1566170977393-1.jpg (429.75 KB, 1440x960, IMG_3993.jpg)

File: 1566170977393-2.jpg (313.17 KB, 1024x512, 5394567888_6d901db313_b.jpg)

File: 1566170977393-3.jpg (75.34 KB, 550x412, fields-of-wild-flowers.jpg)

I'd like to live somewhere where the air is dry. I live near the equator so it gets pretty bad to even step outside during the summers since I am asthmatic.
I'd like to experience somewhere where it gets really cold too, with snow and ice and all the terror of it. I believe it was Melville that once said to be comfortable one must be uncomfortable as well.
I would live in a little house and be part of a little village too. Maybe a couple of friends would be there I could chat. Sure, I would lack some modern amenities but at least I could talk with someone who also needs company.
Maybe I could invite them over. I'd make a nice stew or roast and we could eat it together.

And when it did freeze over, I could enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate and a fire running in the fireplace.
And when it turned to spring or fall, I could take a walk, watching over time as flowers blossom or orange-brown leaves fall.
I would spend the rest of my days painting and tending to plants without a dollar to worry about.

I'm always brought back to reality though. Maybe it's hopeless romanticism. But hey, a soul can still dream. :)


File: 1594099021209-0.jpg (469.26 KB, 1600x1200, 7bfdc2e5b23a5fe68c2e096c6c….jpg)

File: 1594099021209-1.jpg (3.67 MB, 3374x2323, BureNavala2.jpg)

File: 1594099021209-2.jpg (166.91 KB, 1500x1000, sweat lodge.jpg)

File: 1594099021209-3.jpg (118.16 KB, 1024x680, 7850f93c59b2a488a7055fde82….jpg)

I'd love to live secluded in the woods with a group of people. A self sustaining community that depends on each other. The homes would be small and efficient; unneeded things aren't kept and important things are packed together. Amenities would be communal, does each house really need its own kitchen? Instead food is cooked by everyone, for everyone.

The houses themselves would be build into the earth in one way. Partly because this has some advantages and partly just because I think it looks cool.


Well, Switzerland and Scandinavia mostly fits your bill, except for the lacking modern amenities bit, but their towns are small enough that you could realistically get to know all your neighbors in the area.

File: 1577177375920.png (403.5 KB, 803x655, 1556646143420.png)


(Didn't see a particular thread for this topic so making one) Anyone here married/have a family or otherwise older than the average imageboard user?

I hit 31 this year, have had a family for several years. Grew up and still enjoy chan culture yet somehow I've become trapped in suburban normie hell. It's a weird sort of loneliness. Anyone else know this feel?
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>the feeling that I was wasting my youth really terrified me
You're only as young or old as you let yourself feel, roll. Only to a degree of course, but it's something I find helpful to remind myself of as I get older.


File: 1593981242298.jpg (168.95 KB, 1200x794, unix_developers_ken_thomps….jpg)

I'm 63. I started programming in the 1970s and consider the internet my territory. I was writing web browser stuff (in machine code, for custom hardware) in the days when almost nobody had a home computer. I find it strange that youngsters think I don't belong on the internet because I must be too old to understand it.


Don't think I've seen someone admit to being 50+ on an imageboard before. What interest you in imageboards, especially this one? Since you've been on for so long, what are the most surprising trends you noticed in the +30 years of the internet?


I'm late 20's with no job or children. I don't think 31 is old at all for imageboards. There are definitely a decent amount of 40ish people around too.
Honestly I find city people much easier to talk to. I don't really like the culture of most chans, but I like the sushi rollymity and hearing strange/different viewpoints that I would never see otherwise.


File: 1593994188158.jpg (114.15 KB, 614x466, Olive-oyl-lilsweetpea1936.jpg)

"Admit" to being over 50? Did you really mean that? You know that 'admitting' to something means accepting that it is wrong.
A bit like 'confessing'. You're trying to paint me as the villain.

It will not come as any surprise to you at all when I say that we had innocent hopes that the internet would lead to some sort of science fiction utopia where everybody was clever and good. In the early days, corporations and political pressure groups didn't know anything about our international, electronic communications. We thought, for a brief while, that we were the vanguard of a technologically sophisticated, dogmatically immune class of techies whose time to rule the world rationally had come. We were, of course, children of our time. And tragically mistaken.

I might address your more biographically nosy questions in my next, alcohol influenced essay. Or not; perhaps its your turn now.
Now you write something.

File: 1589185910831.jpg (18.93 KB, 480x480, 1587860597454.jpg)


Uh oh. I have a Japanese test in a few hours. Wish me luck sushis
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How did it go?


I think I passed at least, but I butchered the sentence part.


File: 1589416834343.jpg (131.68 KB, 525x396, 1528232866999.jpg)

you did your best, that's all that matters


<3 tanku sushiroll
How's school going for you?



File: 1593091814830.jpg (2.19 KB, 90x90, download.jpg)


currently on a zoom call doing remote e-learning. it's really daunting but the nice weather outside makes it better. i'm just a little annoyed today haha


File: 1593103386629.png (322.09 KB, 540x480, .-.png)

Is this a bot post? It feels like a bot post…

File: 1588732731904.jpeg (24.12 KB, 640x360, iu.jpeg)


Recommend me something sushi rolls. Doesn't even have to be media. You could tell me to learn to skateboard or something. I'm just really bored
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I reccommend kimchi. It's cold, salty, acidic, spicy, and packs a crunch. So much flavor and it can go with soups and sandwiches. I enjoy it on it's own. Top 10 favorite food.


Yeah kimchi is really delicious. I snack on it a lot.


You should watch all of Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu.


Seconding this, LotGH got me through a long bout of melancholy.


File: 1591969374364.jpg (1.07 MB, 1393x1420, IMG_20200513_193648.jpg)

Get huge, It takes a lot of time and effort but has very steady progression and very tangible results every single week, Assuming you keep at it.
One day you start and you can't even squat the bar with proper form then BAM, 2 years have passed and you're stacking those plates. Hours and hours of fun sweating and angry grunting.
And yeah, People really do treat you different when you get fit, You don't even have to look like a massive bodybuilder for that effect, It just kind of happens.

File: 1589565786782.jpg (2.11 MB, 2000x1069, sushi_bar.jpg)

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Last thread >>6368 seems to have hit bump limit so I'm making a new one.

Every time you visit https://sushigirl.us leave a reply in this thread. How your day is going, anything interesting that happened recently or just to say hi, whatever!
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Social media affected forums by eating them up. Consumer and Moderator wise it's easier to use a forum aggregator like discord/reddit so you get all your replies/friends in one place and don't have to deal with the challenges of setting up a site. That means old members and would be new users migrated to discord and co.


File: 1592097344301-0.jpg (133.35 KB, 360x286, ecard_dave.jpg)

File: 1592097344301-1.png (59.17 KB, 451x430, panel.PNG)

File: 1592097344301-2.jpg (71.81 KB, 288x373, scaryface.jpg)

File: 1592097344301-3.jpg (101.94 KB, 302x438, ohnokitty.jpg)

>I also want to say that there's no better feeling than searching through archived websites, it feels like scavenging some strange ruins for treasures. I love it.
I love doing that too. My passion was inspired by a dude who had this random online presence so every time I googled him I'd find some new site. So far I've found 2 sites he uses to host his art (which was just one due to complex reasons), His random blogs/abandoned social media, 2 abandoned/half done sites he made with his friends for fun, his open directory (somehow), his 3 random webcomics which have their own site, and by looking for the images for this post I found 2 forums he posted on. Every few months I google him again because it's like a jackpot were you get something new with each spin.


File: 1592115026422.png (4.6 MB, 1920x2560, 0d9035_7618863.png)

God ettermiddag. Still learning Norwegian and Spanish, started watching Haibane Renmei last night.


File: 1592174477961.jpg (729.17 KB, 1249x1969, BLAME! and so on - 123.jpg)

HR er veldig bra, håper du nyter den.

Spent the whole day doing nothing except laundry and watching a few Blame! OVAs.


Someone make a new thread I can't share with the world that I've been productive again today if the thread doesn't bump.

File: 1554981964892.jpg (36.83 KB, 654x643, 1548060751126.jpg)


Hey sushis, how the hell do I get off the computer?

I spend practically all day browsing various boards and forums and doing nothing of value. I have a couple non-computer-based hobbies but barely any motivation. I've tried to make my computer time more productive (studying languages, programming, even just watching stuff or playing games) but I can never stick with it because to be honestly I hate the computer and everything to do with it.

I'm at the point where you could call me internet addicted, but it's mostly because I feel like I have nothing else to do. I could stop using the computer, but I have no idea how I'd fill my time. I guess I'd stare at the wall? My social life isn't too vibrant either and that doesn't help.

Has anyone else been here / does anyone have some ideas?
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>Hey sushis, how the hell do I get off the computer?
Get busy with real life stuff, from exercise to going to the library or walks to meet people in meetups, events, conventions idk
Well that's how I try, sometimes it works, but for job reasons need to get better at coding so that needs a computer.


it's hard isn't it. The way is to find something fun outside of computers to fill your time with.


Yup, I think distraction is key. You have to fill the void with something else.


Exactly. I've been brainstorming for weeks now on something I can do off the computer (and outside in general), and I finally found something: playing w/ a super ball. Childish? Maybe. But if it's not hot/rainy outside, it's great cardio and a fun way to kill 30 minutes.


As I've gotten older I've gradually lost the anxiety and fear of missing out if I'm not constantly on the computer. Also got rid of browser bookmarks so I don't default to mindless browsing.

When I feel like I'm defaulting I just get up and take a walk or start sewing. I find myself wandering outside more now that I bought a camera.

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