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File: 1485278748486.jpg (122.25 KB, 1300x1300, 1467565037281.jpg)

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Do you have a neat web community or chat group you'd like to invite people to? Maybe want to drop your messaging handle and strike up some conversations? Do it here.

Chat/community/personal ads are no longer allowed on the rest of the site, except maybe on /hell/.

Important Note: This doesn't mean that you can't talk about communities or chat groups. You could, for example, have a thread where you ask people about web communities they visit. You just can't open your thread with an advertisement.

One post per service please! Duplicate ads may be deleted. This especially includes discord links. To make a permanent discord link, click on instant invite, go to advanced settings, and change the expire time to never. Dead links suck. If your discord link expires, your post will be deleted and you may receive a short warning ban.
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Its been already advertised in this thread but did you try 22chan?



i found this today


File: 1650095296156.png (1.55 MB, 960x540, BOSA FEMCEL BANNER.png)

Okay, this community isn't super sweet—we can kinda be rowdy assholes—but I do what I can to make it as female-friendly as possible.
We're a relatively dynamic bunch, with a wide variety of subjects and topics being discussed on the regular. Active during most of the day, but especially during Oceania hours, I think.
Those with somewhat thicker skin would fare better here.


lol go back to FemaleDatingStrategy


File: 1650866034072.png (1.64 MB, 2744x1700, 1650784063793.png)

It's game time! Looking for a comfy imageboard that plans to stick around for a while? Come to GETChan, the board that refuses to die!


File: 1650869078489.gif (118.45 KB, 380x370, anime girl soon to cry.gif)

Please bring it back!


It's otterchat.net now.


A pretty quite forum for celebrity / internet drama. If you're interested in that kind of thing, this site is pretty cozy.

Just be sure to pick a username you've never used anywhere else on the internet.


Was there a reason this community spun off from kiwifarms or lolcow? I haven’t paid attention to that part of the internet in quite some time, so I’m just curious for the historical perspective. I remember seeing PULL shut down.


File: 1653237842202.jpg (196.44 KB, 549x700, 1252396480162.jpg)

I largely feel the same way, and have considered setting up my own text board or something to get around the illegal image spam problem, but it just doesn't feel worth it. It's fatiguing, time consuming, and as you said, certain topics are pretty much suicide to include in any community nowadays for a variety of reasons. I feel like it's probably best to just contribute more to communities like this one rather than reinvent the wheel.

So many people that I know use discord, and despite agreeing that it's terrible, none of them are willing to migrate away due to the network effect. I've considered migrating back to IRC and XMPP, even though I know the communities are going to be way smaller. What is wrong with IRC these days?

>I feel like I wasted my life building websites in the late 90s/early 2000s. All of them are dead now. No one uses forums anymore.

This is always a strange problem to think about. Some would say that if you enjoyed it at the time, and formed good memories from what you did, then perhaps it was worth it. Others say that using online socialization as a surrogate for developing your social skills in meatspace could be a reason why you're struggling with interpersonal stuff now. Still others say that this depressive nostalgia about what "the internet has become" is partly a product of our inability to change with the times, or grow up and move to other hobbies/interests. One of the big draws/features of the imageboard was the ephemeral nature of it's content. Ironic how many of us very old chan users can't let things go.

>I can't tell if I'm just jaded or the entire world went to shit

It's no mystery that with our thoughts we make our world, and I've been chewing on this idea that the way we ravenously consume media about the things in the world we hate, has lead almost everyone to agree on one thing, which is that "things are getting shittier". I can go to any /tech/ board and convince myself that we're on the cusp of a brutal surveillance dystopia in under an hour, or I could go to any politics board and become convinced that my dragon of choice is about to eat the world. How much time do we spend scaring the shit out of ourselves or making ourselves depressed? The internet is definitely a different place than in '03, so then why do i spend so much more time on discord being irritated than on here? It's certainly vexing.

All that said, I know exactly how you feel, sushi roll. I've been using chans since 06 and I feel older and more out of touch with each passing year. That's just how it goes, I guess. Relishing the good parts of our youth without wallowing in nostalgia is a difficult balancing act.

P.S. XMPP here if anyone is interested: radicaldreamer[at]404.city. Suggest me some good MUCs


>Relishing the good parts of our youth without wallowing in nostalgia is a difficult balancing act.
Agreed and empathized. Xennials and a good chunk of early gen Y have hit their +30's now. I get the feeling that a lot of us invested time online because we struggled to fit in irl. Now that online culture has not only evaporated, it's also merged with the "irl" we didn't fit in with. On top of that a lot of what we used to consider niche is now very mainstream and profitable– personal example: moeshit plastered on cars in my neighborhood. The internet will continue to change, z and alpha may feel as displaced in larger numbers when their platforms die and wonder why they wasted so much time on, idk, twitter and tiktok the same way we feel about our forums and websites.

Appreciate the past and let go, friends. It's nice to have sushi rollymous places like this to check in on, see a post like one of yours and think "hey, that's cool / i vibe with that." Make this period in your life something to be nostalgic for later, worth remembering, not behind a screen feeling irritated. This is the best sentiment I can offer, sorry that it's pretty "touch some grass" but it's been (mostly) working for me.


This site is an ip logger and the owner apparently doxxes people on his other site. Beware


>This site is an ip logger and the owner apparently doxxes people on his other site. Beware

you sure did your research retard


Onionfarms has been run for years by an old man named Kenneth. It was pretty much dead for its entire life until a user on Kiwifarms troll reported another user to the FBI for an ironic post over a year ago, causing the reported user to be violently ejected from the site publicly after the FBI took it seriously. That user moved over to Onionfarms as a result and many followed since he was a particularly popular user.



you give up on life? welcome to suicidechan


Made by a doxxer and script kiddie who's under fbi surveillance as potential school shooter


File: 1658605645337.jpg (29.63 KB, 550x550, razzle dazzle.jpg)

Got any original works you want to share and discuss? http://www.occhan.org/

It's a textboard dedicated to such stuff if you're a creative.

No HTTPS yet, but I'm working on it.


File: 1659208236205.png (979.24 KB, 1800x1000, lambdaplusjs35padjaiz4jw2f….png)

I run a small imageboard on my personal computer that can be reached via Tor, I2P, and Yggdrasil. It's mostly focused on math and technology, but other topics are welcome. There are a lot of threads about solving puzzles, steganography, formal logic, software verification, privacy, and image / video compression. Pic related is the catalog on /All/ so you can see what kind of threads are there.


I wrote the software myself. I started working on it after nanochan, another Tor imageboard, began failing. The design draws a lot of inspiration from that site and its picochan fork. Namely, despite the name, there is no use of Javascript anywhere on the site, yet features like a floating reply dialog and inline image expansion still work.

I also copied 4taba's idea of creating boards by just navigating to an arbitrary /board/ name. Like 4taba and unlike 8chan, all boards are managed by the admin; the person who effectively creates the board by making the first post to it has no more power or authority than any other user. Moderation works primarily by moving threads or posts (often to less visible boards) rather than deleting them, although CP and other attempts to use the board to commit crimes are outright removed. There's a public log where you can view all mod activity.

Other notable things about the board / software:
- Open source, http://lambdaplusjs35padjaiz4jw2fugdoeutse262phqr72uf634s2wdbqd.onion/Source/
- Any file type can be attached to a post, although only some are thumbnailed and can be viewed in the browser, while others trigger a download. SVG, AVIF, and JPEG XL are among the file types with thumbnail and inline expansion support.
- Multiple files per post are supported.
- Markup is minimal to avoid breaking source code, but includes quoting and spoilers. Indentation is preserved by default, so no need for code tags.
- Backlinks work across threads and boards.
- Normally no captcha is required to post, but occasionally when the post rate gets very high (usually due to someone spamming), the captcha is automatically temporarily enabled.
- Screenshot shows the light theme, but there's a dark theme as well.


File: 1659466998888.jpg (98.29 KB, 1200x1084, photo_2022-07-28_20-23-16.jpg)

I'm already using seeing it as it is comfy, but I've checked /test/ and there are things that you should delete there.


There's a thread for reporting stuff at /meta/3710. Can you post specifics there?


File: 1660614110882.gif (1.31 MB, 498x498, osana-najimi-najimi.gif)

I made my own Matrix room, go post about Osana Najimi or anything else I guess.



do any of you have that link to that chatroom with Mona (モナー) avatars (little white cat looking things) or at least know the name of it. there was a thread on it before on this site but i think it got wiped after the raid


nevermind, i found it


could you post it roll? I've been looking for it as well


is it already dead?
tried to access but it seems down



updated invite link after a hiatus…


I have an IRC network I'd like to share. irc.fsirc.net/6697 (TLS) #freespeech

I've been working on a VPS deployment bot as well, and that can be found at <https://vmbot.fsirc.net>. Hopefully this post isn't too spammy.


File: 1664984726806.gif (10.91 MB, 826x826, 017023c7e0589313fe79f6b791….gif)


Server for lonely weebs and kigu fans/cosplayers

we have vetting to keep it comfy


>expired already


File: 1666437421920.png (715.78 KB, 1780x789, ClipboardImage.png)


I've been using this imageboard for the past few days, it's still trying to find an identity, but it's pretty cozy. It's a liveboard, which makes for nice conversations.



a imageboard about the watamote series


I just opened a new forum the other day for peoples hobbies that I hope will be neat, so far its a few friends from fedi on there, I hope you'll take a look and maybe sign up!


its a bit more on the 'modern' side as far as UI and features go, which might be a bit off-putting to some but i'd like to hope it is likeable and worth poking back to every now and then.
otherwise the fediverse is always a fun time for more chatty stuff
I'm Lumeinshin on the forum and on fedi. I hope you take a looksie and see if sheepishpatio is up your alley!


What happened to this?



welcome to the ONLY page on the internet




will I ever see alpha cafe posted again? it seemed cliquey and i got scared the first time, but i think i'm more okay now.


Here's the link.
See you soon!


File: 1674690523606.jpg (51.41 KB, 417x600, wapchan.jpg)

Hey sushis

My friend has an imageboard centered around retro media and comfy vibes. Its a little slow now but we have a dedicated community and hoping to grow even more soon. Hope you check it out!



File: 1675524741395.png (32.47 KB, 506x426, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone remembers the name of that imageboard that was themed after a coffee, had liveposting, and was open only on certain times of the day?
Don't know what happened to it but seems like a nice place I'd like to check out again sometime


that was /tea/….


wasn't it named Kohi something something?


I run a small imageboard on https://619chan.org/, if anyone is interested.

/619/, /b/, /i/, /grusha/, /bridget/, /bu/, and /yiff/ are the only boards we currently have.

I've ran imageboards previously, and I've always enjoyed lurking this place.


We also have a matrix room and IRC channel:
#619chan on irc.711chan.net (port 6697)
I know about the one-post-per-service rule but I was stupid enough to forget these links.


File: 1678728787039.png (3.32 KB, 102x102, TSUKI_Project_Logo_1_20.png)


hey isn't this that weird totally-not-a-suicide-cult from r9k

I thought that died


File: 1679481831919.jpg (183.25 KB, 1280x720, tuski.jpg)

Lmao you really think it was a cult? It was just all shitposting and stuff, although I think the creator was genuinely insane or schizo or something


You say that, but I was there and a nonzero number of the participants 100% bought into it. I believe at least one person was confirmed to have died on the specified day. He was real young too.

Maybe it's all "shitposting and stuff" now, but when you get enough mentally ill IBers in one place, shit can happen.

I did too.


File: 1682295584519.png (584.96 KB, 950x800, 1a16f398b3efddcf60c826a9c0….png)

We run a small community with a pretty diverse group of people. https://discord.gg/newavalon

If you're someone who is looking for active voice chats, we have at the minimum 3 people in voice chat everyday and we are always looking for more people to chat and play games with.

we have been playing a lot of sven coop, war thunder and osrs and it would be great to have more people to play those games with so feel free to come in and make yourself at home.

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