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File: 1545991112843.jpg (99.38 KB, 1080x1080, chess.jpg)

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I recently saw this video

I realized that I never learned how to play chess. Nobody in my family plays it anymore so I never bothered to learn. But after reading so many amazing stories about this game I really felt urge to learn it and get decent at it.
Couple of days ago I started playing regularly on lichess; I'm still really bad but it has been lots of fun so far.

Do you have any interesting stories about chess? Any tips for beginner like me?
Lets have a thread about comfiest game ever.
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File: 1678796237528-0.gif (4.75 KB, 268x268, 1321916.gif)

File: 1678796237528-1.jpg (60.39 KB, 512x768, 299497515658944301.jpg)

File: 1678796237528-2.jpg (58.53 KB, 512x768, 300540435118545173.jpg)

File: 1678796237528-3.jpg (54.14 KB, 505x768, 301960939313327342.jpg)

White to play
O Sarapu vs P Cunningham


File: 1679302806800-0.gif (4.96 KB, 268x268, 2023.gif)

File: 1679302806800-1.jpg (126.71 KB, 1188x668, 20230319.jpg)

File: 1679302806800-2.jpg (248.75 KB, 1783x1013, 20230320.jpg)

White to play
Morphy vs D Julien


File: 1679396176801-0.gif (4.87 KB, 268x268, 2023.gif)

File: 1679396176801-1.jpg (256.74 KB, 1000x1600, 04.jpg)

File: 1679396176801-2.jpg (85.23 KB, 1200x1200, 05.jpg)

White to play
J Hector vs R Bator


File: 1679903577821-0.gif (3.86 KB, 268x268, 2023.gif)

File: 1679903577821-1.jpg (34.21 KB, 763x501, 2000.jpg)

File: 1679903577821-2.jpg (25.87 KB, 204x255, 20230325.jpg)

White to play
Schlechter vs Vidmar


File: 1679993842117-0.gif (5.12 KB, 268x268, 2023.gif)

File: 1679993842117-1.jpg (935.27 KB, 4716x2451, 20230325.jpg)

File: 1679993842117-2.jpg (824.45 KB, 3116x2147, 20230326.jpg)

File: 1679993842117-3.jpg (811.56 KB, 3146x2112, 20230327.jpg)

White to play
A Planinc vs V Kovacevic


File: 1680519825643-0.gif (4.64 KB, 268x268, 2023OACf5cL.gif)

File: 1680519825643-1.gif (7.09 KB, 113x113, 2023XXXX.gif)

File: 1680519825643-2.webp (2.45 MB, 6144x6144, WEBBIKE.webp)

White to play
E Joppen vs B Rabar


File: 1680637518044.png (489.07 KB, 1200x800, 107948.png)

Anyone here going to follow the upcoming World Chess Championship? Who are you rooting for? What stream/broadcast are you going to watch, if any?
Magnus Carlsen chose not to defend his title this time, so the match will be between the winner (Ian Nepomniachtchi) and the runner-up (Ding Liren) of the 2022 Candidates tournament. I believe that Ding is not only the first Chinese player to qualify for the World Championship but the first Chinese player to even play in the Candidates, so we could see our first Chinese world champion. Nepomniachtchi is a bit more experienced since he played in the last championship match. It will be interesting to see how his strategy has changed for this match and whether he can keep his nerves under control this time.
I haven't looked too closely at their previous games, but both players seem pretty evenly matched, with 3 wins to 2 in Nepomniachtchi's favour and 8 draws.


File: 1681102409711-0.gif (5.32 KB, 268x268, 2022.gif)

File: 1681102409711-1.gif (826.91 KB, 250x134, 2023.gif)

File: 1681102409711-2.gif (103.52 KB, 100x100, 2024.gif)

White to play
Teichmann vs NN


File: 1681384346789-0.gif (4.2 KB, 268x268, 2022.gif)

File: 1681384346789-1.gif (705.58 KB, 197x250, 2024.gif)

File: 1681384346789-2.jpg (49.29 KB, 850x478, 20230411.jpg)

File: 1681384346789-3.jpg (113.93 KB, 850x567, 20230412.jpg)

Black to play
A Kovacevic vs Gelfand


File: 1681727860680-0.gif (4.55 KB, 268x268, 2023.gif)

File: 1681727860680-1.gif (141.08 KB, 250x188, 2024.gif)

File: 1681727860680-2.jpg (33 KB, 631x640, 20230417.jpg)

File: 1681727860680-3.jpg (146.42 KB, 850x1063, 20230419.jpg)

Black to play
Panov vs Lilienthal


File: 1681815833475-0.gif (4.61 KB, 268x268, 2024.gif)

File: 1681815833475-1.gif (74.17 KB, 250x250, 2023.gif)

File: 1681815833475-2.jpg (205.62 KB, 1251x1433, 20230417.jpg)

File: 1681815833475-3.jpg (49.05 KB, 862x481, 20230418.jpg)

White to play
Van Wely vs G Jones


File: 1682336344588-0.gif (5.31 KB, 268x268, 2023.gif)

File: 1682336344588-1.gif (178.19 KB, 474x200, 2024.gif)

File: 1682336344588-2.jpg (439.35 KB, 3449x1854, 20230425.jpg)

File: 1682336344588-3.jpg (148.44 KB, 816x1456, AI.jpg)

Black to play
S Duron Godoy vs V Garcia Castro


File: 1685971463555-0.gif (4.93 KB, 268x268, 2000.gif)

File: 1685971463555-1.gif (915.17 KB, 250x131, 2022.gif)

File: 1685971463555-2.gif (2.84 MB, 250x140, 2023.gif)

File: 1685971463555-3.gif (187.19 KB, 100x100, 2025.gif)

Black to play
Alapin vs S von Freymann


File: 1686048636773-0.gif (4.94 KB, 268x268, 2022.gif)

File: 1686048636773-1.jpg (22.23 KB, 706x301, 20230605.jpg)

File: 1686048636773-2.jpg (105.67 KB, 1080x673, 20230606.jpg)

File: 1686048636773-3.jpg (214.42 KB, 1920x1080, 20230607.jpg)

White to play
Rubinstein vs A Mundt


File: 1686570127641-0.gif (4.82 KB, 268x268, 2022A.gif)

File: 1686570127641-1.gif (193.48 KB, 250x141, 2023.gif)

File: 1686570127641-2.jpg (131.15 KB, 830x1200, 20230612.jpg)

File: 1686570127641-3.jpg (144.52 KB, 1280x720, media_FyV3kNBXsAAdfDc.jpg)

Black to play
I Rabinovich vs Rikhard Plats


File: 1686653411822-0.gif (4.35 KB, 268x268, 2023.gif)

File: 1686653411822-1.gif (92.32 KB, 438x114, 2099.gif)

File: 1686653411822-2.jpg (99.2 KB, 610x827, 20230614.jpg)

File: 1686653411822-3.jpg (66.49 KB, 570x595, 20230613.jpg)

White to play
F Duz-Khotimirsky vs Alekhine


File: 1687165514704-0.gif (5.08 KB, 268x268, 2023.gif)

File: 1687165514704-1.gif (74.17 KB, 250x250, 2069.gif)

File: 1687165514704-2.jpg (62.8 KB, 850x478, 20230619.jpg)

File: 1687165514704-3.jpg (138.77 KB, 1268x642, 20230620.jpg)

Black to play
Anand vs Mamedyarov


File: 1687260893982-0.gif (4.4 KB, 268x268, 2023.gif)

File: 1687260893982-1.gif (1.44 MB, 250x250, 2069.gif)

File: 1687260893982-2.jpg (24 KB, 474x292, 20230621.jpg)

File: 1687260893982-3.jpg (12.13 KB, 474x266, 20230622.jpg)

Black to play
Gheorghiu vs Sax


File: 1687773171368-0.gif (5.04 KB, 268x268, 2023.gif)

File: 1687773171368-1.gif (421.32 KB, 500x410, 2069.gif)

File: 1687773171368-2.jpg (401.29 KB, 1920x1080, 20230625.jpg)

File: 1687773171368-3.jpg (145.63 KB, 850x1291, 20230626.jpg)

White to play
Fischer vs J Kelley


File: 1690883923565-0.gif (4.78 KB, 268x268, 2022.gif)

File: 1690883923565-1.jpg (142.35 KB, 1600x1064, 20230801.jpg)

File: 1690883923565-2.jpg (325.51 KB, 2048x1300, 20230803.jpg)

File: 1690883923565-3.gif (1.73 MB, 250x128, 2025.gif)


and chess will never get the same viewership as league :3


File: 1691402291488-0.gif (4.86 KB, 268x268, 2025.gif)

File: 1691402291488-1.gif (172.07 KB, 287x221, 2022.gif)

File: 1691402291488-2.jpg (50.63 KB, 500x500, 20230807.jpg)

File: 1691402291488-3.jpg (160.33 KB, 1630x1334, 20230808.jpg)


File: 1691457984382-0.gif (4.35 KB, 268x268, 2022.gif)

File: 1691457984382-1.gif (178.68 KB, 128x69, 2025.gif)

File: 1691457984382-2.jpg (14.53 KB, 474x296, 20230810.jpg)

File: 1691457984382-3.jpg (31.08 KB, 474x291, 20230811.jpg)


File: 1692091734689-0.gif (5.06 KB, 268x268, 2023.gif)

File: 1692091734689-1.gif (335.53 KB, 128x69, 2022.gif)

File: 1692091734689-2.gif (178.68 KB, 128x69, 2025.gif)

File: 1692091734689-3.jpg (9.67 KB, 318x160, 20230814.jpg)


File: 1692609218582-0.gif (5 KB, 268x268, 2Z.gif)

File: 1692609218582-1.gif (756.4 KB, 250x135, 2023.gif)

File: 1692609218582-2.jpg (22.08 KB, 474x315, 20230821.jpg)

File: 1692609218582-3.jpg (5.36 KB, 160x160, 20230827.jpg)


File: 1692711129439-0.gif (5.15 KB, 268x268, 2Z.gif)

File: 1692711129439-1.jpg (306.66 KB, 2171x955, 20230828.jpg)

File: 1692711129439-2.jpg (70.56 KB, 690x1000, AAA.jpg)

White to play
A Medina Garcia vs Ed. Lasker


File: 1693262397917-0.gif (4.37 KB, 268x268, 2023.gif)

File: 1693262397917-1.gif (465.77 KB, 100x100, 2Z.gif)

File: 1693262397917-2.jpg (186.52 KB, 773x1000, 20230828.jpg)

File: 1693262397917-3.jpg (63.89 KB, 512x768, 20230831.jpg)


File: 1693315932031-0.gif (4.8 KB, 268x268, 2023.gif)

File: 1693315932031-1.gif (60.04 KB, 188x189, 2Z.gif)

File: 1693315932031-2.jpg (175.86 KB, 850x1275, 20230828.jpg)

File: 1693315932031-3.jpg (34.9 KB, 474x315, 20230901.jpg)


File: 1696229409893-0.gif (5.11 KB, 268x268, 20230000.gif)

File: 1696229409893-1.gif (75.18 KB, 126x118, 20230001.gif)

File: 1696229409893-2.jpg (83.94 KB, 504x768, 20231001.jpg)

File: 1696229409893-3.jpg (73.24 KB, 447x1000, 20231002.jpg)


File: 1696328948719-0.gif (4.55 KB, 268x268, 20230000.gif)

File: 1696328948719-1.jpg (471.5 KB, 1015x2048, C1.jpg)

File: 1696328948719-2.jpg (2.24 MB, 3462x4096, C2.jpg)


File: 1696858009681-0.gif (4.67 KB, 268x268, 20230000.gif)

File: 1696858009681-1.jpg (63.12 KB, 509x768, 20231006.jpg)

File: 1696858009681-2.jpg (372.4 KB, 1500x2000, 20231008.jpg)


File: 1696927200925-0.gif (4.54 KB, 268x268, 20230000.gif)

File: 1696927200925-1.jpg (60.72 KB, 700x940, 20231008.jpg)

File: 1696927200925-2.jpg (110.51 KB, 850x850, 20231009.jpg)


File: 1697537059955-0.gif (5.17 KB, 268x268, 20230000.gif)

File: 1697537059955-1.gif (196.72 KB, 250x188, 20230001.gif)

File: 1697537059955-2.jpg (72.08 KB, 850x1202, 20231015.jpg)

File: 1697537059955-3.jpg (122.97 KB, 706x1000, 20231016.jpg)


File: 1698059227052-0.gif (4.58 KB, 268x268, 20230000.gif)

File: 1698059227052-1.gif (184.89 KB, 200x108, 20230009.gif)

File: 1698059227052-2.jpg (419.84 KB, 1024x2048, 20231023.jpg)


File: 1698135032022-0.gif (4.79 KB, 268x268, 20230000.gif)

File: 1698135032022-1.jpg (122.08 KB, 640x640, 20231023.jpg)

File: 1698135032022-2.jpg (32.3 KB, 341x850, 20231026.jpg)

File: 1698135032022-3.jpg (76.51 KB, 508x765, 20231027.jpg)


File: 1698670627677-0.gif (4.73 KB, 268x268, 20230000.gif)

File: 1698670627677-1.gif (729.95 KB, 255x192, 20230009.gif)

File: 1698670627677-2.jpg (182.52 KB, 2000x2000, 20231030.jpg)

File: 1698670627677-3.jpg (97.03 KB, 498x768, 20231102.jpg)


File: 1698743898550-0.gif (4.7 KB, 268x268, 20230000.gif)

File: 1698743898550-1.jpg (51.09 KB, 523x493, 20231103.jpg)

File: 1698743898550-2.gif (1.09 MB, 250x141, 20230009.gif)


File: 1701080805746-0.gif (4.7 KB, 268x268, 2023.gif)

File: 1701080805746-1.jpg (63.31 KB, 1185x850, 20231126.jpg)

File: 1701080805746-2.jpg (51.78 KB, 955x486, 20231127.jpg)


File: 1701172451154-0.gif (4.43 KB, 268x268, 2023.gif)

File: 1701172451154-1.jpg (187.62 KB, 827x1162, 20231130.jpg)

File: 1701172451154-2.webm (2.28 MB, 926x1044, Winner.webm)


File: 1702290249054-0.gif (4.47 KB, 268x268, 2023d7tw2x2-893b9fa5-ebaa-….gif)

File: 1702290249054-1.jpg (8.32 KB, 188x250, 20231210.jpg)

File: 1702290249054-2.jpg (74.12 KB, 615x794, 20231211.jpg)


File: 1702372987368-0.gif (3.96 KB, 268x268, 2020.gif)

File: 1702372987368-1.gif (318.87 KB, 468x250, 2023.gif)

File: 1702372987368-2.jpg (557.55 KB, 2048x1608, AAA.jpg)

Black to play
M A Tabatabaei vs S Sargsyan


File: 1705918087637-0.gif (4.64 KB, 268x268, 20240000.gif)

File: 1705918087637-1.jpg (168.35 KB, 839x567, 20240122.jpg)

Black to play
M Colon Romero vs J H Donner


File: 1705990519411-0.gif (4.74 KB, 268x268, 20240000.gif)

File: 1705990519411-1.jpg (293.07 KB, 1920x1080, 20240122.jpg)

File: 1705990519411-2.jpg (28.38 KB, 250x250, 20240125.jpg)


File: 1706510325942-0.gif (4.33 KB, 268x268, 2024.gif)

File: 1706510325942-1.gif (3.68 MB, 1244x700, 20240000.gif)

File: 1706510325942-2.jpg (9.85 KB, 400x246, 20240128.jpg)

File: 1706510325942-3.jpg (127.88 KB, 850x998, 20240129.jpg)


File: 1706595942893-0.gif (5.29 KB, 268x268, 2024.gif)

File: 1706595942893-1.jpg (84.71 KB, 850x545, 20240201.jpg)

File: 1706595942893-2.jpg (66.27 KB, 644x500, 20240204.jpg)

File: 1706595942893-3.jpg (588.37 KB, 1801x2048, 20240205.jpg)


File: 1707121332307-0.gif (4.86 KB, 268x268, 20240000.gif)

File: 1707121332307-1.gif (105.28 KB, 484x430, 20240009.gif)

File: 1707121332307-2.jpg (49.89 KB, 850x357, 20240204.jpg)


File: 1707213985895-0.gif (4.73 KB, 268x268, 20240000.gif)

File: 1707213985895-1.gif (35.4 KB, 200x175, 20240009.gif)

File: 1707213985895-2.jpg (60.99 KB, 833x478, 20240208.jpg)

File: 1707213985895-3.jpg (106.44 KB, 850x602, 20240211.jpg)


File: 1707728882249-0.gif (4.84 KB, 268x268, 20240000.gif)

File: 1707728882249-1.gif (361.84 KB, 2560x1128, 20240001.gif)

File: 1707728882249-2.jpg (259.47 KB, 734x950, 20240215.jpg)

File: 1707728882249-3.jpg (172.52 KB, 750x1000, 20240218.jpg)


File: 1707811133471-0.gif (4.79 KB, 268x268, 20240000.gif)

File: 1707811133471-1.jpg (308.1 KB, 980x1498, 20240219.jpg)

Black to play
Gheorghiu vs J Diez del Corral


File: 1708342408954-0.gif (4.85 KB, 268x268, 20240001.gif)

File: 1708342408954-1.gif (10.36 KB, 115x92, 20240000.gif)

File: 1708342408954-2.jpg (119.76 KB, 620x1312, 20240219.jpg)

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