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File: 1675029303476.jpeg (60.14 KB, 550x417, study.jpeg)


I can't be the only one who likes to study and learn around here.
What do you study? What topics do you care about but don't get the time to do it? Are you self taught?
People who study just to pass a test are welcome, too, but that is not the theme of this thread.

I myself have been interested in ancient languages, and right now I am starting to learn ancient Greek, though as they say, it's all Greek to me.
I have other interests like astronomy, but really, I'm over my head with my current studies. I've also been learning some chemistry.


File: 1675040217553.png (9.23 KB, 195x148, learning-prolog.png)

I've started learning Prolog. Logic programming might be the only major paradigm I haven't yet played around with, and declarative programming is interesting in general. Right now I'm mostly confused about the evaluation model and the whole thinking about programs as facts thing; maybe I should take a look at miniKanren and how it's implemented, I've heard that's easy to follow.

I've got "A Book of Abstract Algebra" by Charles Pinter lying on my table. Found it by luck on a bookstore, and I liked the author's writing style, so I bought it. Haven't really been able to give it the attention it deserves, though.

I have no formal training, but I'm thinking of applying to an university for CS or Mathematics this year. Entrance exams tend to be quite competitive, but it might be doable. Also, public university is free where I live, and the one on my city is quite good. I worry about how that will work if I manage to get in, though; it feels like I'm already barely holding together, with only work to care about.

>I myself have been interested in ancient languages, and right now I am starting to learn ancient Greek.

Sounds nice. I have a surface-level interest in Latin and the Chinese dialects, but haven't really dedicated much time to learning either. I want to get my Japanese to a decent level before I start thinking of learning other languages.

I have this poor habit of spreading myself too thin by wanting to learn too much at the same time, getting overwhelmed and not learning anything in the end. I've been trying to consciously limit the amount of things I'm thinking about at any given time, and timing my study sessions for each topic. It's probably too early to tell how that's going, but I do feel slightly more focused, at least.


File: 1675942454373-0.jpg (108.84 KB, 1000x1250, 2000.jpg)

File: 1675942454373-1.jpg (179.64 KB, 745x1011, 2022.jpg)

Learning how to write. Aiming for a short story and maybe a novel.


I've been studying about microbiology but I stopped since I got so busy. I will go at it again when I have more free time. Keep learning sushi roll


been reading about le anthropology, history, and economics lately
wondering if i should pick up japanese


I'm studying for a test, but not related to education. Self taught. All with the hope of getting a good job of course. Still, I've been unable to find an entry one despite stretching my resume and having more knowledge than needed. Oh well.

Other than that, geography for the sake of not being part of a running joke about Americans not knowing where places are. I'm happy with the progress, and I want to learn the countries in the Middle East and Asia next. Maybe South America.


i've been meaning to learn programming, game dev, and 3d modeling. but i dont have enough time in a day to learn all three


Right. Learn one, then the other. Or set a weekly schedule: mondays it's programming, tuesdays it's gamedev, etc.
Be sure to have a day for rest.


File: 1683978703871.jpg (1.92 MB, 1920x1080, __lofi_girl_lofi_girl_draw….jpg)

Currently studying mathematics at university. Unfortunately, I had a bad approach before so I am just focusing on my fundamentals and basic concepts, and I imagine I'll probably finish just in time for graduation. If I had more time I'd like to read more advanced about infinite series. I don't think they'll be covering non-standard summation methods in any of my classes.
I used to study religious studies and history of ideas during my first attempt at university, but you can't get a job with that and I did not do very well academically anyway, so I dropped out and now study them on my free time. At the moment I am just rereading all my many textbooks, but I mostly prefer reading about early greek philosophy and biblical studies.
Studying ancient languages is also something I like to do as a consequence of this. I used to be half-decent at Latin, Ancient Greek, and Biblical Hebrew, but I didn't touch them for 6+ years and now I am relearning them essentially from the beginning and much more thoroughly.
The one subject I wish I had more time for is pre-Newtonian astronomy. I have read a bit about the Galileo Affair, but I'm more interested in the mathematical side; however, it's more time-consuming to tackle that kind of material and my schedule is already full.

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