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File: 1570972188631.jpg (149.1 KB, 1080x1080, 71492193_2555115167882542_….jpg)


What are physical features you pay the most attention to?


File: 1570975628377.webm (1.66 MB, 460x258, selfcontrol.webm)


File: 1570977414519.png (239.09 KB, 540x547, 31483158315315831.png)

Hands! I have hand-holding fetish… It is better than kissing.
Also brows, lips and chin. Weak chin is dealbreaker.


gotta have good hair


For a potential partner?
Def. butt, then face. The rest is more of a how it influences the sum of it all rather than any preference.
If there isn't enough juice in the tush it just won't work.


What music is this?


You should probably go ahead and watch the good the bad and the ugly, sushi roll. It's really good.


File: 1571412088242.jpg (193.77 KB, 944x507, lilycollinshands.jpg)


I too pay attention to weird pets.






File: 1572158180608.png (83.55 KB, 314x357, 1571966337916.png)

The face mostly


Penis ;)


In descending order of magnitude:

I also love it when a man has big, tough, calloused hands but it's hard to discover that without actually getting to feel them.

Of course, none of these things matter if the guy literally smells like shit, which is far too common in my area.


Ass without a doubt.


Face and body type.



In order, smell, hair, face, left hand, knuckles.

Plastic surgery is not yet able to make hands look younger, so you can usually get a good idea of someone's age and overall level of health by looking at their hands. I've seen young people with old hands and old people with young hands.


File: 1574283907361.png (893.61 KB, 968x702, 74717098_2612251185502273_….png)

I will use this post as an excuse to post this.


> you can usually get a good idea of someone's age and overall level of health by looking at their hands
This really depends on body fat level and stature though.

I grew tall in my earlier years and remember being alianated myself by the sinews, bones and veins clearly visible through the skin at the back of my hands.

It felt as if there was a spooky skeleton inside me.


Shoulders and collarbone, if they're exposed.
Also, I don't know if this counts, but fashion sense. I get pretty turned on if I see a girl wearing, for example, a hoodie, loose-fitting jeans, and sneakers.


>hoodie, loose-fitting jeans, sneakers
>fashion sense


File: 1574632504781.jpg (63.81 KB, 600x600, 20140820-kinoko2.jpg)

I guess he just likes tomboys ^^. I can understand that though. The described combo works well for both genders, while it leaves room for the person inside the body waering the clothes.




Number of dimensions, height, Hair and face


Eyes are important. You can see tiny universes contained in them.


Face and abdomen


ANKLES I love ankles they are so bony and nice to look at, better with not much fat attached to them.


The tummy


the tummy tum tum


Face and hair. Both are work as a combo.


This. It may sound a bit superficial, but I look at the shape of fingernails to see if I like the person or not


What are the good or bad shapes of fingernails?


so much ass here, going down that route I like tits much more.

But usually I look at eyes, some people's eyes just look quite dead like they haven't truly smiled in a long time, and I can't trust or love them.


File: 1587788297093.png (91.96 KB, 502x193, qwe_download.png)

To me the hands reflect the other physical features and personality of a person, but that could just be my confirmation bias. Hands are the tools of creation. They are what build kingdoms, paint paintings, and they are what makes humans humans. If i'm watching a movie or porn and I don't like the progagonists hands, it ruins the movie for me. I can't really say the same with anime because they are more inconsistant. Nails are more specific. I like the olive and not roofed, date, arched or tubular. The rest of these in pic related are not very realistic. Mine is the classic slightly rounded or angular which I like. Painted nails cover it but you can still sometimes tell. It's hard to judge and describe using words. Two people can have a certain type of nail but it would be slightly different for each. If you post a picture of a hand I will rate it out of ten


I am skinny and people have often thought my fingers are weird because they are thicker at the joints (knucles and so on) and thinner in between.
Fingers are long and the palms are square.
And I must be getting old because sometimes they ache at night, I feel it might be early arthritis (I'm not even 30 yet).


I check if the lips are nice and thick and the face is cute. Then the general body. Someone could have a nice body but a not so pretty face, so they're out for me. I saw a cute girl with a weird hairline too. It was like some kind of balding along the hairline across her skull or something? That was a turn off.


You might have RSI or carpal tunnel


In order:

General body shape (fitness)
Ass cheeks




Eyes is the primary thing, followed by a nice smile. My tastes are pretty varied, although I think the primary features I like are: blue eyes, straight black/dark brown hair (mid length ideally but not picky), pale, freckles, around 154-167cm (5'1"-5'6"), slight curves, average weight, smaller breasts. Keeping in mind I'm in now position to be picky and fully aware of that, if I managed to actually find a girl that's interested in me and she's nice then I'd be happy with that.


From time to time I have these dreams that are about a girl. Female from last dream was small-faced, had very straight black hair of medium length. She quoted polish alternative superhero movie from 1970 and we were helping each other in math.

The thing that you have to talk to girls to get a gf is the most retarded feature of this world.


Having to talk to girls is a retarded feature? You mean having to treat them like human beings? I’m not following that line of thought.


I was just referring to this meme.


Fair enough, my bad :)


File: 1588452571721.jpg (73.35 KB, 700x933, 3e4941502f26ece583a5f9a61f….jpg)

Hairs are important, I'm personally a fan of bangs, it's really cute on a girl. An ass slightly on the thicc side is a plus. I don't pay a lot attention to breasts.


File: 1594958516353.jpg (27.2 KB, 400x400, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

Short hair is also SSS. Any length above the shoulders and below the jaw really. High cheekbones are the best.
Shoulders are pretty fucking kino too. Especially the blades. The back. Collarbones. Prominent collarbones + flat chest. Small breasts are just where its at brother. Slightly upturned nipples. INVERTED NIPPLES. THIGH GAP. VISIBLE ABS. Maybe even ribs. Endless possibilities my guy.
Oh fuck actual ankles bro. Like visible joints. Too many girls got those damn cankles. I can't see where the leg ends. There's just like a little indentation. It ain't hot. I like prominent joints, visible achilles tendon, HIGH arches like fuck please step on me.
Bro typing this shit up I think I just got a thing for bones.


Tone of voice should definitely not be underestimated. I feel like all the pretty girls got that breathy quality to their voice with the slight croak at the end. Bro like Stacy Dash in this Eric interview. I'm so glad he let those rats in. Her screams almost got me going.
Listen to Bork talk about this damn tv too.
Man Sarah Silverman too dude. I just like the scratchiness.


I always liked a husky Abella Danger type voice

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