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File: 1665847390975.gif (735.46 KB, 480x270, 5LYzTBVoS196gvYvw3zjwAkMwy….gif)


Wanna play shiritori? I was thinking since we're in english we could play using the last syllable of the word, rather than just last letter. So for "bunny" it sounds like "bun-nee" so you could respond "needle".
More by sound then spelling. And no one syllable words I guess?
Does that make sense? Anyway, I'll start:



File: 1665855619568.webm (690.52 KB, 720x720, ginger.webm)


You should go there


File: 1665858880758.png (163.75 KB, 363x400, Screenshot_20220814-201127….png)

It's impossible to go anywhere from here btw. This thread dies here if we kept these rules. English is just too phonotactically complex to permit shiritori to work in it. It's a fun try but ultimately if you wanted it to work out something fun kinda like it I'd recommend:

Starting non plural, non genitive, etc. word or something like that. plus sentence including that word (has to be exactly that word not having "kiss" as the word and then saying "kissing")
Next person comes up with a word based on the last letter of the word chosen by the last person. Comes up with a sentence for it.
The chain continues.

So for example:
You can't make shiritori work in English.




what are you talking about?

Brazil → zilch


I dunno I think it will work if we just be kinda fuzzy with the phonetics or kick it off again with a new word if we can't think of anything. Actually, I think not being able to think of another word is part of the fun of the game.

zilch → charizard


File: 1665867051931.png (97.24 KB, 300x300, 1645508112687.png)

Zilch (/zɪltʃ/) is a single syllable and also isn't the same terminal syllable in Brazil (/bɹə.ˈzɪl/)

To break this down further:
The onset of the syllable in question of both words is the phoneme /z/ and the nucleus is /ɪ/. The two have different coda, however. While both contain the phoneme /l/, zilch also importantly contains the phonetic ligature /tʃ/. Put simply, they're different syllables even if they're phonetically similar ones.

>I dunno I think it will work if we just be kinda fuzzy with the phonetics
In the case you used (zilch → charizard), you used the final phoneme (/tʃ/) as the initial phoneme of the new word. Essentially what I proposed minus the sentence.
>Actually, I think not being able to think of another word is part of the fun of the game.
I think so too but it ending after to
2 words is unfortunate

Charizard → Zardinellidae


Zardinelidae -> daemonicum

oh wait, that's latin…


daemonicum -> Cumberland


Ah you could have been so much more funny with that one, but oh well, what can you do.

Cumberland → landlubber


Did you want daemonicum -> cummies or something?

Landlubber -> Bermuda


Bermuda -> danish


Danish -> Nishprapanchaya

I used to be into a wacky new age cult back in the day. Finally that knowledge pays off.


>Nishprapanchaya Shantaya (niṣprapañcāya śantāya) (He is transcendent, calm,)
Neat word sushi! I knew playing this here would be a good idea!

Nishprapanchaya → yadda yadda


yadda yadda -> danke shön!!!


danke shön -> shoehorn


File: 1666228827401.jpeg (8.96 KB, 186x186, hornet.jpeg)

shoehorn → hornet


Hornet -> netizen


File: 1666233189849.jpg (61.5 KB, 412x518, Spirited-away-disneyscreen….jpg)

Netizen -> Zeniba


Zeniba -> Bahumbug


bahumbug -> bugout


bugout → outlandish


outlandish -> dishful


Dishful -> fulcrum


fulcrum -> crumpet


File: 1666487483028.jpg (49.74 KB, 640x360, 9db8e04ae444ef2b43630d7c3a….jpg)

Hey, hey everyone…
zebrazilcharizardinellidaemonicumberlandlubbermudanishprapanchayadda yaddanke shöehornetizenibahumbugoutlandishfulcrumpet


Reboot required…


crumpet -> petrograd


Petrograd -> Graduation


Graduation → Tionesta


tionesta -> tamborim


tamborim -> remember


remember -> berillium


berillium -> umbilical


umbilical -> calcium


calcium -> umbil- oh

calcium -> umbral


File: 1670875956692.png (283.27 KB, 540x405, masterroshi.png)


umbral -> braless






sinful -> fulcrum


fulcrum was already used, you LOSE.
What do we do from here? Start at sinful?


>Start at sinful?
You tell
sinful -> fulfilled


fulfilled -> illness

Closest I can get since I really can't do much with "illed"


illness -> necessity


Necessity => Citizen


citizen → xenology


xenology ->gyroscope


gyroscope -> copycat


copycat -> cathode


File: 1699977022396.jpg (170.12 KB, 940x627, 4da2ee_a6f8f211b56e4443951….jpg)

cathode -> oden


oden -> entropy


entropy -> python


File: 1705171298941.jpeg (178.38 KB, 1600x1067, s980470039265293210_p9_i1….jpeg)

python -> tonkatsu


tonkatsu -> tsunami


File: 1705339529139.jpeg (133.25 KB, 728x438, 1692725279630-0.jpeg)



File: 1705440501699.jpg (79.78 KB, 640x524, clementine-1.jpg)



Tinea is a fungal infection found in moist, warm parts of the body. Examples of types of tinea include athlete's foot, ringworm and jock itch.


File: 1706047175114.jpg (243.08 KB, 1268x1380, __original_drawn_by_arisa_….jpg)





natural -> alchemist


Alchemist -> Mystery







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