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File: 1616468251189.png (740.12 KB, 768x766, spark joy.png)

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What are you thankful for today sushis?
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File: 1626573188731-0.jpg (112.03 KB, 1200x1500, 20210801.jpg)

File: 1626573188731-1.jpg (87.43 KB, 600x910, 20210725.jpg)

Bow & arrows
Video games


File: 1626604136856.gif (3.89 MB, 600x450, ywn be this comfy.gif)

Sweet sweet silence.


File: 1628150604368-0.jpg (85.14 KB, 854x1000, u13.jpg)

File: 1628150604368-1.jpg (71.26 KB, 1075x800, u14.jpg)

File: 1628150604368-2.jpg (73.7 KB, 573x680, u15.jpg)

Artists that share their work.


File: 1633496972053-0.jpg (91.93 KB, 768x756, 20211004.jpg)

File: 1633496972053-1.jpg (166.62 KB, 850x1797, 20211005.jpg)

File: 1633496972053-2.jpg (79.69 KB, 600x735, 20211010.jpg)

I'm glad sushichan is back up.

What happened?
Was there a raid?
Someone tried to DDoS sushichan?


Just a flood of spambots


File: 1633627184780.jpg (31.55 KB, 540x405, the-mansion-of-hidden-soul….jpg)

Thankful to see sushigirl is still up after so long. I haven't come back here much since starting university, so always nice to see everyone is still around <3


File: 1636861040580.jpg (803.82 KB, 2899x3996, 20211128.jpg)

Thankful that despite its problems, my area is a relatively peaceful and quiet place.


File: 1637627465871.jpg (407.57 KB, 1920x1281, duckling-3524213_1920.jpg)

Working more hours lately. Spending more time at work and less time on the internet or vidya has made me feel a lot better about myself. I like my job, it is alright. Also money.


File: 1642746422512-0.jpg (122.88 KB, 1080x1072, 20220123.jpg)

File: 1642746422512-1.jpg (179.49 KB, 1080x1215, 20220130.jpg)

Spambots suck


File: 1644722434776.gif (259.02 KB, 325x262, tEg7By2IYmB.gif)

I just found out my university has a gaming club! I just joined the discord and now I'm waiting to get verified. I struggle with irl relationships, but I have friends on discord. Who knows, I might actually be able to make friends I can meet up with! I'm really excited rn.


File: 1644727785116.png (251.6 KB, 500x684, 139951685508.png)

hope you make some cool friends bro


Wishing you the best of luck making friends! When I've joined university I also struggled with meeting new people but I had the luck of living in a student dorm (in pre-COVID times).

I'm thankful that I could relax today and pet my cat. It's a boring weekend but that is much better than being stressed out about work.


Thankful for a restful week.
Thankful for programming olympics opportunity.


good people :3c


I'm thankful for the fact that today I've got more shit done than I've had since the year started. Today I began a new journey against procrastination.


Good job tbh


File: 1647524290889.gif (12.21 KB, 200x141, 2022.gif)



I got my nipples pierced earlier and I'm very pleased about it.


umm, pics?


I started learning Lua so I can finally start making my own games. Very productive day.


That I got to experience a cute girl throwing rocks at me.
They weren't really rocks, they were pebbles aimed only at my boots, and it was cause we were outside with class and she was bored with what the group was discussing (school stuff).
It really got to me cause we're both adults but it was so sweet and innocent. Some might have called it childish but I think that's sad in a way because it implies you're not allowed to be playful anymore just because you grew up.

I hope I might get to be her friend.


wish a cute girl would throw stuff at me too


If you spend all your time thinking about whether or not you are allowed to live the way you want, you will inevitably end up not living.
So it's just easier to embrace your inner child.



hornysushi! no pics for you


Awh sushi, I love this story. I hope you guys become great friends.


Is a me, >>13440 back again
I am thankful that she seems to appreciate me, and I am thankful that I can make her laugh and smile, sometimes without using words.
I am thankful that sometimes she walks beside me even if I'm all quiet, not sure if to give me a chance to speak to her or because she finds the silence a nice change of pace.
I am thankful I was strong enough to challenge my social anxiety to show up to an event she helped arrange, she invited the whole class but only I showed up. I would have been sad if she felt completely ignored.

I'm not sure if we're friends yet (I think using "friends" too broadly diminishes what friendship means, and downplays how comfy and nice acquaintances can be), but I'm thankful for her company, even though she's kinda mysterious sometimes and I have a hard time to grok how I should behave around her then.


>>13485 again, just read >>>/lounge/13483
Feels post above might be on the spectrum of too much, for that poster. I'm sorry if it was. Maybe a mod could edit in spoiler tags after the first line? If even one sushiroll feels like their safe haven is breached by being reminded of what they don't have, that's enough for me to warrant fine tuning my posting behavior.

Would feel weird to go to /hell/ to write about the high points of my life that I'm thankful for that I don't have anywhere else to let out, but I'll try to add a spoiler-door to the text so you can choose whether you wanna read or no.


I think you're worrying too much sushi, but it's good you're so considerate. Happy for you btw.


Good posts. It warms my heart.


I'm moving across the country next week and hung out with my local friends for the last time today before the move. I'm thankful that they really did seem glad they met me and truly were wishing me the best on my move.


I'm thankful for my friend, who does the production of our first EP. Having done some music production myself, I can estimate how much work that is.


Cont. of >>13485
Just dawned on me that she might actually like me, which would explain a lot of the mysteriousness
I didn't even consider it as an option, there's been so many unrequited interests in sequence and I've been alone for so long

I'm thankful there might be hope, I'd be lying if I said there's no murmurs of warmth when she's around. I've just gotten very good at pushing those things out of mind. Still very unsure though, can't even remotely believe it to be the case. I've been wrong before.


I'm thankful that I'm built like a mountain emotionally at this point.
Going through rough/weird(very) times, but I've wrestled down lots of things that would have sent me breaking apart earlier.
Thankful I still have the chance to reconnect to gutfeel and heart.


File: 1649157731298.jpg (1 MB, 1638x2048, 1603049735246-2.jpg)

I am thankful I am rebecome.
I am thankful my eyes are destolen.
I am thankful for my benefactors.


Why does this read like something you would chant trying to summon an eldritch being?


Today was a pretty bad day for me, a combo depressive/anxiety episode. My girlfriend suffers from these too, on a very regular basis. I am grateful because she spent some time today helping me get out of the house, even though she had her own shit to deal with. I am also grateful for the nice view I got to see outside, and the tasty (and cheap) food I got to eat.


Thankful for the sun.


I'm thankful for my health, my family, and my partner.
Thankful for the sushi, too.


Very thankful I got to experience some warmth today.
Asked a girl in class if she could braid my hair (never learnt, black magic I tell you), she was down.
It was for a practical reason, not just out of nowhere, but it was still a small tender moment where I felt cared for, and someone messing with your hair just feels so nice.

Been feeling like I'm going to freeze apart lately, I owe her one.

Also, I concur with >>13531
Without the sun none of plant, none of anything that eats plant, none of what eats that which eats the plant.
Thank you sun for everything.


it just blows my mind actually being a body.


Now just keep behaving or we'll have to put your brain back in the jar


File: 1649430403099.png (50.99 KB, 360x450, tylor.png)

It's not that bad though.


I’m thankful for the sun and summer. My blood is getting warmer, I feel less animal, and there is an air of optimistic hope. I may still feel wrong, but I feel like things are getting better in small ways. I’m becoming something maybe.

I wish I knew what embodiment felt like. I have been alienated
from my body for so long.


i’m thankful for my boyfriend, my friends, my little video games, and eating tuna fried rice.


Warm days
Not so cold anymore


Thankful that I'm blessed with some backbone.
Been putting in alot of effort into becoming more comfortable around people, still a long ways to go but already I have seen fruits of my labours.
Was daring enough to spontaneously lunch with a girl I've been curious about a while, she was just as nice as my intuition of her vibe percieved.
Old bad mind habits and malign self talk really wants to get back control, that it's not possible for someone to like me to ever experience a relationship again, I should just settle into that fate without struggling. But I'm still keeping my head above the water.
I really look forward to speaking with her again when I next get the chance.


thankful for good weather.


File: 1654848345813.jpg (109.05 KB, 1280x960, EaAfYK1WsAEbnMh.jpg)

Am thankful Sushiroll >>13725 backbone has gained a LVL apparently.
I sort of asked her out, last chance to do it until next term later in autumn. Figured if I didn't she wouldn't be single anymore after the summer. Asked if she wanted to try seeing eachother sometime during the summer break.
Don't think chances are likely it'll happen, she said kinda yes but I gave her my number instead of taking hers, so the ball is on her side. I'm just happy I took the initiative for once though, whatever happens next is alright even if it's nothing. Better than a nothing I let happen myself.


Congratulations, I'm envious of your bravery and hope it goes well.


File: 1655872007317.jpg (278.44 KB, 1280x956, catsnorlax.jpg)

music. ive been listening to it a lot more recently. also thankful for my friends.

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