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ゆっくりしていってね !

File: 1543277699271.png (448.84 KB, 807x708, u.png)


Stop being so negative.
We live in the greatest age known to man.


Only if you're wealthy.

The greatest era to live in was the boomer's generation. So much money.


File: 1543278342852.gif (699.51 KB, 480x270, 1448614984066.gif)




File: 1543279427019.png (1.45 MB, 1600x1200, wau.png)

I love this world.


But I have to be negative, so I can find a negative gf and have kids with her, then we'll have positive kids because we multiplied.


File: 1543281854731.jpg (371.3 KB, 600x682, spring.jpg)


Senpais, it is almost a new year.


File: 1543286058174.jpg (53.71 KB, 480x643, delicious.jpg)

we live in a society, friendly lady


File: 1543288518357.jpeg (1.34 MB, 3885x3885, pexels-photo-1260239.jpeg)

We live in an age where a sizeable sum of human knowledge is available to the public, in mere seconds, 24/7 for free.

That's pretty amazing.


yeah but instead of learning about useful things, people read about pronouns, the earth being flat, fortnite dances, and memes


To be fair a lot of the important shit is behind paywalls and/or lots of red tape. Wikipedia and CliffNotes just isn't enough and torrenting is not an option for a surprising amount of people.

It reminds me of how people in America are overweight and suffering from malnutrition and dehydration.


File: 1543987298408.png (1.36 MB, 1373x1000, illust_71957458_20181203_2….png)

I second OP's opinion because I suffer from a terrible disease and I might be part of the last generation to carry it. Medical technology is growing faster than ever, and more countries than ever are rich enough to enter the medical field. A cure is just around the corner, I just know it.


I've been watching videos about anarchy and since I've like causes that bring the power to the masses rather than the elites I want to now read about anarchist ideas. I might have to tell my mom that I'm becoming an anarchist, mostly for laughs.

"Hey mom, I'm an anarchist, I got a cute anarchist gf and we are going to protest private institutions and the government. Also, she's pregnant so you're going to have anarchist grandbabies. Hooray!!"


File: 1544154775357.png (1.58 MB, 998x1126, illust_71784852_20181202_1….png)

Doesn't seem to me like Anarchy brings power to the masses. Maybe I misunderstand it, but I would think Anarchy empowers the people who can afford expensive security and military. Like capitalism, except you can't actually sue big corporations for ruining your life.

Funny concept though, I'm sure your mother would be thrilled.


Rule of law is the only system that has ever given the weak any semblance of security from the strong.


File: 1544184151931.jpg (64.24 KB, 500x500, not kiki.jpg)

There's a BIG difference between left and right wing anarchism. "We are going to protest private institutions" makes me think that >>4695 was probably talking about the left version. This is a good introduction if you're interested: https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/the-anarchist-faq-editorial-collective-an-anarchist-faq


Maybe "power" is the wrong word, since in more leftist circles (and yea, >>4706, I'm referring to left wing anarchism thanks for the resource it's really cool) power refers to the ability to limit and give options to others. So a good example would be the difference between Apple's ecosystem vs Linux and Android, Apple has the power to cut out ports on it's laptops, prevent DIY upgrades on it's desktops and build it's phones and tablets to require special headphones and repair techs to replace the battery. Compared to Linux and Android which can be used to revive old devices and a lot of older computers can still be upgraded/repaired by the user.

It's very safe to say that tech, as just one example, would be extremely different if all of the big players were anarchist co-operatives rather than capitalist companies. The latter has a lot of power over average person.

Sorry if I come off as rambling, I'm just learning about all of this too.

I respectfully disagree. The law isn't a concern for abusive people and entities. The laws are too often made by the powerful in the first place and often ignored by them too.


>Growing political instability
>Booming population with no end in sight
>Elite using this world as their playground
>Robots will soon eliminate the need for a large majority of workers
>Rising apathy and ignorance
This is the ugliest age of man. At least the past didn't try to mask the ugliness with 'civilisation', life was brutal and everyone knew it.


File: 1544204515515.jpg (210.99 KB, 1015x546, caBRSsl.jpg)

>At least the past didn't try to mask the ugliness with 'civilisation'
>be roman
>ceaser and pompeii are brewing a civil war
>ceaser is off civilising the unwashed barbarian gauls
>too many people in rome causing food shortages
>senate and their rich friends running around making armies and doing whatever they want
>slaves are replacing all the farm workers and other low end trades
>Publius keeps drawing my mother sucking cocks on the wall outside
>I hate Publius


File: 1544205106036.gif (123.88 KB, 590x333, 1398142446426.gif)

>Publius keeps drawing my mother sucking cocks on the wall outside
>I hate Publius
Oh my god, I wish I could watch the everyday life of ancient Roman people, I wander if people actually shitposted on the walls.


File: 1544206449323.png (147.9 KB, 324x400, Roman-graffiti.png)

They totally did. Romans shitposted about the same shit we did. The graffiti has been preserved in places like pompeii too.
>“Lucilla ex corpore lucrum faciebat” — “Lucilla made money from her body.”
>In the Domus Tiberiana in Rome, there survives a crudely-drawn man with an oversized penis for a nose.
>“Marcellus loves Praenestina, but she doesn’t care for him.”

The HBO rome series is absolutely amazing and you should watch it. At one point Ceasers wife is travelling through Rome on a litter and it turns out that overnight they've painted pictures of his mistress blowing him all over the city, then he has to break up with her because his wife is pissed.


File: 1544223668751.png (3.24 MB, 2559x1439, Screenshot_6.png)

the greatest age known to man *so far*! shit's gonna get even better, baby!


Gonna be worse, with climate change, resource wars, and cultural decay.


File: 1544266535049.jpg (265.05 KB, 1280x544, what future holds for us.jpg)

I have mixed feelings about that, technology and health care is cool and all that but we are becoming more and more controlled.


Every age has good and bad, the problem we have now is that the good in the world is really good and the bad is really bad. Medical technology is amazing, but nuclear warfare is terrifying. So you have to take the good with the bad, the only other option is suicide. Unless you're a time traveler, in which case, you can take whatever good with whatever bad you want.


I don't have health insurance so I can't actually afford healthcare despite needing it really badly


File: 1546051288225.png (109.69 KB, 372x351, 54654165165165.png)

based romans


File: 1549137856843-0.jpg (35.11 KB, 306x448, Uncle_Ted_Was_Right.jpg)

File: 1549137856843-1.epub (110.54 KB, Industrial Society and It….epub)

>You have to take the good with the bad
The full eradication of the entire world is impossible with pre-agrarian technology. If you really find The Bomb terrifying the inevitable end conclusion you will come to is that technology has been misused by powerful people for the entire history of humanity.


Impending societal collapse across most of the Western world seems less than ideal to me.



This sushi expressed my thoughts.

We're progressing towards a technology facilitated dystopia.

Politics and hatred everywhere. Political correctness turned into censorship.

I'm quite a loner, for several reasons, but this shit just discourages from socializing and makes me want enjoy life in solitude more, even it's just watching animu, mountain biking, travelling and shit


I feel like that too, but I don't know how to stay comfortably independent in solitude. Hard to find a source of income I think. Might be possible through certain crafts, but that also requires some investment, which might not be possible for NEET and low income loners.


File: 1549317333145.jpeg (25.41 KB, 640x468, feelsgoodman.jpeg)


>low income

Hmm. I worked at factory earning almost minimum wage, while studying, for 4 years, before moving on to a proper office job.

Living w/ my parents and adopting a very strict financial regime helped me out a lot. I managed to build a decent PC, buy a car, go to anicons, travelled to Japan, etc…

I took pleasure not from instant gratification in buying that new figure, but in the commitment to, and accomplishment of, the goal I set that was to buy said figure.

Save, plan ahead, don't contract debt. I think it's doable.

Even for NEETs. If you're very emotionally unstable, try setting smaller, easier objectives, and work your way up. The hardest part is getting a job. From the shit I've seen, anyone can get a job, no matter how crappy it is. It pays and that's, not all, but, most of what matters. This mindset helped me.


I just came here to check these digits.



People are much more friendly than you realize, sushi.

the loudest people often have the worst to say. I can literally say that out of all of the people on earth, about 16% re as bad as you think.

Go talk to your neighbors. Hear their stories. Learn to love.


File: 1554705683134.jpg (16.48 KB, 415x415, 1541745362120.jpg)

holy crap! nice digits, sushi roll…

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