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File: 1688945603709.png (992.31 KB, 1265x720, E-girl.png)


i want to talk about egirl fashion. i really enjoy the vibrant colors and creativity of egirl makeup. also i like the outfits that egirls wear because i like the designs and they look very comfy to wear. i like womens fashion because of the diversity in it unlike mens fashion which is very boring. i love to hear your opinions on womens fashion


File: 1688954261277.jpg (70.84 KB, 735x907, 3f47454f0d42615f2da6aa0bb8….jpg)

What do you mean by "e-girl" style? I feel like that could cover a lot of styles, ranging from mall goth to Harajuku and all kinds in-between. I guess that supports your point about how diverse womens clothing is.


women's fashion is too broad to *just* talk about, but traditional men's fashion is so heavily centric on showing how well-off you are and looking like some successful middle class businessman, it's no wonder the youth are disillusioned with it

that being said… i'm ngl all egirls look the same to me at this point, it's based more on novelty than actually expressing anything or having unique personality


If I'm being honest I kinda hate OP's pic
But I am a fan of cute clothes generally


iGIRL is best.


I found e-girl fashion interesting because I worked at a make-up store, so I kind of saw the behind the scene's of it. The aggressive use of make-up in e girl is a bit harder to pull off then the natural hidden makeup. If you're using a couple dots of concealer perfect color matching doesn't matter, but if you're smearing blush all over your face you will 100% notice if the pink's off.
Also e-girl fashion is interesting because it works best in picture's of short-form media with filters. No matter how hard skilled you are or how expensive your products are there is no hiding the fact that you have a crap ton of make-up, giga lashes, and a synthetic wig. All three of those things are blatant if you see them irl or without filters. This is a style needs a filter to smooth over the weird shine in synthetic wigs/over dyed hair, noticeable caking from to much blush, etc. Alongside that the make-up gets really melty if left on for more than 5 hours, so it has to be short form content.


There isn't an egirl fashion. Its just social media sludge, an inconsistent mix of random stuff pulled from other subcultures. So you have the aesthetic style of 2000s MySpace emo, elements of New Wave and Pop Punk, metal band shirts despite most egirls not being metalheads or references to anime, which aside from mainstream stuff, no egirl watches. The egirl is the ultimate corporate culture vulture. She follows whatever's popular and trending, a slave to the algorithm and the law of the market. What really creeps me out about egirl fashion is the lack of any real culture. When you see a metalhead covered in patches you know those patches mean something, they signal other metalheads and its a sign they're all part of a game, a common culture that gives what they do meaning. Egirls are the total opposite of this.


Are you saying that egirls represent a strong nexus point of hyperreality? I think I'd be inclined to agree insofar as your representation is concerned.


That's a good way of putting it. Egirls are aimless wanderers. They move from place to place, picking up the latest trending fad and dropping it again with little in the way of overall aesthetic or narrative consistency. Its hyperconsumerism pushed to its ultimate endpoint: where even the self is a commodity traded for likes and life is simply aimless wandering for the next faddish thing with the hope of increasing views, likes, and social capital. You consume the rebellious aesthetic of punk or metal without being really committed to it or even interested in it beyond superficial appearences. Its more what punk symbolized to society rather than what it actually was. Egirls are famatic consumers of signs. Even schizo nomads have community, some level of commitment to something other than self-presentation. Egirls are the ultimate aesthetic vampires. They aren't the only ones. They just stick out the most.


That's prety cool tbh

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