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File: 1616468251189.png (740.12 KB, 768x766, spark joy.png)


What are you thankful for today sushis?


I'm thankful for summer coming back.

I really missed the warm evenings, the uplifting sunlight, the taste of fresh strawberries, the smell of chamomile.


My friends. They deserve a better friend than me…


I'm just thankful to be alive. Taking deep breaths and doing what I can is all I'm capable of right now, but I'm okay with that! Water is good. I got new glasses, so I can see better. My window is cracked and the air is nice. I can't wait to get out of quarantine and become a 'real person' again. That's the best phrase I can think of to describe the feeling.


File: 1616474921303.jpeg (110.19 KB, 700x595, bug_catcher_chan.jpeg)

I'm thankful that I got a few days off. Its given me time to do childish stuff like spend an entire morning catching bugs in the yard today.


I wish I could do that! Bug catching sounds awesome.


If you catch a cool bug you better post it


I hope you consider centipedes to be cool bugs? That's all that's interesting around here right now, but we get colorful beetles later in the year


File: 1616564829255.jpg (477.14 KB, 800x1200, 1596617996139.jpg)

It's pretty cool, roll. The only bugs I've ever really caught are fireflies when I was a kid. I wonder if they still show up where I used to catch them…


File: 1616616309751.jpg (340.88 KB, 900x1200, Valkyrie.jpg)

I am thankful that I am able to still freelance and for my friend that got me a job at a studio he works at. I start in May so that gives me time to work on personal projects!


I'm thankful for my mom and dad supporting me while I figured out how to act human.

I'm thankful for sushichan and for the kind sushirolls that occupy it.

Have a great day, all of you!


File: 1617712211854.jpg (33.39 KB, 380x285, 20210404.jpg)

Easter, meeting family & friends, hot cross buns.


File: 1617755021940.jpg (309.32 KB, 1500x1879, 1591490637653.jpg)

Being able to study what I love for free.


File: 1618141372070.webm (2.97 MB, 480x270, ePAST.webm)



I'm thankful that my friend took me out for a driving lesson today.
What are you studying?


Mathematics, I just began my degree.


It must be very nice to be able to study Mathematics for free.

Which branch of Mathematics? Discrete? Topology? Groups?


File: 1618876490733.jpg (364.02 KB, 2048x1425, 43szvm84fef01.jpg)

It's great. I'm not yet at the PhD level or anywhere near expertise of any branch in particular, but right now I'm trying to learn rings, fields and Galois theory to take a graduate level number theory course next semester. Other than that I still have to keep up with my other courses while trying to take a peek into other areas, I think I'll try to get into Riemannian geometry once I'm done with Galois, it just sounds so cool!


Mad respect. Mathematics feels good on my brain. Less annoying in some respects than the work I do as a engineer. I don’t like working with other people normally, heh. Work through a chapter of a textbook with a pot of tea.
Thankful for family, fresh food, good health, and friendly posters.


File: 1618890364491.jpg (351.23 KB, 1600x1005, 1616632271095.jpg)

I've also started my math degree recently! I'm in 1st year. My courses this term are Algebra and Analysis I. I've switched from engineering after three years. It was kind of a… hard decision, but feels like the right one. What courses are you in right now?


Math feels good when you're doing it but it's feelsgood because it's unironically the galaxy brain image macro and ascending your brain to a higher plane of existence. If you go beyond things you're meant to know you go insane. It's like philosophy. Philosophy and mathematics have the most people going insane of any field of study except gender studies lol


File: 1618933385928.jpg (230.03 KB, 860x719, aaa.jpg)

I'm thankful for the knowledge that there's a cute word in japanese for when a cat sits like this - kōbako-zuwari. I'm also thankful for having cool friends who live in japan and inform me of these things.





This is my first semester too, I'm on Algebra I, Analysis I, Linear Algebra and Advanced calculus. Good look in your pursuit of mathematical knwoledge!

Thank you! I love hearing about people who love math, even if they're not career mathematicians. What are you reading currently?


File: 1619034021183.jpg (33.04 KB, 480x360, catwizard.jpg)

I wish you sushis a great semester! You guys help us folks in IT/computer science make stuff go brrr faster and make some crazy stuff happen. I feel like we don't give enough appreciation to mathematicians in this field.


Can't agree with this sentiment more. Mathematicians are the wizard-titans that my entire field depends on, fucking tensors, how do they work?


Thankful for meeting new people on a jog today.
Thankful for quarantine giving me more opportunities to study and practice computing science.


Are you actually asking or are you making a point because tensors aren't really hard at all t. physics guy


File: 1619126925181.jpg (537.58 KB, 1648x2400, lads-2.jpg)

I am thankful that it's sunny and that I'll be able to see my tomodachi soon.


tensors aren't very hard. They're like eigenvectors: simple once you get them (not that I've learned just yet, I'm only Linear Algebra I level rn). I was also making a joke (see video)


pretend I was asking though, I'm curious what tensors are and what they do/are used for?


World sucks. Social life over. At least I'm not homeless I guess.


>World sucks.
that's a matter of opinion
>Social life over.
your lucky you had one at all. i never have a social life, or friends because ひきこもり (,_,). good news is i started going outside more and met some nice people that were nice to me. made me feel cared about :3
>At least I'm not homeless I guess.
thankfulness and gratitude is good for you. optimism is water for the soul. what's something your truly thankful for in your life? it can start small, but being optimism will lead to future happyness. spark joy sushi ~ ~ ~



The simple way of understanding them is that they're the group name for scalars, vectors, matrices, and so on. A scalar is a 0 dimensional tensor, a vector is a one dimensional tensor, a matrix is a two dimensional tensor, etc. Tensors also technically include the transformations and mappings between these, so the vector and scalar ("cross" and "dot") products are also tensors.

So put simply they're useful as a framework when you need to work with more than one of these things at once. Definitely considered higher level than basic math (e.g. calculus or introductory linear algebra) though so more detached than usual from "real life" than those too. Still very useful in engineering, physics (they can be used to describe e.g. the mechanics of a system and such in a concise way), and computer science. Funnily enough they're not actually that common in high level mathematics from what my math doc friends tell me.


I'm feeling an existential mood right now, so I'll say that I'm thankful for getting the chance to exist. Life, for all the crap it gives, is actually pretty nice. I'll be a little sad when I have to go.


File: 1619361590616.jpg (772.2 KB, 1200x1200, 1618205463800.jpg)

>I'm thankful for getting the chance to exist.
I'm not.
I never consented to this. I didn't ask to be here. Just as I am owed nothing by merely existing, I will forever in kind owe existence nothing.

Likewise, I owe my parents nothing. They brought a life into this world, what say did I have in the matter? If anything, by being forced upon it, they owe me a life's worth in lieu. If I may feel so inclined, I might thank them one day, but this is not a certainty. It's okay, I can live with mutual ingratitude and I think this is an important state of tolerance. Perhaps gratitude from offspring should simply be something unsought of by the parent.
If only a future third-party could consent to conception, knowing what its inalienable existence would bring.

I'm still thankful for the nice things all around me, the long chain of giants that made it possible. I might not thank my ancestry for my existence, but I don't forget the lineage of all the merits and accomplishments people have had before me.


>I never consented to this. I didn't ask to be here.
There is a possibility that this is not true though, even if it's impossible to know, as with the existence of god and what have you. But just as an interesting perspective, there is the possibility that the primordial essence of you chose to spark into the existence you have because there was something you desired here.


Everything barring a logical or mathematical contradiction is a possibility.
We have no more reason to believe that we did consent to being born than we have reason to believe that our next meal is going to be poisoned. But if anyone were to start inspecting every single meal they have for every single kind of poison without any basis or evidence, we would rightfully deem that person insane.
I understand that you are trying to help, but giving weight to perspectives just because someone has uttered them does a lot more harm than good.


Any weight given was unintended, my point was more, any concept such as god or free will and so on that we have no way of knowing the true mechanism of, it's unhelpful to decide which alternative is true without reason or proof, regardless of which side. But it can be helpful to explore differing perspectives because of different nuggets of concepts you can use.
I.e, I don't think he should believe we chose where we are, but I also believe it's unhelpful to believe that he didn't either. And that poster has obviously already spent some time considering the context concepts of that belief position based on the post, so maybe he'd get something more out of life by considering the opposite.


File: 1619399710623.jpg (9.84 KB, 371x194, choose.jpg)

I've never understood this existential angst. There's a lot we don't get to choose in life, why should we let that bother us? Maybe not existing would have spared you from the bad of life, but it would also have robbed you of the good. Isn't it better to have been afforded the chance and some options in life, than to despise it all because it didn't go exactly how you wanted it to go in hindsight?

Obligatory quote from some dead greek.


I've never read a post that sums up my feelings as well as this one does. Are you my doppelganger?


I think you're putting words in my mouth. What part of it is "angst" when I just want to be left in neutrality? Where do I say I despise existence?

I said I was fine with mutual ingratitude. Nothing owed - nothing demanded. No expectations. There's no hatred in this.


That's Epicurs's bust, not Epictetus's!


I'm your existential doppelganger ;)


> I think you're putting words in my mouth.
Maybe I am. The way your post read came off as angsty to me on first impression:
> I'm not thankful to exist
> I never consented to existing
> My parents did me a disservice by bringing me into being
> I'll hold mutual ingratitude for that fact

> I said I was fine with mutual ingratitude. Nothing owed - nothing demanded. No expectations. There's no hatred in this.

I think I understand a bit more: you've taken a neutral stance to the matter of existence, and for the moment don't feel a lot of thankfulness about it, but you're thankful for "the nice things" (whatever those are) around you in spite of that?


I'm thankful for the brief moments of peace I have in life. I've thrown myself into so many bad situations in the past without forethought, hurt others, and myself irreparably, and now I'm reaping what I've sown. But these spells of mental ease once in a while make me feel blessed, I'm undeserving of the rest I get to take. There's something to be thankful for, and something worth fighting to make sure others can experience in it too. I'm thankful I made my mistakes while young, leaving such a breadth of time to do good. We're beings of spectra, in a blank, probably godless world. We ought to live what we perceive to be living well if we make that conclusion, it forces us into the position of being our own gods.

I'm sorry to say that there's nothing in it at all, sushi roll. Life is little but a strange transaction of energy in the end. But pretending you're apart from the societal interpretation we make of this situation, by your own inaction, is its own form of hatred. I don't need to guess if I want to say you've accumulated misdeeds unto other people in this world, including your parents, just as you view your parents bringing you into this world to be a misdeed. But that's besides the point, I don't want you to feel like there's a debt or some karmic retribution to face. I do want you to understand is this: there's no neutrality in the world of the living, you can't convince people to stop giving birth anymore than you can snap your fingers and end all suffering, you may as well pay forth what little good you can while you're alive, to your parents and anyone else willing to receive it. Our world is getting ever more brutal by the moment, lighten the load of that burden by being strong enough to lend someone a shoulder. I don't know whether you buy into the utilitarian viewpoint, but I feel any human who cares about their consent in a situation must sense some form of suffering and be against it. They'd have little reason to be against their bringing into the world, otherwise.

Let your tolerance pave way to forgiveness, and eventually an expression of love, if it's possible for you. Entropy for the living until we reach a stasis for the dead. I wish you good fortunes, sushi roll.


File: 1619527765920.jpeg (9.9 KB, 224x225, checkem.jpeg)

I'm happy for this sushi roll who was blessed with these numbers




I'm thankful for having a really nice meal.


I found a promising website where I can study subjects on a college-level. It's great. I feel like I'm crawling upward.


winks pwese?


Loora Wang


File: 1624792169966.jpg (14.23 KB, 474x299, MTG23.jpg)

Gyroscopic effect making two wheeled vehicles possible


File: 1624810376849.jpg (1.4 MB, 2048x1366, 1620492384938.jpg)

Just not feeling the crushing existential anxiety is enough to make my day.


File: 1624812485517.png (669.73 KB, 746x947, 1624689879361.png)

I am thankful that I can still appreciate vidya in a world where most imageboard users seem to be very jaded about vidya. Just seems like a good bunch of them have lost their marbles.


Delicious food!


File: 1624947524048.jpg (106.86 KB, 600x849, 4d5a8f73e1bee8109e3225821a….jpg)

Access to air conditioning
Stay cool everyone


Just the other day figured out you can freeze like any sweet non-fizzy drink in a tub and then take a fork and stab it inside a cup into a sweet ice-slush kind of thing, it's been keeping me sane in this ungodful heat we've been having recently here.

I guess that's kinda what "shaved ice" in anime is maybe? Or is that just regular ice with something sweet drizzled over afterwards for the taste component?


my grandma has a lemon tree and she gives my family tons of lemons every once in a while. suddenly i had to find out what to do with all the lemons.
i don't have any materials for makeshift explosives, so the next best thing was to make lemonade.
I've been drinking lots of lemonade lately and it just kind of makes me feel better, more energetic and lively.
it's great for someone like me who struggles with doing anything other than staying in bed all day, because i can always get up and make lemonade.


Try freezing a half full bottle of fizzy drink. The fizz keeps the crystals from getting too big, then you can shake it and it turns into a slushie. Just don't let it get too frozen before shaking.


Ooh, thanks alot sushi! Gonna have to try that, the fork-stabbing does take a while to do each time, would be nicer to just have to do a shakey-shake


File: 1625483337033.jpg (17.21 KB, 474x316, atlz.jpg)

Enforced blackout due to powerline maintenance. Makes me appreciate air-cons & indoor lighting.


File: 1626573188731-0.jpg (112.03 KB, 1200x1500, 20210801.jpg)

File: 1626573188731-1.jpg (87.43 KB, 600x910, 20210725.jpg)

Bow & arrows
Video games


File: 1626604136856.gif (3.89 MB, 600x450, ywn be this comfy.gif)

Sweet sweet silence.


File: 1628150604368-0.jpg (85.14 KB, 854x1000, u13.jpg)

File: 1628150604368-1.jpg (71.26 KB, 1075x800, u14.jpg)

File: 1628150604368-2.jpg (73.7 KB, 573x680, u15.jpg)

Artists that share their work.


File: 1633496972053-0.jpg (91.93 KB, 768x756, 20211004.jpg)

File: 1633496972053-1.jpg (166.62 KB, 850x1797, 20211005.jpg)

File: 1633496972053-2.jpg (79.69 KB, 600x735, 20211010.jpg)

I'm glad sushichan is back up.

What happened?
Was there a raid?
Someone tried to DDoS sushichan?


Just a flood of spambots


File: 1633627184780.jpg (31.55 KB, 540x405, the-mansion-of-hidden-soul….jpg)

Thankful to see sushigirl is still up after so long. I haven't come back here much since starting university, so always nice to see everyone is still around <3


File: 1636861040580.jpg (803.82 KB, 2899x3996, 20211128.jpg)

Thankful that despite its problems, my area is a relatively peaceful and quiet place.


File: 1637627465871.jpg (407.57 KB, 1920x1281, duckling-3524213_1920.jpg)

Working more hours lately. Spending more time at work and less time on the internet or vidya has made me feel a lot better about myself. I like my job, it is alright. Also money.

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