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File: 1602860584094.png (997.1 KB, 1000x1234, __kagamihara_nadeshiko_inu….png)


I think the imageboards are full of people who'd want to talk to each other based on similar interests, but can't make contact due to sushi rollymous nature of these places. So, how about a contact thread here? I don't think it's against the rules.

>Age and location

>Favourite media (anime, games, music etc.)
>Other hobbies/interests
>How long have you been on Sushi? How did you find this place?
This information might be helpful for the refugees of other (possibly dead) boards to make contact with each other.
>What are you looking for?
>What topics do you wish to avoid?
Sushi is slow, you should probably expect your post to stay here for years. If you're cautious, you should probably use throwaway accounts.


File: 1603150242120.png (1.18 MB, 1245x1293, 1589141855692.png)

Male 29 South Carolina

I like anime and manga tho I'm not as big a weeb as some people. I especially love touhou project, especially the music. Some of my favorite songs being Alice Maestra, A Maidens illusionary Funeral, and Emotional Skyscraper.

I like shooting and cooking as well and occasionally do food gore stuff

I know of sushi because the former owner of my old home server posted a link to there on a community thread. I don't really post here but this was the first thread I saw.

Not exactly sure what I'm looking for. Just casual conversation and friends. Would be nice to meet someone local. I'm open to anyone interested, from normies, LGBT, degens, schizos and robots

I don't mind any topics tbh. Just be warned that I'm not all that intelligent and don't expect anything high level or me to understand you if you go too deep into academia.

Njils#9144 or Jills#9144
I'll occasionally switch between the two


File: 1603198077929.gif (2.2 MB, 370x300, 50fe7eddb43615e355e7fc8dfd….gif)

27 M Australia

I watch anime and I'm trying to get into manga as well, like the previous poster said though, I'm not as big a weeb as others. If I had to list my top 5 (in no particular order) anime I'd say GitS, FMA: Brotherhood, Baccano!, Cowboy Bebop and maybe Black Lagoon. I haven't read enough manga to even list 5 manga I've read let alone my favourites.
Games wise, I play FFXIV somewhat regularly, although I play on a European serve from Australia, so time could be an issue if anyone here happen to play on the same server.
With regards to music, my tastes seem to be fairly eclectic, I'm a lot more open minded with regards to music now than I was in high school. I tend to float around the rock subgenres though.

I also watch tv shows (animated/live-action western stuff), currently rewatching Scrubs for the first time in over a decade, making me feel extremely wistful. I'm also chipping away at the latest season of The Boys. I don't really watch movies much, not real reason, just how it be I guess.

I've known of Sushi for about a year now, I don't remember how I came across the place but it was probably from another friendly website or imageboard list.

I don't really know what I'm looking for, I'm just lonely and I don't get out much at all and even then it's just to go grocery shopping. The loneliness has been getting to me for a few years now and I won't really be able to start properly remedying it until next year when I start a bridging program/TEP thing so I can get into start a bachelor degree at my local uni by 2022. So I'll be 32 or 33 by the time I get my bachelor degree and finally get myself a job… lol. It would be cool to meet people from mainland Europe or Latin America, I've been trying to learn Spanish for over a year now and I dabble with a bit of German and Russian lately since I'm a NEET and have a lot of time on my hand. One of my biggest wishes is to be able to travel across all of Europe, not a realistic dream and especially not within the next half a decade, but yeah. For someone that's a social incompetent shut-in I really like the idea of travelling through the European countries and talking to locals in their native languages.

I'm fairly open when it comes to topics, I would like to avoid politics though since that topic is a cesspit to me and I can actually admit I don't know a great deal about politics.

gowpenful#0471 I'm truly sorry if I end up not being able to maintain contact with anyone that actually goes out of their way to talk to me. I'm not just saying this to be nice, but if I do just stop talking then please don't take it personally.

I wish I was a capybara or a capybara in human form, I love how they just seem so chill and able to be friendly and hang out with any kind of animal.


Sorry for this. I either don't talk enough or I vomit out stuff like this.


I don't see any reason to apologize sushi, if you mean that it's a bit long I'd say it's fine, more stuff just makes it easier for somebody to know if they want to reach out or not.


File: 1603215341780.png (263.72 KB, 361x451, 1422337703953.png)

>I'm not as big a weeb as some people
>I especially love touhou project, especially the music. Some of my favorite songs being
I might be moving out 東 for work sometime. If I do I'll hit you up and we can trade おせち and drink お酒 together, 仲間よ。


After meeting enough weebs in real life, I feel like I would rather talk to them over text or voice chat. :)


File: 1603236782480.jpg (100.94 KB, 640x640, 1547419658746.jpg)

26M, Sweden
>Favourite media (anime, games, music etc.) + Other hobbies/interests
Games is more of a sometimes thing nowadays, mostly only have periods where I do it several days a week again when I happen upon something that really speaks to me.
Most of my interests are kinda intermittent I guess. Really into exploring music and play some myself. Literature is nice (PKD, WSB, HPL). Computer stuff and programming is fun but I never had the endurance to keep at it.
>when was the sushi rolled
Been on sushi a couple of years I think? Only heard of it during this current incarnation of it though, think it was some tipoff on some other small-chan that it was being resurrected.
>What are you looking for?
No idea honestly, I guess it would just be fun to get to know someone new, see what happens. Always been kind of a semi hermit, and while I am lucky enough to have a couple of friends the past few years I haven't had the same opportunities as before to meet fresh meat. Would be a bonus if you'd be down to actually do stuff, try out a game together or whatever is doable over the wire (I'd be down to meet up but well yeah, how many swedish sushis could there be). Pick a movie to watch when convenient and discuss later.
>bonusPoint: good to know
My social battery isn't the best, even over text, need my breathing room. If I'm gone a couple of days I'm not ignoring you.
Currently NEET, but struggling against it. No judgement from me if you are too, and cool with either avoiding bringing it up or acting support for your struggle.
>What topics do you wish to avoid?
Nothing really, I have thick skin and don't judge.
postcogna @ kik
Preferred method of interaction would be chatting over steam though since that's easy to keep logged in, don't do any discord stuff so I'd just forget to open it up. Kik would just be to vet, not have my steam-acc posted publicly.

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