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File: 1598548903806.jpeg (249.49 KB, 960x657, sleep2.jpeg)

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Do you usually have dreams? What usually happens in your dreams? Are you a lucid dreamer? feel free to share dreams you've recently experienced and have other sushi rolls psychoanalyze you


I had a dream where I had a crush with a cartoonishly large and wide guy who was aloof and mean-spirited that didn't want to be with me at all (I wanted to gain his approval) but I constantly tried to force a friendship with him by having very repetitive conversations with him that always follow a formula (I think the formula was ' What do you think of X?/Do you do X?' then I'd talk about what I thought of X) that even he pointed out. Is my brain calling me a gay simp?


Many of my recent dreams have revolved around the middle school I went to over a decade ago. Feels like unfinished business or that I didn't grow out of that phase.


growing up, a good portion of my dreams involved fishing in a beautiful body of water
i had these dreams so frequently i recently took up fishing as an adult


Turning your dreams into reality.


I know it's the exact opposite, but does anysushi else never have dreams? Or at least, don't remember having them. I feel a little alone and weird on it.

It's a very very rare occurrence for me to dream in my sleep. Wonder what causes it or how common it is…


I was that way for a long time, but when I started journaling the few I remembered (maybe one every few years or less) I started remembering them more. I've heard of other people having the same experience as well. I also had some scary dreams that woke me up around that time, which was very unusual for me, and might have also primed me to hold onto dream memories more.

It makes sense that it takes training for the brain to bother to carry 'junk' memories from dreams into the conscious day as something meaningful, though i don't have any evidence on that.


Yeah I'm the same. Remember dreams upon waking at most 1 time a month, if even that. Otherwise sleep is just a timeskip void.
I kinda like it the way it is, never wake up in a bad mood from weird nightstuff, easier to deal with breakups since I don't need to be reminded of exes in my sleep.


Lately I dream a lot about going to school. I haven't set foot on a school in over 10 years irl.
I don't know how common is this but, while I'm not a "lucid dreamer", I usually can't tell when I'm in a dream, but I just play along, very rarely do I try to change things.
I don't know how common this is either, but sometimes my dreams are like movies. I'm just a passive looker. Sometimes my dreams are even cinematic, with good photography and all (in waking life, I could never do that). Once I was even making fun of my own dream-movie.


>usually can't tell when I'm in a dream
[Err] Usually CAN tell I'm in a dream


I don't remember dreams to often, but the a lot that I've remembered recently have been about running away from an spider.
One was me trying to throw something at a spider in a bathtub, and the spider jumped on to me and I woke up flailing around trying to get the (non-existent) spider off me. Another dream was me in a parking lot with a spider on the top of the opened trunk of my car. IIRC I was running past each time trying to blow it away or something. There was other weird stuff happening in the dream but I can't remember it. There was also another dream in which I was running away from a cat instead of a spider. I found the cat in my room and it was extremely small, around the size of my hand. For a reason I can't remember, I pushed it off a counter or something and it got mad with me. The rest of the dream was spent with me running away from the cat, with it biting me in the end, and subsequently waking me up.


I don't remember much of it anymore, basically a cute girl started talking to me and we hung out for a bit. Even in my dream I felt like it was all a ruse like the few times girls showed "interest" in me in high school. It felt nice while it lasted though.


Had a dream a few nights ago about working at a japanese restaurant called, of all things, sushichan.


A few days ago:

Dream one - I was walking up and down dirt mountains with me mum, I went to a lake with a pier where one of my co-workers was, swinging above water. I think it was either some kind of gymnastic thing or a swing. Probably the former.

It's quite typical for me to go up and down mountains in my dreams.

Dream two - I was in my place of work, a grocery store (god help me), and my father left me alone or something. A few figures appear and it's my brother's old friend. I grab him by the throat, seeing him as a threat, and he does the same to me. However, when I finally get a good look at him, I recognize him, and the mood because more friendly. He said he has a present for me, so I follow him and a girl, who is probably also one of my brother's friends, to a table. He said he knew I hadn't had any good meals lately, so he and the girl made me some food. The girl's meal was Korean, but I don't know why. I then shed some tears and thanked them gratefully.

I really needed that, honestly.

Dream three - Spongebob and Sandy Cheeks from the show "Spongebob Squarepants" are in a room. I don't remember much about the room, but the atmosphere became red or the room became red later on. I believe I was Spongebob, and Sandy had been possessed or was the devil. She grabbed me and pinned me, reaching down into my chest. She was trying to take my soul or possess me. The room had become red and you could feel the demonic presence. Sandy's voice was deep and menacing, but I don't remember what she was saying.

I don't know why it was like that, honestly.

My dreams are mostly terrifying or a personification of my fear for the future. Even in dream land, where I'm supposed to be in my own mind, my mind tricks me and tortures me. This is my life now. Is this really okay?


I don't have nearly as many dreams as I used to. How do i have more?


Try to remember the dreams that you had, either by writing or thinking about them. Eventually they become more casual.
Sleeping well also helps


I tend to dream most vividly when I'm really sleep deprived but I don't recommend that.


Had a weird dream where I explored a white-and-blue forest with a jetpack, found a cartoonish-looking, balloon-like pig inside a pink-and-blue doghouse, picked up a cat next to a train station, and named the pig "Gaga" and the cat "Grey".
Then I went inside the train station which somehow turned into an airport. The security lady let me in without even checking my passenger ticket and I flew to… wherever I go (I didn't even know where is it lol) while hugging both Gaga and Grey in the passenger seat. I also remember very vividly I brought my laptop bag (but without laptop inside) and a small fanny pack with me.

It's a weird dream, but the scenery on the white-and-blue forest is weirdly nice. I also like the fact that Gaga is just so cartoonish-looking I can squish it and it bounces back up.


Xenomorphs gonna eat me. I don't remember what else.


Well, you already have a starting point, you can flesh it out from there as you go along and the pieces will start to fall in place because you'll be correcting yourself if it was wrong.


Ok Sushis I just had a dream I went on a road trip and an acquaintance had used my address to buy drugs but it was actually a scam and they had to pay a lot of money. Actually this happened a few weeeks ago in the dream world but I'm just hearing about it now. I said, you used my address to buy drugs?! He said yes and that was that. I was walking with him and someone else through the town. Now this town had a whole lot of bricks. Brick buildings, brick roads(there weren't really any roads, just the ground was brick), and a whole lot of train tracks that just went through the bricks, yknow, like at a zoo or amusement park, and sometimes a random red light(there's not standing fixtures where lights go on) and a small train car would pass. So anyway, I was walking along the bricks on this night(the town is my original destination), there were no clouds, and the light came on. I struggled whether to go, I went on the tracks, car was coming so I went back off, but then no I decided I will go so I run across the tracks, trying to step on the brick part and not the supposed electrically charged metal. So I went across, "I could have died", I said jokingly. We are walking, and we come across some friends that I haven't seen in a very long time. I am elated and want to talk but then I wake up. It would have been nice to talk to them, at least in the dream world
>>8824 I don't usually remember my dreams but lately have been doing better, today I slept at one or two in the morning though


I don't dream often but I had my best dream after smoked weed (I don't smoke it anymore). I saw my 5 years old me asking me for play arcade with him. We played a game that had a white spongebob punching weird ghosts just like in Pac man or something like that. I guess it was the best dream that I ever had.


I had a dream a youtuber I liked got to popular and I had to start hating them because I was a super hipster.

Don't know what I was thinking because besides 1-2 videos they aren't that big. Psyhco analyzing it it was about my insecurities. I've always wanted to do some animations for their skits, but never did because I was lazy/to insecure. Some other people did make an animation and they got kind of big. I was also a hipster shit as a kid.


Not content related, but anyone else have all their dreams in third person? Like watching yourself from a distance. Been like this as long as I can remember.


You can practise lucid dreaming…


I've attempted that a couple times in the past but every time it happens I seem to realize I am dreaming, and then excitement drives into consciousness. It's pretty frustrating.

That aside I seem to suffer from a recurring nightmare of my teeth falling out one by one. I try to place them back in with mixed results. No idea what it means.


I also have this. Like you're a fully immersed spectator watching the dream. Everyone I've asked about this claims to dream from a first person perspective, so I'm not sure what to make of it


File: 1603489865140.jpg (175.28 KB, 700x1050, VG.jpg)

Lucid dreaming sounds like fun if you can pull it off…

Does emotional state have any effect on dreaming? Went to sleep a little hungry but super-tired; dreamt of food.


Gee yes of course.
Worried about something? You dream of that something. Want to pee? Dream about making peepee. Horny? Dream sex.


I'm trying to lucid dream. I'm stuck on the first step were you need to repeat an action randomly so you can ask "Am I in a dream?". I keep forgetting so I haven't gotten far

I've always had those. In fact I don't think I have any dreams in first person. I always watch myself do stuff.
Don't know why this happens. I've heard personality and culture can affect if memories are in third or first person so I wonder if that's related?

This is actually a pretty common thing in the lucid dream community. You just have to calm down and count to ten a lot so you don't wake up.


File: 1603554120370.png (28.97 KB, 800x800, 1367966094149.png)

I had a phase years ago where I tried really hard to get into regular lucid dreaming. I only ever got 3 of them (maybe a 4th), but both the process of getting there and actually having them was a very interesting experience that I'll keep with me forever. Not life-changing or miraculous mind you, but certainly cool.
> I'm stuck on the first step were you need to repeat an action randomly so you can ask "Am I in a dream?".
The one that worked for me was pushing my thumb into my palm and seeing if it went through or not. Having a boring graveyard shift retail job helped with that because I could just idly do it as I was sitting around daydreaming and waiting for customers. I assume you're already keeping a dream journal? If you're using a phone or a PC to do so I'd recommend doing it with pen and paper instead.


>dream journal
Is that like a dream diary?


I had a dream were my teacher emailed me saying she understood why I was so stressed out and fell behind in class.

I'm currently doing bad in class and I had a stern email from them. Good god was that freudian


Yeah, just write down as much of the dream as you can remember as soon as you wake up. You'll start remembering more of your dreams and apparently that's helpful to the process.


File: 1605617879513.jpg (105.34 KB, 658x744, boo.jpg)

Dreamed about a guy, lets call him Steve, and his friend, I'll call him Mortim. Mortim apparently died, but he came back as a ghost. Mortim thinks that he cane back because he didn't finish his book about orthodox mystic traditions and begs Steve to finish it. Steve works on it, it gets published, and it becomes enough of a hit they can start working on a sequel. Mortim still exists, but it's normal now and they don't question it.

Anyhow they meet up with a dude trying to clone using amebas. Everything comes out as a human like blob because "amebas are good at copying things and not at putting them together". It's done in a car lot with a lot of people.

Mortim is then distracted by his wife and floats over to his car. He tries to kiss her, but fails cause he's a ghost. He stalkers her home and has "sex" with her by overlapping is body over her new boyfriends.

He returns to Steve growing increasingly distressed over his situation. Mortin discovers he can move/touch objects is he tries hard enough. Mortin uses this power to start harassing people he hates, but Steve made it so he'd hear a beeping noise every time he did something troublesome (it was my morning alarm that caused the beeps).

Steve has no idea how to stop the ghost because he's a strict atheist who know nothing about mysticism.

Have no idea what that dream was about


File: 1605694199560-0.jpg (147.51 KB, 1024x715, Clipboard02.jpg)

File: 1605694199560-1.jpg (49.82 KB, 708x763, Clipboard01.jpg)

Had a weird dream. Was stuck in a village and was going from place to place trying to get out. Felt like I was stuck but kept moving. There was the sound of rushing water in the background constantly. Not sure what to make of it.


I dream a lot. I get a lot of reoccurring elements in my dreams, like trying to find clothes before going out, being back in a school setting (with the school looking a bit different than reality), being at a store looking at games or movies, my house being larger/grander than it actually is. If I'm driving, 50% of the time, I end up going off a cliff, but land as if it's a cartoon, car gets a dent and I just drive off safely.

I usually write down my dreams but only if they're action-oriented. A lot of times, my dreams shift halfway through. For example, I had a dream I was in Samus' suit, but I was still myself. I'm going through a dark apartment building and start shooting into the dark. Monsters are gone and so is the suit and now I'm just looking through a room digging around for clues as if I was a detective.


I dream a lot, I think I always did, but when I tried to learn lucid dreaming I started a dream diary and since then I remember them a lot more. Before that I thought I'd rarely dream. With time you notice imagery that reappears, for me it's mostly water (the sea, floodings or rivers/lakes appear a lot in my dreams). I also dream a lot about friends and family.
Lucid dreaming isn't nearly as fun as people make it out to be and I personally prefer not lucid dreaming. My dreams feel more "authentic" if I didn't.
I used to have nightmares in the past, where the constant theme was "being unable to help" or being isolated. One of the reoccuring ones was me being tied to a pipe in a concrete room where I have to watch as two kidnappers execute people I care about before me one by one. Really glad I don't have those anymore.


File: 1606300072902.jpg (151.11 KB, 848x1075, 20200324.jpg)

Dreamt of being a strong man


File: 1606303429901-0.png (598.35 KB, 471x514, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1606303429901-1.png (460 KB, 640x480, 2.png)

Dreamt of a term that apparently does not exist that meant "The act by which little boys are made to act as little girls". A bunch of little boys with an oxidated iron mask that looked like the rabbit from SH3, wearing a blue apron kinda like Alice, were crouching together in the darkness. They were in an old wooden house on top of a hill that looked like a mountain.


File: 1606304017913.png (1.16 MB, 796x908, a00944dd18f8045695bafed638….png)

The term, though I remember it starting with an R, was "Morrasicalia"


I dream of Jeannie


File: 1607628723613.jpeg (23.61 KB, 554x554, images (9).jpeg)

I usually go thru phases focusing on dreams and then not dreaming at all, on those phases i got some lucid dreams over the years, but mostly during teenage years so I mostly used it for sex. I have been trying to do some techniques for astral projection such as inducing sleep paralysis and stuff, started three days ago and what I got so far has been more livid dreams and more easily rememberable.

Most dreams appear some ex on them and that's what makes them easier to remember, i usually just want to talk a bit properly to them. Last one 1st ex gf was busy with something and weren't talking much, oddly i noticed during it that it was way easier to do acrobatics in the dream, so i just kept spinning around in the air trying to talk to her. Today's dream 3rd ex was at my building so i jumped out of the window to talk to her, but her liutenant general father called out to her and she had to leave, then my friends were having burgers with cocaine and some cocaine fell on my burger and i ate it anyway. Some guys started chasing us and beating me up, but i was just peacefully bored waiting it to end.


File: 1607947371915.jpg (287.95 KB, 1450x1000, 20201220.jpg)

Slept & dreamt of warmth.


File: 1608106506431-0.jpg (67.93 KB, 900x750, 20201223.jpg)

File: 1608106506431-1.gif (303.83 KB, 200x103, 20210000.gif)

Nigtmares envelop me.


File: 1609162635776.png (996.93 KB, 1040x424, crying slav in a poppy fie….png)

I dreamt that an animu girl loved me and confessed to me in a long road trip
I wake up with tears in my eyes, while I was also sobbing while hugging her in the dream, with tears running through my face. I told her "Fuck you, you can't do this to me". She also looked like she appeared in a previous dream so she seemed familiar for some reason
Now if only I could draw her, but I can't.


I was walking down a crowded hallway in a hurry. Faces of all sorts of people I didn't know flew past me, but I stopped and pulled a tall person. "Hey," I called out to him. He was so tall I only saw his suit and tie, but when I looked up I realized he was my friend I hadn't seen since high school, but he aged a bit. He looked upset. He said that he was kind of in a hurry. Suddenly his face lit him and he smiled at me. He said back to me, "Hey!" He asked me what the population of the U.S. capitol was. I said "400 million" and he said "that's right." He left very quickly down the hallway. I watched him leave. Suddenly the Nietzsche quote rang in my head "would you be prepared to re-live your life in exactly the same way?" I woke up in tears when I realized I couldn't.


This month i started having these dreams /nightmares where a formula of sorts happens:
>am in a cartoonish setting (or its made clear im in some sort of show/cartoon/anime)
>hang out with irl friends
>suddenly friends disappear and i meet a girl
>we hit off and start going out and having fun
>suddenly again some sort of event happens and i lose sight of said girl
>something gives a sign that something awful happened/is happening to her but i cant do anything
>start noticing im in a dream
>last track of an album starts playing
That last part weirds me out a bunch, up till now i can remember Moses Sumney's "Self Help Tape“ (last track in their album "Aromanticism") and Señor Loop's "X-mar" playing (last track of their first album)


A cute girl put soap on me in the shower but I had my normal sensibilities so I wanted to tell her to stop from embarrassment but I didn't want to tell her because she was a girl I used to have a crush on but then she told me she was a lesbian. She started with my back but when she came to my front she got on her knees but then she noticed my armored titan so she got angry and she left and I feel guilty and sneak into my room as she complains to other people about the experience.

I haven't left my house for anything but a haircut, the dentist and to the vegetable store since quarantine last year, so 10/10 must say. I hope this doesn't awaken something in me.


5/7 nights this week I died in my dreams or was left in a position that would have killed me if it was real life. The last one, I saw someone I graduated high school with. He was homeless, and asking for change on the side of the street.

The girl I was with kept pleading me to just leave him alone but I felt bad and wanted to give him something. I start searching my backpack to see if I have a dollar to give him, when suddenly he stands up and stabs me directly in my abdomen. Right underneath my stomach, and he runs away.

I remember it burning and also feeling numb. It didnt hurt for long, I think I was in shock. I managed to call 911 but I couldnt say anything. I had already lost too much blood. I just remember laying on the street hearing the operators voice in my ear.

Then I woke up.

Im sorry I know this isnt very chill, but these dreams are traumatic and it does help me to be able to post it somewhere.


if all those other dreams are like this too, i can't imagine how stressful it must be.
i hope you're doing okay in your day-to-day as i hear that an anxious life in general can lead to frequent bad dreams.


How has your day to day life been? Have you been stressed out or something?


Thanks friends. Yes I have been very stressed. The pandemic forced me back with my parents. On top of just feeling bad I'm in my mid 20s still living with them, their is almost constant arguing and screaming. Or dogs barking….
In terms of good news I haven't had those dreams since I posted this.


File: 1611980378612.png (919.57 KB, 1280x720, 716710_20190204202046_1.png)

I went out to my barber's studio to get a haircut, but I went in through the backdoor. While out in the alleyway, I found a pile of birdcages and small steel canisters. There were all sorts of birds in the cages, and all had instructions to put the birds into the steel canisters once they died. I found one canister making noise, and I opened it up to find a barely-alive budgie at the bottom. I tried to hold it up so that it could fly, but it fell to the ground and died. I tried to save it, but there was nothing I could do.


I think I recently had a dream where I browsed image boards in front of my gf, which I would never do in real life. After I woke up, I was half sure it was a dream, and never mentioned it.


I just had a dream where I was hitting it up with a girl I used to go to school with. I was legitimately sad when I woke up. Back to loneliness…


File: 1615810510035.jpg (142.29 KB, 850x1107, 20210321.jpg)

Dream that a girl (but not my type) wanted me bad. Haha.


I occasionally dream but last night stands out to me. I dreamt that I was in a cabin somewhere and a vicious bear came to my door and tried to get in. I have a rifle chambered in 458 SOCOM in real life,and I happened to have it with me in my dream so I tried to shoot the bear with it. After what felt like an eternity and struggling greatly,I finally pulled the trigger and killed the bear. Two more bears appeared and I quickly shot both of them,without any of the struggle like the first shot.


I've had really scary life or death situation dreams like that before, they're very odd but I always remember them strongly.
>I have a rifle chambered in 458 SOCOM
That's extremely cool


>Post "I like pineapple pizza" on sushichan
>"User has been perma-banned"
What a weird dream. I don't even like pineapple pizza


I dreamed that my dad tried to give steroids. He said he was proud of me for the progress I've made. I didn't want to give up my natty card but I accepted them anyway. Very strange dream that doesn't fit the tone of this site but it's remarkable enough I think it's worth posting about.

Time for ban. Mods!! :)


I've had two sex dreams in a row about past female acquaintances. I'm currently in a long-term relationship with an ok sex life.
I find it amusing that I have these dreams but try not to dwell on it too much.


Anyone get those dreams where you're certain you've dreamt the same thing before you aren't sure. Like you're not sure if what you're dreaming is real, if its fake but you have dreamt it in the past or if that itself is a false memory that you're dreaming about.


Not sure what you're talking about but I have a few recurring dreams, including one really specific ones where I start running for some reason. It's not always running from or to something, sometimes I'm just running for some reason. My strides get longer and longer and higher and higher, and at some point I start specifically trying to go higher
Then I start soaring, each time I hit the ground I just kick off and spend upwards of a full minute in the air pseudo-flying.
It's a really strange dream and I have no idea why it's recurring.


A few months ago I had a dream where I realized I was dreaming, but I was certain that the dream was a recreation of a real-life memory. I kept noticing all the little differences between the dream and how it actually happened, and it wasn't until I woke up that I realized that the dream was completely ridiculous (specifically, Amelia Watson was pulling me along a wooded path on a skateboard) and never actually happened.


File: 1620877700750.png (1.97 MB, 1447x2039, cc17f94f12fd10a9078c138f74….png)

I'm gonna repost my dream on sushi because lainmin's cronies deleted it on lainchan



I had this dream recently where there was this queer lolicore/DnB artist and they got really frustrated when someone asked for their pronouns. Later in the dream, I found that they had committed suicide and I was really struck down. A friend brought me to this great big concrete wall that had all these names listed on it, painted, scribbled, carved. It realized it was a memorial, these were all the trans and queer musicians who had taken their own life.

I dropped down on my knees in despair, a pitiful heap of a fleshy angry prism, wailing and thrashing on the ground, completely and utterly inconsolable.

Then I woke up, quiet and still in my lonely bed, crying for real, missing my friends, missing my bf. i don't wanna ++ the statistic.


Dreams are what happens when your brain decides real drugs have got nothing on what it can do at will


File: 1620929464256.png (403.06 KB, 700x265, 338.png)

I had a dream were people had the power to take things into/visit their brain by going into a mirror. The MC in my dream was apart of a super hero team that was supposed catch villians using their head powers. My character had a brain library and was trying to catch a serial killer who killed men.
Plot twist though! My character had a secret ladder in their head that lead to a brain cave with all the kidnapped men. They were chained to walls and fed until they were fat (dunno why). Apperently my MC's evil\horny side kidnapped them.
what does it all mean?


I don't usually dream but every time I do its either a dream where people die or its very surreal


I just dreamt of a JRPG where the last section of the game is timed and you need to rescue your friends from the end of the universe and fight the big bad, but there's not enough time to rescue everyone. Not sure if something like that existd


I had a dream that there was a red message in the messages section saying that sushichan was going to have a page limit
Then somehow I bumped the announcement thread from the last thread in the board, idk how


this is too sad to think about as a real game. you should still be able to rescue all of your frens if you play your cards perfectly, perhaps even from early on in the game and you get the true ending, otherwise it's too sad…..


I like my media bittersweet, but I guess if you were someone very very skilled you could save everyone.
>you should still be able to rescue all of your frens if you play your cards perfectly, perhaps even from early on in the game and you get the true ending
There's actually a game that does that, but still, I like some bitterness to all of it.


File: 1621712022388.jpg (53.14 KB, 970x545, Broken_age.jpg)

>there's not enough time to rescue everyone.
Broken age has a concept like this, but it's just a mini game used as plot tool not a core mechanic.
I had a dream like that too. My brain somehow knows when I'm about to wake up so it puts ends to my dreams, surreal and non conclusive often. One of them was a character in my dreams saying "You have to come back into the dream world and help us", they did need my help tbf. Felt bad after never having visited them again and I had another dream with them. Last dream I ever had of that world


Just had a dream that I was at my job fixing an IT problem. It as at the point that I was waking up but I wanted to fix the problem first.


Dude I took a nap and had a dream where I was walking through a mansion of some sort and there was a decently hot, vaguely white woman with shoulder length wavy hair who would try to seduce you and stab you (and I knew if when I was walking by), and when I walked by her she grabbed me and said "hey you're totally my type let's go out", exact words. Before I could so much as say "thanks but" she tried to cut my head off but I caught her hand and she seemed duly impressed. I remember being impressed by how fast she got that fucking butcher knife out too and told her as much. Then she told me that I'd passed and I walked away but not before hearing her say the same thing to someone behind me.


I keep a pretty detailed dream journal, but if I'm too tired while writing I'll end up with an entry that is complete gibberish or too abstract to really remind me of what the dream was about.

Favorite example is a dream journal entry that just says "McDonalds dnd and multicolored slime girls". Still have no idea what that one was about, but I probably enjoyed it.


I had a dream that Sushichan changed themes to a darker one with stars in the background, and the navigation links were replaces with small pixelated anime girls who were running in place, which displayed the name of the board when you hovered on them. It looked pretty spiffy


File: 1629647394102.jpg (1.17 MB, 1191x1684, __sakurasawa_sumi_kanojo_o….jpg)

I'll just write down the last truly vivid dream I had. It's almost been a year but I still think about it:

I go out to smoke a cigarette somewhere, sort of like a bus stop but not quite. As I sit and debate whether to buy a new pack of cigarettes or dig out the ancient pack I have in my closet, a beautiful girl I’ve seen a few times before walks by. As she passes me, a note drops from her hand, which reads ‘Aren’t you going to ask me out?’. So I ask her out.
She’s very sweet, charming, and sociable. She kind of looks like Sumi from Kanojo Okarishimasu. As we walk through downtown Stockholm, I step over a spread of very ugly Tarot cards laid out near observatorielunden. The only card I remember is a strange mixture of the designs for four of wands and eight of wands in the Thoth deck, but I identify it as eight of wands in the dream. I tell her it's an odd coincidence that would someone leave Tarot cards out like that, and she says ‘Do you really think I’d approach you without doing some research?’, implying that she laid the cards out ahead of time to impress me. I am deeply moved by the gesture and fall in love with her, even though I don't care that much about Tarot (I still have no idea how I knew what the Thoth eight of wands looked like, it's not a card I've paid any attention to).
We have dinner and she casually mentions that she’s a hardcore antifa/anarchist activist. I suddenly remember that my brother showed me a video of her screaming at a university professor. This is very uncomfortable, because in the dream I'm actually a prominent fascist blogger (for the record, I have no interest in politics in the waking world). She shows me the aforementioned video herself and is proud of it. I decide to avoid discussing politics with her and try to change the topic by saying that she seems very knowledgeable and I ask where she gets her sources from.
She then shows me a Toshiki Kadomatsu album I’ve never seen before. The cover design consists of a skyscraper against a hazy orange background and another skyscraper against a marine blue background. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, and the skyscrapers ‘leak’ out of the picture and kind of rise out of the ground by our table. She then informs me that she goes to the "Central Research Library" in New York to research and then shows me an excerpt from a documentary about lost New York dialects, where the narrator speaks about a lost ‘bus dialect’ of 1970s New York, with footage of the first municipal bus heading to the Central Research Library.
Instead of bells and official stops, passengers on this bus do a version of that ‘hey batter batter’ baseball yell where they call out where they want to get off and also when they see potential passengers. There’s also a bit of a Louisana Bayeux element to the accent even though the documentary narrator said it originated from Dutch immigrants. If you’ve ever heard someone ‘spreading’ in a policy debate they had a similar breathing pattern and general shakiness in their voice. The only yell I specifically remember was ‘Heyyyyyyyyyyy Busdriverbusdrivercomin’uponfifthcomin’uponfifthdereboy’. The inside of the bus is complete chaos because it's full of a bunch of old men yelling in this dialect non-stop. They’re also yelling out ‘hey passengerpassenger’ to random people on the street. The same old man is waiting at every stop, but he doesn’t want to get on and keeps angrily yelling ‘leave me the fuck alone kid’ at the bus. Then in order to save time, the bus driver starts to drive up stairs and run over old walls in a historic park downtown.


I'm honestly convinced that dreams ending appropriately has something to do with how your brain processes the memory of the dream itself
I don't think I've ever been *completely* abruptly interrupted from a dream before, it always made at least some sense in the context of the dream. I thought maybe your brain just processes the information while asleep but sometimes you can go for like 30 minutes "in dream" just from the sound of your alarm going off.

Last night I had a dream where it was pretty much a normal dream until the very end, because my brother suddenly turned on heavy metal or something in the room next door and the world started falling apart just as I heard a ghostly voice announce that Heaven Has Fallen(tm) and I woke up. The stupid thing wasn't the world falling apart it was that as I thought about it I realized there was a ton of foreshadowing for it, which can't be possible so I sort of assume your brain is gaslighting itself.


Had the weirdest dream today where I was living the role of a girl (?) adventurer in a generic JRPG setting
The weird part was near the end I flashed back or something to my home village and the obligatory childhood friend crush was shagging a demon and I got so mad I woke up
And no, I have neither a crush nor a relationship nor any childhood friends I'm still in contact with, so t was very weird.


I was enjoying reading your dream but the whole bus part was suddenly hilarious to imagine


Has anyone woken up from a dream with the urge to cry because the dream wasn't real?


I know that feel bro


yeah, i know that feel, even though i don't remember any dreams like that in detail. weird how that works


My brother and I are at a phone booth that has a laptop attached to it, using some horrible, ad-ridden libgen mirror, while someone keeps yelling from a window behind us to install adblock. I somehow get a physical copy of the book when I download it. The book is essentially a game. It's a huge kanji dictionary, with an actual game board attached to it, and some kind of spinner that selects kanji, and you're supposed to write a witty poem about whatever kanji you get.
I go to someone's house at my family's insistence. The adblock guy is there. There are lots of little rooms with people running in and out, preparing for some kind of cosplay performance and they convince me to join. After trying to explain the kanji game, which I don't understand at all, to an attractive girl, we all gather at the table for raspberries and cream. Sitting at the head of the table, no one passes me raspberries so I have to walk over and get them myself. My brother has selfishly taken an irresponsible number of raspberries and my dad refuses to take any before me, so I very carefully select only small raspberries so my dad will get more than me.
I leave the house and walk through a scenic autumnal neighborhood with lots of brick walls. I start thinking about a younger child at the party and something my mother supposedly told me, that when I was a newborn I was completely silent and only wanted to grab her pinky finger. In that moment, I suddenly see the beauty of the impermanence of life and fully accept my mortality. As I walk toward a harbour, I hear an orchestra playing Cruel Angel’s Thesis in the distance. Even though I’m expected home, I decide to find a seat somewhere and listen until they stop performing.
More and more people show up, and I begin to worry about catching covid. I lose full control of my body and start having awkward movements, bumping into one of the girls from the cosplay house. For some reason, she apologises before I can and shows me a black and white picture taken of the performance we did. There are so many people in so many different costumes that I don’t see myself anywhere in the picture. I find a low cement wall on top of a hill. There isn’t much to see because there are big trees blocking the water and the orchestra is far away behind me, but I see someone manage to slide down the hill on one foot before closing my eyes. I can hardly hear the orchestra and don’t remember what they were playing next. I start thinking about something the adblock guy said, that only a man who has every single thing he needs and is truly content will try to save the world. This generates an animation in my head of a man like this living in the distant future. Except that he really doesn’t have everything he needs, I guess, because he wants to save this monkey that’s being escorted out of a futuristic dsytopian prison in handcuffs.
I woke up before I learned anything more about the monkey, unfortunately.


I've been keeping a dream diary lately but I must be half asleep while writing them because I can barely understand half the stuff in the diary
My handwriting is surprisingly good in it, though.


I used to do that, but I started to feel like I needed a break. Waking up and having no memory of the last 8+ hours is rather nice sometimes. It helps to break the continuity of life and allow me to relax, instead of feeling like things are always happening left and right. That gets a bit overwhelming.


File: 1638954466344-0.jpg (99.03 KB, 1000x524, 20211205.jpg)

File: 1638954466344-1.jpg (243.41 KB, 1536x1219, 20211219.jpg)

Dreaming of foos


I get pretty vivid dreams, like very real dreams where I can feel pain and emotions too. Sometimes I confuse my dreams with real life memories. It's fun since I get to live in an alternate reality where things never happened ( like taking a test and failing or fighting with someone), makes me appreciate my real life more lol


File: 1639006924089.jpg (77.58 KB, 600x616, 1585624511126.jpg)

I've had a lot of dreams of dying. I'm sure everyone has. I really appreciate them, cause otherwise it would be something I only get to experience once. Also it lends emotional weight to taking safety seriously.
Looking through my dream journal a bit, a good one recently: I learned about "anagan-something" I forgot the second half of the word, but it meant to give a lecture on something from within the framework of some other subject. I was captivated. I hope theres a real word for this that I'll discover some day.
Also I had a dream fragment about not wanting to put a lemon I had down because it would block the subtitles… so that was strange and funny.


File: 1639019531719.jpg (3.01 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0797.jpg)

same, it's always a giant megamall/school/con/resort/old school hotel/movie theater crossed into one structure. or I find a part of my house I never knew was there and explore it. or a new part of a video game you've already played that you just found(this was a wonderful thing before datamining). I've been in a dark souls like world where I'm actually scared running around fighting spooks and navigating a connected landscape. I've had dreams where I visualized being on boards like this, where I was a ball of static floating around dark hallways lit by neon around the floor and ceilings and each site was a room in the hallway I'd enter to see the site pop before my frame of perspective. I've even had dreams where I'm watching a video stream in a badly designed website with ads on 90% of the screen. honestly have tons of dreams in my life I remember in vague glimpses but I feel like I've lived more in dreams than real life.
notable dreams I've had:
in a submarine that's like a bus and you can pay to ride it, then it gets targeted by torpedoes and the captain comes on the intercom telling us and the distinct feeling of knowing you're going to die underwater with all these strangers.

in a school stairwell during a shooting with a dozen other kids hiding and I'm so nerve racked I make a run for it but as I run out the door it turns into my backyard and I keep running so hard I wake up and it takes 10 minutes for my heart to stop racing.

getting stabbed on a subway and stumbling out not knowing what to do. I've never ridden one in my life.

notable dreams from childhood:
I died and the first thing that happens is I'm in a dark suspended state and a jack-o-lantern appears before me and explains he's my spirit guide and his job is to get me used to the afterlife which is actually this other world which is just really surreal, like the landscape is all purple and lavender and the hills in the background look like trippy dr.seuss hills. as a child that dream made me more comfortable with the idea of the afterlife.

I have a vision of an alien man who has kind of greenish blue skin and sharp pointy teeth and a round mouth like a monkey, greasy hair, clawed hands and so on. he's chilling on a beach like that one hollow in new londo ruins with his hand on his head looking at the alien ocean which is sort of still. suddenly he turns his head and smiles like he's aware that I'm watching him, I always remembered how fucking creepy it felt.

another time I had a vision of a war on an alien world where all the life forms were machines. it's impossible to describe how terrifying it was, just giant metal spires curving over the grey sky and metallic beings crashing into each other mid-air at high speeds.

as I'm writing this I realize a lot of dreams are really dark. maybe only those are worth remembering. mostly they're just strange and amusing, I think this very week I had a dream a japanese girl was in my kitchen and tried speaking to me but I had to tell her I didn't understand but I offered her a pack of dry noodles to make up for it.

pic sort of dream like, perhaps it'll stimulate your mind to dream more.


File: 1639042242426.jpg (760.8 KB, 850x1202, sample_2a260fb400b173b1b07….jpg)

Recently i took some photos in a dream, it was of a kids playground at the condominium i lived when i was a child. Later on during the day i was sad to realize it was a dream and im not getting those photos….


I dream quite frequently.
A lot of the time my dreams are quite bizarre.
It often feels like I'm spectating a protagonist instead of actually being in the dreams myself. It's quite funny to see "myself" react in a rational way to completely irrational events.


File: 1640933213866-0.gif (973.01 KB, 255x135, A1.gif)

File: 1640933213866-1.gif (1.18 MB, 255x135, A2.gif)

File: 1640933213866-2.gif (743.33 KB, 255x135, A3.gif)

File: 1640933213866-3.gif (681.51 KB, 255x135, A4.gif)

Dreaming of fights


File: 1642751965479-0.gif (1.01 MB, 514x278, Dud2.gif)

File: 1642751965479-1.gif (2.29 MB, 514x278, Dud3.gif)

File: 1642751965479-2.gif (1.71 MB, 514x278, Dud4.gif)

File: 1642751965480-3.gif (1.95 MB, 514x278, Dud5.gif)

Muay Thai kick-boxing? I prefer traditional boxing.


File: 1643701794770-0.gif (867.99 KB, 511x276, asakaa3.gif)

File: 1643701794770-1.gif (1.26 MB, 511x276, asakaa4.gif)

File: 1643701794770-2.gif (3 MB, 511x276, asakaa5.gif)

I prefer fireworks.


File: 1643798566505.png (3.02 MB, 1946x2480, 161588016210.png)

Lately having nightmares again about how I got bullied in elementary school and middle school.
The situations are mostly fictional, nothing that really happened, but the bullies are those that actually bullied me. This causes me to wake up all sweaty and tired.


File: 1643803029557.png (283.18 KB, 727x720, ac4abb59d550f14cb8e365d186….png)

been sick for a few days so i've been sleeping a lot more than usual, although i don't recall most of my recent dreams because they all end up being literal fever dreams

i swear dreams about school are some of the most vivid dreams i ever recall for some reason
>classmates that weren't at one school now are there
>names and faces being seemingly more recognizable than most dreams
>school layouts being mixed together in weird but still vaguely recognizable ways
>feel like an adult but have the thought processes as if youre still actually in school

school dreams are very surreal, words can't really explain it
maybe because school is a place we spend our most impressionable years, theyre easier to process and remember after the fact?


File: 1656045679579.jpg (1.46 MB, 1080x1920, 1639017725401.jpg)

I legitimately believe that my dreams are some kind of extradimensional scream, because I frequently dream about situations that could have happened had I made different decisions in my life, and they feel completely mundane and almost real. If I had stayed in my home town, if I stayed with that girl, if I kept that job and didn't chase other opportunities. My most recent one. I'm arguing with an ex who is two women back at this point, asking her what we're going to make for dinner in an apartment I've never even seen. I've had dreams where I'm still working under my father and I'm this absolute loser, and I feel something is wrong in that moment but I just can't place it, and I wake up before I realize what I'm missing. In my current situation I feel like I made every selfish decision possible and kind of hate myself for it. Maybe these dreams are echoes of my guilt.


I Dream of Jeannie


I mostly remember nightmares, normal dreams are usually boring. When I was younger I used to have a lot about being naked in public or being chased but I never have those anymore. Last nightmare I remember was very scary, I tried to kill myself by planting a bunch of C4s on my body while I was standing outside at night looking at reflections of city lights in a river and pressed the detonator but it didn't work so I survived. I don't remember what lead to that moment but something very bad had happened in the dream that lead me to that decision.


File: 1678652486407.gif (297.93 KB, 498x298, dance.gif)

The things I've been dreaming about lately haven't been really positive, aside from a few wet dreams involving monster girls and 2hus. There's 2 dreams I've had recently that left a vivid impression on me as they were essentially bad endings to my life. The second one was actually pretty cool when I think about it. It involved me being in some sort of mountain village camping, and I was with some sort of group hanging out in a small valley behind the village. I didn't know any of them, so I felt a bit uneasy, but it was alright. Suddenly, it got very cold and snow mixed with ash started falling everywhere. Everyone got confused, but it wasn't the end, as the snow started turning people into stone in an apparently excruciating process of slow petrification. I went into a cave by running and taking cover (sometimes I did get hit by the snow, but nothing happened) and I managed to hide into a cave. For some reason there was a car in the cave, and inside was a woman who really wanted to run me over. She slowed down for some reason so I broke into the car, killed her, and stole it. For some reason I drove up until the entrance of the cave, when I saw that the snowstorm outside was still raging and everyone was dead. When I saw that I got out of the car, went out, and froze to death.
I still haven't figured out what this dream is supposed to mean despite it having popped into my head from time to time for the past 2 weeks or so, it's too strange for me to even begin analyzing it.

As a side note, does anybody else struggle to differentiate between dream and reality sometimes? I get this weird feeling that I'm in a dream at times, or have deja vu based on things I've already seen in my dreams.


File: 1678697131501.jpg (27.14 KB, 400x650, 1626430878043.jpg)

what an awful dream i had last nite.
shit was so awful, thankfully it's nothing but a dream


Had a dream that I mined a loaf of bread-sized lump of gold and I had to protect it from thieves. One of the thieves was a dog who ate it and ran away and I had to pull it out of his stomach, along with broken pieces of furniture.

>does anybody else struggle to differentiate between dream and reality sometimes
Only in my memories


>I get this weird feeling that I'm in a dream at times, or have deja vu based on things I've already seen in my dreams.
If you ever feel like you're in a dream, try counting your fingers or, if you're in your own house, turning off and on the light. If you're able to, then that means you're awake. If not, then you can now start lucid dreaming.


File: 1678764515576.jpg (128.33 KB, 960x720, BrainMisfire.jpg)

>As a side note, does anybody else struggle to differentiate between dream and reality sometimes? I get this weird feeling that I'm in a dream at times, or have deja vu based on things I've already seen in my dreams.

I think I know what you mean. Every once in a while I'll get these weird flashes like I've already experienced this exact situation. Sometimes I can write it off as a memory of something similar, but other times I'll be in a place I've never been before and there's no good explanation. Maybe just neurons misfiring or something, usually I'm tired when these things happen.


I get that too. I have an uneducated (pulling this out of my ass) hypothesis that deja vu is the result of re-use of neurons that used to store an old memory to store a new one. It feels familiar because that now-lost memory was familiar. If you can remember how long ago it felt like you saw the current moment, that's how old it was.


File: 1679141588259.jpg (261.52 KB, 2410x2998, __watson_amelia_and_smol_a….jpg)

So this dream started when I tried to order takeout from an unfamiliar restaurant. When I went to pick up my food, I was informed by a very angry employee that I needed a reservation, even to order takeout. While I was panicking over my faux pas, two male Amelia Watson cosplayers with their faces obscured by veils came out of the kitchen and sat down next to me. One of them started rubbing his fingers on my forehead in a show of trying to read my mind, and simply said the word "Gura." I thought he was trying to guess who in Hololive I was a fan of, so I replied "Ina, actually." They looked at each other, said "eh, same thing," and then knocked me out and stole my kidney. After I woke up in a bathtub full of raisins I started figuring out the backstory of these guys, but I don't remember that part quite as well.

I suppose it's not a very interesting dream, but it's the first particularly vivid dream I've had in a very long time, so I wanted to write it down somewhere.


File: 1679858336050.jpg (283.3 KB, 595x585, i dont feel so good.jpg)

had a dream about an impossible love, it involved me crying on the floor of a white room.
then i cried a bit more after waking up.
surprisingly it's the second time this happens to me, the first time it involved my mother who died 3 months after that dream


meant to say before that dream


After I got betrayed and abandoned by my only friend, I got a scarily vivid dream of a car crash. The driver was my old buddy from teenage years, whom I backstabbed back then, and although we kept seeing each other, the relationship just faded away. He kept on speeding, until we hit a wall, and I became mentally crippled. The fate of my neighbours' kid, and one of my biggest fears. I woke up from that nightmare, but much like in the dream - I could not form a coherent thought.


File: 1680050322993.png (571.93 KB, 600x600, 45252_zDhaFsnc.png)

Something my sister said a while ago struck me
>You'll never have the right time, things will always get on the way
Which struck me a lot. I had a dream where I thought of the person that I wanted to spend my life with, my project of life. I listened to my sis saying this to me again, and I dream of going outside and trying to find her. She doesn't live in the same country as me, but I just ran anywhere, I wanted help from some relatives but I didn't even knew where they lived. So I just ran somewhere close to where I thought they lived and then I took a deep breath while my eyes turned humid.
Even if I am not ready as a man, I want to do this project of life together with her, I just wonder if she has the same thoughts, of a life where she can find stability. Of the man she can spend her life with.
Wherever you are, I hope you're doing the right thing.


File: 1680056274841.jpg (185.88 KB, 850x850, 1659860117447.jpg)

Was unable to sleep today, because of thought about a person I want to spend my life with.

Btw, same as for the sushi above - love of mine also lives in another country.


File: 1680062436453.png (1.55 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

recently i dreamt of being in one of my favorite games (persona), which also brought back sad memories of someone i used to share my love of the game with.
wonder if they ever ended up playing it.


File: 1680124097727.png (111.41 KB, 233x302, 1646231946265.png)

Being unable to sleep isn't exactly a dream now isn't it?
Did you have dreams with this person at least?


File: 1680134968211.jpg (124.48 KB, 1000x969, 3699d69e2c170707bcdc814fcc….jpg)

… Four times in three months.
But daydreaming's more vivid and I remember them clearly.


File: 1680138309903.jpg (78.24 KB, 640x626, tumblr_40ca0486ead3633a81c….jpg)

Well I hope you two get together some day, sounds like you'd make a good couple

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