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File: 1598548903806.jpeg (249.49 KB, 960x657, sleep2.jpeg)


Do you usually have dreams? What usually happens in your dreams? Are you a lucid dreamer? feel free to share dreams you've recently experienced and have other sushi rolls psychoanalyze you


I had a dream where I had a crush with a cartoonishly large and wide guy who was aloof and mean-spirited that didn't want to be with me at all (I wanted to gain his approval) but I constantly tried to force a friendship with him by having very repetitive conversations with him that always follow a formula (I think the formula was ' What do you think of X?/Do you do X?' then I'd talk about what I thought of X) that even he pointed out. Is my brain calling me a gay simp?


Many of my recent dreams have revolved around the middle school I went to over a decade ago. Feels like unfinished business or that I didn't grow out of that phase.


growing up, a good portion of my dreams involved fishing in a beautiful body of water
i had these dreams so frequently i recently took up fishing as an adult


Turning your dreams into reality.


I know it's the exact opposite, but does anysushi else never have dreams? Or at least, don't remember having them. I feel a little alone and weird on it.

It's a very very rare occurrence for me to dream in my sleep. Wonder what causes it or how common it is…


I was that way for a long time, but when I started journaling the few I remembered (maybe one every few years or less) I started remembering them more. I've heard of other people having the same experience as well. I also had some scary dreams that woke me up around that time, which was very unusual for me, and might have also primed me to hold onto dream memories more.

It makes sense that it takes training for the brain to bother to carry 'junk' memories from dreams into the conscious day as something meaningful, though i don't have any evidence on that.


Yeah I'm the same. Remember dreams upon waking at most 1 time a month, if even that. Otherwise sleep is just a timeskip void.
I kinda like it the way it is, never wake up in a bad mood from weird nightstuff, easier to deal with breakups since I don't need to be reminded of exes in my sleep.


Lately I dream a lot about going to school. I haven't set foot on a school in over 10 years irl.
I don't know how common is this but, while I'm not a "lucid dreamer", I usually can't tell when I'm in a dream, but I just play along, very rarely do I try to change things.
I don't know how common this is either, but sometimes my dreams are like movies. I'm just a passive looker. Sometimes my dreams are even cinematic, with good photography and all (in waking life, I could never do that). Once I was even making fun of my own dream-movie.


>usually can't tell when I'm in a dream
[Err] Usually CAN tell I'm in a dream


I don't remember dreams to often, but the a lot that I've remembered recently have been about running away from an spider.
One was me trying to throw something at a spider in a bathtub, and the spider jumped on to me and I woke up flailing around trying to get the (non-existent) spider off me. Another dream was me in a parking lot with a spider on the top of the opened trunk of my car. IIRC I was running past each time trying to blow it away or something. There was other weird stuff happening in the dream but I can't remember it. There was also another dream in which I was running away from a cat instead of a spider. I found the cat in my room and it was extremely small, around the size of my hand. For a reason I can't remember, I pushed it off a counter or something and it got mad with me. The rest of the dream was spent with me running away from the cat, with it biting me in the end, and subsequently waking me up.


I don't remember much of it anymore, basically a cute girl started talking to me and we hung out for a bit. Even in my dream I felt like it was all a ruse like the few times girls showed "interest" in me in high school. It felt nice while it lasted though.


Had a dream a few nights ago about working at a japanese restaurant called, of all things, sushichan.


A few days ago:

Dream one - I was walking up and down dirt mountains with me mum, I went to a lake with a pier where one of my co-workers was, swinging above water. I think it was either some kind of gymnastic thing or a swing. Probably the former.

It's quite typical for me to go up and down mountains in my dreams.

Dream two - I was in my place of work, a grocery store (god help me), and my father left me alone or something. A few figures appear and it's my brother's old friend. I grab him by the throat, seeing him as a threat, and he does the same to me. However, when I finally get a good look at him, I recognize him, and the mood because more friendly. He said he has a present for me, so I follow him and a girl, who is probably also one of my brother's friends, to a table. He said he knew I hadn't had any good meals lately, so he and the girl made me some food. The girl's meal was Korean, but I don't know why. I then shed some tears and thanked them gratefully.

I really needed that, honestly.

Dream three - Spongebob and Sandy Cheeks from the show "Spongebob Squarepants" are in a room. I don't remember much about the room, but the atmosphere became red or the room became red later on. I believe I was Spongebob, and Sandy had been possessed or was the devil. She grabbed me and pinned me, reaching down into my chest. She was trying to take my soul or possess me. The room had become red and you could feel the demonic presence. Sandy's voice was deep and menacing, but I don't remember what she was saying.

I don't know why it was like that, honestly.

My dreams are mostly terrifying or a personification of my fear for the future. Even in dream land, where I'm supposed to be in my own mind, my mind tricks me and tortures me. This is my life now. Is this really okay?


I don't have nearly as many dreams as I used to. How do i have more?


Try to remember the dreams that you had, either by writing or thinking about them. Eventually they become more casual.
Sleeping well also helps


I tend to dream most vividly when I'm really sleep deprived but I don't recommend that.


Had a weird dream where I explored a white-and-blue forest with a jetpack, found a cartoonish-looking, balloon-like pig inside a pink-and-blue doghouse, picked up a cat next to a train station, and named the pig "Gaga" and the cat "Grey".
Then I went inside the train station which somehow turned into an airport. The security lady let me in without even checking my passenger ticket and I flew to… wherever I go (I didn't even know where is it lol) while hugging both Gaga and Grey in the passenger seat. I also remember very vividly I brought my laptop bag (but without laptop inside) and a small fanny pack with me.

It's a weird dream, but the scenery on the white-and-blue forest is weirdly nice. I also like the fact that Gaga is just so cartoonish-looking I can squish it and it bounces back up.


Xenomorphs gonna eat me. I don't remember what else.


Well, you already have a starting point, you can flesh it out from there as you go along and the pieces will start to fall in place because you'll be correcting yourself if it was wrong.


Ok Sushis I just had a dream I went on a road trip and an acquaintance had used my address to buy drugs but it was actually a scam and they had to pay a lot of money. Actually this happened a few weeeks ago in the dream world but I'm just hearing about it now. I said, you used my address to buy drugs?! He said yes and that was that. I was walking with him and someone else through the town. Now this town had a whole lot of bricks. Brick buildings, brick roads(there weren't really any roads, just the ground was brick), and a whole lot of train tracks that just went through the bricks, yknow, like at a zoo or amusement park, and sometimes a random red light(there's not standing fixtures where lights go on) and a small train car would pass. So anyway, I was walking along the bricks on this night(the town is my original destination), there were no clouds, and the light came on. I struggled whether to go, I went on the tracks, car was coming so I went back off, but then no I decided I will go so I run across the tracks, trying to step on the brick part and not the supposed electrically charged metal. So I went across, "I could have died", I said jokingly. We are walking, and we come across some friends that I haven't seen in a very long time. I am elated and want to talk but then I wake up. It would have been nice to talk to them, at least in the dream world
>>8824 I don't usually remember my dreams but lately have been doing better, today I slept at one or two in the morning though


I don't dream often but I had my best dream after smoked weed (I don't smoke it anymore). I saw my 5 years old me asking me for play arcade with him. We played a game that had a white spongebob punching weird ghosts just like in Pac man or something like that. I guess it was the best dream that I ever had.

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