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File: 1593150068913.jpg (43.38 KB, 400x523, snuf.jpg)


Have you ever ran away from home, or been kicked out, or just been homeless in general?


Only barely. I slept on my friends couch for a few weeks as a young teen. My parents were having a divorce. Nothing too out of the ordinary but they did end up having the police look for me, which I then felt quite bad about since they were truly worried.


Need advice OP?


I've never "run away" permanently, but there've been times where I've just gone out and walked for about six hours because I was too scared & anxious to be at home and I didn't know what else to do. In those cases though, I always knew I would end up having to go back home eventually.


Yes, and cut contact. Living alone gets sad, but I'm still better off than I were before.


I don't know, I guess I won't turn anything down. Thanks for asking


File: 1593223936708.jpg (45.1 KB, 480x480, pls no meanie.jpg)

First, get yourself a tent and a sleeping bag with an insulator. Hotels are expensive compared to a campsite so you want to go with that.
Second, DO NOT GO OUT DURING THE RAIN. Nothing more demoralizing than getting wet, even with a full on raincoat that makes you look like a cultist you'll feel like shit to return somewhere safe
Third, be wary of who is around you. Some people will be great people, others will think that you're a junkie trying to sell drugs. I had kids less than ten asking if I dealt with drugs.
Fourth, if you're hitchiking, be patient and do it somewhere close to civilization. You're gonna hate yourself when the sun sets and you're in the middle of nowhere and have to ask someone to send the cops because you're going crazy.
Fifth, you cannot walk a highway. Not in a million years. Not many will take you up there either.
Sixth, talk to people. The best experience of going outside is talking to people and realising that they're not fiends or ghouls but they actually want the best for you, and for themselves obviously. You learn with them, and they learn from you. You can also get yourself a free lunch and dinner if you get with the righteous ones.
Seventh, realize that the only way to go is forward. You may not know what lies ahead, but that makes it evermore thrilling.
Eight, you may carry more clothes that you may need. Sure it's good to have it at hand, but it takes space that could be used for some survival items if you ever decided to go to the wilderness.
Just hope that you're just having a stress/anxiety/panic attack induced event and not homeless due to problem with your parents OP. I had the former happen to me twice.


Spent the bulk of last year homeless. Blessed with close friends who would let me stay with them no questions asked, but quite a few showed their true colours pretty quickly - i.e., "yeah sushi roll come stay with me for a bit, would love to have you, don't worry about money or anything" turning into "yeahhh I'm sorry but you're gonna have to go because x". Maybe I was a bad guest but I don't think so, I'm pretty quiet and offer to pay for meals or groceries at every corner. Oh well, it just would have been nice for them to be honest up front.
Even though it wasn't often I was genuinely stranded, it was always nerve wracking. Like, when you spend all day wondering where you're going to sleep waiting on x person who's waiting on y to get off work so they can see if they can host you or whatever, and you don't get an answer until like 9:00PM. Even if it works out 999 times out of 1000, it's still really stressful. I can see it in my face that I aged a few years over the span of a few months.
It wasn't all awful, I liked being able to spend time with friends while trying to figure my life out. Actually a lot of my buds were unemployed at the time and had lots of free time on their hands anyways, so it worked out nicely.
I wouldn't want to go back to it, but I think that's where I'm headed again soon unfortunately. I hope I'm as lucky as I was before.

If you're asking because you're thinking of trying it as some spiritual endeavour or something like that, I'd have to say I can't recommend it. But, if you're set on being a nomad for a bit, I'd just suggest that you make damn well sure your mental health is in check. If you're prone to anxiety or nervousness, it will bite you in the ass. I remember I had a pretty rough breakdown and ended up begging my parents to let me stay with them for a few days to clear my head, and it ended up being three weeks in which nothing of value happened. I did the whole wandering thing to try and start a new life to make myself less miserable, but in the end I wasted my time because the stress prevented me from taking any genuine action. Easy way to waste a year.


File: 1593253386358.jpg (223.12 KB, 1460x2048, shii595 EI3NHUaUYAAnGJ-.jpg)

>Fifth, you cannot walk a highway. Not in a million years. Not many will take you up there either.
Seconding this. I had a good friend who died that way. Cars just don't expect people to be nearby and will be much less attentive or reactive. Just don't risk it.


File: 1593264916274.jpg (123.38 KB, 1079x1020, RQQW0VX9jIQV5JFg7uy8.jpg)

>I had a good friend who died that way
That absolutely sucks, I was lucky of what happened to me I guess. It's particular that a sign of the Mother Mary saying "Protect Us" appeared where I wanted to get in the highway, guess that had a meaning being there after all.
My deepest condolences.


I've always had this urge to run away. I barely feel connected to anyone or my environment. It all feels fake. My life isn't even bad or anything, I just feel alienated from it all.


File: 1604068060063.png (29.21 KB, 640x480, ee63bb11bf0377eb8409b4b43a….png)

I just want something really bad to happen at home so I can go without guilt, do you know what I mean? I don't know how to deal with it.

Important to acknowledge that this IS a bad life. Living in dissociation and alienation and apathy is very, very far from the experience of reality we evolved for. It might not feel intense, maybe in this way of life we have no point of reference for how reality should feel, I don't know, but it absolutely is intense and you deserve a GOOD life instead of a "neutral" one.


I've always fantasized about running away but I never had the guts to without coming back within the same day. Now I'm 22 and I'm able to get my own apartment so Running away doesn't really matter anymore.


File: 1604204310448-0.jpg (1.23 MB, 500x517, feast.jpg)

File: 1604204310448-1.gif (871.91 KB, 600x224, 20201122.gif)

I walk in the rain; that's when there's the least pedestrians.


What food would you pack in case of an emergency where you needed to leave and couldn't get it from anywhere else?


I am also in this boat.


File: 1625100119980.jpg (96.5 KB, 500x631, 1623484604423.jpg)

OP here, I never expressed thanks for these posts. I didn't end up going, things got better for a bit, there's a chance I might soon though. If I do then I promise to remember all your advice. Love you rolls.


Depends on how long you think you would need to be away from a real kitchen with ingredients?

If it was just a handful of days and I had the money, I would get some MRE type meals, because they have the heat source to cook it with integrated into the kit, lugging about some type of hobo stove or something could be a bother, especially if you have no experience using it.

If you were going to be heading into the wild (regardless if urban or forest kind of wild) for a while, like weeks, then I'd get some type of portable kitchen unit that runs on some heat source that is both inexpensive and not too weighty, like maybe the gel type fuel (think its called FireDragon? same company makes lightweight portable stoves to burn it in). And then a large suitable container for water (need to be enough both for drinking and cooking liquids), and then some spices, some red lentils (cooks fast enough for portable stoves) and whatever else you could put in lentil stew that stores easily during travel circumstances. E.g. rice, spices, millets, oats (nice to cook on its own to change up things, just lentils gets boring).
That should be a very efficient way to survive, a weeks worth of food couldnt cost more than 10 bucks, if you dont account for the price of the spices. Fuel and the portable kitchen thing shouldnt be more than something like 10-20 bucks max either, if you're buying it at a store with sane prices.


File: 1626474856400.png (323.58 KB, 409x603, p-thrans.php.png)

If you are going to be homeless for a while I wouldn't put your primary focus on food. Shelters and churches are very generous and many people tend to gain weight while sleeping rough. That said shelters aren't very pleasant places to stay.

If it is short-term innawoods for a few weeks solid fuel as >>11696 said is a good idea, I'd also recommend wood gas stoves. Much more efficient and produces almost no smoke compared to campfires/conventional wood stoves, a Silverfire is around $30. Do get a concealment cover for your tent, getting harassed by cops and rude people are going to be something you have to deal with.

Good luck sushi.


Is that a deep-fried fumo? What the heck


Reimu has seen better days

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