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File: 1580944557446.jpg (1.05 MB, 1333x1000, 出す.jpg)


Do you guys see yourself in the context of society and decide, ultimately, that you are the one to blame for your problems?


File: 1580964898796.jpg (269.03 KB, 940x627, kim jon slav.jpg)

I am to blame for my problems. But at the same time, you would do what I do if you were me. Now ain't that a conundrum


It's not that simple, Even if a person is to blame for their problems there are always more things leading up to the problems creation, Nobody exists in a clean vacuum completely separated from external influence.


I am to blame for my current situation, I'm well aware of that, but I'd say society bears some (not all) of the blame for my situation happening in the first place.


And since there is nearly infinite number of cofactors, it all becomes simple.


Simple in the practicality of daily life, "Do your best with what you're given" but not so much in singling out an element to put all the blame for an existing state even if the self/person is the focal point of all these factors.


I think it's a mix as other sushi roll said. There are factors that screw you up (extreme poverty, high violence), things that can prevent/cause problems (good parents, community), and yourself. An example of this is while I wasn't failing high school I didn't have the best grades. I know it's mostly the fault I didn't do the best, but factors like my parents never caring if I got a 60 or my school being the worst in my state pushed me down that road. Again I'm not blaming them, but if my circumstances were different I would be different.


Of course not.


i put myself in very hard situations, like entering medschool, and now all ahead just feels like tons of hard work. I dont know in the first place why this seemed like the easiet way to go.


each person, with the exception of certain prisoners and the like, has a certain degree of control over their life. Some more than others. A lot of social circumstances can severely limit a person's ability to do what they want.
However, every person has the ability to try their hardest to get something. If you want something, than try to get it over and over again until you die. You'll probably fail dozens if not hundreds of times doing so. But failure is not a sin, giving up on what you want and allowing that regret to steep inside you is. Go out there and try your hardest to get what you want. Even if you fail forever, the attempt itself is admirable.


If you see yourself as part of the society around you, then sure, you can decide where to apportion blame and responsibility for your life.
If you do not, then there is no choice. There is only the world as it is and the limits of your own will and strength.


File: 1581416007900.gif (2 MB, 376x411, bird_tongs.gif)

When debugging code or an electrical circuit, you conceptually divide the system and check the working of the subsystems until you find a faulty subsystem small enough that it's worth replacing rather than dividing. This subsystem is to 'blame' for the problems with the system as a whole.
It is a nice notion that the self is the only one that can be to blame for anything, but it's not technically accurate. I like the truer notion. The self is the point where action and influence can be applied. It is not the only place where faults can exist.
However! Electrical circuits are not simple, but they are much more simple than people. When dealing with systems made out of people you are forced to work with fuzzy probabilities and subjectivity. It's not ideal, but it makes life interesting.
Then there's the notion pointed out in this thread that faults have causes! If a subsystem is causing faults in other subsystems that is quite a fault indeed. But the chain of causality goes back to the mysterious origin. Probably no use following it back that far to try and fix…
I'd like it if people were compassionate to others who have faults in them, not because the fault was caused by something else, or because the fault could have been incorrectly identified, but because it's nice to have compassion.


I take responsibility for what I do but not for who I am. I didn't decide to have the limitations I was born with. I am doing my best.


Very nice post, you should have a bonus cup of tea.

Although I'm not always doing my best.


File: 1581996981848.jpg (3.82 MB, 4032x3024, 20200217_223252.jpg)

Thanks sushi. My bonus tea is actually honey ginger drink^^


Yes. My problems of a lack of intimacy, friendship, or whatever social needs exist out there, it's my fault. It's all in my head. Nobody can change my mind except for myself, and yet, I don't fix any of it. I perpetuate this never ending cycle of negativity because it has become so natural it's more comfortable to be depressed and mellowed out than not.


No. Unironically my biggest problem is caused by society and it's retarded laws that limit people unfairly.


Is this a tamper?


File: 1582243467952.png (12.07 KB, 400x400, 1242837717080.png)

I blame myself. But am I still a product of the environments I grew up in. Go figure.


Yes! I got a used pump driven espresso machine and now I can have nice espresso every morning!^^
I just went and bought some new beans today. They are always best when fresh.

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