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File: 1578135026004.jpg (30.96 KB, 739x415, bridge.jpg)


Do you live in a city?

Do you not live in a city?

How is that going for you?

Maybe you do live in a city, but you'd rather not?


I used to live about an hour away from the city. It's been about a year in the city now… There's pretty much no reason to leave - everything is here.

It's pretty comfy. Public Transport is basically always available instantly. Food variety is good too. I'd definitely miss it if I left.


lived most of my life in the capital, big noisy crowded polluted and most of all dangerous. Often when walking down the street, if I were walking a few steps behind somebody, they'd usually glance over their shoulder, I did too, everybody does that there.
Of course, there are many things I do like about the city, mostly having a lot of thi gd within reach, living in rural areas there are many common things people haven't probably even heard about in their lives. But it's much more quiet here, even if I have the road half a mile away and hear huge trucks step their breaks down the slope making terible noise, even this far away.
But I don't really like people, I have to interact less with them but when I do, it's like they actually expect one to interact more than they do in the city where everybody is happy to be let go on about their business, I guess that's a very citadine trait I've developed myself. But it's quiet and I love the sound and the smell of nature. Ont the other hand I don't either go out much because there's nowhere to go.
On the end, I'm happy being here and not in the city but I like them cities too.


I used to live in the city and will do again soon, it was great having all this stuff that was nearby including a pretty nice sushi bar about 10 minutes from my apartment.
But at the same time shit is expensive, I was living in a flat share but on near to minimum wage so I often couldn't really take advantage of what was around me.

I am in a better position now and I'm primed to move back again.


File: 1578266646675.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1680x1050, external-content.duckduck….jpeg)

I grew up in a "city" but seeing as it was a newer city in the US, I was in suburbia my whole life and it hardly ever felt like one.

I'm now living in a decently big city, maybe around 6 million people, and I absolutely love it. The accesibility of everything without a car is a godsend, and it's just small enough that it doesn't feel too bad. I recently spent some time in New York and I felt that was a bit too much. There's so many people that I'm sure I would get very lonely there quickly. Not much of a sense of community.

On the other hand, where I live now is clean, big, but not lacking in friendliness. It's not too fast paced, and I find it overall quite comfy. There's even nature within a short driving distance if you get tired of the concrete.


File: 1578275056556-0.jpg (17.01 KB, 279x373, JoJoTights.jpg)

I was born, raised and still live in a large-ish industrial city. Like, you don't wanna open your windows during the day type of industrial. It's disgusting. I've been to some other cities, small towns, and the capital. Every of this choices is good, compared to this stupid giant machinery complex of a city.
I'm moving to the capital this spring. This place kills people. Cancer caused by pollution, suicide, alcoholism, stress-related illnesses, I've seen it all in my family, peers, colleagues. I'm just tired and I don't want to end here like this.
I'm sorry there's no comf in the post.


File: 1578302025953.jpg (1.92 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_20200103_112015.jpg)

I live in a big city and I dislike it. There's a lot of shady characters and homeless people. It's also very dirty. However, I do enjoy the convenience of having everything within walking distance, and walking around is entertaining. I just hate how crowded it is all the time, and for some reason the city feels kind of lonely. I feel like I can't keep up with the buzz and that I'm not really suited to living here. Ideally I'd like to surround myself in more nature, but I don't know how to do it.


I live in a city, always have done. Due to expected quality of life would only picture myself outside of a city if I have enough resources to make up for the inconveniences, here the difference between the main cities and anything else is very stark in terms of quality of life, unfortunately.


I live in a small town, nothing really goes on here.
There have been times where i visited the city which is 2 hours away from here.
Always for doctor appointments though.
I don't really got any reason to go there often and i like not being bothered at all here.


File: 1578375051901.png (26.83 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

I live in the South Bay in California and it's pretty nice compared to places like Los Angeles or Santa Monica. We do not have giant skyscrapers like they do but it's very nice to be able to see the stars while still being in a semi-busy city. The light are very pretty at night and looking at the ocean during sunset is very comfy :)



Hell yeah South Bay here as well. I feel like it’s the perfect central location to all the good stuff in the area.


It really is especially with how many restaurants are out here and how nicer people are compared to other areas. I feel pretty safe going on night walks so that's also a plus.


File: 1578486173072.jpg (41.84 KB, 264x376, Somali_and_the_Forest_Spir….jpg)

City life definitely imprints on you. It's nice to be so close to everything and yet so far away from everyone.

Your decision to move is comfy 🍣

I used to live in a suburban town, things were good… that might be nostalgia? I recently met some new people who were alright. It's nice to know were not alone out here. I hope to meet more alright people this year :)

The anime for pic related manga comes out on the 9th! It looks good!


File: 1578610718177.gif (424.74 KB, 498x372, chilling.gif)

I live in a medium sized town near the Catalan coast, It's pretty good.
Used to live in Barcelona for 2 years but moved 3 years ago.
I in general don't like cities, too expensive and the smell there is pretty bad.

But yeah, it's pretty comfy in here.


File: 1578760719834.jpg (148.13 KB, 1440x810, 8RncRZ3_20150209051419.jpg)

I've always lived in a big city. Everyday I see more and more homeless people in the street.
If I have to go somewhere, I have to either take the subway where we're all compressed like sardines or I walk and I have to constantly hear honking cars and construction noises. It doesn't help that the population density is so high here.


File: 1578767403278.png (162.06 KB, 504x467, the kind of tiredness that….png)

My rural area has to be the worst rural area yet. The mayor's a damn prick who thinks he's running a big city but also does nothing to actually help the area (but boy will he autistically screech at people too poor to consistently mow their lawn), and the entire neighborhood, which is somehow a suburbs and out in the country at the same time, is filled with nosy old people who will run their loud lawnmowers even in the cold of winter. Red wasps are everywhere, all the homes are cheaply taken care of, and land laws within the general region are meant to screw over renters in areas with "a small amount of people" by having them be unable to defend themselves from landlords who refuse to fix up the very house they live in – the landlords can actually SUE them and get away with it too.

I still live with my dumbass family who thought it was a good idea to move to this spot, and of course they're slowly starting to regret it, but I've gotta find a way to get the hell out of here.


I live in a village and I would never trade. Comfy house, comfy garden, comfy people. Beautiful houses with beautiful scenery. I live in a town (3rd largest) during weekdays cuz of uni and I absolutely hate it.


File: 1579951226193.jpg (454.79 KB, 1166x1555, SCI0181.JPG)

I live in a farmers house surrounded by fields and forest.
30 min by foot to the next town center. While I don't mind walking, I basically go everywhere by car since I got a job and my free time has become sparse.

Since my childhood I had special feelings for big bustling cities and industrial landscapes, but I learned that living in one is not my cup of tea, at least not in the center.


I live in the suburbs area of a small town, but right now I'm in a big city to study… at least the developed parts of it (because there's an overly too undeveloped parts of the city I'm too sad to describe).
There's a lot of things here, like nice restaurants, easy transportation access, and fancy malls, but people here are very consumerist. Also, they really like Instagram a lot for some reason. Almost everyone asks me about my Instagram handle (after a talk, when applying to events, etc.), except I, a country bumpkin, don't have it.
Would I trade my suburbian life to this big city? No, thanks. I don't think I fit the city lifestyle.


File: 1580674859742.jpg (1.86 MB, 1409x1600, 1515051821908-0.jpg)

I've lived in a city majority of my life and only moved to Country Bumpkinsville a few years ago.
City living is overrated and it's dangerous as fuck, and it's worse when it's run by a local government who cares more about looking good in the public eye than fixing their own problems first. Without saying too much I'll just say that everyday was like a shitty episode of CSI.
At least in rural towns it's nice and quiet, and I never get sick of seeing nature everyday.
The only thing that worries me in small towns is the fact that so far it seems to be a lot of really old people or children here. Like what if the businesses all shut down because Grandpa can't keep running it and little Johnny wants to move? I wouldn't know where to go then.


everybody seems to be down on the fact that big cities feel lonely, but I love that! I want to live in a high apartment where I can just watch the world go by - all these people…I can just be myself because no-one cares.
That said I love nature and the outdoors, so maybe when I'm older I'll settle down somewhere idyllic and rural


I live 40-60 minutes outside of the city, but rarely have a reason to go there. I think I'd prefer living somewhere where like that where everything is so much closer together and I wouldn't need a car to do everything.
my hometown can be cozy, particularly in the autumn and spring. but I've grown weary of being in the same place for so long


I, aclually, love this aspect of city life. This and accessibility of stuff and people and work. But there's nothing else worthwhile.


I live in the suburbs outside the city. It's a 10-15 minute drive to the city. As a kid I only went downtown to visit my cousin or for some event the city was having (they had the science museum with a bunch of cool stuff, Chinese new years, and food truck events). The city is kind of a mess because it's getting a 'rich people' boom, or how ever you would say it. The city's major railway is still being built along with a hundred other random things. it's not really comfy, but sleek, modern, and hip. It's not bad, but the place is getting some of it's soul sucked out by modernization.


File: 1582340115558.jpg (3.21 MB, 3480x4640, IMG_20191104_173946.jpg)

I live in a big city but it's extremely spread out and not very 'urban' for most of it. I don't really like that, but even though the public transit isn't good because of that it's still livable (1 hr commute to my work about 10 miles away). I honestly don't like most of the city very much, because most of the living spaces have that suburban, exclusive, alien feel or I wouldn't fit in. Anywhere with character is super poor or totally unaffordable, and there's unofficial but real segregation. Most places that are 'nice' feel fake and corporate. But there are still some good old neighborhoods, nice libraries and stuff, and at least the areas i live are very international, and you can find any kind of thing or person somewhere.

I wouldn't mind living in a small city or town if I knew i had friends there, but I'd be scared to move out and hope it worked out socially - that's the most important factor for me. I'm not really interested in living either in the suburbs or way out in the country, though… I want to be able to walk to things.


File: 1608361877903-0.jpg (235.27 KB, 800x800, xa.jpg)

File: 1608361877903-1.jpg (189.38 KB, 1000x1000, xi.jpg)

A nice garden & a good kitchen is all I need…


File: 1609021286882.jpg (55.96 KB, 850x383, you_re_under_arrest_drawn_….jpg)

Got pulled over by cops. It went well but was sweating cos of the recent police shootings.


What was the charge?


File: 1609039600086.png (795.73 KB, 650x628, 1608899987321.png)

being supercute!


Careful, I know someone who got eighteen months in the clinker for that.


I live in a lake town by a big college campus that's its own mini city.. I lived on the campus for years and it was so hectic and crazy that I'm glad to be surrounded by just old people and quiet grad students now. Also being surrounded by nature but still having stores around is nice.


File: 1609496032657.jpg (1.13 MB, 1000x666, a1.jpg)

This town could use more greenery.


It's comfy enough I guess. Probably less so than other cities. It was worth it until corona hit, but now the main perk of being in the city is lost. That being the ability to meet people in environments where I can choose to leave and 'reroll' by going next week, where different people will come. I hate having to deal with people I dislike on a regular basis because they happen to hang out in the same places. Before the virus I could just leave and go somewhere else, or go back another time. Nowadays, it's not an option and my social life has suffered for it.


File: 1610340216081.png (116.8 KB, 267x400, 24363936162.png)

I live in 2 cities
When i'm on vacations i come to my hometown, is a boring place and there's no much that i can do around here.
Bc dumb reasons i decide to study far from my house in a city near to the ocean, is a very comfy city but the feeling of loneliness is big.


I like living near a big city, but because I'm such a hermit and loner, there's not much to do around there. I just like the idea of the city. When I go, I just end up walking around for a couple hours and come back home disappointed.

I'd like to frequent cozy coffee shops and the like, but it's just a bit awkward alone, not to mention way less satisfying.


I live in a smallish suburban American town. It's quiet, it's peaceful, and the cost of living is cheap enough for me to save up money.

But god, is it boring. There's nothing to do here, unless your idea of fun is to go eat at $CHAIN_RESTAURANT or take a walk in the park (read: series of baseball/soccer fields for the kids) or something. It's hard to make friends, too, because all the people I could envision myself being friends with all left for the big cities by the time they were out of college.


Do you wanna go on frendates with me to your city?
We can explore the city together and go to cozy cafes together so you won't be alone! but I'd only order ice cream or a milkshake or something else that's mostly sugar that they might have available because I'm no good with coffee…


File: 1610758456480-0.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1000x750, X1.jpeg)

File: 1610758456480-1.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1000x750, X3.jpeg)

File: 1610758456481-2.jpeg (736.6 KB, 1000x667, X2.jpeg)

>I'm no good with coffee…
Hot Chocolate or Tea then?


I don't find my city very comfy. It's a small one (around 80,000 people) but it's spread out a lot so nothing is within walking distance and I have too many painful memories here. I've lived here my entire life and I feel like I've stagnated and starting to rot. I'm saving up money to travel overseas and see some (hopefully) comfy places once/if the borders here open.


It's just like any other place. Some parts are comfy, others aren't.

City population is a bit under 3mil people but I live on the outskirts. Day-to-day life hasn't been the most convenient. When you're too young to drive and too young to take public transportation on your own, you're pretty stuck. It's too dangerous to take a super long walk or bike ride, so when you're a kid you're basically just at the whim of your parents, or at least you are if you're in my situation. I always went to public schools that pulled in kids from different neighborhoods so I would only know one kid that lived particularly close to me.

Almost everything else I like about it, though. Different neighborhoods with different architectural styles, the city zoo to go to over the summer, parks and forest preserves, typically punctual public transportation. Museums and big libraries. A school system with a lot of things to offer. Politically it is bad, socioeconomically there are massive gaps. But I'm an optimist and am confident things will change sooner than later.

High school and a bus pass made me love the city a lot more, and later having a drivers license even more. I like my city, despite its issues, and I'm sure I'll end up missing it once I leave.


I should've mentioned gentrification. It's changed a lot of places for the worse in my opinion. Wish it would stop


What makes it so bad?


Previously diverse spaces and small businesses that supported families are washed out with large corporate chains and more homogeny. It feels like a lot of the soul of certain areas is gone.


Gentrification is about disrupting homogeneity and making bank at the expense of the hard work a community put into making their neighbourhood better than they found it, usually to the community's detriment, usually through rent price hikes and downright expulsions of locals by landlords while the local government pretends not to notice (usually because shooing the locals away will earn their cousins in the construction business a big paycheck). B&Bs sprouting like mushrooms, the local coffee shop turned into a starbucks and local events born out of the joys and difficulties of the locals turned into flavor of the month EDM on blast.

I live in the gentrification capital of the world and I have so many stories to share.


really nice. looks subtropical


I feel like everywhere I go is post-modern monopoly lived in for decades. i've grown accustom to it


it sucks, the "nice" areas of major world cities all look like each other and have the same stores selling the same things


>gentrification capital of the world
NYC? Do share your stories, sushi.


My town is getting expensive; too many city folk coming here to get a holiday house…


Maybe it's because I'm young and unsettled, but I find it hard to understand how someone could be so selfish as to take a second home while some people struggle to hang on to one.

That said, in some rural places in my country (UK), holiday home-owners support the local economy with their hunger for well-lit gastropubs and expensive cafés in town. And those establishments create jobs. So there are benefits.


File: 1615781156877.png (1.42 MB, 1467x726, 1571200976473.png)

I live in a city with around 1M people. It is considered a small city where I live, but I see it as a big city considering where I came from.

For most cases I agree. Sometimes you live through hell in your workplace but receive so much money you try to buy back your sanity through these holiday houses. It is also somewhat common that many families of relatives will jointly buy one to save some money by taking vacation in different days.


Because that question is like asking how people can be so selfish as to eat meat when so many people can't even afford grain. You not buying a mansion doesn't mean homeless people will be able to afford it.


This new city seems nice…


These guy's videos are really good. I didn't knew the canada and the murrica had such fucked up neighbourhoods.

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