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File: 1687515043161.jpg (42.54 KB, 736x736, f39ac732e60060f83953adc78e….jpg)

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I really wish more poeple would be present. I often come hoping for reply or new thread but it seems like nobody is there anymore :(


Without overt methods like running ads and the owner posting the site on other sites/forums there is only really organic word of mouth, users recommending it of their own free will and such.
some altchans list partnered sites and thats a good way to get cross site clicks.
I think accepting some slowness is for the best or if the admin wants to, perhaps donating toward ads may help


Imo the larger the userbase the worse the quality of a site. People who want fast boards also expose themselves to a mountain of shit. But there are always sushis ready to reply, I've made a post and gotten several replies in a day. It just happens that we don't have much we would like to post right now. But we are here sushi.
Sushi is special, we've managed so far to endure a few uncomfyposters with relative grace.


I prefer a smallish community over something larger. So many of the altchans that were good 10 years ago got ruined due to an influx by people who didn't "fit" in.


File: 1687555800699.png (54 KB, 221x222, slam.png)

Honestly I like Sushi's current speed. I remember when days used to go by without a new post. It's nice to see old threads getting attention and conversations continuing on over long periods of time. Maybe try to visit only once or twice a day so that the post rate doesn't feel as slow.

I kind of don't like how other online communities are so fast and loud all the time. Like, you could blink and miss everything, and that pressure to be online all the time is nerve-wracking. On sushi, it's not the case. Slow posting encourages high quality posting, which I love. And I hope it doesn't change too much too soon.


This is what I think makes sushigirl so great. The slowness makes posters focus on the fun and quality of posts, think things theough, and lurk more. Participation through posting like on twitter or certain chans [spoiler]4chan[\spoiler] tend to breed a lot of negativity and crappy shouting matches which are uncomfy and unfun.

Keep sushigirl great!


File: 1687631001825.jpg (131.09 KB, 2373x1714, 164435142279.jpg)

And yet you won't even read the FAQ before posting to get your markup codes right. So much quality, wow.

It makes me wonder if some of the talk about how imageboards are good if and only if they are so slow they may as well be called dead is a part of some deliberate sabotage campaign.


I'm sorry, I forgot what the code was and guessed.

I use sushi and lain. The communities are nice (more on sushi). I don't think I and other sushis are wrong to like the current culture, where we do things other than just post on sushigirl, and where we can enjoy slow and meaningful interactions on sushigirl.

I think these ideas that the "board is dead" come from sushi rolls who are so used to the 24/7 internet spew of trivia and celebrity bullshit that anything longer than a week is seen as "dead" and "boring". However, this is exactly what imageboards and bulletin boards were like back when the internet was about communication and learning instead of outrage and rigid-mindedness. I don't know how you would survive back when friend groups kept in contact over snail mail. It's not some conspiracy, its the realization that having more room to breath breeds a healthier and happier mind, and a comfier experience. I like sushigirl because its like the slow and enjoyable process of eating some nice nigiri and chatting with friends. Sure its slow, but that's the point!

Keep it comfy!


i think it could stand to be a little more active without losing its present coziness


Sometimes its better. Like eagerly waiting for the new seasonal anime ep.


Yeah I agree with this. Sushi is a board for a completely different kind of user. It's not a place where you hop on, post a thread, and refresh 10 minutes later to see all the replies. We've got Twitter for that. Sushi is a place where you engage with threads and conversations that last for entire years! It's unique in that way, so I wouldn't want it to change.


The whole internet is like this tbh, I don't know why why people think sushi (and similar sites) are at all different. Say for example you like 4lel and reppit, the most active crap around. You go in there a few times a day hoping to see something interesting, you scroll and you scroll and there's barely anything worth looking at. Sometimes you see something that looks like it may have something worth reading, but alas, you skim through a thread and you find nothing really interesting, most of the times, the same old opinions and phrases regurgitated once more in an endless ritual of social etiquette.
At least here in sushigirl you don't get the illusion of content, either there is a new post, or there isn't, you don't have to dig through a landfill of what essentially amounts to generated text (even text generated by a bunch of meatbots.)


File: 1687873703665.gif (855.44 KB, 220x124, 1686933349888876.gif)

> People who want fast boards also expose themselves to a mountain of shit.
this, i like how comfy this and lain are.


File: 1687882015189.jpg (103.43 KB, 455x658, 01nengab.jpg)

spoiler for potentially uncomfy content:
I think the issue here is that most people who are on imageboards in 2023 have either been psyoped to the point of brain death or were so uncomfy they got banned from all other social media. You're right in a sense, but only under the conditions of the 4/8chan userbase being made up of Nazi maniacs filled with hatred for anyone unwilling to repeat their shibboleths and feds trying to fill every larger imageboard with them
I'm more or less happy with sushi and the way it is right now.


Eh, when I post on active image boards, I rarely get replies. I may have to wait a while in slow boards, but the chance for an actual conversation is ironically higher.


dont use discord
dont ban people on a whim


this sushi hit the nail on the head, modern internet was a mistake


soooo true man, the fact ppl's access here is limited is kind of crucial to the whole point of this place, which is to shelter from ppl like them


I'm optimistic that in the future federated and slow internet will replace the bad corporate hate-machine internet we have now. It's sad that it has gotten as bad as it has :(


File: 1687987999290.jpg (144.57 KB, 1050x1100, kotatsu.jpg)

We're getting there, reddit and twitter seem to be determined to self-destruct as much as possible. We've already seen lemmy and mastodon get an injection of active users, and I consider them to be very preferable alternatives. They now actually have a userbase beyond FOSS advocates


I’ve been on Masto for over 8 years now and it continues to be the comfiest place on the internet for me.


For me, it's diaspora.


File: 1687998526581.jpg (714.1 KB, 2048x2048, FxrRp_caIAMGjK0.jpg)

the future is bright
and comfy


File: 1688005051115.jpg (945.97 KB, 828x1169, 13420a0a1eaeb05bb513d83156….jpg)

Beware! The evil nazi maniacs from 4chan may be with you here, right now, on the same board!
Although, I was permanently banned from all boards of 4chan because I made a thread with a question touching on a topic that the moderators there hate, so maybe it's not right to call me a 4channer anymore. Besides, while I guess I may be wrongly labeled a nazi by some people, I do not identify as such and I'm definitely not a nazi in the way some 4chan posters are.


I still browse 4chan, mostly for the 1 board I'm particularily attached to and out of boredom, and I think a lot of people using imageboards now used 4chan as the first place where they were introduced to the medium as it were. It's about whether you carry that 4chan mentality with you when you go to other places


Frankly there's still some remains of civility in 4chan, believe it or not. I am keeping alive the homestead general in /out/, and the board in general is pretty chill. /po/ (not pol!!) is the other comfy board I know of.
Whenever I see people discuss a site, they invariably always know only the biggest most famous parts with the largest userbases, completely disregarding the rest. It's like the same people who complain about hedlrd behaviour are themselves operating in herd mentality. I generally despise reddit, but there are a few small subs that are decent enough, granted, it's a rarity, but it so happens that they are the little one can find on very niche subjects.
Same with discord, everybody knows only to mention cliques and whatnot, but my experience has generally been good, because I keep to the smaller more civil areas, and don't go engaging in places which reek of dumb mindless masses to begin with.
Which brings us back to the observation that the largest the userbase the shittier the place.


> Whenever I see people discuss a site, they invariably always know only the biggest most famous parts with the largest userbases, completely disregarding the rest
This isn't really an unfair tendency. If you have to spend years digging through the proverbial trash to find a small pocket of worth, is that really a good use of it? There are small boards that I enjoy on 4chan as well, but I wouldn't jeer at people who don't have the patience to deal with the blazing tomfoolery on that site.


Are mastodon and diaspora actually nice to be on? I thought they were like a federated tumblr/4ch?


I mean the boards with the largest userbases are large because that's what people want to talk about. /po/ being nice doesn't help the quality of /v/ if I want to talk about video games for instance.


I mean, it is to me? My circle on there doesn’t have 4ch or tumblr users. If you go looking for a self-hosted pleroma instance for and by 4channers, you’ll find one, though.


We're not talking years, I'm just saying if you go where the masses are you should expect to find a pile of soykaf.
That's fair enough.


Doesn't seem like they're taking registrations at the moment though


after migrating to mastadon I found it hard to locate cool people


hey,not really a "new user" but i stopped coming on here a couple of years ago and now after having enough of twitter im trying to be as active as possible here


glad to have you!


File: 1688272177752.jpg (117.03 KB, 896x762, thanks.jpg)


Sushi is best for checking every weekend


>Sushi is best for chicken
No it's not, chicken sushi is yucky


I'm not indian wtf


File: 1688333118866.jpg (690.3 KB, 1000x1315, 1681320000434911.jpg)

Ok, I was busy past few weeks, but I always remember about Sushichan. Probably the case for a lot of us.


File: 1688487280546.gif (1.72 MB, 240x180, yfsclm.gif)

Just another 3 years of lurking and I'll post something…


File: 1688489090009.jpg (1.72 MB, 2480x3508, 1688227961983726.jpg)

Oh, it's you! I always feel your presence, sushi. :)


File: 1688598370734.png (492.27 KB, 600x600, Hole stuffing specialist.png)

I have no idea how I found this place, but here I am; a brand spanking new user to the place. Where am I?


You have to go back
jk we do a lil' trollin'


It's a bit like the old internet: You find people by looking for them, word of mouth, or congregating on similar interests.


sushigirl lives in our hearts <3


Since I don't have any friends who use mastadon, and I don't really know what I want out of it, I have decided to simply follow people's personal websites and sushi rollymous image/text boards and pubnixes and things like this since it just seems better (and it's philosophically better)


I'd like to do the same more. Do you just do this browsing neocities or is there anything in particular you go through?


Second this. These new sort of "services" are imo pretty antithetical to the original purpose of the internet. My main use of the internet is mainly sites in .edu domains, usually by professors but also some by students.


File: 1689041922923.jpeg (36.34 KB, 960x720, See you in space cowards.jpeg)


This. I just found this site today off of some random comment from like 2016. Seems like a cool place.


I hope you enjoy your stay sushiroll! This place is really comfy.


File: 1692469865700.png (743.75 KB, 699x606, 1685371445956.png)

I don't know; I feel like this place could be a little faster. This is my first time here in several months and it took me about an hour to get caught up with everything. But I also think that this and the social media thread show that there are already plenty of sushis already here, just that threads that engage a lot of posters tend to come infrequently. I'll have to workshop some good thread ideas.



File: 1692682100923.jpg (82.49 KB, 570x453, 1573324766258.jpg)

I don't really think my posting style fits with this site. The kinds of imageboards I used to post on were more the kind where they'd have one thread going at a time and we'd all just post in there, basically blog posting/chatting sort of thing. I like to just come by and look at whatever posts/threads have been made since I was last here. I wish I had stuff to contribute. Have an orangutan pic.


File: 1692708561918.jpg (1.73 MB, 2826x1933, 2964481_tabuugabbu_chronic….jpg)

Most of the chronically online people spend their time on discord now. There's more posts there in a day than the boards get in a month.


I do prefer sites like that
But you lose out on the variety of topics I guess


File: 1693029320133-0.jpg (128.88 KB, 656x953, 20230827.jpg)

File: 1693029320133-1.gif (207.76 KB, 433x481, 2Z.gif)

You want to attract the right kind of people


Tbf there is no "right kind of people", there is a wrong kind to be sure…


I check in almost every day but I really ought to go bump some old threads more often.


I hope for the things to stay the way they always were. I am a bit worried about recent spam posts.


File: 1693176649684.png (1.15 MB, 1024x1024, 9bf8606bd6bc63fe3f7495c3aa….png)

We must sacrifice 8 dragon rolls to the board necromancer. It is the only way.

It might be worth partnering with other alt-chans and connecting each others sites. Basically like the new 8chan webring, not 8kun but like julay.world or late.city. Imagine that but with similar sites like lain, nen, uboa, late, etc. To be fair there's only so many alt-chan users in general


Same. The slow-posting is much better for our payche than social media. Culture is comfy so I always come back for a mood boost.

For now its one or two lost posters from the unpleasant pol chans. This board is too slow and comfy for them so they usually leave. I do want sushi to remain comfy, but I’m not too worried because they’re usually too busy fighting with people on spcial media over pointless political stuff to care about sushi-eating femboys lol.

That sounds alright as long as the other chans have a similar comfiness vibe. Sushi is special in that regard. Really hard to find a chan where posters focus on the positive and being nice. Relatng back, it seems there’s a strong link between a culture of anger/hatred/negativity/resentment and posters who won’t shutup about political temper-tantrums. I guess when you appreciate the little things in life the pol stuff doesn’t seem that important anymore? Maybe the pol stuff is just a short-sighted distraction for the miserable?


>Maybe the pol stuff is just a short-sighted distraction for the miserable?
They just get off on that, it's just like addiction to porn.


File: 1694678305141.png (63.67 KB, 380x284, ebe5aa8d496ee43e496edb392c….png)

I used to think similarly, however over time I've just noticed a slow but steady dithering of people offshooting from the more toxic/hate-filled boards onto th slower and smaller boards. I used to browse /wg/ a lot for battlestation/desktop threads, cozy nature wallpapers, etc. but it's hard to ignore the literal "share your favorite nazi symbolism wallpapers" threads and general hatred that would appear every few replies.
I've since completely stopped going to any chan boards but this one, may consider lain in future.

>The slow-posting is much better for our psyche than social media
This, I've recently found myself back in the conscious "I'm angry about random garbage on social media and I need to stop it" mindset, and checking sushi again has been a nice way to just relax from all that.


>however over time I've just noticed a slow but steady dithering of people offshooting from the more toxic/hate-filled boards onto th slower and smaller boards.
This was really sad to watch happen. I remember watching my home board get overrun after a stupid meme got popular during the pandemic. It went from a genuinely comfy board with an endearing culture to a bunch of nazi adjacents pretending like their ideology was "nice" and that undesirables were "rude." Lately, I've seen a small spark of life in that board though. A small Renaissance of genuinely nice and comfy people holding out. I hope it wins out, but we'll see.


IMO Lain changed irreparably when 8chan shut down and it attracted its refugees. Maybe it’s calmed down since then, though.


File: 1695043088503.png (879.37 KB, 1978x2108, 1678051269500-0.png)

I also noticed drastic decrease in quality on Lainchan. Actually that is where I learned about sushi many winters ago. It really was a neat combination of comfy and tech.

I wonder how it is now, considering recent popularity spike of SEL.


This happens to the board I main but everyone seems to stomp it out quick. Someone always tries to be mega hateful or start drama and they just get outed and ignored. There's no place for that in my 20 year old video game, we just want to enjoy it as it was with childlike innocence and fun.


>I wonder how it is now
Not good.
I'm somewhat invested, because it became my home at some point in my life, and I just keep coming back only to gtfo.
I too found sushi through lain back then. Both sites aged very differently.


I don't think it's irreparable, but administration there just doesn't really care to fix it unfortunately. There's still some decent discussions to be had but not without wading through a bunch of really bad posts. It's still better than most alt chans at least.


Sushigirl really is special.

I’ve been lurking both since 2019.

Most chans overtime become predominantly occupied my resentful and hateful souls that keep demeaning each other, using insults and vitriolic language, propogate hatred, create elaborate conspiracy theories, bully, all to feel special/in control. It creates a negativity feedback loop that makes the place worse over time. Lainchan ended up this way over the past 3 years.

Sushi is the first and only chan that has done the opposite. Comfyness and kindness reign supreme in board culture.

I leave if to other sushis to figure out why this id the case. I don’t really know why this city became golden and the other became grease.



I think Itamae's dream was just that powerful. Now I carry it because I think it's special too.


Word. I like that. Thank you Sei, wnd thank all the sushies that make this place such a lovely oasis.




Dreams are powerful. Thank you Sisatsu-san!


Been here since the .tokyo days, and thrilled this site is not only still here, but the same sushigirl it's always been. Thank you for keeping Itamae's dream alive.


And speaking of the former admin, are you still in contact with them? Are they doing well?


New user here, arrived via uboa. Place seems pretty nice.


A few years ago found this site trough lainchan. I happened to remember about it and here i am.


hello sushi roll. popping in to say i saw your thread. i know how fun it can be to get a response on a slow board.


Make a special Friday the 13th invitation?


I visit this site every so often, but don't tend to post. I've known about this place for a while now, but can't really put a date on when I came in here. 2017? 2018? A long time ago, probably. I have two other imageboards I post to, so I don't feel like re-posting from those sites. Still, this place is special. I'm sure there are other people here who are in the same boat, so the numbers of posts don't directly correlate with the amount of users, regular or not, who are here.


File: 1697229768522.jpg (652.27 KB, 2560x1600, 1454559600868.jpg)

I'm just popping in because I found an ancient-ass bookmark for the .Tokyo domain going through some of my files. Howdy y'all.


Found this site while installing 4chanX after a format and checked out the the supported sites. Looks comfy.


Same, I'll consider spending more time here, it's neat.


File: 1706798954346.jpg (2.32 MB, 1995x4096, 1706798861543.jpg)

i found this site just recently through the KurobaEx listings and comments online. been browsing 4chan for around 7 years but honestly i'm just sick of the "discourse" there. everything is so repetitive and inorganic. it's gotten to the point where i can guess what threads will be on my preferred boards before i even open them. other mainstream social media has a similar problem of just being SO toxic and repetitive. i've been on the search for other, smaller chans to call home instead.

this place seems nice. i'm not used to the slowness but i think i can deal with it. i find myself looking forward to replies more on here (and the other small chans i've picked up on) than on 4chan. i'll probably stick around a while. here's to the future, sushis!


File: 1706800394040.png (433.4 KB, 619x769, GErHCV7aIAAQCXa.png)



First tip. Don't spam frieren everywhere, retard.


File: 1706818394639.jpg (29.84 KB, 600x338, 1706615956647821.jpg)

Good tip, but there is no need to call people names.


Oh, I am a little bit pissed, because this individual has been doing exactly that on many image boards. After all those years I just have no respect and kindness left for anybody who doesn't lurk and learn. Couldn't be more disrespectful towards a place, after all they want to stay. Spitting in a hosts face and taking it with a smile is something I am tired of seeing. Especially on altchans. If somebody doesn't show any tact towards an altchan, then somebody does belong to fucking 4cancer or other shit. Thanks for listening, Konata.


File: 1706820566418.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, 20230607_160210.jpg)

right. i will use some other random anime image because it really matters a whole lot i think! thanks for the warm welcome. :)


Appreciated. After all this is an imageboard, not a frieren board.


you're right. sorry for the sarcasm earlier. i will align better with everyone else.


Idk what the beef was all about, but you seem nice to me. Welcome.


Fewer users has its benefits. SushiChan doesn't suffer from the "tragedy of the commons" problem like 4chan, and the content here is interesting and comfy. It's also nice being able to time travel and look at and interact with posts from a few years ago. This chan is how the internet used to feel.


File: 1706879727009.jpg (127.5 KB, 1920x1080, 89e.jpg)



File: 1706890103631.png (75.66 KB, 640x624, 1706890073031.png)

Hello! I've been lurking for a while now here and on lain. Never used 4chan or other image boards, was a forum kid back in the day. Didn't like 4chan's constant hate and lewd spam so never explored potentially good boards. Anyways, just saw others write hello and decided to do ao too. Back to lurking!


File: 1706895470311.png (379.61 KB, 3138x2355, 27atnjrb5fgb1.png)

Hi! Post something from time to time, you are appreciated here! <3


kindness costs nothing and makes the world better place.


Try living in a 3rd world shithole.


File: 1708461239887.jpg (63.17 KB, 335x472, 0bce17ddf2298d8ab67d06e345….jpg)

I like to check in on this place from time to time. Always liked the vibe, just used to having something a bit speedier.


File: 1708474946933.gif (435.79 KB, 577x600, u72fcjsw3wbc1.gif)

i've been coming on here since 2021 or so, i check back every now and then :) i miss you sushis


I want to bite these ears.

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