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ゆっくりしていってね !

File: 1550360191487.jpg (50.26 KB, 720x890, FB_IMG_1543678138200.jpg)


I barely buy anything that is not food, but recently I bought Burzum t-shirt - first piece of clothing in like 4 years. Mind you, I am not homeless or dirty - I just treat my stuff well and my style is eternally good.
Anyway, felt nice when I wore it, but quickly I realised that consumerism has started to corrupt me.
I tamed it, I had to stop buying pencils, rubbers, stuff for work, but it was all for my mental wellbeing. I also threw away my desk, couch and all chairs. I could gladly say that unlike filthy casuals 'things' have no impact on me.
Everything was good, 'till yesterday. I got a present.
Cyberpunk 2077 t-shirt. New, original, reserved only for developer team.


This will come across as rude and I really don't mean it to but if t-shirts are putting your mental balance off kilter then I would strongly advise seeking professional help.


I wouldn't worry about it. I slept on the floor for months because I didn't want to spend money on a mattress, and I thought it'd help me get used to roughing it, if I had to.
You know what it accomplished? It made my sleep poorer for a while. That's about it.


That sex god in your pic isn't actually peeing, OP.

I wear a kilt to the bathroom enough to know what's up. Nice try though, maybe go see if dreamchan will be prone to your ruses.


If you can afford it, will use it, and it doesn't cause unnecessary clutter, it's okay to buy something.


File: 1550396719416.jpg (2.15 MB, 2340x4160, 20190215_212549.jpg)



Is this some kind of weird flex?


That’s super cool sushi. I’m Jealous.


Consumerism is about buying things you don't know, often to only throw away afterwards whilst then searching for new objects to buy, to 'consume'. Saving money is good, but if you don't even give yourself a bed to sleep, what is the point? Why refuse a bed but keep a computer? Learn to tame your idealogy and keep them realistic instead of being a pushover.


you don't need *


File: 1550521947741.png (285.84 KB, 408x430, 2019-02-12 18.png)

Yeah, pretty much I got that original Cyberpunk Team t-shirt and just wanted to brag.
And since my english is still just a hot pile of trash, I decided to write ministory as an exercise.
I call it success if y'all believed it.


I had the Burzum shirt that had varg on the back with the medieval cosplay knives in his bedroom on the back. I outgrew it I've gotten fat in my 20's cause I only buy food as well. I don't like burzum and black metal either.

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