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File: 1590541196095.jpg (316.25 KB, 900x900, 2fcf77dd5e07ccc474dc0adddd….jpg)


Today OP got caught singing in the woods. What's up with you?


Really? Thats kind of cute, sushi. Were you just humming a song while walking or fully committed?



I always get kinda embarrassed playing my Japanese music really loud with my windows open whenever I come to a stop sign or red light in town, but I just keep my eyes forward and jam out
Well this video is a blast from the past.


File: 1590583886048.png (380.28 KB, 665x508, thorn wat.png)

In the middle I guess, idle but still loud enough and with all the words and notes in place. The atmosphere was like in the beginning part of a fantasy book and I just kind of forgot it wasn't by some remote mountain village and there might be other people around. Wasn't cute, but thanks for making thinking of a reply 10x harder lol

You just love to bring suffering into the world, don't you sushi roll?

>I just keep my eyes forward and jam out
That's the best way to handle this stuff, honestly sushi you're the definition of cool.


File: 1590590278971.gif (621.15 KB, 500x283, i_wonder_why.gif)

Have made a Tinder account. Just as I thought, it's made me more depressed. Most people the people on there are more shallow than I thought.

The search for interesting people I could shed my sushi rollymity for continues. I have to find some different place…


Isn't Tinder a hookup app? You'd be better off using a platform where common interests are priority instead of attraction. Wish I had an example to give, but I only know of Omegle - which you won't get long-lasting friendships out of.

I'm jealous. The last time I went into the woods, I got chased out by a bee. That was a year ago and I haven't gone innawoods since.


The problem is that there's no place to find people based on common interests that would have a bigger userbase (and also wouldn't be branded as a hookup/dating app, as I don't believe you should start any relationship that way).


Yup, relationships from there usually don't stay. It's impossible to make an account too, so it'd have to be a miracle to actually meet someone worthwhile there.


Keep in mind that people tend to have more shallow profiles than they actually are. Most people feel pretty uncomfortable putting their real self out there, so they tend towards the safer side of things.
Although, this is my experience gathered from apps besides tinder.


I know, I know… some introverts have problems with describing themselves, especially in good light, so they either don't write bios at all, or make them quite uninteresting.
Seems to happen even on apps designed for introverts where you can't even upload an avatar.


I used to get embarrassed doing that but after years of practice I'm actually good enough that I just sometimes break out in loud operatic song while I'm walking around in public or driving with the window down. Ganbare!


I like to find music by going through YT channels that just upload random songs they like. The channels are often just obscure songs so I go in with the mindset everything they upload is obscure. So sometimes they upload popular music without me realizing because I don't know anything about pop culture. Due to this confusion I've called arctic monkeys a 'cool obscure band' in front of music nerds.


File: 1590971189111.png (153.05 KB, 303x327, oh dear.png)

Tbh I feel embarrassed after 50% of conversations anyway, but if we're talking specific times the worst thing I've ever done was a few weeks ago trying to hit on my friend by giving her a pinecone. I realise that doesn't make much sense on it's own, but it didn't make much sense anyway and recalling it in full is psychological masochism.

Heh awesome


Well I haven't heard of that band either so at least you're in good company here.


I always get embarrassed when attractive women swarm around me and compliment me on my handsome looks, muscular physique and large penis


Why the Japanese at the end?


File: 1591170031664.png (16.08 KB, 450x391, cooking spaghetti at very ….png)

The Japanese are known for their relentless and unbreakable spirit. It is said that a single utterance of the incantations "ganbatte" or "yareba dekiru" can power them for 72 consecutive hours.


You samachan rolls are alright.


I've actually had this happen, sans large penis, it sounds cool but it's just really unpleasant. Girls please I just want to play my nintendo in peace.


>sans large penis
I hope you find your large penis soon, it sucks to be without it.


File: 1593332540220.gif (413.42 KB, 500x324, f9b4c9de327fd8c0562e75627f….gif)

I told a waitress "you too" after she said to enjoy my meal


If I were to mention every embarassing thing I ever made, I could sell a book OP


File: 1593374949846.jpg (381.16 KB, 1920x1080, 1551349643753.jpg)

So you asked her to have dinner with you? She must think you're pretty cool sushi, did you kiss yet?


y-yeah, exactly that…
We aren't married yet though so we can't kiss


The day was going well, me and my hot girlfriends had this strong guy ambushed from every angle, but later I found a large penis in my soup and I had to hide it in my shirt so my mom didn't see


>at a party
>didn't want to go but I can't say no
>at the party, standing next to "friend", girl joins to talk to friend, friend leaves, i'm there standing in silence with girl, already feel like shit
>anyway couple minutes later I got to take a wizz
>ask someone where it is
>tiny potty under under stairway outside of which are many people
>Can't back down now
>go in
>walls are really thin
>can hear people talking quietly
>start pissing in spurts because nervous, as in starting with pressure and then suddenly stopping
>fuck I'm pretty sure all these people can hear me
>try to hit the side of bowl so it doesn't make any noise
>pee is going all over the toilet now
>finally get it all out after couple minutes
>wipe toilet
>wash hands
>shamefully walk away
not bad

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