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File: 1647457646943-1.png (537.43 KB, 720x690, Screenshot_20220314_041405….png)


How do we stack up gang?
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File: 1659087862722.png (244.05 KB, 720x690, boingo.png)

I don't know that team sport should count since I was a kid and basically everybody played T-ball/softball. Honestly my favorite part was sitting on the bench talking to my friend and when other (more athletic) kids used my bat and had success with it.

I went to one concert with friends in high school, but every one since then has been with family.

What does 'held at least one birthday party' even mean? Like threw a party for someone else?

My parents have said they're proud, but I can't help still feeling like I'm lukewarm at best. Maybe I'm too hard on myself.

I don't generally care much about my body, but my weight isn't too bad I don't think.

I may have been exposed to secondhand haze at that concert in high school, but I don't think that counts.

On New Years I'm kind of alone with family. I'm up at midnight every night, so that's nothing special, the snacks aren't that great, plus I don't drink so champagne is also out. Also I just generally find it to be a meaningless holiday so I choose to just use my time off as if it were any regular weekend (watching TV and posting on obscure chan-like boards).

tl;dr functional recluse


File: 1659119271028.jpg (439.73 KB, 753x2174, 20220729_112734.jpg)

This thread is making me think how it is difficult growing up in an era of slowing prosperity. After the second world war there was an economic boom and it was, so the story goes, easier to get a good career and own your own home. Now it isn't as possible to do that, so there are many people who compare themselves to their parents who could and did own their own homes, but for whom its unrealistic to do so themselves.
Is this how the world is?


normalfag sushi…


File: 1659503127902.png (542.52 KB, 720x690, 1647457646943-0.png)

Pretty much a wizard; as this only happened when I was like 12. Though I'm trying to change things I don't really know how to function.


File: 1660413629271.jpg (70.09 KB, 720x690, npcmoding.jpg)

some of my problems stem from NEETing in a place where i didnt know the local language

on my 21st birthday i bought an onahole online to see how it felt like if that counts

i dont find wagieing tedious but its maybe because life is completely monotonous otherwise, i'm very anhedonic and lack desire or knowledge to do anything

you can take the hiki out of the home but you can't take the home out of the hiki…

File: 1657479476221.jpg (282.17 KB, 1200x628, tabz.jpg)


What are your experiences with drugs?
Not done any but interested?

Iv been a stoner for the past 4/5ish years and have had to quite suddenly due to finding a job i somewhat enjoy but im due a drug test in the first 3 months :(
Getting to sleep has been a real struggle and im the most aggy Iv ever been.

Acid has to be my favorite drug, best bang for ya buck. 6 hours of tripping for £10 and depending on how you use it you can come to some profound conclusions. I do feel doing so much over a short space of time has kinda changed the way I look at the world, for the better or worst im yet to find out lol.

Ketamine is also fun, its like half psychedelic half downer like weed or alcohol. I went through a stage of doing a few big fat rails every night after work (a job i fucking despised), monging out and watching spongebob. Gud times!

Iv only done shrooms twice but the second time was real bad I was in the country side on a bright sunny day with people everywhere curled up in a ball feeling the most isolated iv ever felt in my life. Strange.

Ecstay/MDMA is fun but not the sort of thing you can do at home by yourself so i only really get to do em when im on a night out and that is very rare. I do have some really good memorys of doing pillys when i was a teenager that i will never forget.
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hahahah your funny. I didn't say any of those things you are quoting. Yes if you consume drugs everyday your are dependent but as long as you can recognize when 'want' turns into 'need' you can still use them to your for recreational purposes. I had a friend that tried acid once, had a wonderful time and has never done it again. Its not as black and white as you think. Its like putting smackheads and somebody that has smoked 'a weed dude' once in the same category.

Often times its the circumstances of the persons life that causes the dependency not the drug itself. If you have a normal healthy stable life and smoke a joint once you are not likely to continue everyday as you have nothing to run from. If you have a horrible life where everyday you come home (if you have one) to family/people that actively make your life miserable drugs are often the most readily available escape.

During the Vietnam war heroin use was rife amongst American soldiers to escape the harsh reality of the horrors they were facing. If they were never sent to war and continued there peaceful lifes at home most wouldn't have even considered touching the stuff.


>More importantly, please don’t turn sushi into a druggie board. Lots of boards have been ruined by druggies burying worthwhile moments in endless nonsense about drugs. I don’t want sushi to be like that, it’s the last comfy place on the internet left :(

just hide the thread?


I've tried a little bit of everything.


>kava kava
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Oh fuck and I forgot Salvia somehow lol.


>just hide the thread?
I don't mind people talking about drugs but "just hide the thread" is a dumb argument when it comes to being concerned about the overall community a site is fostering.

File: 1612214122578.jpg (77.9 KB, 720x653, 1612040466312.jpg)


When was the last time you was in love?
I mean butterflies in your stomach and all that weird stuff.
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Good for you buddy.
I broke up with my girl because she got tired of my behaviour due to my lack of experience.
I'd love to rekindle something like what we had, but chances seem very dim.
Gotta try though.


I'm approaching 30 and I've never experienced it
I think I'm gonna be alone forever, probably


When my last relationship ended almost 2 years ago. We still talk sometimes and I still feel a little of what I felt back then. I think she still has feelings for me too, but neither of us are willing or able to tell the other how we feel… Maybe I'm just being hopeful


For what it's worth, they're small channels which have more or less outlived the activity of their community, but people still idle out of habit. There can be days or even weeks between messages.
(My point being, nobody's really getting to know other people at warp speed. I think I've been in one of them for 6 years at this point, and I still feel like a newbie.)


File: 1659933474488.png (35.19 KB, 150x150, shrug tenshi.png)

All I can suggest is getting into activities of your interests in classes outside, and lowering your standards.
I wish I could meet someone like my ex, but given the environments I move in and the kind of people I have to deal with, I may as well just take what I can.
And hey, these people aren't so bad, but they could look a bit better

File: 1498659067491.jpg (207.47 KB, 1280x720, randomdudu1.jpg)

 No.779[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Post your mugshot here sushi.
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File: 1659904692068.jpg (62.74 KB, 680x294, ba4.jpg)

>But honestly I dunno, I don't see why people would do that really. How could you find it cute is beyond me

>To me it just tells me that you're a basic friendly lady and I don't want basic friendly ladyes, I want someone who is as pure as my 2D waifu of my laifu

First impressions can be wrong, don't give up on somebody because of their looks. Still 3D can't compete with 2D. If you crave for something real, then you will have to focus on what matters, namely if their character is alright with you or not.


ultimately, you harassed a random person because they didn't meet a standard which they never volunteered for. please don't do that


what the fuck happened here


File: 1659933240521.png (94.3 KB, 448x428, 1636019928396.png)

Eh, I actually did worse things in life
Me being rude


File: 1659944436998.jpg (465.52 KB, 810x2137, 20220807_122353.jpg)

>Eh, I actually did worse things in life
Oh, plz dont do those things either… at least not here. There may be a time and a place where it is more acceptable. Maybe.
Ah. Sorry OP for messing up your face thread with squabbling!

File: 1657411337346.gif (1.59 MB, 448x394, downloade donwloâd yes yse….gif)


how do i email this "sage"?
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File: 1657643960840.jpg (39.46 KB, 654x768, cope_and_seethe.jpg)

>He doesn't know how to email fellow Tietäjä


File: 1657741215576.gif (827.2 KB, 352x264, imcomputa.gif)


i learned from ars technica


File: 1659944618312.jpg (24.73 KB, 350x525, fonzie.jpg)

You bumped it!

File: 1553670289649.gif (189.12 KB, 400x400, silent_tears.gif)

 No.2034[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Why are you sad? What are your troubles?
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File: 1659564685667.png (275.05 KB, 580x548, ClipboardImage.png)

Fuck me, I went to an institution with certain clubs and the place was closed when I went.
They told me it was just today the exception but fuck, tears fall from my face.
I want to stop being a recluse and start talking with people but IT JUST KEEPS HAPPENING FUCK


Just go again. Sometimes you got to fight fate a little


i agree, i notice a lot of active threads are years old and it's not like there's a problem with that- but it'd be nice to have newer threads, yknow? i'm pretty happy i found this altchan and it sucks seeing it fairly inactive. but you can't complain about a dead board and not contribute to it, so i try to reply to threads that interest me.


File: 1659715246985.jpg (24.99 KB, 563x574, 7yea.jpg)

I met some girl from a mutual friend
for the first time in my life where there's a mutual interest but I'm just not sure where to go with it
This is the normiest problem i've ever gone through, I cant stop thinking sometimes that I'm a spergy weirdo that can't be 100% true to myself around most of the people I hang out with IRL


File: 1659828526488.png (19.12 KB, 721x451, 1648572485049.png)

tread carefully
broken heart disease is being a friendly lady on me
i won't recover

File: 1467511010890.gif (851.04 KB, 720x360, 1422309999399-3.gif)


Transhumanism is shit. Uploading ones self to a computer will leave them open to control by megacorps and shit. Swapping your robust human body parts for "superior" robot parts will leave you to get shut down for having thoughtcrimes against your government or glorious corporate overlords.
>but what about muh open source?
even if an open source team were good enough to connect parts to your nervous system how the hell would that be secure or safe?
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Transhumanism isn't the problem. Poor security is. Granted, having electronic implants in your brain DOES provide more vectors of attack on your person, but I'd imagine in the future there would be sufficient protection against such things.


I'll risk it. I don't want to die.


I don't want to risk messing with my being. I want to die before it becomes a thing.


there is an even bigger problem with this attitude than has been expressed, it's amazing to me how people dont seem to grasp this. Consciousness is not software running on hardware. The brain is not a computer. You cannot "upload" your consciousness, nor do we have any reason to believe that consciousness would even function in any way similar to what we have now when seperated from the body.

Firstly, The mind is not located in the brain. Just as one example, the bacteria in your gut secrete hormones which influence your thoughts (https://www.nature.com/articles/nrn3071 for more information research "gut-brain axis"). That's not to even mention the rest of your body, your immune system, vascuar system, limbs etc etc.
Secondly, the brain is not an electrical system. It is an electro-chemical system, and likely more chemical than you think. Uploading your brain makes about as much sense as "uploading" your liver, or heart. The only way to do it would be to physically model its entire operations, and even then, a simmulated heart wouldn't be of much use. We have no reason to believe that the same wouldn't apply to the brain.
Thirdly, the brain is not a computer. This is one of my pet peeves. The "computer" model of the brain is a METAPHORE. Not an accurate description of consciousness. (https://www.infoq.com/articles/brain-not-computer/#:~:text=The%20brain%20is%20a%20biological,not%20to%20a%20malfunctioning%20brain https://aeon.co/essays/your-brain-does-not-process-information-and-it-is-not-a-computer https://www.theguardian.com/science/2020/feb/27/why-your-brain-is-not-a-computer-neuroscience-neural-networks-consciousness)
If it were possible, that would be great. But unfortunately, the entire science fiction concept is based on missunderstandings and half truths which serve to tell good stPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Becoming a robot sucks, become a mutant chimera instead!

Fr, mech aug has more downsides than bio aug does.

File: 1638441139926.jpg (331.3 KB, 720x741, 1603001157344.jpg)


A reasonable level of gatekeeping is a good thing and I'm tired of people saying it's not! Everything doesn't have to be for everyone! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
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Wtf Just yesterday I went into 4chien and saw several mentions of Roe v Wade, what is this 1967?


I wish Americans lived in another planet where I don't get to hear their problems


Well, I wish non-Americans lived in another planet so they'd stop taking up our land, how about that, HUH?


I wish problems lived on another planet and everything on earth was just chill.


That is an extremely cringe statement.

File: 1655926705034.png (763.77 KB, 975x975, 9c15d9647b9643dfbc5e522299….png)


There's a lot anti crypto/anti NFT opinions being expressed by people on the left, they could be part of the greatest transfer of wealth in history from the rich to the poor, but instead, they choose to display a snide moral/intellectual superiority. they could make massive headway towards their goal but instead choose to turn up their noses at this lifeline they've been thrown, eventually an ideological swing will occur but by then they'll have already shot themselves in the foot and squandered a massive opportunity. I hold many viewpoints that coincide with what a lot of the left is aiming for, so watching them unintentionally fuck themselves over is pretty disappointing. a deus ex machine came, but their to stupid to see it.
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No thread on an imageboard framed as an opportunity to shit on """"the left"""" has ever been a comfy thread. LURK MOAR!

But long as we're here… NFTs do not present an opportunity for wealth transfer, lol. The entirety of the crypto sphere is based in speculation and the people that are getting rich are the people that are getting lucky and/or had existing capital to invest. The original promise of cryptocurrency providing a new standard for currency and everyday people is long dead and most of the scene's founders have denounced it.


File: 1655991342823.png (245.18 KB, 3030x1142, upload_5d69a63da0d4ebb6cc7….png)

I would like a currency that makes it more possible to tax the rich, not even less possible. Also proof of work makes me squick.
I like experimental financial structures, but tbh I'm more worried about summoning demons then hopeful about saving angels.


and putting your retirement fund in stocks is communism because it means that the workers own the means of production right?


>There's a lot anti crypto/anti NFT opinions being expressed by people on the left
It's because if you're left-wing, it's likely the case that you think capitalism itself is a flawed system that needs to be replaced. From that perspective, cryptocurrencies and NFTs are just band aids to cover the problems capitalism has, like the tendency towards monopoly, at best.

At worse these things just represent false hope that the wealthy are open for a change to being on a level playing field with average joe workers and are letting them in to some incredible future market on the ground floor in a once in a lifetime opportunity. But that claim wasn't true when Jordan Belfort was selling penny stocks to people over the phone in the 90s, and it's not true now with teenage youtubers showing off the Lamborghini their dad bought them while they talk about their investments in crypto.


>hates centralized authority governing commerce
>invents new centralized authority governing commerce
smart ppl invest in energy from spiral knights

File: 1634974409238.gif (499.42 KB, 400x300, usagi_minako-anger.gif)


what is a nigga



a miserable little pile of YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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