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File: 1480560907221.png (79.06 KB, 382x390, 1474582114722.png)


This is nice board
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File: 1559964570500.gif (1005.97 KB, 254x336, 1442575398857.gif)


File: 1565448629059.jpg (77.69 KB, 640x640, s4s.jpg)

yes fren


File: 1592700624237.png (7.51 KB, 185x251, 1592698365609.png)


File: 1602581582357.jpg (218.39 KB, 1280x2165, femto_mtg.jpg)

Be careful what you wish for…..


discount batman?

File: 1594274959926.jpg (718.75 KB, 1280x1802, 000001.jpg)


I miss lizch so fuggin much bros
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Even the posts are back now!



You realize that loli is crying because of cum in her mouth??


She just doesn't like yogurt sushi roll. But it's good for her so she's doing her best to eat it anyways.


her ice cream melted

File: 1523691610465.jpg (182.61 KB, 900x1200, 1523497300912.jpg)


Would you smash this?
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Before reading this thread, yes.
After reading this thread, no.
After thinking for a while… maybe.


Honestly not really.
Hips too smol, thighs too smol.


yes, of course , but god i would much rather get "this" inside me


Meatless Monday. May I get a vegan version?


File: 1602769988193.jpeg (44.76 KB, 739x415, images (1).jpeg)

I would rather throw it on the roof.

File: 1570566867159.jpg (335.06 KB, 539x746, 9db27eefe8a3e5d4efe8f44085….jpg)


Post whatever you want to share on mental health and use of meds or knowledge on subject with us here sushi.

Most of what i have learned on it is that there is no right answer and that your life is exactly how you take it, the entire world is only what you are capable of perceiving and acknowledging, so the meaning of your life is up for you to paint. That is just one of the interpretations of it i guess. Other than that, its been fun studying about the pharmacology of those meds in general.
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File: 1602445054494.jpg (249.39 KB, 576x1024, 20201011_212029 - Copy.jpg)

I'm kind of a semi-hermit, somehow still have friends. But my issue I wanted to ask about, been taking walks both to take care of my body and to get more used to seeing strangers again, get out of the cave, but I'm always at a loss what to do when passing people by. Don't feel comfortable looking at them, but everything else also becomes so contrived, purposefully looking away and so on. Feels like I'm too painfully aware that I can't act "natural", no idea what the natural is, and you can't really get the idea of what it is by others either because all your actions affect theirs, if you go around checking them out to see what they do of course they're gonna look back.
I guess TL;DR, how act human passing people by?
Just a tidbit maybe you knew, but dude in your pic wrote a book, pic related.


I usually smile and wave at strangers, and they will smile back. It's dependent on your country's culture though. But where I am at, you can't go wrong with a closed mouth smile.


File: 1602608703879.png (1.11 MB, 791x700, naisu.png)

Hey, its been 1 year and 5 days i made this thread on a really intense period of my life. I guess there's a lot of confusion on my part on some posts as i was still studying and discovering a lot about what was happening and what it all really is.

Its really fun seeing how the thread evolved and directions it took, also made me happy seeing it still alive,,

On the past months i overcome depression and apathy and felt it was the right moment to use the LSD i got, 150ug, it was really good to enjoy some friends and make they watch sewage bipolar as it was for psychonautism and get a better grasp of what this experience is. Then i smoked a lot of weed for a week while reflecting on the experience, until i just sat for some hours and draw a 16 page comic scrap to process and got into studying psychonautism again. Since then its been quite good reset, got my sleep fixed to 8-10 hours a day and im being productive.
The other notable experience was a zolpidem internal trip i had few days ago that felt like being reborn, snuffed tobacco(native), smoked weed and there were a lot of incense. From outside my friend related i started talking almost inaudible and then asked where i was, he answered joking "hogwards" , internally it was the trancendental feminine, Chaos, God, that answered i was with her representation and on that internal place and had to deal with a lot of issues and stuff to leave behind which she would help me. Then it was a whole different experience of conciousness dealing with it and coming back from this reset. It was quite different from a lucid dream, and a really deep emotional experience when i was recollecting.

I would love to hear more relates from sushi


Thank you! I had nothing to add, but I enjoyed it.

We just are under the right time to try this stuff out, it seems.
I'm planning to drop 150 sometime in the future, the charts it starts being eye-opening at this point.
How did you overcome depression and apathy though?


Hope you have a good trip, please relate sometime. LSD to me feels like it have a really good advantage of taking a lot of hours, so you can explore a lot of different directions or relax and take your time to enjoy the current one. Most people related bad alone trips on it because it took too much time, they didnt have much more to do and the trip went to a bad place, i feel it can be avoided easily proper preparation. Im more used to weed and zolpidem which i have to work in shorter frame of time.
Overcoming depression had to do with dealing with the bunch of negative thought patterns that stagnate around during it and finaly accepting i didnt actually want to become a doctor and moving cities to be alone at medschool was really miserable. So i had to gather a lot of strenght to get out of this hell even if i had to dissapoint everyone. I had to go back to parents house to study to enter software engineering and while i was there i worked on shifting the nihilist world view depression puts you in ( i didnt really have this world view before spending all day in bed at the most annoying parts of it).


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What does that spell?

File: 1536779663752.jpg (40.04 KB, 630x630, 274419_1.jpg)


Minimum wage isn't enough to cover the cost of living in America. There are currently 870,000 people in America who make minimum wage. That doesn't even count people who are working under the table, paid less than what people say on the books, people who don't pay taxes, undocumented workers, people who are paid barely above minimum wage (but still don't earn enough), etc.

Companies paying employees less than the cost of living costs taxpayers because then they have to support programs like foodstamps/EBT/etc. And many people voluntarily put money into soup kitchens or food pantries for poor people. But instead of getting mad at the companies that don't pay people enough to get by, the average person gets mad at the poor working class, who, despite working, don't make enough to make ends meet.

The American Dream used to be having a 2 story house, a wife, 2-3 kids, a dog, a car, and a picket fence. Now? The American dream is being able to pay rent and not starve.
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You can as butthurt as you want over the fact that sooner or later there'll be more Indians who speak English than native Anglo speakers and how the language will change because of that.


>The underclass relies on an upper class
>to do specialised jobs
Debatable, but go on…
>and give them employment
Seize the means of production and they won't have to!


File: 1602581813327-0.jpg (114.32 KB, 1024x682, FX.jpg)

File: 1602581813327-1.jpg (128.6 KB, 1517x938, 20201108.jpg)

Being poor sucks but money management can help a little…

File: 1502404893359.png (652.23 KB, 1920x1080, YKK_OVA.png)


Why do i feel this sense of impending doom? i think ive gotten things figured out and i can clearly see what i need to do to live a good life, but i feel with every step i take, with every month that passes, with every changing season, im only awaiting a brutal revaluation bound to happen in my lifes time. Like a day of judgement, a day that breaks all logic and bends reality. the answer to all the problems that life has.

I feel like im going to meet god. Like we are going to meet god, and transcend into a higher being.

Am i crazy sushirolls? does anyone else feel it?
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File: 1507059849881.png (391.45 KB, 600x800, b2f7211aa3120f88b10f242460….png)

Woops, I completely misread >>1152 and got a little carried away.
Hopefully there's still something worth reading in my crazy tired person ramblings.


That was interesting enough to remind I should buy or find the necessary to grow herbs to bring more joy into my food.

Your feedback part is interesting, but I'm already too drunk to add something of value about it. I can fantasize about hermit life and hide it all I want, I'm an empty shell without the validation and recognition of the few people I adore



File: 1539665383996.jpg (722.29 KB, 1600x1192, 💮.jpg)

We all have our own psychic plane. My message to you is not happy or sad, but I see that I can drop my anchor in fertile ground.

I see how you can transcend. Adjust your plane automatically by slowly cleansing the trust in unity from your veins. I know what I'm talking about, because I have experienced the trembling and awakening.

I have no right to drag others into my river, I oblige no one to follow me and everybody practices in his own way. But the door remains open to the possibility of wallowing in cushions and good things to eat.


I *feel* tired. Everything is dross.

File: 1501528229967.jpg (22.54 KB, 162x200, ~shoa.jpg)


im really in hell


File: 1502526004083.jpg (311.15 KB, 640x1136, 1436992682383.jpg)

Oh lord, get the water black dragon roll!



File: 1602373702933.jpg (103.5 KB, 484x484, asdfaoidsufi.jpg)


Kpg refugees welcome. A continuation of our culture. Discuss the absolute hell that is Korean Pop Music, it's creepy fandoms and general insanity.
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I think its the other way around, Jungwoo is looking a bit busted.

Are we moving here or uboachan? I vote uboachan because it's cooler x cuter


ehh personally I like this place more. I don't really like uboachan's layout tbh



voting should really depend on who you think will kick us out faster, this place seems more niche imo so they may get upset earlier


Both seem very niche? We already took over all the uboa main page kek also the last admin post or whatever is from 2019
I'm hoping that the mod from lolcow on cc will make moves once cc admin locks the thread, that's probably our best shot


both this place and uboa are run by the same person so it really just comes down to aesthetics at this point

File: 1565101986201.gif (203.01 KB, 640x480, Spin.gif)


My infinities were killt.
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File: 1565210790030.png (611.31 KB, 920x584, thanos.png)

It was I who killt the infijitids


d*ng you thanatos.


File: 1566081159338.webm (1.12 MB, 666x666, ryしsづd.webm)

I has a snout
to slurp thy infinities.
And the void will be mine.
will be all mine.


File: 1575113766041.png (829.38 KB, 1000x744, Perfect cherry blossom.png)

Infinities have now changed to something else.


Marvel vs Capcom : Infinite

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