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File: 1553670289649.gif (189.12 KB, 400x400, silent_tears.gif)

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Why are you sad? What are your troubles?
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File: 1672017346421.png (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, Typical TfT set-up.png)

Pic related is what my setup normally looks like, with an earlier draft of my post, in case my verbal description was confusing.
I have been trying to quit for the past seven years but it has proven very difficult for several reasons. First, TfT writing is so deeply intertwined with my thinking process now that the act of thinking triggers my desire to write, as does any kind of reading or interaction with another person. Second, TfT writing is also intertwined now with any kind of art, because my reaction to art is no longer “this looks nice” but “this will make a good TfT picture”. Anime in particular is a problem here. Third, there is no clear demarcation between TfT and normal writing. For example, while it may be difficult to quit smoking, there is no confusion over what you need to stop doing. Any time I am writing on my computer, however, I can slip into TfT. I can be writing an email to someone and end up on a tangent that I know I won’t include in the final draft: this is TfT. I can be writing an essay and then start "preparing" for counter-arguments outside of the actual essay: this is also TfT. I’ve found myself “quitting” for weeks only to find that my latest writing project is just TfT under a different guise. Fourth, the relapse with TfT is more intense than any other bad habit I've tried to stop. I’ll try to completely abstain for a week, cave after a few days, and then lose myself writing TfT for a month afterwards, destroying my schedule and also my wrists. Naturally, I have constant wrist pain, I had to give up playing piano, and while I haven’t had anything serious develop like carpal tunnel syndrome, it’s only a matter of time. The pain goes away almost instantly when I stop using my computer, but even with that as motivation it’s difficult to quit.
My attempts to solve the underlying problem have not been successful. I started TfT as a way to deal with being a chronic lurker, but I post almost every day now and it has no impact on this addiction. I’ve blocked imageboards for over a year multiple times in the hopes of running out of things to write about, but I just write more feverishly about fewer and fewer topics instead. I thought that I wrote TfT because I didn’t have friends, so I made friends, but that made things worse, because there are times where you have to cut a line of discussion off out of etiquette, so I just write whPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1672164322562.png (359.67 KB, 624x600, autismo.png)

10/10 eccentric post

Although you are an extreme case, I can understand you because I constantly revise and edit what I write, too. It takes me an hour to write an email which doesn't say anything particularly important because I am always seeking a better phrase, restructuring sentences, adding detail. Don't forget that, even though you want to kick this habit, you've likely developed remarkable skills in writing English which could be useful.

Your plan to use your computer less is a good one. I think that spending less time on the computer is, generally, a way to improve life. You could try to fill your days with more irl activities and then keep a paper diary to record them and satisfy the writing itch.

And what does "TfT" actually stand for?


File: 1672438657138.png (752.89 KB, 887x720, 1670723568882-0.png)

Thank you, very sound advice. I feel like I know what I need to do; it's just difficult to put into practice, but I will persevere.

>And what does "TfT" actually stand for?

Technically it's short for "Thoughts for Thursday" but it's got nothing to do with Thursdays so it's really just a nonsense name. The files used to have different names but when I standardised it into a monthly system in 2014 I chose "TfT" for reasons I no longer remember.


File: 1672576128414.png (290.94 KB, 750x366, do-my-best.png)

>I feel like I know what I need to do; it's just difficult to put into practice, but I will persevere.
In this position, the only advice is JUST DOOO IT. You can start being a better human any time. Ganbatte, sushi.


File: 1673417059356.jpg (96.58 KB, 577x689, 1664792108848568.jpg)

There is not a single day I don't idealize suicide

File: 1663735802116.jpg (803.22 KB, 2576x1932, 1653624776929.jpg)


>dont talk throughout the day
>decide to talk a bit
>come home
>realise that the something i said is retarded
>berate myself
is cycle of day


I like talking to strangers though, no pressure who cares if you mess up, nobody


Don't let your anxiety stop you from talking to other people OP! You're supposed to keep going at it! We can learn from our past talks so that we can get better at it as time goes on. You can do it OP!

File: 1661212345937.jpg (78.35 KB, 768x768, putin.jpg)


We need to Marie Kondo this douchebag out of the Kremlin.






L post shawty


>>4012 i have better things to do


This is a no Marie Kondo thread mkay?


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this is a simulation, welcome to your new home. i hope you enjoy your stay.




moshi moshi


If you have any complaints about unexplained percieved sinking, knock on the appropriate designated query surface and talk to your simulation attendant about it.


which surface is the query surface!?!?!?

File: 1657479476221.jpg (282.17 KB, 1200x628, tabz.jpg)


What are your experiences with drugs?
Not done any but interested?

Iv been a stoner for the past 4/5ish years and have had to quite suddenly due to finding a job i somewhat enjoy but im due a drug test in the first 3 months :(
Getting to sleep has been a real struggle and im the most aggy Iv ever been.

Acid has to be my favorite drug, best bang for ya buck. 6 hours of tripping for £10 and depending on how you use it you can come to some profound conclusions. I do feel doing so much over a short space of time has kinda changed the way I look at the world, for the better or worst im yet to find out lol.

Ketamine is also fun, its like half psychedelic half downer like weed or alcohol. I went through a stage of doing a few big fat rails every night after work (a job i fucking despised), monging out and watching spongebob. Gud times!

Iv only done shrooms twice but the second time was real bad I was in the country side on a bright sunny day with people everywhere curled up in a ball feeling the most isolated iv ever felt in my life. Strange.

Ecstay/MDMA is fun but not the sort of thing you can do at home by yourself so i only really get to do em when im on a night out and that is very rare. I do have some really good memorys of doing pillys when i was a teenager that i will never forget.
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Yep. I think it's gone for good. The owner of the site, Kirtaner, had a meltdown. He claimed he hacked the Canadian trucker convoy, then he started claiming that he founded sushi rollymous in an unhinged rant.

Also lesser known fact about 420chan, it used to have a hidden board similar to 8chan's /hebe/ but CP would be regularly posted and the rule against it wasn't enforced.

Shame because it was a genuinely useful resource. Way more useful than reddit for drug advice.


Oh another thing about nutmeg btw, just a tip. Even if you only have just enough to give a small bit of warm dreaminess, a little more than purely for taste, do refrain from tobacco for the day. Gives a bit of a headache combined. Something about the MAOIs or something IIRC.


File: 1664653439820.jpg (75.51 KB, 532x621, irrelevant_image.jpg)

Might I ask the reason you bring up the hidden one? A clue as to why it went down or just, I dunno? Seems unlikely with how AFAIK the accepted narrative was that he was a gov op, for from however long. Though yet again, if one is to carry the tinfoil torch, maybe less unlikely given the obviousness of the whole either gov run or gov approved epstein thing. Or he was just of his time, was a wild west out there.

But yeah I'm mostly aware of the most recent-ish things before it dropped offline. Wondered more of the actual specific cause of doom. Had a foot in the discord server but I only ever checked in a couple of times. Lost the account.

Warning btw: Nostalgia venting incoming
I essentially grew up on there, skipped straight there instead of going to other chans first for some reason. Lots of interactions and ideas, lots of excellent times. Saw a bunch of things I probably shouldn't have at such a young age (lurked /gore/ alot when it was still there, very edgy teen, never knew about the hidden inappr. one until maybe 1-2 years before EndOf420 because people started bringing it up after the whole I-started-sushi rollymous thing), but that was the whole gen. those days anyway, equally fucked all of us those who where there. It felt quite weird at the end, for quite a bit, not really the same vibe at all. Ol Braz was the most 420ch of all the ones that stuck with it to the end IMO.

Shoutouts to all the schizoposters who took their turn at the wheel of yellow signs.
Also just in case someone strolls by who were around the same era, as a reminder of good times, I was the GIMPy dude. And stream-of-consciousness-thread-dude. And the designated schizoposter more times than I care to admit. And the librarian of threads regarding elephants. And the dude who officially inherited the TPG questline after the OG got tired of his work. Didn't do many, but I did do some, I did accept. Quality over quantity. Also if you saved a certain picture of a certain organic body part in a small paper hat, you might say I have boned your computer. I might have done many things more but those are lost in the exhales.

It was the best kind of internet I ever knew, it was home.
HIFFWE in peace, may any seeds of positive intent and influence spread and flourish. HTP with slayer.



if anyone is interested in starting a successor to 420chan – one that does NOT have a secret cp board – i've been thinking about it. Technically speaking it's trivial, and there are modern imageboards like jschan that could do the job on low resources, the real issue is having moderators who are discerning, judicious and without egos.

bring if up on #420 > irc.p2p-network.net if you're interested, or if you just want to find a chill 420 friendly community


Tbh IMO one of the charms of 420ch was the kind of archaic and totally-its-own siteware it used. Like the lack of a catalog, I imagine it acted somewhat like a filter for some kinds of users that needed everything to be like everywhere else to stay around.
The architecture and ergonomics of a place affects the userspace interactions.
Would be ironic if the new "420" looked just like those least-effort-required-generic-chan things that get spammed around. I'm probably a bit prejudiced there though, maybe that's more that they didn't spend any effort in customizing and making it their own.

I've been thinking for a while about some chan structural concepts I've never seen implemented, just need to get to grips with learning all the webdev bullshit if I'm to actually manifest it. I think it'd be fun if the incrementation of 420 actually evolved the chan medium somewhat.

Though of course it's not like it'd be a bad thing with several offspring, may the most viable seed thrive. I may never get around to my thingy at all.

File: 1590891020783.jpg (565.47 KB, 571x900, 81925181_p0.jpg)




File: 1590906208032.webm (1.64 MB, 640x360, Mexi-Kon.webm)

I want lizchan back ;_;


File: 1590917736470.webm (3.27 MB, 1280x720, kokeko.webm)

one day I'll edit in the Hanazawa Kana ver. I promise


Why is she molesting a chicken?


Girls can't help themselves around cocks.



File: 1498659067491.jpg (207.47 KB, 1280x720, randomdudu1.jpg)

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Post your mugshot here sushi.
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File: 1659944436998.jpg (465.52 KB, 810x2137, 20220807_122353.jpg)

>Eh, I actually did worse things in life
Oh, plz dont do those things either… at least not here. There may be a time and a place where it is more acceptable. Maybe.
Ah. Sorry OP for messing up your face thread with squabbling!


File: 1661309882505.jpg (5.75 MB, 3024x4032, F65B3CBA-C52A-4F41-BC97-4F….jpg)

hey guys andrew tate here fr fr no cap


To be honest, I was actually fairly rude to that girl.
You can't judge people just by how they look like really. In fact I am talking to a girl that somewhat looks like her, but instead of just having a septum she also has eyeliner and a tongue piercing.
I personally think it's not a clever idea to be with her, because that seems like peak promiscuity, but she also seems fairly shy.
Could be wrong though, only one way to find out, getting to know her.


Good luck sushi. I hope I can meet a cute septum haver to nuzzle, even if she is peak promiscuity.
Sick look bro


File: 1661331864770.jpg (28.19 KB, 400x534, 951c7556666d4ea2262bb1ab3a….jpg)




the kid on the left just friggin multiplies

File: 1657411337346.gif (1.59 MB, 448x394, downloade donwloâd yes yse….gif)


how do i email this "sage"?
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File: 1657643960840.jpg (39.46 KB, 654x768, cope_and_seethe.jpg)

>He doesn't know how to email fellow Tietäjä


File: 1657741215576.gif (827.2 KB, 352x264, imcomputa.gif)


i learned from ars technica


File: 1659944618312.jpg (24.73 KB, 350x525, fonzie.jpg)

You bumped it!


File: 1671354312557.png (309.5 KB, 375x523, Sage.png)

Sage comes into play unattached. Sage remains in play when an enchanted creature is buried.
Pay 0 to enchant target creature with Sage. You may use this ability any time you could play a sorcery.
Enchanted creature has protection from california rolls and 1: Prevent 1 damage dealt to this creature by a spell source.

File: 1467511010890.gif (851.04 KB, 720x360, 1422309999399-3.gif)


Transhumanism is shit. Uploading ones self to a computer will leave them open to control by megacorps and shit. Swapping your robust human body parts for "superior" robot parts will leave you to get shut down for having thoughtcrimes against your government or glorious corporate overlords.
>but what about muh open source?
even if an open source team were good enough to connect parts to your nervous system how the hell would that be secure or safe?
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Transhumanism isn't the problem. Poor security is. Granted, having electronic implants in your brain DOES provide more vectors of attack on your person, but I'd imagine in the future there would be sufficient protection against such things.


I'll risk it. I don't want to die.


I don't want to risk messing with my being. I want to die before it becomes a thing.


there is an even bigger problem with this attitude than has been expressed, it's amazing to me how people dont seem to grasp this. Consciousness is not software running on hardware. The brain is not a computer. You cannot "upload" your consciousness, nor do we have any reason to believe that consciousness would even function in any way similar to what we have now when seperated from the body.

Firstly, The mind is not located in the brain. Just as one example, the bacteria in your gut secrete hormones which influence your thoughts (https://www.nature.com/articles/nrn3071 for more information research "gut-brain axis"). That's not to even mention the rest of your body, your immune system, vascuar system, limbs etc etc.
Secondly, the brain is not an electrical system. It is an electro-chemical system, and likely more chemical than you think. Uploading your brain makes about as much sense as "uploading" your liver, or heart. The only way to do it would be to physically model its entire operations, and even then, a simmulated heart wouldn't be of much use. We have no reason to believe that the same wouldn't apply to the brain.
Thirdly, the brain is not a computer. This is one of my pet peeves. The "computer" model of the brain is a METAPHORE. Not an accurate description of consciousness. (https://www.infoq.com/articles/brain-not-computer/#:~:text=The%20brain%20is%20a%20biological,not%20to%20a%20malfunctioning%20brain https://aeon.co/essays/your-brain-does-not-process-information-and-it-is-not-a-computer https://www.theguardian.com/science/2020/feb/27/why-your-brain-is-not-a-computer-neuroscience-neural-networks-consciousness)
If it were possible, that would be great. But unfortunately, the entire science fiction concept is based on missunderstandings and half truths which serve to tell good stPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Becoming a robot sucks, become a mutant chimera instead!

Fr, mech aug has more downsides than bio aug does.

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