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File: 1490215420784.gif (496.8 KB, 300x126, Knh0L.gif)


Tfw a friend induces bad feels

>getting drinks with friend

>starts talking about this grill I used to be friends with and had a huge crush on
>they're still friends
>been 2 years and I'm over it but avoid her like the plague
>"yeah she got back with her ex. I know you two will end up married though once you're both done being idiots."

My question is, is this the kind of opinion that normal people feel comfortable voicing? It seems completely over the line to me and really headfucked me.

Also pls delete thread if annoying social bullshit isn't allowed
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File: 1494701190733.jpg (12.59 KB, 480x360, 3eyed deer.jpg)

>post 666
>in /hell/
this deserves some form of recognition at least


Even sp00kier it's my first ever post to the new sushichan. and I didn't plan it. I think I need my priest.


File: 1575579249264.jpg (208.62 KB, 2560x2691, baledarkseated.jpg)

>My question is, is this the kind of opinion that normal people feel comfortable voicing? It seems completely over the line to me and really headfucked me.


this thread is fucking dank.


File: 1575579571710-0.jpg (31.52 KB, 600x315, sweatttt.jpg)

File: 1575579571710-1.jpg (184.47 KB, 640x960, vwlmtksuuew31.jpg)

File: 1575579571710-2.jpg (100.3 KB, 640x399, your-name-review-1-101zap.jpg)

File: 1575579571710-3.jpg (43.26 KB, 600x338, stargate8.jpg)



who knows amiright which is worse,

1)people who turn everything into a huge pseudo-political rant / repressed-and-unrecognized-frustration-vent

2)people like you mention which i don't really know how to characterize

3)people that post sage off-topic stuff because the anti-christ told you not to use toothpaste.

4)people overly concerned with social conformity even at the expense of correctness, who also talk about 'normies,' as if being overly-normal wasn't also a psycho-emotional disorder.

File: 1565101986201.gif (203.01 KB, 640x480, Spin.gif)


My infinities were killt.
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I am going to dirnk my sins away.
Please give me a good sake to look forward to importing.


File: 1565210790030.png (611.31 KB, 920x584, thanos.png)

It was I who killt the infijitids


d*ng you thanatos.


File: 1566081159338.webm (1.12 MB, 666x666, ryしsづd.webm)

I has a snout
to slurp thy infinities.
And the void will be mine.
will be all mine.


File: 1575113766041.png (829.38 KB, 1000x744, Perfect cherry blossom.png)

Infinities have now changed to something else.

File: 1573587619724.jpg (55.71 KB, 640x480, 1435524550001.jpg)


There is sauce on the floor. What you gonna do? Act like an idiot? Hide under a blanket and pray to the spaghetti monster for have mercy and meat balls? Roll around barking like a dog in hope someone will put a leash onto you, so you don't have to bear with your freedom anymore?


You gonna grip that shit and squeeze your lips after a bite in a lemon! This is you time to shine, baby. Get fuck up and kick that angst in the nut sack!


Shitting in the tub~~~


I drop sauce on the floor every day. Every day I have to clean it up. Make mess and try to clean it up; that's all I do.


And then there is this one guy, entering the room and starring at the floor, like he knows excactly what was going on in the last years.

File: 1573836690668.jpg (29.35 KB, 456x400, cc.jpg)


apt-get –joacim lovedeluxe && cowsay ":^)"

File: 1540258952705.png (156.32 KB, 500x375, 1501830936656.png)


I'm starting to understand why I drink so much. It's not just for fun or for the hell of it. I'm self-medicating for anxiety and depression. I know this isn't a permanent solution, but I don't know what else to do to cope.
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kratom is not an opioid, and has a relatively low affinity for the opioid-mu receptor in comparison to even tramadol, and there's not much literature behind most of what you listed, be careful..


File: 1569271935336.png (240.73 KB, 514x757, goodlad.png)

I stopped drinking heavily after something like that happened. The shame is still there, but the hangover was ten times worse. Later and until last year I was still drinking a lot to cope with anxiety, but never enough to get sick from it.

Anyway, congratulations OP, that's not an easy task.


File: 1573187014633.jpg (1.43 MB, 2392x3508, 157280264825.jpg)


Exercise, my guy. I didn't like it at first but it really did clear my mind. Now I love it and look forward to the gym every day for the boost. Give it a month of two or three times a week and take it at least a little seriously. I guarantee you'll feel some improvement.


Would you recommend muscle training or just cardio?

File: 1560142795514.jpg (18.83 KB, 500x500, 1530946132527.jpg)


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oc from me


File: 1560143183333.jpg (421.93 KB, 1024x1660, 8249776 - Copy.jpg)

whoops th


File: 1560143757173.jpg (424.93 KB, 1024x1660, 8249776.jpg)


File: 1573112355239.png (395.39 KB, 500x666, download (1).png)

veru appealing shemai waifu nao

File: 1548724024313.jpg (88.33 KB, 600x600, sneezocatto.jpg)


do you guys have friends outside the internet or anything like that? if so:

go hug yourselves normies
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Elaborate? I don't think I implied anything of the sort.


What are you actually on about?


it's weird since when "normie" started to appear on /jp/ circa 2012, it was specifically meant to sound *less* bitter and cancerous than the alternative. like, we were over being resentful. it's not a big deal. they can do their thing while we do ours. then a few years later /r9k/ claimed it and managed to spread their stupid frog meme to the mainstream internet.
i guess i shouldn't be surprised, it's far easier to revel in self-pity and blame the world for your misery than it is to be constructive and take personal responsibility.

meanwhile i haven't heard "NORP" in ages


I think it should only be mentioned if it is necessary or contributes to the post, while mentioning it for attention shouldnt.
Didn't the "TITS OR GTFO" meme originally mean that your sex doesn't matter on the internet?


It was like, half that and half horny /b/tards just hoping that someone would actually fucking do it.

I always admired how chantrash could dovetail very noble purposes with very foul ones. It was always a delicate balance to maintain but we were so smart about being stupid.

File: 1558463090457.jpg (5.44 KB, 320x180, toma no cu.jpg)


the first youtube video was released 02/16/2005, but what nobody knew was that it was a murder that happened in 1979.
-the amateur video shows moments before the murder of 3 girls by the man who was singing along with them.


this aroused me


fake and gay and go away


First youtube video was of a fucking indian guy at the zoo


the creator of youtube at the zoo
best piece of yt kino


fake but clip itself is pretty good

File: 1498659067491.jpg (207.47 KB, 1280x720, randomdudu1.jpg)


Post your mugshot here sushi.
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File: 1529270405255.jpg (17.43 KB, 329x369, photo.jpg)

I watched the movie, because someone told me that. Loved it!
Then I posted Renton's photo on my facebook and people didn't notice. Those who were familiar with the movie were really confused, believe me.


You should try to pick up acting gigs as him.

Just like, have a portfolio of all his shit and try to lie your way into auditions just to see how far you can go with it.


File: 1569562394148-0.png (275.96 KB, 389x767, slavset.png)

File: 1569562394148-1.png (72.24 KB, 192x204, Screenshot_8.png)

My hair is black and almost on my shoulders now, i take good care of it though.
Its kinda nice to see other sushi faces for some reason.


File: 1570011992740.jpg (50.77 KB, 755x704, 1567388185583.jpg)

Looks good man. I've grown my hair out in the past but I always keep it short nowadays because if it gets remotely long the wind always catches it and makes it messy as fuck. I don't like using gel so it doesn't leave me with many options.


File: 1572979663657.jpg (15.83 KB, 568x568, yooo.jpg)

I'd date many people on this thread to be honest. I wanted to take a new one with a timestamp but I'm too lazy.

File: 1566741594644.png (781.15 KB, 604x806, ClipboardImage.png)


Why does it feel like in the English speaking internet everyone take your words as an attack on their hobbies/personalities and instantly start being passive aggressive towards whatever it is you're saying?
Have you noticed the same? How do you deal with this phenomena?
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doesn't sound very comfy or tolerant of you


OP didn't say "everyone else is the problem", only that enough people seem to act that way that it can "feel like" everyone.

anyway the reason is generations of decadence and deliberate influence programs by hostile powers to undermine the spirit of western society, eroding any common sense of pride or fellowship and making everyone anxious, defensive and suspicious of each other. the internet used to be a haven for free expression and therefore a great way to relieve social stress and form unconditional bonds with people in this time, but since social media took over it's become even worse than meatspace. i can't think of much advice to give other than try to support smaller competitors to the major communication platforms wherever possible. donate to your local altchan today


There's an ongoing arms race to signal in-group status on the internet. Many conversations aren't really about the topics they're about in theory, they're just about signalling membership of a common group. This isn't some conscious thing or suggestion that some people are NPCs, it's something we've always done. It's just that on the internet the race can be launched into overdrive since we've got less non-verbal communication to work with combined with many more people interacting at a much higher pace.

I hope one day the web slows down or withdraws into smaller sites rather than the big social media companies we've got now, it should help calm people down within communities even if the various sites all hate one another. I don't think it's likely though.


File: 1570504384867.jpg (825.44 KB, 900x900, 1570481982490.jpg)

"what was that. Were you having a controversial thought?"


I really, really like this image. I will save it if you do not mind.
I wish I had someone that would rig an election to be closer with me (in a non creepy way).

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