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File: 1484533811863.jpg (8.83 KB, 275x183, hentai-sauce.jpg)


Why aren't you on a vpn?

A vpn keeps you sushi rollymous on the internet.
It bypasses any school, home, office or country blocker.
It keep you un-banned from any website.
It keeps the government from spying on your internet activity.
It allows you to view region locked content from anywhere in the world.

If you like your freedom, I suggest you get a vpn http://sushi rollyourself.club


we could expand this thread into a "what vpn do you use" thread.
i use nordvpn because it 1. offers alot of servers 2. it keeps no logs 3. its using a (pretty) safe encryption 4. it doesnt cost much


opera has an inhouse vpn that is free and really simple. I use that.


Wonder if you could get access to that from the recent source leak.
Though it doesn't seem likely given that presto is a couple years behind by now.

Opera mini does the same by default, it's banned on 4chan.


>sushi rollyourself.club
We need to make this


I used to use PrivateInternetAccess, but I switched to Mullvad because it's not based in the US like PIA is.

Seconded. I for one would love to learn how to sushi-roll myself.


With the new FCC regulations being swiped off we might see a future that common VPN traffic is blocked. So enjoy it while you can… Buy a VPS my man and create your own VPN.


vpn are for privacy not sushi rollymity


VPNs as a sushi rollymity, or worse, privacy measure, come a bit close to snake oil as far as it goes.
There are legitimate uses for a VPN and they do provide some protection against things like national data-retention policies, but you're by no means sushi rollymous and there's no security agaist more pernicious forms of surveillance.
The VPN provider can easily see everything you do and you just have to take their word for the fact that their infrastructure is secure and nothing untoward is being done with that data.



>Why aren't you on a vpn?
Too poorfag for this.

>A vpn keeps you sushi rollymous on the internet.

No. VPN for more for privacy than sushi rollymity in my vision.(a.k.a torrenting, p2p programs and IMs)

>It bypasses any school, home, office or country blocker.

A good point.

>It keep you un-banned from any website.

Some sites banned the access by VPN.

>It keeps the government from spying on your internet activity.

In this case you need choose well your VPN and maybe it will be expensive and not so fast.

>It allows you to view region locked content from anywhere in the world.

This is other point but I never leave my country.


File: 1491376043940.jpg (60.44 KB, 750x929, 16003314_1806655869608102_….jpg)

Are any of the add-ons for firefox good or would it be better to subscribe to a service elsewhere?


A large number of free vpn services either do nothing or even worse, harvest your data, stay far away. The ones that don't are usually blocked by most sites due to being free (therefore open for abuse) and often don't get the job done as well as a paid subscription, and then even those paid services can turn out to be illegitimate.

I recommend reading the articles below to consider if purchasing a VPN subscription is the right choice for you and if it is, how each service compares to another. Keep in mind since these VPNs are paid services they naturally will have a motivation to advertise their product and have people post favorable reviews for them. There are many bittorrent/piracy news sites that are sponsored by VPNs and will post positive reviews from them. Even user recommendations on sites like other *chans (especially the big two) and reddit can contain reviews posted by the company. Do your research, not only are you giving them your money, you are entrusting your data to them.





File: 1491596821955.jpg (782.03 KB, 1432x1013, sushi-roll-yourself.jpg)

>sushi rollyourself


vpn is basically another ISP except you have no idea what they do with your info you're just supposed to trust them. i'll use tor if i want to look up suspicious shit


I would rather the VPN operator might be spying on, me rather than knowing that my actual ISP is mandated to do it.


did some kind of VPN salesman make this thread? I'd rather use tor like the other sushi said


I agree with sushi above but imho Tor is just far too inconvenient for me when all I do is reading some blogs, watching vtubers and occasionally posting on niche imageboards. I still use it when I want to see where a suspicious-looking link leads, though not that often.


> use tor to see where suspicious-looking links leads
I would recomend pasting the link into sites made for analizing malware such as virustotal.com instead, especially if your browser is not set to block all java scripts by default.

And argeed, tor browser is nice untill you wanna watch some live streams or access pixiv.


I currently have no use for one. If I want to search for something without the government knowing, I'll plug in my linux tails USB and use TOR. That said, I want to preface that, if you want to truly stay sushi rollymous, you have to avoid all of those mainstream VPNs that youtubers are always promoting. Your criteria for choosing a VPN should be the following:
>they don't ask you for ANY personal information, including name or location
>they don't keep any activity logs
>they have an option to let you pay sushi rollYMOUSLY, such as with monero, or mail in cash!
That last one is important because a lot of the mainstream VPNs require you pay with a credit card, or paypal, or any other method that is directly tied to your real identity. Not even bitcoins are truly sushi rollymous anymore, since most people use things like lightning to trade bitcoin.

But even with all of that said, your best option (if you know how to do it) is to make your own vpn, as this kind gentleman suggested >>571


Tor basically does the same thing already but better and for free. VPNs are centralized, and any system that's centralized is inherently frail.


something something exit nodes something glowies


Go away.



Its really slow though, downloading takes minutes when on with something that normally only takes secs.


I already am, though only half the time.
It slows down my internet somewhat, and some sites and IRC don't let me in when I have it on.

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